Today’s Quopic is dedicated to Anja who reminded us earlier this week of the merits of a viking vampire god in a grey suit.


You have to admit he wears it very,very well.

Was this one of your favorite viking attires?

Let us know what other outfits we should be paying homage to.

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15 comments on “1/19 QUOPIC OF THE DAY

  1. My favourite outfit that Eric loves to wear is when he’s dressed
    in black silk dress pants or black jeans,a black silk shirt or a
    wifebeater, black socks with black boots and a black leather
    jacket and his hair all slicked back!
    Oh I’d would love to see him in a tuxedo with his tie undone
    and a button or two unbuttoned!

  2. Omg! *blushes* thanks 😀
    Our Viking looks like he was born to wear suits… Simply mind blowing! Shame Sookie didn’t see him in it or Beehl (or anyone else, for that matter) would vaporize from her memory for ever.

  3. Yes I have to admit, the Grey suit was one of my favorite looks on Eric, although I’d say anything he wears (or doesn’t for that matter) is just stunning………..Yikes, Yahoo and Yum!!

  4. sookie is missing out on this hot viking hopefully she will see him in a new manner this season 5 before it is over … i love all his outfits it makes him so f***ing hot ….. everything he wears i love ……

  5. He is HOT in anything or Nothing! Spoliation is crazy walking away from him! There’s probably Millions of women who’d rather die as to deny him! I know I would! LMAO

  6. *stupid auto correct! Should say Sookie is crazy!!!

  7. Allan Ball is the crazy who set the lovers apart. Hope the new director fiz this HUGE misunderstanding…

  8. Yummy! He can pull off anything or nothing. Personally I love this look on him. I know I’d die rather than to deny him if I had the chance! LOL! Yummy!

  9. I FLOVE that outfit. I have the 2011 Calendar on the wall near my computer, permanently open at March with that pic. 😀 However I also have the 2010 Calendar on the other wall, permanently open at September with him in the Season 1 black outfit on his throne. I admit I do favour the black on him . I think perfection would be the Season 2 outfit but with a black suit instead of the grey. He looks so, so very fine in a suit. I Sookie could see him in a suit I feel sure the sight would tip the balance in his favour.

    • He doesn’t show up until December in the 2012 calendar, I’d like to say they’re saving the best for last. Especially since Bill is in January, why does anyone think we’d want to start out the year with his scowling face? I drew on it with a purple marker, makes it a little better to look at now…lol!

      • oh, I have seen pictures of the calendar, seriously, no one would want to start the year with Bill, I would probably just have skipped it or cut out his picture, the marketing people on True blood have always done stupid stuff, they do too many bill sookie stuff, even though they are even less popular than alcide and sookie, all the other calendars before had sookie and bill on the front cover. or the king bill shirt ew… I didn’t buy that calendar because I don’t want to support them with this shi*t, they will just continue with this Bill biased promotion if the merchandise gets selled well

  10. I love him in suits. I have a folder on my desktop with pics of Alex in suits and the one with him in the grey suit from TB is one of my favourites. Sigh.

  11. My favorites are:
    Season 1 – the black clothes him was wearing when sookie first meet him.
    Season 2- the black tank top , with the trousers when Godrick meet the sun, and the leather jacket him was wearing in the church.
    Season 3 – the black clothes him was wearing when sookie come to fangtasia with Jessica to ask for his help with the werewolf’s. Don’t forgetting the red silk boxers , just yummy !
    Season 4 – when him was in the Lake on broad day light wearing only the gorgeous perfection of his own skin . That’s is my favorite of all !!!

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