TV Guide Talks to Departing Alan Ball On True Blood Season 6

Even though we’re still trying to get over those nasty fangovers from the end of True Blood Season 5, there’s already talk about what’s in store for us in Season 6!

TV Guide recently sat down and talked with the departing Alan Ball about what they are planning for True Blood Season 6.

In this interview, he revealed a number of startling things. We thought you might find what he had to say very, very interesting!

WARNING: This may contain mild spoilers…please read at your own risk!

These are just a few highlights from the interview.

TV Guide Magazine: Much of last year, and particularly the finale, really severed the connection to Charlaine Harris’ books.
Ball: It’s something organic that happens. You can’t just transcribe the books. That said, there’s some stuff in the later books that I think later seasons of the show will address. But we did go on our own little path this year.

TV Guide Magazine: Let’s answer some burning questions left by the finale. First, what the heck is Bill or “Bilith” as some call him? An evil god? A demon?
Ball: We don’t know! Honestly, we didn’t know what Lilith was. Just because the fundamentalists called her “God,” that doesn’t mean she was. On our show, there’s room for all kinds of supernatural creatures. We do know that Bill had some kind of major transformation into a deeper supernatural being. The question for me is has he lost his humanity entirely or will it just have to fight harder to come out. That’s certainly something that the writers are talking about for next year.

TV Guide Magazine: Will Sookie fight to rescue Bill?
Ball: It could be that or it could also be that Sookie is trying to save herself from him.

TV Guide Magazine: Season 5 had a lot more gore than lust. Lots of fans missed the Bill, Sookie and Eric triangle. Will we see that again?
Ball: I don’t think that that central triangle has gone away. Anna [Paquin] was like ‘I’ve played three seasons of falling in love with people.” I agreed and found her something different to do. But right now we don’t know how Sookie feels about vampires. The fairy elder said, “There’s a reason you give your heart out to every fangster you meet.” That’s going to be very interesting to find out why.

TV Guide Magazine: That sounds like it has to do with Warlow, the unseen vampire who killed Sookie and Jason’s parents and “owns” Sookie? Jason’s off to kill him, so will we meet him soon?
Ball: We will definitely see Warlow. Whether or not we have met him already, I will remain mum. There will also be some other characters maybe who we know and love who are pursuing a less than generous agenda.

TV Guide Magazine: Does all that leave the door open for non-bloodsucker love for Sookie?
Ball: Even though it looks like Alcide and Sookie may have cooled things off, I’m not so sure that he’s totally dropped the torch that he carries for her.

TV Guide Magazine: How did Eric manage to kill the much older and strong Russell Edgington?
Ball: Russell was so crazed with fairy blood lust that he wasn’t paying attention. That’s how Eric could stake him.

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TV Guide Magazine: Was it always going to be Eric who killed Russell?
Ball: There was a moment at some point when we were pitching that somebody else would kill Russell, but it just really felt that it should belong to Eric, because Russell killed his mortal family.

TV Guide Magazine: Will Anna be back full time right away after the birth of her twins in November?
Ball:  She is. We’re moving production to January to accommodate her. And there will only be 10 shows next season partly because of Anna and partly because of the economics

TV Guide Magazine: Do you have a series ending in mind yet?
Ball: We talked about one in the writers’ room this season. We definitely have some ideas.

TV Guide Magazine: Even if you’re not running the show, will you come back for the series finale?
Ball: I will. I just needed to take some time off just to recharge my batteries.

TV Guide Magazine: Any last thoughts for your fans?
Ball: It’s still True Blood. People tend to say, “Alan writes everything,” butit’s always been a big collaboration. I am personally very excited to see where the show’s going to go and I hope fans feel the same way.

If you would like to read the entire interview, please click here.

Hmmm…so much to digest!

