True Blood is one of TV’s Guilty Pleasures


I have a feeling most of us share this feeling…

Crave Online shared their list of TV’s Guilty Pleasures and True Blood was mentioned.


This is what they said;

“True Blood” is a wonderfully crazy show unlike any other. It’s got a huge, devoted fan base, so you don’t really have to feel guilty about loving it unless you’re trying to describe it to the one person who’s unfamiliar with the show… then it makes you sound like a schizophrenic hobo. I mean, when one plotline is best described as “When the awesomely effeminate psychic chef goes into the kitchen, he sees a slave ghost lady stealing a baby that belongs to an old redheaded lady and her PTSD-suffering husband. And the telepathic fairy waitress has to choose between two different vampires and a werewolf as potential dating partners,” you know you’re watching a crazy show. Whoever you describe it to will probably want to throw you in the nuthouse, but as long as they let you watch “True Blood,” it’d be okay.

As the seasons progress, weirder and weirder awesomeness unfolds. Now it’s to the point now where you can’t possibly take the show seriously, which only adds to the amaze-balls factor. No matter what a person thinks about the show, they can’t argue about its entertainment value. Stuff happens that can only and has only happened on “True Blood.”

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Speaking for myself…I do think it’s gotten crazier and crazier as the seasons have gone by. I would even call “True Blood” laughable. I wouldn’t say some things can only and has only happened on “True Blood” (cough) smoke monster like on “Lost” (cough). You can’t argue with the Eric Northman eye-candy we get to drool over each week either.

But…maybe it’s because we were so disappointed by how the book series ended and all the other disappointments we’ve already suffered at the hands of the writers on the show…I have to say that I’m guilty of still trying to keep my hopes alive where Eric and Sookie are concerned. I don’t understand it either, but what’s the point of watching, unless you can find some kind of reason to watch it? The craziness, nakedness and violence only provides entertainment for so long before even those become unwatchable. That’s why I think being invested in the characters gives it that added umph!

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below.


7 comments on “True Blood is one of TV’s Guilty Pleasures

  1. My husband can’t beleive just how many TRUEBLOOD fans there are.
    I keep on telling him that the fans are “All over the WORLD/from different countries,
    and from ages 15 to 70 +” he’s never gotten into the show really.
    I’m totally Obcessed, and have watched every Episode,Season & Repeat ever show.
    From the second I spied a preview commercial for the show, I was in love.

    And when I saw “that tall blond drink of water~ with fangs” I said “come to momma”!!
    I knew I was in for the long haul, that I’d watch every episode.
    I also called HBO,the day after Episode 1 aired~ “YOU have a wonderful show on your
    hands, don’t screw it up, Make sure that you market it properly”.

    They did/didn’t?? that depends upon how one looks at the show/seasons.
    I loved season 1, where we were introduced to the people of Bon Temp’s.
    And to the Vampires,a shapeshifter .

    Could have done without season 2, a real waste if you ask me.
    Didn’t need to know the Maenad,or her followers.
    Season 3, good but not great.
    Season 4 Eric & Sookie, wonderful but didn’t need witches.
    Season 5 Didn’t need the Authority,

    Can’t wait for Season 6.

  2. I do feel a little guilty about it sometimes because it has gotten all kinds of crazy, but I will watch it gladly and religiously as long as Alexander Skarsgard continues to grace us with his presence as the delicious Eric Northman. The day he leaves the show, I’m gone, too.

  3. Erika, I think your closing statement was. The real point of why us die hard fans watch. It’s for all the characters we all love (or hate, maybe…LOL). I know I’ve said so many times that the show had jumped the shark and
    I should stop watching but just can’t find that happening due to my love for one certain tall, Viking Vamp and one stupid,naive (sorry Sook) telepathic waitress.

    Yes, TB is my biggest guilty pleasure and my Summertime Obssesion and when the show ends, I’ll be very sad…..

  4. I have to say that it is my guilty pleasure also. As every one before me has already stated, as long as Alexander Skarsgard stays on the show, I will be in front of my television on Sunday nights. I just can’t stop hoping for a Eric and Sookie reunion!

  5. I will continue to watch the show no matter what . I love the cast . It is comical at times . I hope just like everyone for Eric & Sookie but now I don’t know what to except just as long as they keep it interesting .

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    Duh! However the show to me is so much more than just a guilty pleasure.

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