Alexander Skarsgård Attends LA Times Screening of “What Maisie Knew”

tumblr_mmxdkto3NV1qa2ovmo1_500We’re celebrating the weekend early by sharing some awesome Skarsporn with you!

As you may or may not know, Alexander Skarsgård put in an appearance at the Los Angeles Times screening of the film “What Maisie Knew”, which was part of their Indie Focus program. There was a Q and A held after the screening where Alexander Skarsgard, Onata Aprile, and directors Scott McGehee and David Siegel were all in attendance and answered questions.

Thanks to our semper ninja photographer, Barbara from SkarsgardFans.com, we have some inside scoop and a TON of pics!

You better brace yourselves…your ovaries are going to explode from all of the adorable cuteness between Alex and Onata (who happened to celebrate her 8th birthday yesterday).


Check out the gallery of pics below.

If you would like to read about Barbara’s experience at the Q & A after the screening, plus checking out many, many MORE photos from the event, please visit her site here.

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There is a video of Onata’s birthday celebration too. Check it out on this link.

More image sources: askarsswedishmeatballs.tumblr.com, marvelandwhimsy.tumblr.com, and alexanderssskarsbrow.tumblr.com

Words can’t express how adorable Alex and Onata are together. ♥ Can’t wait to see this movie just for these two alone.

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8 comments on “Alexander Skarsgård Attends LA Times Screening of “What Maisie Knew”

  1. I feel good now. I didn’t buy DEA, but I donated to SkarsgardFans.com! CH doesn’t need my money.

  2. He so needs to meet the right woman and settle down and start making beautiful Skarsgard babies..the world can never have too many of him..

  3. Sitting in office and I feel good as soon as i see his gorgeousness !!! 🙂

  4. Lovely !! Thanks for the pictures & interview. Eric & Sookie lovers rock ..

  5. Thank you for posting this for us. All the pics on her site are terrific. Ijust got home from the hospital. Yesterday afternoon. I looked to see if I recorded extra which I did. So now I don’t have to watch it. Hoping by the time TB returns I’ll start feeling like myself again.

    • Sorry to hear you were in the hospital. Hope you feel better soon. As they say, nothing gets you well faster than looking at some Skarsporn. 😉

      • It sure helped me after I got out of the hospital, spent more time in that place last year alone than I ever have in my whole life. Looking at pictures of Alex is always a good distraction;)

  6. […] gonna make you swoon. Check out these gallery of pics from Alex’s appearance at the LA Times screening of “What Maisie Knew”! I can’t get over how adorable Alex and Onata are together…seriously, the man needs to […]

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