  1.  10 episodes instead of 12?  I wonder what he means by “economics”?
  2. Sookie will be worried about saving herself FROM Bill, instead of SAVING BILL? I’m lovin’ it!
  3. Notice how it says that Alcide still carries a torch for Sookie and there’s NO MENTION of how Sookie feels for him? Tell me if you agree, it sounds completely one-sided!
  4. Eric HAD to kill Russell? Me likey! Yes, Eric deserved to do the killing. Russell killed his own family. Justice is served.
  5. Glad he’s giving Anna a chance to spend some time with the babies after they’re born. 🙂

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58 comments on “TV Guide Talks to Departing Alan Ball On True Blood Season 6

  1. “Sookie will be worried about saving herself FROM Bill, instead of SAVING BILL? I’m lovin’ it!”

    Ha ha. Oh this is good. Has that girl finally wised up? Please? Maybe that’s why she isn’t crushing on Alcide too? I can deal with Alcide carrying a torch for her as long as Sookie is going to have a brain in HER head? I’ll even embrace Eric and Sookie bickering as long as I’m not dealing with Bill and Sookie cow eyes and Sookie and Alcide getting drunk together (unless Sookie pukes on him again – that would be okay).

    The interview is pretty much all good but this:
    “The question for me is has he lost his humanity entirely or will it just have to fight harder to come out. ”

    I mean, really? Yawn yawn yawn. Guiz, this is so, so overplayed. Can we please move on from this? I do not care about his humantitae. The best part about Billith is that he’s a cruel, inhuman monster that is no longer burdened by Bill’s whiney ass. Let’s not go backwards, okay? You made it. Now let’s run with it.

    • I totally agree with the “Let’s no go backwards…” Yes, run with it! I love Billith the ultimate baddie for Eric and Sookie to team up against! It makes me so happy to see him portrayed in that light. 😀

  2. I love that he says they’ll be getting into some things from the later books finally! Dare we hope that will be Eric and Sookie together, bonded, and married as they SHOULD BE??? Would it be too much to ask that TB get on the E/S shipping bandwagon and STAY there???

    • Would a marriage bond be enough to break whatever contract that Warlow apparently has over Sookie?? If so I can see it now…

      Sookie to Eric: He’s coming here, he has the Authority backing him up on his claim to me…Eric what am I going to do.

      Eric to Sookie: I have a plan that just might work…although it’s a little on the crazy side.

      Sookie to Eric: I’m about ready to try just about anything Eric..this guy is going to claim me and suck me dry!! I’ll be fairy dust by sun-up! So whatever you plan is just lay it on me! At this point anything would be better than nothing….

      Eric to Sookie: Slowly gets down on one knee……Marry me Sookie!

      Sookie to Eric: Looks astonished, mouth hanging open…..”Shut the Fuck up!”

      Screen goes blank till the next episode!! LOL

      • YES! Let’s write them and send in your idea… If they aren’t starting production until January, I’ve got time to possibly work up a script in between my other projects. I have the formatting software since I write screenplays… 😀

        • Ok I’m just gullible enough to believe you….can we actually do that? Seriously though…can’t you picture that scene? Eric on one knee…proposing…maybe Pam and Nora in the background both gaping like fish LMAO….

          • It is true that I have the software for screenplay writing on my laptop. It is true that I write screenplays and am trying to get them sold in Hollywood. (I also write novels and fan fic as well… I do a lot of writing.)

            Yes, it is totally possible to write a speculative script for a show and send it in. Most often writers do that if they are trying to get a job working on a show. I can only copyright my own original work, not anything done with characters I did not create, so they would be free to take a spec script I sent in and use the idea if they wished.

            Of course, if they liked more than just the basic idea and actually liked the script itself, I could get called up to write the finishing script, which would take the spec script and polish it up for the actual episode it would be used for. Or possibly, I could be called in to collaborate over my spec script to create the finishing script with the shows writing staff. There are lots of different ways things can be done in Hollywood.

            I would jump at the chance if offered a staff writing position, but this late in the series, I doubt they are looking for new writers unless they really want to “freshen up” the whole show.

      • Whoop whoop new writer her folks LOL. Totally love this!!!

      • Since they already have a blood bond? Yeah and marriage generally supersedes any other agreement/claim. The only complication would be if the fairy contract was actually a betrothal contract. But still, if Eric married and consummated the marriage? There is little that can be done unless it is annulled.

