Hollywood.TV Interviews Alexander Skarsgård


Hollywood.TV was at the LA Times screening of “What Maisie Knew” and shared this exclusive interview with Alex!

In the interview, Alex talked about Onata, and “What Maisie Knew” – along with his directors.  He also talks about “True Blood” – including the infamous “Eric will die rumor”.

If you would like to find out what he said, check it out below.


There you have it…Alex said, “NO” when it comes to Eric’s rumored death or maybe he just means he can’t talk about it? You be the judge…

How adorable is Onata when she rested her head on Alex’s shoulder? Awww…

What do you think? Please share your thoughts below.


14 comments on “Hollywood.TV Interviews Alexander Skarsgård

  1. i think he was saying no he can’t tell anything. but i still HIGHLY doubt that they are going to kill off Eric Northman! i mean really? i realize that it has taken a completely different path at this point than the books but still Eric is part of this series’ life’s blood! (no pun intended) and eric and bill have always represented (both) good vs bad, antagonist and protagonist and redemption vs damnation and i’m not sure that one would work without the other. thats just my opinion though…and possibly some hope to hang out to that my boo won’t be killed off lol. xoxo

    • EXACTLY! I think the way Alex answered the question was ambiguous at best…it could be taken either way. LOL

      I do have to admit…that Bill and Eric both need to play off the other…although, I personally prefer it when Bill is worse than Eric. As long as Eric doesn’t become as boring as Bill was at the beginning…

  2. Eric is not going to die this season plus if you listen to him in the interview he said they are finishing the last 2 episodes of the season. He was suppose to be dead by the 7th episode called the funeral according to thr rumors

    • Well too bad ‘coz he is the only reason I put up with True Blood anyways!! If they kill Eric I’ll just watch the replays and start watching what ever Alexander chooses to work on next ….I do hope he gets a good girlfriend in his next 🙂

    • Yes, he did. And did you catch that chuckle he did too? As if the rumour is hard to believe?

  3. Yep, if they want TB to commit suicide. They will if they kill off Eric. If they kill off our Viking, I know, I won’t watch it anymore.

    I don’t think they’ll be that stupid,but then again, they did partner up with CH.

  4. I don’t think I could take it if they kill Eric!!! He is the main reason I watch True Blood.Onato is very very cute!

  5. Alexander is being rather ambigious about Eric’s fate? that is going to be a interesting
    I don’t think he’ll be killed off?
    Bill Compton will be killed off first, his killers will be Eric,Sookie,Pam & Tara & Jason.
    Jessica may also be killed as she is Bill’s childe??

  6. Onata is the luckyiest little girl on the face of the Planet!
    And she knows it! She gets to snuggle with Alexander.
    She really loves him, you can see it in her little face.
    they’re going to be good friends and he’s going to be a
    mentor to her in her acting career.

  7. No Eric no True Blood . I love Alex / Eric.

  8. If they kill ERIC off!!! I won’t be watching it!!! Alex is great and Anna.too! Wouldn’t be a show with out them!!!

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