The One Where Eric Ruined The Grand Plan!

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Episode 8 “Dead Meat”

We begin with a face-off scene between Eric and Bill, and it’s a good one. Bill wants Eric to keep his end of the bargain as Bill did everything he could to save Nora (and if you haven’t been watching the previous 5 seasons let’s just say that when Bill offers to help, it usually doesn’t end well). Eric, who has every intention of going back to Vamp Camp, has had enough of Bill whining and would rather lose the dead meat and do it all by himself. And despite the aeriel acrobatics, Eric, for the most part, has the upper hand in this scene. Bill is getting desperate whereas Eric knows Eric will get what he needs one way or another, and Eric can’t resist reminding Bill about Sookie sticking a stake in him.


However Bill has been round Eric long enough by now to know that all he needs to do is to mention the “G” word and Eric’s back down to earth with a bang. Any hopes anyone had of those two teaming up to destroy Vamp Camp together can be put on hold, at least for now.

Over at Werey Headquarters Alcide is challenged by Ricki, who is seconded by Danielle, as they no longer think his balls are big enough to finish them off. Well they should know! It looks like Alcide is finally done with his pack and I won’t be at all distressed if we never see them again.

And then it’s on to Adventures in Vamp Camp.Violet has claimed Jason and for now he can’t do a lot about it, other than try to stay alive. She says she’s not going to rape him and then proceeds to do rapey things. Pam has had a moment with her shrink (couldn’t he be struck off for that?) and blagged her way back into Gen Pop. She reluctantly agrees to talk to Violet about Jason (Level 1 to Level 1) but can’t really be bothered to get into a fight over a human.  Forget Charlie’s Angels – we’ve got Eric’s Angels all together now, and I’ll be crossing everything I’ve got that Pam, Tara and Willa all get out un-dead. And whilst we had Eric’s Angels all together in one cell, we had the odd couple in another. James is not necessarily my type of vampire, but he’s not an unwelcome new pair of fangs either, even if the poor guy has to hear about Steve Newlin’s 8th grade wedgies! None of the above vampires are being fooled into drinking the Tru Blood, and by the end of the episode they are all together in the dreaded Sun Room.

Sookie returns to Warlow and asks him for help to save her friends, Warlow is willing to help out………but he has a plan of his own…… that Sookie agrees to be his vampire/faerie bride forever and ever. (Psycho much?) Sookie needs to think about this, because obviously you seriously would. As she leaves the graveyard there’s a viking vampire lurking in the shadows. I know that some fans are upset the writers didn’t use this opportunity to give us a little Sooric scene, but I was actually quite relieved Eric stayed where he was. Now is not a good time for them to have a heart to heart and I fear it would end badly for both. Still whilst Bill is waiting around for someone to bring Warlow to him on a silver platter, Eric, as ever, is immediately pro-active and has already found out where the hybrid is. Warlow should most definitely be extremely grateful that Eric didn’t give a f*ck who he was until episode 8.


The next day Sookie goes round to Bill’s, and if she hoping for some sympathy about her plight, she’s knocking on the wrong door. All Bill now cares about is saving vampire kind. Sookie can’t quite believe this, but he doesn’t even flinch an inch when she reveals Warlow’s side of the bargain. Just like Eric in the opening scene, Sookie holds her own against the prophet of doom (“how about that you motherf*cking monster”).

True Blood’s greatest villian ever, Sarah Newlin, arrives at Camp to discover that some of those pesky fangers are not drinking their blood. Would her ex-husband happen to be one of them? Of course he would. Cue quite possibly my favorite Steve/Sarah scene ever.


Back at Merlotte’s Sam wants Nicole to stay, she’s apparently carrying his pup. His (probably false) proclamations of love are interrupted though by a desperate Sookie who is looking for somebody, anybody, to help her and give her reason not to go through with the deal of life and death. Sookie and Sam share a moment and Sookie informs him (and the viewers) that she pretty much thought they would “wind up together or something”. Really? REALLY?

