Season 5 Finale Ratings High

HBO will be celebrating today thanks to the fangtastic ratings that Sunday’s True Blood  finale pulled in. Alan Ball’s final episode, “Save Yourself “, continued it’s run as the most popular Sunday night cable show, and was watched by a season high of 5.049m at 9pm and 1.228m at 11pm, making a total viewing figure of 6.277m. This is a higher figure than last year’s finale which had a combined total viewing figure of 6.177.

According to EW.com 

“True Blood is averaging  11.3 million viewers when all forms of  viewing are tallied”.

So there we have it , millions of viewers called in to Bon Temps to enjoy Eric Northman finally defeating his old adversary Russell Edgington, and setting out to save the world and rescue his progeny Pam from the clutches of the vampire authority. And of course they all were treated to the added bonus of Bill Compton’s humanity finally dying the true death and the birth of the horror that will be Bilith.

Things are looking extremely good for Season 6 , and don’t worry as there are only 9 more months to go before we can tune in to find out how our hero and heroine will escape from the evil blood monster, if everyone will  manage to get out of the authority alive, and what exactly Nora knows about the mysterious Warlow.

The facts and figures that matter are from TVbynumbers

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29 comments on “Season 5 Finale Ratings High

  1. The more people discover the show the better~ and the more episodes we get that
    are action packed like Sunday’s Finale the more viewers will watch the show?
    Storylines like Season 2’s Maenad were Boring.

  2. Well, there that proves one point, there are more people watching than last year. I was kinda suprised at first, thinking that the show was sliding backwards. Very happy to hear that it is moving forward instead.

    Looking forward to season 6 and hoping that they don’t screw it up next year with bad writing and boring side plotlines. It should be interesting to see what happens now that AB is no longer the show runner any longer. A lot is riding on Mark Hudis now and I hope that he keeps the momentum going.

    • Well, we should get Sookie on the run from Warlow with Eric trying to protect from both Bill AND Warlow. That should be a primary storyline. I don’t even know about Jason and Jessica but I’m kinda hoping that Jason will snap the f*ck out of it. We’ll also get some Pam/Tara action going. As to whether or not it is involved in Eric/Sookie’s story? I don’t know. No idea where Nora will be but I sort of hope it’s far away from Sookie.

      Unfortunately, I think we are going to have to deal with the stupid fairy/Andy/Holly story. which is just… YAWN. And I’m hoping that the Alcide and Sam storylines will be toned down since for the most part they’ve been resolved (save for Luna kinda passing out). The packmaster stuff wasn’t that interesting – sorry Alcide but you’re just not that much fun.

      • Did anyone else notice how Alcide started talking like Christian Bale’s Batman toward the end of the ep? I was laughing aloud.

        • I must not have noticed, but I’m not down on Alcide like everyone else seems to be. I don’t see the point, and was actually proud of him in this episode. And now, it seems he might be too busy next season to go sniffing around Sookie again.

          • Tammy, I was proud of Alcide too and that really is saying something considering my overall opinion of him. The thing is, I think they spent too much time on the packmaster and Debbie storylines. It might not have been so bad in another season that, well, didn’t suck quite so badly but unfortunately for Alcide, his big storyline got sandwiched in with some other real losers.

            I do hope they build on the relationship with the other wolf he met. Anything to keep him from hanging around Sookie and making negative cracks about vampires. That shit gets old. Now if we could just get Jason to snap out of it.

        • LOL I’ll have to re-watch to catch that.
          I guess it’s better than talking like Bane!

  3. I kind of hope Eric grabs her and flies out of there, I’ve been wanting to see that on the show.

    • Yes, yes and double yes. One of my (many) Sooric dreams for TB is for him to pick her up and fly off!

      • I also want a sex scene while they’re in the air, is that too much to ask for? We’ve suffered enough…lol!

        • After all, they did tease us with implying that Eric vampspeeded out of the woods while in the middle of sex with Sookie on the way back to her house in that one season 4 episode where they did it in every room. In the same episode they toppled over the stuffed chair, and then Bill had to pick it up and sit in it! They didn’t show those moments either. LMAO… basically I am still bitter about them leaving out the most important parts of that episode!

  4. @ Tammy,that’s EXACTLY what I was hoping! Eric can FLY why doesn’t he grab Sookie& get he Hell outta there?! I wish us viewers could make suggestions to the writers! I just keep saying to myself..”Please let Eric&Sookie make it out!”

  5. happy to hear about the ratings BUT hated this whole season….i actually cheered when bill exploded and then rolled my eyes when he was formed back together..i miss the eric/sookie storylines…i hate that they have a vampire who killed sookies parents and not the enemy of her fairy grandfather like it was in the books..i just keep watching though like an idiot in hopes some how they will do something amazing…adios alan ball..and good riddens..the only good he did was keep lafayette and jessica alive(sorry i just can’t hold in my disgust anymore)

    • The season overall was the worst one, but that finale made up for it. We may finally get what we’ve been hoping for, even the Bill fans are mourning their beloved character. It seems they have accepted the fact he’s truly gone.

