2/8 Quopic of the day – Nancy Oliver

Today is the birthday of one of our favorite True Blood writers, Nancy Oliver. A woman responsible not only for the greatest episode of the show EVER, season 2 “I will rise up”, but also for one of the absolute highlights of last season – Drunk Amnesic Eric. Here at Eric & Sookie headquarters we are more than a little fraught that Nancy’s name has not yet appeared as one of the writers for the first half of season 5, but fingers crossed her writing pen will grace the second half with its trademark emotional punch.

As Nancy is so damned good – I’m cheating today and it’s a double quopic!

“There’s gators in there you crazy viking, get on out and let’s go home before  one of them chomps off your you know what”.


“You’ll care for him, Eric?”

“I’m not sure, you know how he is”

“I can take the blame for that too”

“Maybe not, Eric’s pretty much himself. Are you afraid?”

“No, no I’m full of joy”

We hope you have a wonderful birthday Nancy, and thanks for all the amazing True Blood moments you have given us!

Let us know how you rate Nancy Oliver’s writing in the comments below.

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9 comments on “2/8 Quopic of the day – Nancy Oliver

  1. I love her work i hope she has more coming soon thanks for her wonderful writing .Happy Birthday to her as well . Ilove these scenes so much

  2. I hope that Nancy hasn’t left for good, shes’ one of the shows’ best writers and I hope she’ll be back to writing for us, as we need to get the storyline back to where it needs to be in order to have E&S back to where they are destined to be. If not, they (AB etc.) will trash what little thats left of the original (as it should be) story.

    Hope you have a very Happt B-day Nancy and hurry back to the show!!!!

    • she probably wants to leave because the show jumped the shark completely in season 4, was she actually also involved in one of those awful couch scenes, don’t know…

      • Yes unfortunately she wrote season 4, episode 10. Not her best episode, although I loved the scene where Eric got his memories back, and as one of the few Tommy fans out there, I thought his death scene was very moving, but Sookie uttering the “B” word on the couch, ruined what should should have been a great Sookie & Eric moment. I still think overall she is one of the best writers though.

  3. Nancy:
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday.
    Thank you for 4 years of wonderful lines/memories.

  4. I love her writing so much!! The Godric death scenes with Sookie and Eric made cry… Sooo good… Happy Birthday Nancy! Sure hope I get to see more of your writing this season on True Blood!

  5. These scenes are two of my favorites, its are great …she is an excellent writer. Happy Birthday! I hope she’ll write more Eric & Sookie’s next season.

  6. “I Will Rise Up” sealed the deal for me so to speak, so I will add my birthday wishes to the others. Happy Birthday, Nancy! May you have many more. I hope we get to experience more of your excellent writing this year…and hopefully it will be another chapter in the Eric/Sookie romance.

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