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HBO Connect are currently running a Fan Favorite Poll to find out which are our favorite episodes from all 5 of the previous True Blood seasons. And not only that, but during the week commencing June 10th, HBO 2 will air the 5 winners at 10pm each night.

If you have a Twitter account, you can cast your vote HERE

Eric and Sookie centric episodes are well represented, including their first meeting and first kiss, and doing very well so far.


Of course “I  will rise up” is in there as well.


Cross your fingers and toes that some of our favorites top their polls and viewers can sit back and enjoy them all over again next week on HBO.


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14 comments on “Vote for your favorite True Blood Episodes

  1. My favourite has to be when Godric met the Sun,
    And how it brought Eric & Sookie together.

  2. I have a question Evie, do you mean they are going to show the whole eppys or just the scenes from them??? You know, I’m blonde, so I’m a little confused here. Thnx, Hon I appreciate your answer.

  3. Well, I’m a mess, I tried the link to get to the Twitter link to vote and it won’t let me in………….. What page am I looking for when I try from my home page there? Thx a million!!

  4. Wish I could vote, but I don’t have Twitter.

    • Tammy, why don’t you sign up for a Twitter account?? Its’ no big thing, I mean if a dummy like me can do it, anyone can……………LOL. That way you can help vote for Eric eppys too!!!!!

      • Eh, I told myself that no matter what, I will never give in to Twitter…lol! I just don’t see the point, it’s just basically an excuse to stalk celebrities. Facebook is enough for me.

  5. My favorite was the one when he plays in the water in daylight. Alcide helps her find him. He asks her to play with him. I love that one!

  6. When Godric meets the sun and all Sookie & Eric time together .

  7. My favorite episode is when Eric meets Sookie on his way to her house after he loses his memory. He is so innocent and sweet as he tiptoes in with his bare feet into her house. How he says it tickles when she washes his feet. Even when he shoves Pam away when she is rude to Sookie and he looks over at her like “opps, but really you shouldn’t have been rude” LOL. That is my favorite episode!!

  8. […] Would you like to see them again? Now’s your chance! If you have a Twitter account, you can vote for your favorite Eric and/or Sookie scenes from past seasons and they will re-air the winning picks during True Blood week on HBO2! I know what mine […]

  9. My favorite Eric and Sookie episode is I wish I was the moon, #ericsndsookiefirsttime,

  10. Ok, just a FYI shoutout here. I checked my TV guide listing for next week and they are going to show the full eppys as TB is blocked out the house each night. So keep voting and lets’ see which eppys are shown.

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