Actor Spotlight On Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgård is featured in an actor spotlight video with as part of the promotion for his movie, Battleship – which opens in theaters in US and Canada on May 18th.

In this video, they show scenes of his previous roles from Zoolander, Generation Kill, True Blood and Melancholia. Alex also revealed he won’t be sharing his voice on Sponge Bob Square Pants any time soon.

Watch it below!
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Here’s one more screen cap for you to drool over! (Sorry, I couldn’t get rid of the writing at the top.) He has such a great smile…

It was great seeing them show him as Eric Northman, especially because he was choking Bill. Too bad, they switched the scene to the “who wore it better?” scene where Sookie dumps both of them.

I love all this attention Alex has been receiving lately. It’s very well-deserved. I can’t wait to see Battleship either!

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8 comments on “Actor Spotlight On Alexander Skarsgård

  1. From your lips to the TB writers’ ears.. Wake up folks, ERIC is the one everyone wants to see. Unless they are all living in caves, how can they miss this?

    • that the writers perceive Moyer/ Bill as the leading man of the show definitely also has something to do because he is inovolved a lot in the show, he did direct an episode in season 5 and probably even makes suggestions what they could do in an episode…
      and the writers now put him with eric so that their leading man “eyeroll” gets more popular…

  2. I love him in Zoolander!!! I taped it and watched his scenes about a million times… Sooooo cute!!!! Yes he is the star because when he’s in the scene you only have eyes for him!

  3. Yep, Alex is definately “the man”!!!!!! I am getting super stoked to see Battleship this weekend, although I probably will have to wait til Sunday.

    I was kinda pissed when Jimmy Fallon had Taylor on last night promoting the film and all they could mention was Rihanna. Not one word about Alex!!! It kinda pissed me off as I know that a whole lot of us are going to see Battleship just to see Alex, at least thats’ why I’m going aside from the fact that I love SyFy movies.

    Also wanted to let everyone know that if you have Starz channel on your TV provider, Straw Dogs will be on this Sat. nite at 9pm eastern.

    You go Alex!!!!!!!

  4. Great clips!! Love Alexander in StrawDog’s,Melancholia.
    but my real favourite is TrueBlood.
    Want to see him end up with Sookie,don’t want Sookie with Bill Compton.

  5. I love everything . He is the total package . I wish him the best in his career .

  6. Yup totally going to see Battleship this weekend and the only reason is Skarsgard!

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