    • Tell me about it. It’s okay to stray to keep the tv audience happy, but in the end…they have to stay true to the books. A little twist & turn in between but can we please have Eric & Sookie together like they were meant to be. Please no Quinn because I’m tired of keeping track of Sookie’s carousel of men.

  3. This interview sounds like its reallt the case that the writers have no clue of what they are doing. They still don’t know what they are going to do with bill exactly, I fear they will make him “normal” again next season and sookie will save him, they have always done shitty things in the past, and I can imagine that they dont want to anger the beehl fans… the passage ” the question for me is has he lost his humanity entirely or will it just have to fight harder to come out” – I think they will pull off this… I really wished they would finally go with bill going all evil, but I am convinced that it won’t happen at all…sadly…

    the interview in general is so annoying, because the interviewer ist mainly talking about bill and even asks stupid stuff like: will sookie save bill or the sookie alcide stuff- this hyping up of sookie alcide from the media is so stupid, did this interviewer even watch the show, alcide moved on pretty fast from sookie to that were chick and didn`t even have any scenes with sookie in the later episodes… they don`t have a connection at all.

    • I agree with you. Plus everyone seemed to have forgotten that Eric glamoured Alicied into being disgusted by her. There’s no way that boat will sail again. Eric already nipped that s**t in the butt.

  4. I’m loving this interview~& I loved how Eric killed Russell Edgeington.
    It always was his to kill Russell,have known that since Season 3 when we saw Eric
    in Russell’s study and he had that flashback that told us what happened.
    And I loved it when Eric staked Talbot~it was an “eye for an eye” and that whole
    monologue that he had in Season 5 about forgiving Russell was alot of BS.
    Eric was lieing~and waiting for his time to take Russell out.

    Who knows what’s going to happen with Bilith/Bill in Season 6?
    Is he going to live or is he going to meet his True Final Death?
    We saw that when he drank Lilith’s blood he didn’t die~ But what has he become?
    Is the William Thomas Compton who we met in the first Season/first Episode, still
    inside of Bilith/Bill or has he died. I will say this about Bill’s portrayer, the wonderful

    Stephen Moyer he did some of his best acting in Season 5.

    Sorry to hear that there will only be ten episodes instead of the usual twelve.
    Don’t know if Alcide still carries a torch for Sookie~ think he is cares about
    his new love/mate Rikki, she does love him. I hope they become a couple.

    Have seen latest photo of Anna & she looks like she’s going to have those
    twins before November!!!

  5. I wonder if the “stuff from the later books” will include Rhodes. They can still kind of do it if they they’re having human/vampire peace talks. I just can’t see the writers not jumping on the possibility of that kind of cliffhanger.

    Do we know the year Bill was turned? The scroll was dated 18-something I believe and Bill was turned 18-something, just curious how close they were. I know someone floated the Bill as Warlow theory.

    • Im2xshy, I believe they said that the scroll was dated “178something” and Bill wasn’t turned until the end of the Civial War which was 1865, so therefore, that theory can’t be completely accurate.

      I think that Billith does have a connection to Warlow just through the grapevine and that Warlow hired Bill to gather information on Sookie and thats’ why Bill had that folder about Sookies’ life. He wasn’t gathering the info for QSA or RE, he was working for Warlow. Thats’ just my speculation at this point.

      • rethang914, I haven’t rewatched the finale, so I wasn’t positive on the date. That’s a good theory on Bill working for Warlow.

      • Or QSA had a connection to Warlow that hasn’t been brought to light yet. QSA might have been bartering Sookie to Warlow once she was done with her.

        • Maybe it wasn’t Hadley who told the Queen about Sookie. Maybe Warlow did and so the Queen sought out Hadley to get intel and fell in lust w/ Hadley while doing it….oh wait, we already did that 🙂

  6. Well, I must say I am disappointed in finding out that they are cutting 2 eppys next year. We’ve all been complaining that their “season” is too short at 12 eppys. I can understand that with Anna and Stevens’ babies she’ll need more time at home with them, etc. The statement about the economics is what frightens me. I know things aren’t cheap to produce especially with all the CGI they use on the show but, it makes me think that the show is financially unstable, even as popular it is and that scares me.

