Comic Con VIDEOS

We will post below any videos that emerge from True Blood at Comic Con yesterday.

Here is part 1 of the panel (don’t worry that it says part 2, it is from the beginning. All that is missing is Alan Ball’s 30 second introduction to the new promo)

Next part:

And the final part.

And here are members of the cast, including Alex and Anna, being interviewed in the EW Lounge a couple of hours before the main panel. Enjoy!

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15 comments on “Comic Con VIDEOS

  1. Loved both of these videos!! Agree with Alexander,would have loved to have seen
    Pamela’s first feeding from Eric~ must make it to ComicCon once.

  2. As usual, Alex gets the most cheers. When it got to Alan Ball, I could have sworn I heard crickets…lol! It was so cute how Kristin walked out with him, and then went back. I do love those two, so glad they were sitting next to each other again and I notice they weren’t the last ones this time.

  3. Alex and Kristin are the most adorable people. They are so cute and their chemistry is amazing, they seem to be such great friends, so lovely.

    and: Joe is such an attention whore. Always trying to do his stupid stripping movies…so lame!!

    • Well, they did kind of put him on the spot by bringing it up. That wasn’t his fault, I wish you people would stop bashing the actors. If you don’t like the characters, fine, but that had me laughing and I don’t see what was so wrong with it. You need to really lighten up sometimes, and it’s still better than seeing Alan Ball’s moves. I could have done without that.

  4. Thanks so much for posting this

  5. Am I the only one who really wants to rip off Chris Meloni’s excuse for a hat and burn it?

    • I think it looks funny. Don’t know why he is wearing it, but he seems like a really nice guy.

      • He does seem like a nice guy, but I don’t know him from that show they keep talking about or any other shows, so, Im not sure yert if I like him or not 😛

        yeah, no excuse for that hat buddy…even if you had a major shaving accident.

  6. omg Kristin always gets all upset when they talk about the release scene… It breaks my heart, and how Alex kisses her twice in the hair awwww!! *flails like a total fangirl*
    Honestly, Eric and Pam need their own spin-off, about life in Fangtasia etc, without Sookie in their world. I’d really love that 😀
    When they asked for an applause for Alan Ball, I honestly was grateful for him picking up the (idea of) the books and making a show out of it for us in general, but obviously very ungrateful for the ruined Eric and Sookie relationship…
    Anna and Stephen are honestly so sweet in real life, and I see how it must be easy for the cast members to be Team bill, but dag nabbit, this is a show people, and not real life, Sookie and Bill do NOT GO TOGETHER!!!

  7. Oh and I MUST gush on what a Swedeheart Alexander is – he does everything for his fans, he’s not bothered or irritated at all when they ask for a picture or signature wherever he is…never! 😀 He just jumped up to look for a pen to sign his name tag for a fan, and then some actors (won’t name any, but you’ve surely seen…) won’t even reply to a random question at a panel ffs!
    I’d love to meet Alex, I’m sure I’d be gobsmacked and catch flies though 😀

  8. I wonder why this seasons 12th episode is the one that Anna picked as her favorite? Makes me go hmmmmm.

  9. Thank you for posting that. I really enjoyed since I could not be there in person. They are such a great cast and get along so well. This is one of my top ten shows.

  10. Finally got around to watching the rest of the panel, and I hate my friend so much right now. She’s the one who asked the question to Chris about SVU because he’s the only reason she was even there. It pisses me off that she’s been in Alex’s presence at least twice now and doesn’t even watch the show. How is that fair? Although, she does love Alex now just from seeing how amazing he is in person and said she’d be tempted to watch for him. I still don’t see it happening…lol!

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