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That is right, Alexander Skarsgård once again looks amazingly beautiful on the cover of a magazine. When does he not look beautiful?

Not only does he grace the cover they label him as being “more than the world’s sexiest vampire”! Damn right, he is more that just that, he is a very talented actor that will go far in this business.


In the interview, he talks about the many projects he has done and this season of True Blood. I won’t spill everything about the article so you can read it for yourself. I will give you two parts that I found interesting. I like the idea behind the movies that Alex has filmed and I plan on seeing them all. I am a bit miffed at the powers that be for only having LIMITED RELEASES of The East, What Maisie Knew and Disconnect, you hear me you powers that be. Please release the movies EVERYWHERE! Oh,sorry I digress, back to Alex!

How does his representation feel about his eschewing the big paychecks, considering the catering budget for “Battleship” was probably greater than his salary for “The East”? Skarsgård laughs and says, “They’re actually incredibly supportive. My agents get me, and they’re very much on my side.”

I love that they get him and support him in his choices because it lets him spread his artistic wings! Now, onto True Blood and a little snippet of a reveal from Alex.

“There’s a war going on this season because for the first time in 1,000 years, humans are a real threat,” he says. “Eric’s been busy fighting witches and other vampires, but never humans. You’ll find out how and why, but humans have become a danger.” He adds that the most difficult scene he’s ever had to perform on the show is coming up this season, though he can’t go into detail. “I recently had to do a very emotional scene with a blood bag,” he says, allowing a small smile. “I can’t talk about it too much, but that was quite difficult.”

RUT ROH! An emotional scene with a blood bag? I don’t know about any of you but that does not sound very good to me. What say you? Sound off below!

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  1. At the risk of sounding really stupid, what does he mean by blood bag? Slang for human?! Or a horrible death scene with a load of blood? I immediately think of Pam especially because it’s emotional. God I hope I am way off base………..

    • I know he called Jason a blood bag so maybe he meant a human. I really hope he did not mean an actual blood bag….lol!

    • I’m pretty sure he means a human, which has me worried even more for Lafayette. We know Eric has a soft spot for him, I don’t see what other human he would have an emotional moment with. I’m also worried about Pam, though, those two are just not in a good place right now. If she died before he fixed things with her, that would just be awful. Her dying at all would be horrible, I really pray they’re making this seem worse than it actually is.

  2. When Eric referrers to anyone as a “Blood bag” he’s reffering to a Human being.
    To Vampires humans meant nothing more that “Food” and their blood is that food.

  3. Now I’m wondering as to who Eric has to do the scene with?
    Pamela isn’t a bloodbag~No, she is Eric’s childe.
    It could be Jason? It can’t be Nora?
    A “Bloodbag” means that it’s a Human.
    So who could this be?
    Humans left:
    Arlene,Terry,LaFayette,Holly,Andy,Andy’s Daughters,Portia,Maxine,Jane Bodehouse
    Sookie, Lettie Mae/Husband & The Mayor & his Daughter

    Emma,Alcide,Rikki,Sara Newlin,Martha & SAM?????

  4. I’ve been thinking all along that it’s either going to be Lafayette or Jason who buys the farm this season, so this would go along with my theory. And DAMN, he looks gorgeous on that cover! **drool!**

  5. After I read that snippet, I immediately thought that it was referring to Jason. Maybe Eric has to kill Jason!!!! (Oh No!!!!! That would really shoot any chances he might of had getting back together with Sookie…..) Remember they said that the death of the major character would affect the whole town of Bon Temp and with Jason being a deputy and all I could see that as a possibility (or maybe Andy, even????). I mean he kills Jason and then has to have a very emotional scene with Sookie telling her????

    I know I first thought of Lala, but it wouldn’t affect the whole town if something happened to him, so who else can it be???????? I’m running out of ideas now.

    Blood bags is Vampire term for humans so we know its’ not one of the Vamps. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens now. I think it’ll be the eppy before the one named “Funeral”. I’m really not looking forward to seeing who gets killed, but its’ gonna happen so I’ll have to buck up and make it through it.

