Alexander Skarsgård Ranks On Summer 2013’s Sexiest Stars: TV’s Hottest Men


Buddy TV has counted down Summer 2013’s Sexiest Stars by ranking TV’s Hottest Men! We’re pleased to tell you – True Blood is well-represented!

Where did our main man, Alexander Skarsgård rank on this list? Find out below!

Get your bibs ready and be prepared to drool…

Before we tell you where Alex ranked in this list…let’s find out who else made this list from True Blood!

Coming in at #18…Ryan Kwanten (Jason)!


Credit: HBO

Another star representing True Blood is…Joe Manganiello (Alcide), who comes in at #9!


Credit: HBO

We’d like to name one honorable mention, since this actor used to be on True Blood, but isn’t anymore.

You may remember “Eggs” Benedict Talley, who was involved with Tara and Maryann in Season 2? The actor who portrayed him – Mehcad Brooks made this list too – coming in at #6 for his role on Necessary Roughness!


And now…the moment you’ve been waiting for!

Where did Alex rank?

Not surprisingly to us…he comes in at #2!

Credit: HBO

Credit: HBO



This IS great news, isn’t it?  I know WE’RE excited!

If you would like to find out who else made this list – please click here!

I did notice someone *cough* Stephen Moyer (Bill) *cough* was noticeably absent…hmmm. Somehow I doubt there will be too many objections to this on here…  😉

Go ahead…show your excitement in the comment section below!


19 comments on “Alexander Skarsgård Ranks On Summer 2013’s Sexiest Stars: TV’s Hottest Men

  1. Woohoo!! Alex on no 2! Personally i think that Ryan and Joe should have been way higher, at least in the top 5 .. But unfortunately you can’t have it all 😉

  2. OK I’m going to buy it, # 2 is very good.
    NOT buying Joe Manganiello at 9.
    AND definately buying Ryan Kwantan at 18?!?!

  3. wow !! i thought alex would be #1 for sure but #2 is still great also 🙂

  4. I don’t know any of those guys except out guys from True Blood. And John Stamos. LOL! Maybe I should start watching television! Alex should be number one in my book.

    • I didn’t know very many of them either! Lol I think they are from shows which are shown during the summer.

      • Like Teen Wolf, other than the TB guys and John Stamos, I don’t know many of them either. Alex should have definitely been number one over that guy, but I think second place is still pretty awesome.

  5. Reblogged this on Ponderings of a lost daughter and commented:
    Of course Alex is on the list!

  6. Stephen Moyer is not on the list because Allan Ball is not overseeing this poll 😛 😛

  7. And ofcourse Alex is the only one on top for me :)….the second for me would be Jensen Ackles from Supernatural…

  8. I think Alex should have been number 1. I don’ even know the kid in the number 1 spot. Oh we’ll, it’s only a poll and Alex lives in y heart at #1 anyway!!!

    • It’s not a poll though…these were a list Buddy TV compiled themselves. If fans could’ve voted, I’m sure Alex would’ve been #1 out of all of these. 😉

  9. Stephen is not hot to me . Alex is super duper hot no. 1 in my eyes . I think Jason should have been higher than Alcide . Just my opinion . Still glad that the guys made the list though .

    • I find Stephen attractive when he’s not in character, I think his accent has a lot to do with that.

  10. Alex is my #1 LO AMOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Scott Foley (Patrick Devins – season 5) was on there too at #11. 😉 I know we are biased and all, but ranking that kid at #1 over Alex? Get real. Still glad he was #2.

  12. Gotta admit while Alex is always my #1, I was thrilled, but shocked he came in #2. These polls are usually flooded with teen age girls and none that I’ve ever met appreciate Alex for the god that he is.

    • Unfortunately, there wasn’t a poll for this. It was a list compiled by Buddy TV, who for some strange reason, thought Alex didn’t deserve to be in the top spot. 😦

      If there had been a poll…I know for a fact Alex would’ve been #1! 😉

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