True Blood Makes TV’s 5 Most Blood-Soaked Scenes

Not surprisingly, one of True Blood’s scenes made the list for TV’s Five Most Blood-Soaked Scenes – according to On The Box!

Which one was it?

Watch the clip below!

True Blood – Scary Can Be Sexy
The ultimate in Halloween viewing, HBO’s popular adaptation of The Southern Vampire Mysteries is a grown-up romp of blood and sex, where hot guys and hot girls face life in Bon Temps – Some human, some supernatural, but all addictive viewing. This clip from episode nine of the first season sees vampirebait Sookie Stackhouse put in peril by a fanged foe. Vampire Bill comes to the rescue in a brutal and bloody fashion leaving Sookie soaked after a blood shower. Sexy gore doesn’t get any better than this.

You can check out the rest of the list here!

While it may be great news to some…it isn’t to the bookies and to Eric and Sookie lovers. In the books, we (those who have read the books) really know what happens…Eric is the one who stakes Longshadow, not Bill!  It’s one of the scenes we hate the most, because it completely changed the show from the books!

Eric did it for selfless reasons. It was the first time Sookie saw something kind in Eric. He was her hero.

The fact that Bill did it on the show…just proves that Alan Ball doesn’t really understand Eric and Sookie’s relationship AT ALL.

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19 comments on “True Blood Makes TV’s 5 Most Blood-Soaked Scenes

  1. Alan ball is really getting more and more annoying with his bill obsession, still eric is more popular than douchebag Bill, ‘Ball can do what he wants!!!

    While it is nice that they introduced Jessica in the show, I really hate that Bill got this scene, it seems the only way his character can be interesting is by getting all the great scenes from other characters from the books, like in season 4 for example he got Pams storyline (leading the witch war), I have seen enough of this Bill scene stealing bullsh*t…

    • The only way to make Bill interesting IS to steal scenes from other characters because CH didn’t write him as interesting.

  2. In my book TrueBlood is exceptionally Bloody.
    I love it when a Bad Vampire meets his/her Final Death.
    Lorena’s met with a Bloody Final death and to have it come
    at Sookie Stackhouse’s hands was the Ultimate revenge.
    LongShadow’s staking was memorable, as was that of
    Russell Edgington’s lover’s death was exceptional!

  3. Bill staking Longshadow really screws things up because Eric’s staking of Longshadow follows him throughout several books. Hot Rain wants revenge later and plans to take it out on Sookie to force Eric to feel the emotional impact.

    Instead we got the Magister forcing Bill to “make” Jessica and then Bill whining about it and attempting to make Sookie “feel” bad when she broke up with him. … whine whine whine “if you only knew what I had to do to come back to you” … whine whine whine… You’ll note that Bill always makes Sookie responsible for his feelings.

    While Eric’s “I’ll take the girl” was amusing, it wasn’t nearly as impressive as Eric staking Longshadow himself.

  4. Well Eric’s the one that did alot of good and bad for Sookie. But in the end she did love him untill the last book at the end,she dos not know what she wants now.But she still loved Bill and you know there is that BIG sexy WOLF that wants to have his way with her,but is there still a chance for her tiger…. So many men want her bbut what dos she want . We woun’t know untill the next book comes out .. SO yes Eric’s the big viking man that saved Sookies life. SO the show went on anouther path to put Bill in a better position,it sucks because now things can’t stay the same as the books……………………………………………

    • Sorry but CH wrote Quinn as big giant joke from the wardrobe to calling Sookie “babe” at every available moment. CH never let them have sex and it’s never going to happen. When the author makes a character bald and gives him purple eyes, it’s a dead give away she’s mocking him.

      • Sookie and Quinn did in fact have sex in All Together Dead chapter 2. Sookie never had sex with Alcide.

        • I thought they rubbed up against each other a bit but never went all they way. I must have blocked it out. That’s how much I dislike Quinn.

          • I wish I could have blocked it out, but no, they definitely had sex. It was at that point where I was debating whether or not to continue reading the books, I just couldn’t stomach those two together.

  5. I think that was the pivotal scene that set the stage for AB’s agenda to always put Bill front and center. The funny thing is I had not even read the books or even knew the show was based on a book series at that point and still I felt there was something wrong with it, that it just didn’t feel right. Since then AB has taken all the good Eric and Sookie moments and given them to Bill, think shower scene. Season four Sookie and Bill have real shower scene. Season five Eric and Sookie got snow in a forest and the only really good that came from it was Alex’s long, lean, beautiful body. What I find the most amusing is how hard AB and staff work so hard to feature Bill and make him a repentant hero yet he still always comes off as an egotistical selfish bore.

  6. I so agree! Think of all of great book parts we are going to miss – From book 5 there is Charles – I pictured him as Captian Jack Sparrow. Then there is the entire fairy mess AB made; I was looking forward to Sookie’s great grandfather (I pictured him as David Bowie) and Claude. Will there be a pack master fight and will we even met Quinn on True Blood? They have taken Barry out of the human world, so how will he and Sookie save the people in the rubble at Rhodes? Of course, will TB ever make it that many seasons? Don’t misunderstand, I love True Blood but I do wish it followed the books more closely.

    • Actually? I’d gladly skip Quinn, thank you very much. Other than Bill, he is quite possibly the worst character CH every developed. UGH the sexist POS.

  7. Quinn is disgusting and if they use Alcide to replace him, I would be all for it. Next season is supposedly going to be a mix of books together, probably 5, 6, and 7 since I doubt the show will last long enough to make each book separate. Not that they use much from the books, anyway.

    • Quinn was absolutely disgusting. Sookie had to have been high. That’s all there was to it. No way she could have put up with that wardrobe, those stupid purple eyes and ‘babe’ for so long otherwise.

      Don’t even get me started on his betrayal of everyone in Louisiana. Just girl, were you brain damaged? I may not like Alcide but if I have to pick between Alcide getting Quinn’s placement in TB and dealing with actually having to see Quinn on TB? I’ll take Alcide.

    • I disliked Quinn in the books so much that I never wanted him in TB, but I don’t think I will ever detest any character ever again as much as I detest TB’s Alcide so now I say bring on Quinn. I could even cope with “babe” if I didnt have to ever again hear Alcide’s growling all his lines to the point that I can barely understand a word he says. His voice wears on my last nerve and I want to scream whenever he shows up.

  8. In the books Quinn is the way for Eric and Sookie to bond totally. At Rhodes with the ceremonial knife. He needs to be there so Eric can save her from Andre. Knowing how AB loves Beehl it will be Beehl that saves her. If it happens at all. Barf!

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