Alexander & True Blood Featured in Three Magazines

Alexander Skarsgard and True Blood are featured in some magazines you need to check out!  Check out the articles and the scans below!

This first one is an exclusive for us – thanks to one of our frequent visitors here at ESL named Alexandra. (You might know her better as Dracul in our forum.) This is from an Austrian movie magazine called, Skip – which features Alex’s movies, “The East” and “What Maisie Knew” this month. Alexandra translated and scanned this for us.

austrianmagazineBelow, is the translation;

The East

A young agent infiltrates a group of eco-activists – and is confronted with unexpected moral questions. An excellent, late breaking, thrilling drama.
Anarchists, extremists, terrorists. The members of THE EAST – a group of eco-activists are more than innocent, “Birkenstock”-wearing “hippies”, which have abdicated enforcement of consumption and compliance.
Their jams are real threats on those people they consider guilty.
A black tide here, poisoned tab water there – THE EAST strikes back. Not with words. You call it eco-terrorism.
The group is followed by Sarah Moss (Brit Marling), an ex-fbi agent, now employee of a private security company.
She goes undercover, traces THE EAST and gains trust of the group.
Sarah is extremely motivated, nearly determined, very inventive and highly professional.
In the beginning – yes. After a while she gets to know the people behind THE EAST and why they have decided for this last resort.
Top that with her bosses (Patricia Clarkson) coolness and Sarah’s believes begin to shatter.
No, she isn’t weak and emotional or not able to  finish her job.
She just begins to understand the other side, the one which is denied to the public by a conglomerate of trusts, politics and media.
Out of a sudden all comes to one final question: if both sides do wrong, where is justice?

austrianmagazine1Below, is the translation;

What Maisie knew
girlhood – a pile of broken glass: Julianne Moore, True Blood heart-throb Alexander Skarsgard and cult-brit Steve Coogan in a fascinating Henry James adaption.
Mum is partying. Mum is a rock-legend. Mama Susanne (Julianne Moore) is divorced from Dad Beale (Steve Coogan), whom she just threw out of her NYC loft.
6 year old daughter Maisie is confronted with totally new apartments and relationships. Only caring and beautiful nanny Margo (Joanna Vanderham) is still the same.
But why does she now live with daddy?
There are lots and lots of questions for a young girl, however the quarreling grown-ups are not willing to answer them.
Mum’s new lover, obvious younger barkeeper Lincoln (Alexander Skarsgard) becomes a confident to Maisie.
After that the adventuresome relationships go into the next round…..
US author Henry James published the book “What Maisie Knew” (german title: Maisie) in the year 1897, but with skill and wit the producers (of THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT) put the drama into nowadays NYC.
Indie-icon Julianne Moore, top-comedian Steve Coogan, True Blood heart-throb Alexander Skarsgard and brit beauty Joanna Vanderham are a wonderful patchwork-ensemble.
Little Onata Aprile is a wonderful newcomer as Maisie.
Conclusion: good literature is always up to date.

Next up, Rob Kazinsky who plays Benlow is interviewed by Entertainment Weekly! Thanks to B – here are the scans from the digital issue. Please click images for larger view.

Alexander Skarsgard also appears in the European magazine called, JOY in the August 2013 digital issue. Special thanks to skarsjoy for the scans and zedsalivebaby for the translation.

Check them out below!

Below is the translation;

And here’s the translation: (NOTE: I translated this for fun and I didn’t really pay much attention to the grammar, etc. I’m sorry if it’s faulty, but I do believe you can understand whatever I meant to say with the translation.)

First page caption: “For ten years I’ve lived out of my suitcase”

Title quote: “I can only imagine my future with a woman who has a great sense of humor.”

The True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard doesn’t find a challange in dropping his clothes, he’s more guarded regarding his personal life. Luckily enough, he was willing to share a few things with us…

The Swedish actor became a super star in his homeland at the age of 16, yet the international fame came with his role in True Blood – which’s sixth season just premiered in Hungary (note: this is there because it’s a Hungarian article, duh. I never knew they’re already airing the episodes in hungarian… Woah Hungary, you fast.) There’s hardly any role offer that he’d turn down, rest assured he prefers his personal life to stay far more modest and considerate.

How significant luxury is, in your everydays?

For I while now, I’ve been constantly travelling due to filming, I basically lived out of my suitcase. I’ve often spent nights at my friends’ house, on the couch. And for two years, I’ve lived in the garage of my friend. Not so long ago, I finally purchased my very first house in Los Angeles in a very classy area: Los Feliz. That was the moment when I could finally feel like an adult, and settled down.

