Two for one:Our Defiant Viking and Power Corrupts


The June 10th Edition of US Weekly has a little a couple little blurbs in it about the upcoming season and of course our Viking is mentioned.

Before we get into the Striking Viking, let’s explore what they had to say about characters or rather what Writer Angela Robinson has to say. Did you know that where we left off was Bill ‘high on Lilith’s blood’ and declaring war on the living? Well US Weekly got that last part right at least. As it appeared to me Bill was not high after he ‘drank the Kool-Aid’, he was essentially dead for all intents and purposes. Unless, of course all of a sudden turning to GOO could no longer means what it used to. *shrugs* Either way, there is a big difference between being ‘high’ on something and just plain crazy as the next two pictures will show.Oh and Angela Robinson says that ‘there is hope for him’ because Sookie will try to appeal to his benevolent side while dating.



Enough said and on to the Striking Defiant Viking who this season, according to Robinson, will ‘pay dearly’ when the Governor cuts vampire rights and let the games commence! I don’t know about anyone else but I like my Viking defiant, BRING IT ON! Oh, lest I forget here is a scan of the article.


Inside True Blood Blog has a new post entitled Season 6 Preview:Choice Words where Bryan Buckner describes the new season with two words:‘Power Corrupts’. He also states that EVERYONE will get their just desserts.

“Know this — all of those corrupted by power will see the error of their ways — one way or the other.”

This season will be and I quote “Sexy, twisted…and bloody!”

Bonus pic:Alex in TV Guide from the Summer Preview Issue.

What do you think? Sound off below! One more thing before I go, Eric has a message for EVERYONE! Enjoy!



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18 comments on “Two for one:Our Defiant Viking and Power Corrupts

  1. Like they say let’s get it started . I am so ready .

  2. Yeah right, there`s never hope for Billy Boy. 😡

  3. Sookie appeals to bill’s benevolent side while dating? So like I’ve said before she’ll continue to go on and on about the “real Bill” and try convincing anyone who’ll listen that inside Billith is a good man wanting to be let out. That is a recipe for more of the same tedious Bill ass kissing of all previous seasons of True Blood which means this season will probably be a stinker.

    • You think TB would get the hint that people are not interested in seeing that over and over again. They have to know what fan reactions are by now and take heed. Seems to me that they might not care about what fans think. *shrugs*

      • A lot of writers don’t, it’s not just TB. Mostly every show I watch is pissing me off lately.

  4. Oh yes, what John said…. I hope Eric gets all bad ass this season, just so he doesn’t get himself killed off!

  5. I think Sookie hangs in there w/ Bill cuz if she admits what he’s done–hey just to HER–it’s a reflection on her bad judgement and choices. Over and over she chose to have faith in what he SAID only–minimizing or ignoring what he DID.

    They said she would appeal to his benevolent side–not that she’d get anywhere. And too funny that in the midst of this, she’ll have hot pants for fairy boy…I guess he’s show Quinn.

    At least Eric will be in the middle of what is to me the most intriguing plot by far–the war on vampires! Yes, Bring it On!!

  6. Yes I want to see the bad boy Eric of the first two seasons who doesn’t give a damn for anyone… Atleast that way, Sookie couldn’t compare his gorgeousness with Bill 😛

    • But Eric does care about people, certain ones at least. Pam, Nora Sookie and Tara. He cares what happens to fellow vampires. We shall see what happens.

  7. I really hope they finally kills Bill off and bring Eric in the warlow storyline in the middle of season.

  8. Just so they don’t kill Eric off. I want my Eric back to being his old badass self, but not if it means the final death. If that happens I’m done with the show….. I don’t care who else dies, just not Eric!!!!

  9. I really think Nora going to die

  10. 1st- I think when they said that Sookie would “appeal 2Bill’s benevolent side while dating”, they meant that she’d still be “close” 2him, but dating that fairy, n using his feelings 4her as a way 2 show him that he’s NOT (A) GOD, just a jackass! N 2nd-IF HBO KILLS OFF ERIC, I’M CANCELLING MY SERIOUSLY OVERPRICED HBO SUBSCRIPTION-FOREVER!! Bring on that sexy bad-ass viking, n leave his clothes in his dressing room!

  11. OMG am I looking foward to Season 6!!! BRING IT ON!!!
    I can’t wait to see ERIC kicking ass & taking names afterward!!
    The way he was written, Eric being all “soft semi human is nice”
    BUT I really love him when he’s BAD ASS Viking we’ve come to LOVE.
    I’m hoping that Bilith meets his Final Death!!!
    Bill doens’t give a hoot about Sookie~he proved that in Season 5.
    Yes, LUNA is going to die, not NORA.

  12. Bring on the Viking ,,,cannot wait… but I really don’t know how I am going to stomach Bill/Sookie bs any longer – I mean after everything he did and said in the last episode, she still goes around and tries to bring him back and appeal to him…. it looks like they will stick with AB agenda with B/S throwing Ben in the middle this time…and considering what CH did with the books I have the smallest hope for E/S 😦

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