Bloody Predictions 6.06: ‘Don’t You Feel Me?”


Well followers it is that time of the week again for our little game called BLOODY PREDICTIONS! Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Only the show will decide!

First off, let’s see where we are after last week’s round and who is at the top of the leader board. No one made out like a bandit to come away with some major points but a few were earned.

Missie and Carissa came out on top again, gaining 10 points with two of their predictions right as Warlow is not all bad and we did find out some new information regarding the death of Sookie’s parents.

I gained 5 points for my correct prediction of finding out the extent of Warlow’s relationship with his maker, which really was not much of one. Plus I get 5 points for only one of the fairy teacup girls being alive which brings my total to 10 points! YAH!

Bee gained a total of 3 points (partial) for her prediction of “The episode will start off from when Sookie tells Warlow to get the fuck off her, but confession/apology/denial about Sookies parents will happen after the opening credits”.

Erika, poor Erika sadly receives no points as she missed the deadline in turning her predictions in!

So the points total stand as of right now:

• Nymerias =59
• Missie/Carissa =53
• Bee =51
• Erika =40

This week’s predictions could be a major game changer in an already every changing game. Now without further ado, here are our ‘bloody predictions’ for the sixth episode of the season!


Before I forget… Here’s mine…(before she forgets she says, the girl is on vacation so no excuses……lol!)

1. Eric and Pam will pretend to fight and will put on a good show for the humans.

2. Jason will join the LAVTF.

3. Sookie will be saved. Either by Warlow or Lala will come to his senses again.


This Viking Wench is at Comic-Con getting us some very good things this week and she still managed to get her predictions in, such a good little worker Bee, see how I did that? LOL

1. Eric and Pam will not die and the blood belongs to a humans.

2. Lala fights off the influence of Ghost Daddy Stackhouse, and fairy magic helps save Sookie from drowning.

3. The gov will die by end of the episode.


These two have been on fire the last couple episodes, can they keep it up? We shall see!

1. Pam or Eric will stake someone through the two-way mirror at the Vamp Camp.

2. Lafayette will come to his senses and let Sookie go.

3. Bill tries to form a plan to save Jessica and the other vamps.


It is seriously really hot outside and I decided to stay in where the Air Con is rather than brave the heat for any reason but I do wish I could be at the Con with my friends!

1. Sookie will stop La La from killing her and maybe killing him in the process.

2. Jason will get himself appointed as a guard at vamp camp.

3. Eric will throw his stake through the two-way mirror at the vamp camp, staking a human or Steve!

This image I made was supposed to go in my 100 post but I forgot so this is a good a place as any and it goes with some predictions! lol


There you have it folks, our predictions for ‘Don’t you Feel Me”. Who is right? Who is wrong? Do you think one of us is just plain crazy? Sound off below and give your own predictions as well.


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15 comments on “Bloody Predictions 6.06: ‘Don’t You Feel Me?”

  1. Believe it or not I’m actually rooting for Ben/ I refuse to call him Warlow….to save Sookie. I LOVE Eric but Sookie strings him along to much for my tastes…he deserves a woman or vamp in his life that will love and appreciate him…not be hot and cold like a spigot with the water heater furnace on the fritz

  2. I disagree Melissa, Sookie belongs with Eric she doesn’t belong with Warlow please….Eric and her love each other …we are gonna see that play out in the next 3 episodes…I think BEE and MISSIE/CARISSA predictions are correct.

    • I really think Eric and Sookie are done, but Warlow is no better than Bill in my opinion. I don’t get how anyone could think he’s a good guy, he still killed her parents, no matter the reason, and he wants to turn her. Yes, turn the woman you claim to love into the thing you hate most, it makes perfect sense, and that’s something she would never go along with. I think he’s an obsessive stalker to put it simply, one of those is enough. As for these predictions, I’m going with Missie and Carissa.

      • Let’s not forget all of the other fairies he massacred, more of her family members. He may have killed her parents to save her in his own warped little mind, but what was his excuse for that?

      • I don’t really think they are done……I think episodes 8 the finale something gonna happen between them…..just a feeling I have.

        • I think Eric will betray her by tuning her over to Billith in order to save Nora. The thought makes me wanna scream.

          • It doesn’t even look like Bill can save her, so he owes him nothing. Besides, I really doubt he would do that.

  3. Absolutely,eric and sookie belong together. hopefully warlow will die and take billith with him in the finale.Eric has never loved or will love anyone again like sookie. She loves him, she just has to accept it and not keep pushing him away!

    • I think on some level, she keeps pushing him away because she’s scared of her feelings for him. She knows it would probably be doomed from the start and she’s trying to protect herself, but that’s most likely just wishful thinking. I’m hoping that if Bill and Warlow are so connected, killing one may just kill the other.

    • Eric has a lot of time to wait for Sookie, but she isn´t immortal… I´m not sure if she sometimes will show her feelings for Eric clearly and in public.I think Sookie doesn´t know to recognize his devotion and love for her.

  4. Agreed Tammy I feel your on to something there she’s scared of what she feels for Eric. However I can’t stop hoping for E&S or her to get a clue.. Or the friggin writers to get a clue and put her with her equal.

    We have been down the normal route she spent her life trying to be normal and the crazy just keeps on finding her. She is like a magnet for the crazy her own parents were batshi@t crazy. She is a frigging fairy she’s not normal and never is going to be thanks to the telepathy and catnip like blood.. When life sends you that many msgs you need to pull up your big girl panties and listen and plan accordingly. Which is why I was so pissed off at CH.

    When you spend that much time, situations, and books, telling us she is never going to be normal or have a normal life then do a 180 and put her with the one character she’s spent as much time with as the mailman then your do your readers a disservice. She doesn’t have to just settle for anyone or be dumb, delusional, or in denial to have HEA..

    And hell if she doesn’t want Eric I’ll take him..

  5. I like all predictions and I really hope the big death happens this episode. I don’t want anyone to die but waiting for it to happen sucks.

  6. Pass the viking to me . I know who i would choose . Ben /Warlow & Bill never .

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  8. i knew terry was on the list to go…but i think it is only the beginning…..i know he is not a main character but this will eliminate one poor storyline and maybe starts to reign in bon temps and get closer to the books ….let’s face what is arlene without terry maybe she will either disappear or job the fellowsship like in the books…so that leaves more deaths to come….bill or ben seems like they have to fight to the finish who knows.

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