TV Guide Poll: Sookie’s Best Suitor


TV Guide has just published a new poll as to who Sookie’s best suitor is or could be (since they included Ben in it) and we just had to post it!

Of course Eric is included (HAPPY DANCE) and we think it is the first time they have ever picked Eric! SURPRISE! Here is what they had to say on our Viking!

Eric Northman
From the moment the sexy Sheriff debuted, everyone was smitten by his dark and mysterious side. Naturally, we worried when Eric seemed to be obsessed with her, even going so far as tricking her into drinking his blood so they’d be bound together. He also bought her house to show his dominance over her. After all, he’s always be intrigued by her powers. But when Eric lost his memory, we got to see an entirely new and vulnerable side to him that proved he truly has feelings for Sookie and is very loyal to her. Even though he’s relinquished his ownership over Sookie’s home, it’s clear that he still cares for her deeply. Ruling: Sookie needs to end up with Eric. What? Everyone needs a partner who knows what they want.

Damn straight she needs to end up with Eric! What did you think of what they had to say? Yes, some of their facts are wrong and way off base but I shall let that go! You can vote for the Viking HERE.

As usual, sign off below!


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50 comments on “TV Guide Poll: Sookie’s Best Suitor

  1. Are they serious? Is it even a contest???? I just voted and Eric has 90% of it. Let’s hope the writers see it and everything else going on in the fandom. F BEN, BILLITH, ALCIDE, SAM AND ANYONE ELSE WHO ISN’T ERIC! WE WANT THE VIKING!!!!!

  2. Just voted and Eric is at 91%. Of course it’s gotta be Eric!!!!!

  3. Eric is always in the lead with these things, but the writers still have no clue.

    • Exactly , they don’t pay attention to these kinds of things nor listen to what critics have to say. It is beyond frustrating

      • They’re just going to bury themselves even further, but the show will likely only have one more season no matter what happens.

  4. Eric 100% percent of course ..

  5. There is no contest here. It’s the Viking all the way! Hey, True Blood writers……… Get a clue!

  6. Yeah …no contest…Its only just Eric…

  7. Yes voted for ERIC!!

  8. It’s dropped down to 78% now…WTF? Come on people VOTE 4 ERIC!

    Who are the 14% who are voting for BEN? 😮 I can understand why they would vote for the rest of the characters but…BEN?? Are you f*%king kidding me?

  9. Ok I don’t see anyone can vote for Ben??? Really ppl????

  10. Those are just the ones who don’t want to make Eric higher, it’s ridiculous because Ben has only been in one episode and we know he’s going to be bad news.

  11. You think the TV Guide writer is trying to send CH a message?

  12. Just voted, Eric up to 80%…

    I’m sorry, but you’ve just got to laugh at the pathetic-ness of the other candidates… Or maybe snorting in derision is more accurate! 🙂

  13. Sorry for double posting, but I should have mentioned that when I went to vote, I accidentally hit Ben (I know, I know! But in my defence I am doing this on my phone and since I don’t have fingers like toothpicks, accidents happen…) but rest assured I stopped the page before the vote could be registered. But maybe that’s why Ben’s results spiked? I would like to think that majority of people aren’t as clueless as the TB writers appear to be.

  14. Just voted… it’s clear who is the fan favorite…let’s hope they knew about this before they finished this season…

    And that ‘bought her house to show his dominance over her’ …wtf…what I about ‘ i bought this house because I care about you…’ idiots!

    • Yeah, that pissed me off, but at least they were right about Sookie choosing him. She would if she had any sense.

      • Ya completely ridiculous, he restored her entire house so she had a place to live or she would have been on Jason’s couch, he didn’t buy it control her

  15. wtf?! i just voted, for Eric of course, and he’s on 68%!
    Come on people, vote for Eric, not Ben! He’s only been in one episode, Eric in all the six seasons, so Sookie belongs with Eric!

  16. Ok ppl we need to vote Eric is now at 64% WTF?? I don’t how anyone can vote for BEN,

  17. This is so bizarro! I just voted another 3 times (this time on the PC) and even though I know my votes counted, Eric hasn’t moved from his 57%… but who on earth would be voting for Ben?

    Also, I looked at the results before voting and Eric was at 58% so my 3 votes did nothing 😦

    • I don’t know how you are voting more than once. The site won’t let me. Eric is at 52% and Ben is at 42%. Really!!!!!!!!!!!

      • It won’t let me anymore either.

        • Sometimes it lets me vote, sometimes it doesn’t. People are so determined not to have Eric win that they’re willing to vote for someone we’ve only seen once who will likely turn out to be evil, it’s just pathetic. I guess we can at least be glad it’s not Bill.

  18. Omg go vote for ERIC NOW he is dropping now is 57% go vote NOW ppl

  19. As farMs.Charlaine Harris is concened Sookie is going to end up with SAM Merlott.
    She doesn’t CARE what the fans think~IF she did then Charlaine would have
    ended the last book with Sookie being with Eric Northman!!!
    Of course I want Sookie to end up with ERIC~and Nora is not going to listen
    to Eric as to staying away from Sookie~Nora will interfere.

  20. Too much votes for Ben. Is it a joke? People don´t know him anymore…

  21. Well I am well truly locked out now, both phone and PC… but Eric has climbed back up a little to 55% where as Ben has fallen back to 39%.

    And Bill has gained one whole percent!