    You know, with AB I always take what he says with a grain of salt ’cause like the old saying, “fool me once, shame on you and fool me twice and shame on me”. TB has fooled us all much more than that over the seasons, so I never have a tendence to even believe anything AB says anymore.

    I do agree with the above statement that they made Billith who he is and I say they should make it that he is unredeemable and keep him the sick SOB that hes’ shown us over the last 5 yrs. I enjoy Stevens’ acting much more when he isn’t playing the “whining” Bill and plays his devious side. Hopefully, the writers don’t eff it up as the potential for a great storyline is right under their noses.

  7. I don’t see how Bill can be redeemed at this point. He turned to goo. That’s vampire true death. So whatever he IS I think has just taken the form of Bill. I guess that remains to be seen. As far as the economics go, I know having the animals is expensive. That’s why they only do certain ones, I think.

    • The CGI work is expensive and all of that has to be added in after the actors are done. Plus, HBO is subscription driven and the economy is not so good right now so people cancel which affects budget.

      • You are definitely correct on the cost of CGI and the issue of HBO’s limitations as a subscription based channel.

        Other economic factors that have to be considered are the facts that as the actors have gained notoriety, they have been able to negotiate far more money per episode, driving up the overall budget for the show. At $200K per episode for the top three actors (Alex, Anna, and Stephen), that’s a huge chunk of change. Take into consideration that basically ALL behind the camera jobs in the industry are union jobs, and therefore, pre-production, production, and post-production staff can cost a fortune, it really is no surprise that so many series go under.

        There is a reason only extremely popular series stay afloat, new series barely make it, and fewer new shows are being picked up by networks. People expect episodes of television series to be done on a production level of the movies they see in the theaters, otherwise they complain about it “looking cheap” and don’t like it. They don’t take into consideration that a television show does NOT have the budget that a film has. However, to keep television going, the industry is pushing its limits to keep viewers happy.

        The industry is trying to keep everyone happy, but the economy can’t keep up with this trend. Television and movies are two different things. Economically, viewers shouldn’t expect the same production quality.

        I’m just afraid TB is going to get “sucked dry” financially before they can wrap up the storylines we’d like to see and have to end sooner than they anticipated the show running as far as number of seasons.

        • Well, hopefully TB will do what shows like Fringe have done as they approach that scary point of do or die renewal time: that is – write and film a series and season finale and then once they know whether or not they are being picked up for the next season, air the appropriate show. It might leave viewers with certain loose ends being tied up a little too quickly if they air the series finale but I’d rather that than not at all.

  8. Well. as far as the economics go, some of the actors are starting to earn pretty big $ to be on this show (well-deserved). It would also be one that would be very expensive to produce. I think Stephen Moyer said the last ep took 3 weeks?! AB could also have just thrown that out there so it doesn’t seem like it’s all Anna’s fault that they’re doing 10 episodes. Who knows. On the upside, with only 10 episodes, maybe they’ll concentrate more on the story for the central characters. And not write crappy storylines and hire a bunch of extras no one cares about that they have to kill off before season’s end!!

  9. I’m really worry & confuse. Is Season 6 going to be the finale.

    Because he says they’re planning to doing 10 instead 12 because Economic.

    About Faery War? Vamp wedding? I don’t want to jam in a whole another season. That would be a distaster.

    • I meant final season???? 😥

      • They only renew a season at a time with just about any show anymore. So we really don’t know. If the show has really good ratings for HBO, they’ll more than likely renew for S7. If the ratings are not high enough to justify the expense, then it will probably get cancelled.

        • That’s worry hbo didn’t let them do season 6. It’s gay Al’s fault let the show downunder.

          But The show hits 6mm after season finale. & hbo exec producers says True Blood doing good & looking forward more seasons. Probably Hbo refunding it to do more eps. I don’t known,Jan’s a long way & I’m worry hbo decides to cancel it. 😥

  10. Very disappointed they are cutting 2 episodes. I have 3 good suggestions if they are looking to save money:
    1. Cut down on the the number of actors in the cast
    2. Cut out the silly story-lines that lead to nothing.
    3. Cut down on Eric’s wardrobe costs, or better still get rid of it altogether!

