Caption This for 3/13

And CUT!

I am sure you will agree with me that If ever a scene screamed for a do-over it would be this one.


Your mission, if you choose to accept, will be to tell us how this scene REALLY should have gone down




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  1. Sookie: Bill you sick @$$! Why don’t you excuse Eric and I so I can yank this robe off and get my hands on that Gracious Plenty?

  2. Yikes! That’s something I never, ever, wanted to see again. I’ve tried to erase it from my memory and I have managed to forget the original dialogue though those matching robes and Sookie’s big-girl hairdo are permanently etched into my brain. How should the dialogue have gone? Something along the lines of:
    Sookie: I’ve had a good, long, think about things, guys, and I’ve made a decision. Bill, despite the fact that you originally treated me so badly and allowed me to be bashed near death to get your blood into me, I know you grew to love me in your own way, and we had some good times and I thought I loved you. But I know now that my feelings for you were based on lies and all that blood you fed me. I forgive you, but I certainly don’t love you now and don’t want to be with you. (turning to Eric) Eric, I’ve always been drawn to you but I was afraid of you until I had the chance to get to know the wonderful, funny, gentle, loving side of you over these last few days. I’m sorry I was hesitant yesterday, but I was afraid that you might now be a different person from the man I’ve fallen in love with and that you might not love me any longer. But you do, and I know your love for me is genuine and that my feelings for you have nothing to do with your blood, and I want to give our relationship a chance. (takes his hand) Let’s go home. Oh, but leave that godawful robe here.

  3. Sookie: Why in the hell are you wearing the same robe as Bill, Eric? I’m surprised it fits you…you’re much, much bigger (in more ways than one) than he is.
    Eric: Yeah, I know. Let’s leave, Sookie. You can help me take it off and we can burn it.

  4. Sookie: Oh, Eric, I don’t know how I’ve been so blind all this time. You’re much more handsome and powerful than Bill, even if he is Queen… er, King. I love you and want to be yours! Take me home… But could you lose that robe first? (casting a quick sideways glance at Bill and lowering her voice) It’s kinda creepy and makes me think Bill’s been secretly harboring a man crush on you all this time…

  5. Sookie: Bill I know in my heart that your love for me is real but saying this it’s also true that it was base on lies and deceiving. I fell for you my only concern is that when I started having feelings for you was after I had gallons of your blood; so I’m not sure if my love for you is real. I do forgive you, because I do know that you regret what you did to me. Facing Eric: I have always been attract to you, and I know in my heart that whatever lies you had say to me where to help someone you love (Godric) or to protect me. God knows if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t ever find out about a Bill. Our time together was unforgettable and I really love you…all of you. But saying this… I need some time on my on. I need time to think and sort things out. You deserve that my heart and mind are clean of any influence that Bill’s blood has on me. If I’m going to be with you it has to be that I’m all yours. I hope that you have the pacience to wait for me and to give me this chance. I love you, Eric Northman. End of dialogue they kiss passionally and Sookie leaves with tears in her eyes.

  6. it should have went Bill it`s over and Eric your fine as is mine i love you enough said

  7. Sookie: Oh What are you wearing Eric? Its really awful,its dont suit you this is more Bill’s
    Eric: I know but I was afraid to be naked in front of him…he stares at me in a strange way..you know.
    Sookie: I dont blame him you are really spectacular naked. (She kiss him in a passionate way)
    Bill: Hey you two…I’m in front of you, what about the love triangle?
    Eric: Shut up and go out of my sight or I’m gonna make you the shame I did with Nan’s troopers

  8. Sookie: Bill F*ck off and go find that bimbo you were screwing while I was missing. Eric, come with me..we have a robe to get you out of.
    Eric: Yes, ma’am!

  9. Sookie: ”Eric, what the HELL is Bill doing here? I thought we planned to have a private little sleepover! I shaved and everything!” *sounding all disappointed and frustrated*

    Eric: ”I know lover, but… I found him in the graveyard, sobbing like a babyvamp. So I…invited him over to watch tv together or something, and now he doesn’t wanna leave.”

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