Anna Paquin Dishes on Eric and Postpartum Depression


Anna Paquin dishes out some True Blood news while promoting her youttube series ‘Susanna’ which is about a young mother dealing with postpartum depression.

In an interview with CBSNEWS the actress talks about Alan Ball, Bilith, Ben and Eric.

As for Sookie’s other former vampire lover, Paquin said not to write off her relationship with Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) just yet. Even though she’s rescinded his invitation from her house, the actress said that there will always be something between the two characters because they “genuinely have affections for each other.” Whether that means love in the future or a solid friendship remains to be seen, especially with half-fairy Ben arriving in Louisiana.

“I don’t think it’s giving anything if I say if it involves Sookie. It’s always complicated,” she said, laughing. “That it’s not necessarily going to pan out in a way that’s easy, simple or un-traumatizing.

In Susanna Paquin plays a single mother on the edge after giving birth and is suffering majorly from postpartum depression. I have seen a few of the episodes and it is a well written and well acted series touching on this very serious problem.

“(Kate) is a single, first-time mother,” Anna Paquin explained about her character to “The dad is kind of nowhere in the picture. She is not really holding it together very well. She’s incredibly depressed and anxious that something terrible is going to happen to her child. She is falling apart, and she doesn’t have so much support.”

It’s admitting that you can’t do everything and that you’re not superwoman,” Paquin said. “I think it is very hard because a lot of people sort of expect when someone has a baby, they’re going to automatically do everything and know everything.”

You can read the rest of this article about this series HERE.

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23 comments on “Anna Paquin Dishes on Eric and Postpartum Depression

  1. I hope this does mean her &Eric get back together .. She did a great job on her Wigs series . I loved it .

  2. I think they do get together around the last 2 episodes … seems like it may go that way finally

  3. I also really believe that Ben is Warlow and that’s will obviously end that relationship…which opens the door up for Eric in the end …..we will find out

  4. I think Eric and Sookie will be together at the end of the season

  5. I sure hope that Anna is right and that somehow, someway Sookie and Eric get back together. I know that the cast knows that Eric is the favorite vamp on the show, now if we and they (the cast) can convince the writers and the bucky (the showrunner) that, so we can have them back together where they belong.

  6. From her mouth to God’s ears!

  7. Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse are always going to be each others “Soulmates”
    Even if they are parted~they will still love each other and they will still be important
    to each other~Now IF only the writers can understand that fact????

  8. I liked this….I was thinking about Buckner mentioning ‘triangle’ again…what if he didn’t mean Bill as a part of it…what if we have Eric/Ben/Sookie by the end of the season…of course providing that Ben doesn’t turn out to be Warlow….I tend to agree with theory that it’s Niall’s twin brother who was turned by Lillith, but we’ll find out soon I guess

  9. I really do hope that Anna is right on giving us hope that Eric and Sookie will get back together soon. I will hope with the rest of you that they do by the end of this season. I’m just getting sick of all the new charcters this season…

  10. I think there is a hope for them in season 7, maybe we will see it in the last episode…

  11. Ok it’s probably really far fetched but I’m going to put it out there anyway…Alex said that he had just got done doing a very emotional scene with a human (in one of the interviews I read) so his character makes it to the end of the season…originally I thought it would obviously be the governor’s daughter Willa but now I’m thinking it is Sookie. I mean think about it…Niall told Sookie that if she used her big whammy light to take out Warlow she would be fae no longer…so the only part left of her would be human there after. I can picture it now she uses het whammy light killing both Warlow and Bill in the process and of course feels horrible because she kills poor Billith (oh come on you know she’ll get all weepy over him) and Eric finds her huddled somewhere bloody and sobbing she explains everything to him and says ” what do I do now I’m just plain old Sookie Stackhouse” and the season ends with Eric cuddling her as she cries for her losses telling her she’d never be plain old anything to him she’s still the only woman he could ever love. So it closes off the Warlow storyline and Billith isn’t dragged on forever and gives us a season of seeing if the show can survive with Sookie being plain human. If the season doesn’t do well they just have to introduce the cluv ador and she can wish her powers back.

    • I wish that were true, but I very much doubt it. I don’t see Eric wanting a regular human, and Sookie would have no reason to be with a vampire if that was the case. There would likely be only one more season, anyway, no matter what they do.

      • I can’t see that either but not for the same reasons as Tammy. I can see Eric wanting Sookie no matter what but this show is built around a telepathic waitress and if she was human now, what would be the point of the show? That is the allure of the show or it should and would be if the show did not make it out to be the secondary thing.

    • I like the idea that if Sookie does loose her powers that Eric’s feelings don’t change at all but I didn’t take what Alex said as Eric having a emotional scene with a human, when he said blood-bag, I think he meant an actual blood-bag which would mean it was a scene with a dead vampire. We’ll have to wait and see of course!

  12. Cannot wait to see this emotional scene…AS never disappoints … I think it will be Nora in the blood bag. It seems he is getting desperate to save her, even pledging loyalty to Bill but most likely he won’t manage.

    • My vote is for Nora too.

      • I started to think, it would be Willa. She is a human /blood bag/ and her last episode in this season is World Without End / formerly, The Funeral/. And Alex spoke about new person in his life. Who know?

  13. I thought it was a human too he was talking about but I thinking its probably Nora now as well.

  14. […] Anna shared some scoop on what’s going to happen between Eric and Sookie, plus her project, “Susanna”. We think you might enjoy hearing what she has to say about Eric. You can find out what she said here! […]

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