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HBO have released a preview for their True Blood Season 5 Special which will air on May 24th. It looks like a very similar set up to the Season 4 show, with all our favorites contributing to a look back at last year’s action in Bon Temps and beyond:

Hopefully in 13 days times, this 15 minute show will help waiting for the new season suck a little bit less 🙂


“My Bad”

by switchbladekiller


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5 comments on “Authority on Season 5 Preview

  1. i am hoping that Season 6 is also a “Wham Bam thank you Ma’am kind of a Season” thank you Ryan for you excellent words.

  2. I’m glad that they’re putting this mini special out once again, I know I’ll be watching on the 24th. I agree with kleannhouse about Ryans’ words…..LOL. Come on, June 16th, we’re in the final count down now!!!!

  3. Redthang/Kleannhouse:
    I’m going to be watching that’s for sure.
    Have to see what I missed all of the other times I watched the reruns?

  4. I’m holding my breath, hoping it tuns out to be a great season!

  5. […] case you’re interested in re-living True Blood Season 5, they will be reliving Season 5 on HBO on May 24th. Check out the video promo featuring Alex and Kristin talking about when Eric released […]

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