    • I would totally not mind if somehow Eric’s jacket and shirt got destroyed while trying to save Sookie in the Authority and he spent all of Season 6 running around in just his jeans… and if they get destroyed too, even better. If Sam can fight naked, why can’t Eric??? It would be far more appealing to watch!

      • I totally see him getting all covered in blood and having to go to one of the rooms and change into some of those track suit things they made them wear before Molly put the istakes on them…..at least we would get a shot of his backside as the pants slowly are pulled up and or down…..

        and we had to see the BUTTNAKED man that was dinner strapped down where we saw all of his ummm..glory…surely we could get a sneak peek of Alex’s gracious plenty ONCE!!

    • NOT necessarily in this order…take (off) one for the team, Alex 🙂

  11. I love this show .I hope we get the happy ending of Sookie and Eric. Not happy about 10 episodes but hope they have alot of Eric & Sookie together in it .

  12. No one missed the damn ”love triangle” damn it, get your facts straight interviewer!
    I am so sick of beehl and his lost humaniteh ”where is mah humaniteh? Have yew seen mah humaniteh anyhwere Sookeh?” Get over it *rolls eyes*

    I don’t like the fact we’ll get only 10 eppies this season (and I assume it’ll start 2 weeks later at least as well hmm?) But we should be glad we’re getting a season at all people, honestly, Anna has a great bond with Alan Ball etc that they could have postponed it much much more and we’d flip out.

    The economy part is understandable, I think they mean all the CGI is expensive – having Lillith and Billith rise from blood is probably quite costly. So we can safely assume they wont have Billith rise from blood all the time like Lillith did, I bet they’ll ”evolve” him somehow so he wont have to and give him some crappy superpowers (I do hate it they made beehl more ”powerful” than Eric, though in a negative way).

    I hope this doesn’t mean there will be even less Sookie than season 5 where she was hidden by pillows and stayed away from serious action (such as sexy time *wink wink*)

    I think nothing will happen on the Sookie &Alcide front, he will always like her and she will like him, but it wont get romantic just like in the books. It would be stupid if they’d hook them up. I was watching the finale today again, and fast forwarded through all the boring Alcide and pack crap. BORRRRRRIIIIIIIING.

    • I HATE love triangles (not just Bill/Sookie/Eric). There are not believable and they’re just stupid to watch as they drag on and on. Real ppeople don’t stand around and make sad cow eyes and pontificate on how tortured they are over their choices.

      I mean, really.

      As for Bill and his humanitae (maybe it’s a manatee and we can’t tell because of his accent)? Maybe he left it in Peru? Maybe as Billith he can go rip it apart? Yeah.

      But seriously folks, every time Bill mentions his humanitee, I’m going to think of this:

      Because, how can I not? It’s like a big ol’ beast lumbering around after him. Except, the manatee is kind of cute.

      • LOL maybe he used to have a manatee as a pet? ” Sookeh, I have lost mah hugemaniteh a long time ago” Poor thing.

        • “hugemaniteh ”

          That is perfect.

          • If only I were a blogger with some sort of photoshopping skills… I’d make a series on Beehl and the hugemaniteh 😀

            The loss of his beloved pet was obviously his undoing and the foundation of his evil-ness.

        • I really, really needed this to cap off Bill goo, perfect and thank you! It’s the cherry on the top, truly!

  13. I am the minority but I loved the Sookie Stackhouse novels and really do not like all of mis-directions that is True Blood. I was really hoping to see John Quinn this season. And now we are told that next season will be short. I have decided not to renew my HBO.

    • I don’t think you are in the minority at all, besides the quinn thing (which I am so not interested in), the books are so much better done. and the anger on here after season 4 was immense. I think this interview also doesn’t really sound that great for an eric and sookie fan.

      • I have to agree with you Laura. I don’t think the interview or Alan Ballsacks comments gives us very much hope for a Eric and Sookie relationship. They might have a lot of scenes together but I’ll bet they aren’t the scenes that us Eric and Sookie lovers want to see.