    I find it quite funny that for all the Bill lovers out there, his results are so abysmal! Though they could be voting for Ben…

    But they will never overcome the might of those devoted to the Viking 🙂

  22. Just love Bill’s % bwaahaha 🙂 Seems to me that all other shippers are joining ‘anyone but Eric team’
    Some are saying that it could be because of the controversial clip and that Eric lost a lot of fans because if it … but don’t get it really. I didn’t like the scene and Eric is not getting a free pass here for his stupid move but I won’t jump off e/s ship because of terrible writing in one scene…no way!
    I think Eric will win but it will be close…when does this poll closes anyway??

    • It’s really pathetic that he would lose fans because of one little clip, obviously those people weren’t very devoted to him in the first place. If Bill can still have fans after all the shit he’s done, Eric should be no different. He hasn’t done nearly as much.

    • I’m pretty sure that scene won’t affect the voting much at all. Most people have accepted that scene as being part of what Eric is. When I posted the video on FB, called it “controversial” and asked for comments, most people responded either that it was very much part of the true Eric and didn’t understand the controversy, or they just found it hot. There are people who didn’t like it, and I’m not belittling that at all, but from what I’ve seen they are outnumbered by those who were excited to see the Viking Vampire acting like one.

      Team Eric is huge and diverse now – the writers / Alex etc. will never please all of the people all of the time, we all have a different idea of what we want to see from Eric. Thankfully because the TB writers embrace writing Eric so much and Alex is excellent and likes the role to be complex, we will always see lots of different sides of him, and hopefully everyone will find the Eric they want in there somewhere!

      • Basically they are getting their panties in a wad for a scene they have not seen in it’s entirety and it really is ridiculous. it is always the same people on tumblr who get pissy and over analyze every little thing that happens on this show. They love to throw the word rape around as if it happens all the time. I was more upset about the actual rape of Jason (which was justified by AB and the writers as his comeuppance) and the brutal attack on Sookie by Bill). It was horrific and I am with Tammy here if those things can be given a pass then I will give the Viking one as well. IMO the scene with Eric and Willa is nothing more than an act of seduction to get information and he got what he wanted. He plainly does not kill her so people should chill out. It is not even evident if that was his plan.

  23. No idea when it closes, but it let me vote again!!!!! LMAO

    Up to 57%. Ben down to 37%

    And I can’t remember the last time I followed a poll so closely 🙂

  24. that poll is not working I voted for eric five times and the result is the same

  25. You all that could vote more than once are lucky. I could only vote once. Looks like Ben is going to win this one. I just checked and Eric is at 47% and Ben is at 46%. I think it’s all bullshit at this point. To go from over 90% to less than half that. I call bullshit.

  26. Yeah, Ben is now at 48% with Eric at 46%… I suspected that the poll wasn’t completely legit when I was able to vote more than once, I didn’t think polls did that anymore (so of course I tried to take full advantage)

    And nymerias, you brave soul going onto that particular comments thread – I loved your post btw – though I doubt that it’s going to do any good 😦

    And I love love LOVE how all the Bill-lovers automatically go “but that was book Bill who betrayed Sookie, this is TB…”. Would that mean that the whole Eric covered in cement revelation on Sookie’s front porch was a figment of my imagination? DAMN!


    • TB Bill betrayed Sookie more than Book Bill did and that is all I have to say about that stinking series.

      Thanks! My comment at the TV Guide poll link was spot on. I really could care less about this stinking poll as the don’t really mean shit. It does not bother me that Eric is losing, it bothers me that Ben is winning. It just proves how stupid and shallow this fandom is. No one knows a thing about Ben but yet they voted for him. Poor Sookie, fans want her with a guy that have known for two seconds and I am going to laugh my ass off when he turns out to be BAD! Shame on this fandom voting for him because the guy is cute! I don’t vote for Eric strictly because he is handsome, I vote because I have gotten to know him and think he is the best for Sookie. Even if the writers never get them together again. I would have rather people voted for a character they knew. Either this vote is rigged somehow (which I am not sure of) or the crazy ass fandom is voting with the anybody but mentality.

  27. I have to admit I find the fact that the A.B.E. vote have decided to throw everything behind Ben on this one to be highly amusing. There’s a good chance the guy could be Warlow, he’ll probably be dead by the end of the season, and obviously the TB writers would have Sookie end up with a character who wasn’t even introduced to fans until season 6. And they say Eric fans are crazy LOL!

    • I know right! This fandom gets crazier by minute….not the day. When Ben turns out to be the nasty evil guy, they all will want their votes back. LOL

  28. the poll is rigged that’s not possible a guy we hardly know beat the Viking prince

    • Yeah, it’s just a huge joke. I think if you vote for Ben once, it gets multiplied or something. I just can’t take any of these polls seriously.

    • To me is not that he is beating Eric, it is that he is beating all the men she knows. Fans of the show have known Ben for two seconds and all of a sudden everyone loves him. I don’t buy it for one minute, I smell something fishy going on.

      • If you look on Facebook, no one seems to love him. I haven’t seen anyone say they’re interested in him, or that they even find him attractive. That’s why this poll is a joke.

  29. This poll is a joke, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all set up to promote this Ben character… I mean there is no way this could be right after Eric won every single episode replay before the premier.

  30. […] poll you should know about (if you don’t already know about it) where you cast your vote for Sookie’s Best Suitor. You won’t believe where the results are now and judging by what has happened since we posted […]

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