    • I really hope that’s not the case. If anyone kills Jason, I want it to be Bill because I know that’s the one thing Sookie would never forgive. Eric said that the only reason Jason is still alive is because of her, I don’t know why he would go back on that now, especially if he knows it would make Sookie hate him forever, but I wouldn’t put it past this show to do something like that.

    • I don’t know why but I have this sinking feeling that Eric will ask Sookie to give him his true death. That would be very emotional. He is in love with her and is tired of this existence. Also be ause of rumors that Alex has movies waiting for him.

      • Sorry but that does not sound like something Eric would do and if he wanted to meet his true death he would not say things like “If the humans want war, we’ll give them war”. He would simply let them kill him.

  6. God he is a beautiful man…..

    I thought of Jason as well but I don’t think Eric would kill him, no way….when he said emotional scene, it made me more think that somebody dies in his arms…don’t know..it could be also Lala Eric liked him and it would be so Eric to call him a blood bag …

  7. Did you notice how subdued “Lala” was in the pre-episode show Sunday night? I’m getting a strong feeling that he is the one. And his massive personality would be a huge loss to the show.

    • Have you guys not seen Nelsan in interviews before? I’ve met him in person, he is always like that, he is so completely not like his character at all. I don’t think that means anything.

  8. Part II..forgot the most important part.. ASkars rocks, another gorgeous magazine cover.

  9. it sounds like its going to be lala or jason that dies, either way im going to need alot of tissues.

    and of course an amazing picture of Alex.

  10. The show needs Jason! He is the ooey gooey heart of comedy, steals every scene he’s in–just NO! For some reason, I keep thinking it might be Jessica, which makes me sad because I love her too. It could be Tara too, she knows everybody…I know it’s too much to hope for that its Bilith…damnit.

    I can’t see it being Andy, Arlene or Terry because Eric has no relationship w/ them.

  11. Another great interview and another great picture! I am also a bit concerned by that comment and what it all could mean. I have been avoiding spoilers like the plague. Of course, who can avoid knowing that someone is being killed off but as for who it is? I want it to be a surprise so I get that big emotional rush just like with Game of Thrones this season. As long as it isn’t Eric or Sookie, of course!

    Side note, saw ‘What Maisie Knew’ today! So, so happy to finally be able to see Alex on the big screen! Looks like The East is coming here soon as well but I missed Disconnect. These little independent movies don’t stay around long.

    • They don’t, that’s why as soon as I notice that one of Alex’s movies are finally at my theater, I go out to see it right away. I loved Maisie and Disconnect, really hope The East is shown here. I think it’s safe to say the death won’t involve Eric or Sookie, or Bill for that matter, but anyone else is fair game.

    • If they even come around at all.I am so pissed at this Limited Release crap but yet Ron Burgandy 2 will be released everywhere. I could give two shits less about that movie, hated the first one too what I watched of it anyway

      • I never even saw the first one. I don’t care to watch either of them, and still can’t believe they made a sequel out of that. It’s like The Hangover, that’s not something that needed three movies.

  12. Sounds good to me, maybe Bill is the blood bag!

  13. You girls are so lucky. Not a one of his latest three movies made it to my town. I would have to make a trip a couple hours away, and even then, I’m not sure exactly what theater…I hope they make it to Dish Network!

    What a yummy cover…sigh…

    • That sucks, but they should be on DVD soon. I know Maisie comes out in August.

    • Same here they have not made it to my town either and I would have to go to Chicago to see them. Why when I have 4 multiplexes here plus a movie house that supposedly shows Indie movies, ridiculous!

      • I guess I never realized how lucky I am…I thought Cincinnati was so behind the times but we do have two theatres (owned by the same company) that show indie films year round. You have to be vigilant though or you miss them. And, I agree about the other crap movies that go in wide release. But let’s not get started down that road! 🙂

  14. Dying to see it but please not let it be Eric who killed Jason if it is . I love the magazine articles . Alex is so gorgeous on it . .Too hot to trot ..Yummy ..

  15. I think Eric gets kind of attached to the daughter of the governor and maybe that’s the “blood bag” he gets emotional about – maybe she dies?

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