Bloody Predictions: “Dead Meat” (6.08)


With just 3 episodes to go this True Blood season, our crystal ball’s are as clear as a cloudy day. But we march on ward… we got a game to play and a coveted title on the line.  Lets see how our predictions from last week treated our scores.

Erika is picking up 10 this week… missing on her prediction that Eric would go back to destroy the bottling plant.

Me, I am pulling an 11 points to add to my total by being right once with 2 partials. Pam did “drain” the shrink… just not how I was expecting.

Nymerias is only pulling 5 this week. She may have been a week or 2 early on her Sookie giving an eulogy for Terry.

Missie and Carissa are giving us all a  run for the title by drawing a solid 10. They missed being perfect because Sam did not go to BT this episode.

Bringing our totals through week 7 to:

  • Nymerias = 74
  • B = 74
  • Missie/Carissa = 73
  • Erika = 65

Really this is anyone’s game. Something tells me I need to find my notes on our preseason “Tie Breaker” questions.

*cracks knuckles* Let’s get down to the business of the week.

As the 8th episode is entitled “Dead Meat”, it would be safe to predict that blood will be spilled this coming Sunday night. But safe is boring, time to get predicting!



  • 1. Sookie will see Warlow’s “true dark side” for the first time this episode.
  • 2. In an attempt to keep TruBlood’s factory going, Sarah will visit the factory and will accidentally fall into one of the tanks full of blood.
  • 3. In order to save face with his pack, Alcide will put out an order to kill Sam and Nicole on sight.



  • 1. A vampire bites Andy’s daughter.
  • 2. The vampires are served contaminated True Blood at Vamp Camp.
  • 3. Arlene figures out that Terry planned his death.



  •  Alcide will not die this episode (unfortunately, but I’ll gladly take 0 points if he does)
  • Eric… In his grief… Will go rogue like
  • Jessica will react to Jason being claimed then be put in her place (vamp pecking order)



  • 1. Ben will agree to help after he and Sookie come to an agreement and he will tell her it is not an ultimatum.
  • 2. Alcide will be stripped of his pack master status. (just guessing) lol
  • 3. Billith will lay down the law to Eric and reminding him that he pledged his loyalty! ASSHOLE!

And that’s all she wrote! There is only room for one at the top. Who do you think will be spot on and which of us has missed the boat this round?

Sound off below!



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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

13 comments on “Bloody Predictions: “Dead Meat” (6.08)

  1. While I think all of the predictions are all great. I’m sticking with you B, as I think you’ll be the “safe” bet of the week….LOL. I could be wrong, as I said all of the others were pretty good too. But, I’m stickin’ with you kid!!!!

  2. Erika, the pack already has Nicole and her mom, so an order to kill on sight wouldn’t be necessary.

    • *slaps head* That’s right! I guess I tuned out the Weres/Shifter stuff. LOL I guess I’ve already lost this week… *sighs* Oh well…

      • I know what you mean…I try tune out as much of the werewolf stuff, as I can, especially this year. I just don’t understand Alcide this season. Although I guess I can tolerate him as long as they leave our Eric alone.

  3. I am going with my own predictions as I want to win! HAHAHAHHAHAH

  4. I like B’s prediction as the best one

  5. Nymerias I going with you on this one . it was a cross between you & Erika .

  6. Sadly and no offense Nymerias I’m betting your dead on pardon the pun though I wish you weren’t and that’s because I loath Benlow and his mom/dad Billith. good luck all of you though

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