How is an average day for you in Los Angeles?

When I moved here in 2008, first I had to get used to the place. Back at home, in Stockholm, I traveled on foot and my friends lived only a corner away from me. These days, most times I’m just sitting in a car for thirty minutes if I wanna buy a coffee. Over some time I got used to this lifestyle, and now I’m happy here. I spend around six months a year in front of cameras in Hollywood Center Studios for the filming of True Blood. But when I’m not working, I like to travel: once I’ve spent a month sailing the Atlantic Ocean. Last time I’ve visited Iceland with my friends where we hiked a lot, far from any sort of civilization. On top of all, I visit my family in Sweden often.

What is that you value in your friends the most?

We grew up together, we’ve known each other for a thousand years! (note: ehehehehe Eric…) They couldn’t care less about the glamorous world of Hollywood! One of them is a woodworker, the second has no job, and the third works at elderly care. We drink beer and talk about football, all of us enjoy it very much, it’s good for us.

Though, we assume that at these get-togethers you often discuss women as well. What are the most important traits in a woman, for you?

I can only imagine my future with a woman who has a great sense of humor. I think everyone should be able to laugh at themselves. I can’t stand when people take themselves too serious. So, it won’t be easy to find the right woman for me! Hollywood isn’t really useful for that, anyway  – not for men, neither for women. Everyone’s so obsessed with the surface, their appearance. For that, they can’t act careless and ‘free’ at all, during dates – and that is something that would be very important, in my point of view.

What would you do if a woman broke your heart?

I can’t really serve you a good advice,because in all honesty I handle that situation just as bad as Eric, my character in True Blood. I just can’t really process the pain, because it cuts too deep. I try my best to surpress and overcome the bitterness, I pretend I wasn’t broken up with and left behind. As if everything was perfectly okay.

Your parents divorced after 35 years of happy marriage which was seemingly shocking. How did it affect you?

My dad, Stellan has gotten married again and became the father of two more children. Back then, my mom, My was completely desperate. Once she called me said: “I’ve been with your father since I was 18, and I gave him six children! What should I continue my life now?” After the first shock, luckily she got herself together, she strengthened. Since then not only she’s willing to risk, but i think she’s also happier than ever. I share an extremely close bond with my mother. Me and my siblings are very happy that our parents managed to stay friends.

Being a swedish actor as you are, what caused you the biggest culture shock in Hollywood?

I think most American people are way inhibited. (note: he means sort of conservative or… ugh you know. That they’re not goofy and crazy and loud and FTW like swedish people usually are.) Showing my body isn’t a problem for me. Maybe because back then, my parents were hippies. My dad used to walk around naked all the time and there wasn’t a single problem with that. Though it would’ve been real awkward if I brought a girl home after school, and my dad just stood there naked with a bottle of wine in his hand, wanting to greet her with hug. *chuckles*

Picture caption: True Blood’s sixth season is full fo excitement

So much to absorb and drool over… What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!


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  1. That man is straight up sex on a stick!!!

  2. Thank you for gathering these articles and putting them in one place for us. I have read all of them previously but I enjoyed rereading them again too!!! Of course like the rest of us, I love to read anything to do with Alex. (Hes’ my obsession, what can I say?? LOL!)

    The last one was in Hungarian (I am one half) but couldn’t read more than two words, since I haven’t even heard anyone speak it since I was a very little girl…Oh well….. Thanks to the gal who translated it.

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. I think he doesn’t let his success go to his head, seems down to earth and the fact he’s not steering too far from his roots is good. When he is ready to settle down he will make someone happy. He appears to be someone to have a good time with and if this is his true self anyone would be able to have a good time with him and not worry about being judged.

  5. That’s why I love him, he has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He doesn’t let fame go to his head like some other celebrities do. I finally got to see The East, such a good movie. I was starting to give up hope that it would ever come here.

  6. yes, thank you for sharing, he is very down to earth person and you can tell by his responses.

  7. Thats one hell of a man!
    the last article is my favourite!

  8. Does such talk mean that he is not with Ellen Page? I have not been able to watch the East (shame on me ! ) because of fearing to watch them together …HOW silly is that 😦

    But the interview was totally awesome 🙂

    • They were never together, it’s always been just a rumor. They’re not together in the movie, either, that shouldn’t be a reason not to watch because I think Alex does an amazing job in it.

  9. Thanks for sharing the articles.I really enjoyed The East. You should see it if you get the chance.

  10. have seen the east and it is really fantastic.

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