        • You know I fear now that the writers will use the cluviel door (oh suddenly something from the books*eyeroll*) to give bill his humanity back, you just have to read the comments of the bunch of bill fans out there, its crazy. And I am not that surprised if the writers do this, so hope that is not going to happen…

      • Maybe so, but it was Alan Ball who wrote the best stuff for Eric and Sookie in this last episode…letting Eric shine, even in her eyes. And c’mon! He gave us way, way, way more than I ever expected as far as Bill is concerned–didn’t dare hope writers would ever go as far as they already have deconstructing Bill.

        Can’t we bask in the glow for just a little while? I understand why you’re cynical–but it was Alan who just gave me by far the best season finale YET and Eric was the star and hero. whoohoo!

        p.s. And it was Anna’s favorite….said it before, but just maybe she’s team Eric too 🙂

        • Personally I think the whole situation with Bill becoming Bilith is there way of setting the show up for a final season within say two more maybe three more seasons. I mean Bill has physically changed. He can’t go back to being a REGULAR vampire. Unless Alan Balls comment about bringing more of the books into the shows was a stab at Sookie eventually finding the cluviel dor in order to “wish” Bill back to his old self.

          Unfortunately due to the timing of Anna’s pregnancy (and I wouldn’t ever begrudge her the right nor the pleasure of being able to start a family) we aren’t going to see alot of loving time between Eric and Sookie. If anything we’ll be seeing tons of action scenes where the stunt double takes over.

          • Hmm, they could wish Bill back to his old self but Dues ex Machina in the laziest sense. Not only that, Sookie would be overriding Bill’s free will. He wasn’t cursed into becoming Billith, he freely chose to do it so there’s nothing really stopping him from continuing to be evil once he’s back to being a regular vampire. Even if she were to make him fully human, he would probably seek out a vampire to bite him. He’s fundamentally changed and I don’t think he can go back.

            As for Anna’s pregnancy and love scenes – much as I hate to bring this up, they can use body doubles if they really need nudity of any sort and she hasn’t quite got her pre-pregnancy body back. Other actresses have used body doubles even when not dealing with a post-pregnancy body (Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman). So, unless she just nixes the idea outright, they could still do love scenes.

  14. very interesting!! 10 episodes. ridiculous they all better be exactly an hour, not 40-50 minutes!! and come on true blood, give me an eric and sookie relationship finally!!!!! tha’ts what we all want, def. not alcide!!! he needs to be with a wolf girl!

  15. Maybe if things get desperate enough Eric WILL marry Sookie next season to try to save her from Warlow. But instead of proposing, he could do the knife thing from the books. Of course the plot line was different in the book but that’s what happened. By giving Eric the knife she would unwittingly be marrying him (vampire marriage that is) and find out after the fact. It’s a little sneaky but well..Eric would do it to save her. Hopefully Warlow couldn’t claim her then. I think that would be awesome.

    • Maureen the only reason I don’t think that Eric would do the knife bit is because if they do get to the point where the marriage is necessary Sookie will be in such a tizzy that Eric won’t want her to suffer worrying about it. He would explain it completely to her. Yes he may still do the knife but I think she would do it going into it completely aware. I still think the writers would give Eric the opportunity to “properly propose” to Sookie down on one knee….it’s just campy enough for him to do it (per the writers who tend to write that way from time to time). Besides some of Eric’s best moments are a touch cheesy.

      I can totally see Sookie standing in Eric’s office holding the knife thinking “this had better work” before she walks out into Fangtasia. All vampires present stop carrying on, only to watch as she proceeds to the thrown where Eric is sitting with an authority member discussing the situation before Sookie hands over the knife to Eric. The vampires would HAVE to acknowledge their claim on one another.

  16. i signed it!!!!

  17. Good point Melissa. For me, as long as they finally get back together next season I’ll be a very happy camper! The writers have kept them apart for far too long. It’s reunion time! 🙂

  18. I think because the holidays. Ecomonic’s really bad at that time & it’s mite to be hard for them for looking people to cast.

    It’s very hard for People need to find that time of year.

  19. […] Ball talks to TV Guide about what’s in store for us in Season 6! Read the interview here – if you dare! Plus, we announced the winner of our “Bloody Predictions”! Find […]

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