Spotlighting Fanfiction… The HEA

When True Blood ended their run this past August, we knew we were going to miss it. Granted we all have different perspectives on what will be missed the most (for most of us its the Viking hands down), but we all agreed on missing one other thing: the Happily Ever After.

True Blood DVD Release & behind the scenes clips

  It wouldn’t be right for us not to mark the final True Blood DVD releases coming next week, we’ve managed to hold on through everything else life in this fandom has thrown at us, and this will surely be the last time there will be anything new to report regarding our Viking Vampire God, Eric Northman. […]

Shameless Promotion – “Skarsgard Fans”

A bit of a shameless promotion here as the Skarsgard Fans website now has a new admin (cough*me). After begging and harassing the wonderful site owner, Barbara, I have been approved to humbly help out over there. It’s a very strange (and strangely quiet) time in Skars-land right now. Alexander’s regular TV gig is over and […]

Spotlighting Fanfiction: Saints & Sinners

This story caught my eye thanks to a recommendation from the BBB back in the day… and helped propel Ericizmine into the consciousness of countless readers.

Spotlighting Fanfiction: A Story that set the Standard

There are some great stories out there in the cyberworld written by fan fiction writers.

Latest News

The One Where I Went MIA

The One Where I Went MIA

*Wonders into ESL Headquarters, takes a look around and sees that nothing has changed. Her tea mug is in the same place she left it however many days ago. The whiteboard used to jot down ideas for future posts, is still in the same spot,along with our favorite color dry erase markers. The board is […]

The Giver

New Images From “The Giver”

New Images From “The Giver”

New images from Alexander Skarsgård’s movie, “The Giver” have been released! One of them features a certain someone we’re all VERY familiar with!

True Blood Recaps

The One Where We Had A “Face Off”

The One Where We Had A “Face Off”

When I first read the synopsis of True Blood Episode 7.05 “Lost Cause” – I was thinking…yep, that’s probably what it’s going to be…a “lost cause”. I probably wouldn’t enjoy this episode and I would need a lot of booze in order to watch this. I was wrong… Other than a few scenes I didn’t […]


True Blood Promo 7.03 “Fire In The Hole”

True Blood Promo 7.03 “Fire In The Hole”

Finished watching True Blood 7.02 “I Found You” yet? If not, this WILL contain spoilers for you. Here’s the promo for next week’s episode “Fire In The Hole”! WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!