Alex at US Battleship Premiere

Last night Hollywood played host to the US Premiere of Battleship and of course our favorite viking was there on the red carpet along with the movie’s other stars. Here at Eric & Sookie Headquarters we have spent a pain-staking day trawling the internet especially to bring you a collection of Skarsporn so completely amazing that it will probably take you the entire weekend to recover. So sit back and click on the first image to begin your enjoyment of  the gorgeous gallery of goodies below:

The photographs marked B Henderson were taken by our good friend Barbara who was lucky enough to attend the Premiere. Check out  her site Skarsgardfans for more great pictures from the event.

Other photo source askarsswedishmeatballs

Any thoughts? Presuming anyone is still conscious of course!



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14 comments on “Alex at US Battleship Premiere

  1. Alex and Kristen are so adorable, its a shame that AB has to ruin Eric and Pams relationship now:( they are probably the most popular characters on the show maybe thats why they try to separate them from now on so that Beehl can stay in the limelight *eyeyroll*

  2. Alex looked extremely handsome in most of his photos from last night. Also he looked to be very, very happy which made me feel wonderful that he his finally getting his “due” in the acting world. I thought it was marvelous that Kristen was there too. It shows just how close those two friends have become after working together for the last 5 years. I was glad she was there to offer her support of her “maker”.

    Sure wish I could have been there myself!!!! Thanks for all the great pics and hopefully they will have some of the interviews from last night online soon.

    I can’t wait to see this pic on opening weekend!!!!!!

  3. Love the photos from the LA Premiere of Battleship.
    A close friend took many of them, thank you Barbara H. from
    Can’t wait till next weekend to see what happens boxoffice wise???
    Also can’t wait to see Extra! & AccessHollywood tonight??
    One thing I can say is that Alexander looks yummy, loved the suit.

  4. mmmmmm…Gorgeous as ever

  5. Wonderful pictures!! He is so handsome.. I hope this movie makes tons of money!!!

  6. Thanks for getting the pics Evie. He’s just edible. Sigh. How sweet that Kirsten come along to support him. It seems despite the naysayers, the movie is doing well. Well done Skars!

    • Oops, thats Kristen, not Kirsten

    • I’m not suprised that Kristin was at the premiere.
      And they support each other’s projects.
      There were less naysayers on Battleship than there was on
      the remake of Straw Dog’s.
      Straw Dog’s was a good movie but because it was a remake of
      a “Sacred Cow” of Sam Peckinpaw’s film it got lambasted by
      the critics and went down in flames.
      Alexander was wonderful in Straw Dog’s.

  7. Gee too bad that both ET and Access Hollywood only showed the interview with Riri and Brooklyn no Alex, Taylor or Liam……….Darn!!!!! Oh well, hopefully, the interviews in full will be online either ytube or their own websites. I’ll have to check it out later.

  8. Anyone else think that that tie was very Christian Grey!!!!???!!!!

    • Alexander would make a wonderful Christian Grey.
      Seems that he wants to play this role really badly.
      now is there some way we could send in suggestions to
      the studio who’s casting the film ????? LOMAO

  9. Alex wears Tom Ford suits really well. Simply gorgeous

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