Alex and Onata take on MTV with What Maisie Knew

Alexander Skarsgård and Onata Aprile were very busy last week with the premiere and press day for their movie “What Maisie Knew”. It was a whirlwind to watch from afar… and we loved every minute of it.

Our favorite twosome sat down with various members of the press, like MTV, to discuss the movie… and how much they loved working together.

Click the picture to see the video clip of Alex and Onata from their time with the MTV crew

alex and onata mtv interview

I just love them together. Who else melted when Alex covered Onata’s ears when he was talking how great it was working with her? 🙂

Of course, MTV answers the million dollar question that has been on all of our minds: When are we going to be able to see “What Maisie Knew”?

May 24th!!!

For at the bottom of their post they have this huge tidbit

“What Maisie Knew” is playing now in New York. The film opens in L.A. on May 17, going wide on the 24th.

Will you be seeing “What Maisie Knew”?

We answer with a screaming “YES”.

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4 comments on “Alex and Onata take on MTV with What Maisie Knew

  1. Really hope this movie comes here, I seriously need to see it. They’re just adorable together.

  2. Can’t wait to see this film~ saw clips &photos from set when it was being filmed
    And must see Alex & little Onata and they had so much fun filming it~ it’s going to
    be a hit~this film is going to do better than Battleship or Straw Dog’s did at the
    boxoffice for Alexander.

  3. So Sweet! He is going to make a great Dad someday. : )

  4. […] Maisie Knew” co-start, Onata Aprile…you’ve GOT to check them out in this interview with MTV! IS IT MAY 24TH […]

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