Bloody Predictions: “In the Evening” (6.07)


Get your protective gear on folks, you are about to enter a danger zone for it is time to get bloody with out “In the Evening” predictions!

It seems Nymerias, the team of Missie/Carissa, and I are battling it out for the top spot again… and Erika is not to far behind us. Let’s see how if any of us gained ground with our predictions from last week.

The one and only Erika earned her her a perfect score of 15 with her predictions! Way to go!

I, B, picked up 13 points to add to my total. I just missed on a perfect score since Lala needed a fairie blast of light to get Ghost Daddy Stackhouse to vacate the premises.

Nymerias and Missie/Carissa pick up 10 points each. Not to shabby I might say. It seems we all missed on how Sookie would get out of being drowned.

This means

  • Nymerias = 69
  • B = 64
  • Missie/Carissa = 63
  • Erika = 55

And it is STILL any ones game.

So… who is ready to get bloody this week? Let’s lock down our predictions!



1) Eric will get Nora out of the Vamp Camp.

2) Nora will die anyway.

3) Sam will return to Bon Temps, despite what Alcide said to him, for Terry’s funeral.


1. Sam ignores Alcide’s orders because he hears about Terry’s death and wants to go to his funeral.

2. Eric takes Nora to Bill in hopes he’ll save her, but it’s too late and Nora dies.

3. Eric goes back to the Tru Blood bottling factory in order to destroy the facility.


1. Nora and Eric will have a beautiful goodbye scene before she dies.

2. Eric will return to the vamp camp to save his progeny and destroy the place.

3. Sookie will give a beautiful eulogy at Terry’s funeral.


1) The great Vamp escape from camp begins tonight (more then Eric and Nora will get out)

2) Sookie will be on screen with regular humans this episode.

3) Pam takes her therapy session to a whole new level when she drains the shrink

So… who do you think will get points and who do you think just threw snake eyes? Sound off below, cause Sunday is just around the corner!


About B

Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

18 comments on “Bloody Predictions: “In the Evening” (6.07)

  1. I hope you’re all correct about Nora dying!

  2. I say that Eric does a mercy killing on Nora. Hence why he’s sitting in Bill’s house crying with vampire on his shirt.

  3. I hope I get all 15 points this episode! I could use them! 🙂

  4. I think everyone is pretty much right this round. I may not love Nora, but it will be sad for Eric to have to be the one to kill her. I also believe that might be what happens.

  5. Why does everyone hate, Nora? She hasn’t been in the program long enough to get to know her. I didn’t really like her the first time she was on the show, but maybe, I missed something. I hate that, Eric, will have to kill her, to put her, out of her pain. He will be angry, that, Bill, doesn’t save her. That something to see.

    • Mostly because Eric got groiny with her last season, but I don’t see that as being a very big deal. I understood it at the time, and she’s hardly even been around much this season. I was never a fan for several reasons, but I don’t hate her.

  6. Sad part is Nora will be the last bit of Godric he has left when she goes so to does the rest of Godric. Unless he has more children we are unaware of and since this is TB and Godric was created from thin air and things like canon and logic are dropped at a moments whim its very possible. But still truly sad its been a bad for Eric lately loosing what he loves.

  7. Poor baby – we are in for some emotional stuff. God, mercy killing will be so painful, I would hate that he has to go through that. It could be also that she vomits blood violently before she dies and turns into goo. I can just see him picking her remains and putting it in a bag. He’ll be angry Eric on steroids and cannot wait to see that damage he’ll do in TB facility.
    Also – aren’t we supposed to see a little flashback – England, plague time 1600s?? I hope it would be Nora and Eric. Maybe we’ll get to see how she was made and what made Godric to turn her… It would be interesting if she was plague victim and now dies from another fatal disease 😦 I am sad to see her go and I hope her Warlow snooping will mean that Eric will get some useful information

  8. After reading everyones’ predictions, I am going to say it would be hard to pick only one this week, as everyone had pretty much the same things to say. I do feel that Eric isn’t going to “mercy kill” Nora, but she is going to die in his arms. Its’ so sad as shes’ all that he has left of his original family. But, I for one, never like Nora that much, so her death won’t effect me except for Erics’ pain.

    I just have a hard time realizing that TB is almost over for the summer and I kinda dread the long wait until next summer.

  9. Opps, I forgot to say that I’m going with Missy/Carissa this week with their predictions!

  10. I like Nora, because she and Eric have an open and warm -blooded relationship without blames. Nora loves Eric, she is faithful to Eric and she isn´t jealous because of Sookie. She knows Eric very well…

  11. honestly i am hoping that Erika is correct lol why because i want to see the destruction of the diseased true blood gone too but in the promo we have seen the gov’s daughter tell jessica and tara that they will be giving out true blood but not to drink it it’s contaminated with hemp v. So i’m not sure if it will be destroyed yet. Sarah is going to go nuts with power at least that’s what i have seen. I am waiting for her to be gone. she needs to be gone.

    I don’t think bill is going to save anyone. I also think it’s too late for Nora as well which sucks 😦

    i’m wondering about the big spark of light sookie was doing while going to town wth benlow….maybe he’ll go poof lol.

  12. love all the predictions , i just all of them pan out to make a perfect episode

  13. I hope no-one destroys the TB factory. All they need to destroy is the stuff that’s already made because it’s contaminated, and to get rid of all the Hep V, but they need a factory to keep making the stuff.

  14. It’s really hard to choose this week. You all have some great predictions.I guess I have to go with B this time. I had a thought, does anyone think that Sam could be one of the deaths this season? Alcide did threaten him if he came back. We know he is coming back. Could Alcide really do that? Just wondering.

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