Kristin Bauer Van Straten recently reflected on her Best Season as Pam, Eric’s wise-cracking progeny to ET Online. We are not surprised at what one of her best moments were, becoming a vampire.

Her thoughts on Season 5 of True Blood:

Kristin Bauer van Straten: Oh man, it was such a good Pam year. I waited so long for that backstory — just to know what it was and see what it looked like and once it arrived on paper, I thought it was just so perfect. It was so fun to get in the clothes, get in the locations that looked like 1905, see Alex [Skarsgard, who plays Eric] in 1905 clothes, to see my brothel. Everything about it explained Pam to me in a new way and that was my favorite part. Why is she so unsympathetic? Because she came from a hard life when it was hard to be a woman and she did this hard profession. Why is she a vampire who is the least apologetic about being a vampire? Because she chose that life. She forced Eric to change her. I loved that writing so much.

We loved it too KBVS!

KBVS also talked about how much she missed being in scenes with Anna, Alex and Stephen but loved getting to know Rutina. She loved how Pam and Rutina were so similar and when they read about the kissing scene she texted Rutina with a ‘Pucker Up Sister!

ETonline: What can you tease about where their relationship goes in season six?

Bauer van Straten: In typical True Blood fashion, just when you think the sh*t has hit the fan as much as it could, some more sh*t hits the fan.

You can read the rest of the article here.

What do you think? Should we duck for cover?


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10 comments on “KVBS: “SH*T WILL HIT THE FAN”

  1. Thanks for posting this nymerias! I always enjoy a Kristen BVS interview. Of course, just like any of the interviews in the past, they all always seem to make the season sound so much more interesting than they usually are. Hopefully, this season will finally live up to the hype. Only a few weeks left now, I am truthfully getting excited and nervous for the season to get started!

  2. Thanks Nymerias! 🙂 I love KBvS and Pam so much!

    I hope there’s plenty of toilet paper to clean the fans off after all is said and done. 😛 LOL

  3. I truely loved the scene when Pam slit her arms and offered herself to Eric.
    “Let me walk this Earth with you Mr Northman,or watch me bleed to Death”
    Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in Season 6?
    Have always loved Pamela, and the actress who plays her.

  4. Love Kristin , love her interviews . Can’t wait to see what is going on between her & Tara . What crisis they will be faced with ? Plus Eric . So I will definitely tune in .

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