  6. I haven’t heard anyone talking about one of the major story lines next year will have to be the shifters and weres coming out! Luna shifted on live TV and that is going to be more fuel to the fire since people are already ticked off about vamps going wild. Also, if they allow Bill to just change back somehow into his normal vampire self then they will be doing a major disservice to the viewers. I don’t want Bill gone from the show, but when they decided to have him splatter into goo they have to follow through with it and not make it corny. When he is defeated or whatever happens then that will have to be the end of him because the real Bill has already met the true death. Can’t wait for season 6!

    • Just because Luna shifted, that doesn’t mean will come out of have to come out. The powers that be can always downplay that as a hoax. Never underestimate the possibility of misinformation. It will probably be written off as a terrorist hoax. You watch. Nope. No need for shifters to come out unless they want to and I’m pretty sure they don’t at this point. Most certainly not with crazy Billith on the loose.

      • OY!

        *mean will come out of have

        mean THEY will come out OR have to come out.

        Okay. I’m posting on migraine medication. I should stop now. I should.

  7. I believe the reason the ratings were high for the last episode is because everyone knew one of the characters was going to change for the worst. To be honest there was only about 4 episodes I enjoyed this season and they all had the 3 main characters together. Let’s face it the story is way to bland when the core characters are not interacting together. Everyone I spoke with after the finale are really psyched for season 6.

  8. I expected the ratings to be much higher because the finale episode was awesome (which almost no one expected right?) but the season has been a bit underwhelming so I’m afraid the fans started to lose interest (and me along with them!) I guess next season will have more viewers again 😀

    On a different note, the annual survey of True-blood.net is out, last year Eric (and the Eric & Sookie pairing) won by a land slide, so let’s all go cast our votes shall we? Here’s the link: http://true-blood.net/2012/08/26/take-the-true-blood-season-5-fan-survey/

    • Well i fu*king fuc*ed up! 10 is the most and 1 the least! I did the opposite! Eric was always on the 1st place for me – meaning among everything else i voted for him as the LEAST valuable player!!! FUUUUU*KKKK!!!!!!!
      That’s what happens when you read the instructions AFTER you do something! DAMN!!1

      • Me again 🙂 sorry for the cursing and it’s a relief i realised that you can do it more than once… *wipes the sweat of her forehead* I’ll be up all night to make up for that one LOL.

      • “among everything else i voted for him as the LEAST valuable player!” actually i didn’t do that, that was just the question where you pick one thing… again a relief… and i promise i’ll stop replying now 🙂 *blushes*

        • hhhhhhahahahhahaha oh lordy, you’re just too cute 😀 yes well, you certainly need to make up for that! No worries, Eric will be high up everywhere no matter what 😉

  9. I’ve read somewhere (no idea where, too much blogs and too much info for me since sunday 🙂 ) that warlow was a fairy elder that was turned by some alimade (not so sure about the name, something like that ) 2000 years ago… but turned into want? Vampire – i don’t think so, I mean would that even be possible? Maybe that hybrid-thingy everybody’s been talking about…?
    Than I’m thinking maybe nora knows about warlow from the vampire bible :-S But if she knew about warlow from the bible that would mean she knew at least something about fairies and than again she said to eric that she had never encountered a fairy…though that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know anything about them, just that she never… well encountered one LOL
    Aaaand i just realised how stupid and confusing this post is but the hell with it! Now the situation in my head is worse than it was… 🙂

    • Since TB doesn’t follow book canon, I can see them possibly allowing a faerie elder to be turned in some manner. It might be that Warlow was turned by Lillith or by ingesting some of Lillith’s blood since she is not a typical vampire and her blood might override the faerie light protection and allow some sort of hybrid. This would make the most sense. (there is a certain amount of tongue in cheek there with assuming TB would follow common sense)

      If you catch a glimpse of Warlow’s profile when he ‘comes’ for Sookie? He does have that kind of Fae face when they are not trying to look pretty human i.e. that misshappen nose.

    • Eva, I just read your recent post re: Warlow and I know that there will be alot of speculation about him until next season. Last night as I was laying in bed and still thinking about the finale (pathetic, I know..) I had a revelation, what if Bill was gathering all that Sookie information, not for Queen Sophie Ann, and not for Russell but has been working for Warlow, trying to prove that Sookie is Fae. Since everything Bill(ith) has ever come out of his mouth as a lie, it could be possible. What do you think?

      See, you’re not the only one thats’ still reeling from this finale…………LOL. My only hope is that this whole situation drives Sookie back into the arms of our protective Viking God.

      • At least when you’re reeling it makes sence 🙂 That actually sounds pretty reasonable to me but who knows are these writers creative and resourceful enough to think of that and go that far…

      • That is an excellent speculation…

        And don’t worry, I’m still processing the finale… And I wrote about it!

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