Bad timing again Sook. Although with Nicole only being 2/3 days pregnant there is a long way to go before a baby is born (and I’m calling that it won’t actually happen). Sam can’t commit right now (not yet, not when there’s going to be a season 7) and poor Sookie is left feeling completely alone again.

Over at the undertakers the Bellefleurs are planning a full military funeral for their fallen son. Arlene wants none of it, that wasn’t the man that she knew and loved. I love Andy Bellefleur this season, and Holly is not doing too bad either. If you’re going to lose your husband, it’s at least a comfort to have both of them and of course the criminally underused Lala right there. Andy will get Rev. Daniels for the funeral and the carnations too.

With nowhere else left to go Sookie arrives at her parent’s grave. I still can’t believe for a minute she will end up actually being turned into a faerie-vampire. If that does happen you can color me incredibly shocked and surprised. But regardless of any outcome, this was one of Anna Paquin’s best scenes for a long, long time. Sookie was filled with emotion and it looks like she has made up her mind to become Warlow’s eternal bride, and save her friends from the true death – because please don’t forget that very important part – Sookie is ultimately doing this to save her vampire friends!

Night falls and the Tru Blood spokesbitch arrives at the factory part of camp. This is very inconvenient for god’s plan and for Sarah Newlin. To make matters worse it seems the spokesbitch is not a fan and this leads to a both ridiculous and amazingly awesome girl-fight scene. In my last review I mentioned the words “high heels” and “Sarah Newlin” twice in the same sentence, I must be a Bill-like prophet because after trying several other ways to kill her foe, Sarah resorted to killer heels to get the job done. I love you Sarah Newlin, you are going to die a horrible death, but please Jesus not just yet.

After leaving a heartfelt message for her brother, Sookie calls Bill and tells him to pick her up in an hour. What’s another 60 minutes for Bill, he messed around for long enough, what difference will one more hour make, to get ready and look your best to save vampire kind? Sookie goes to find the appropriate dress for such a special occasion and spends a beautiful and stunningly shot moment in front of her mirror getting ready for their big dramatic scene.


But whoops! Aren’t you all forgetting something here folks? Now let me think what that might be? ………………….Duh! VIKING!

Rebellious Adilyn is out with Holly’s boys. Whilst Holly’s boy 1 is seemingly out of it, Holly’s boy 2 is progressing very nicely past first base. Unfortunately for boy 2 Eric arrives and thinks Adilyn looks tasty. However, don’t distress because “out of control” Eric has a grand plan, and “nobody has to get hurt here”. The boys are glamoured and Adilyn is merely a means to an end.  We even get to see her reunited with her concerned father.


Eventually Sookie and Bill turn up to join Warlow for their big dramatic moment. Warlow will go to Vamp Camp with Bill, Sookie will become eternally his, and Bill will get to save his entire race. It’s all set up for the perfect Shakespearean conclusion. Except someone didn’t read the memo.

For alas, poor Warlow,  the Viking got there first.


This is my last recap this year and if the final two episodes live up to the other 8, it may well be my favourite season so far. And I can’t quite believe I’m doing this, but I’m going to leave my very final word to Mr Bill Compton. It’s not a big, fancy word, it only has 4 letters, but it encompasses perfectly all the reasons why I will never, ever be able to quit this wonderful and crazy show……




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17 comments on “The One Where Eric Ruined The Grand Plan!

  1. Yes this was one of my favorite episodes this season, even without any Eric / Sookie goodness. Because Eric is back in the game he plays best.

    Billith is the worst strategist ever to have graced the TB universe. Did he think that even if he took Warlow to the vamp camp, how would he get all vampires there to drink from Warlow without the authorities knowing about it. And the authorities would surely get to know that something was wrong if the vamps weren’t killed by sunlight. Then they would find another quick fix to kill all of them. So the only way was to go and free the vamps in one fell strike. Something that Eric plans to do probably.

    Anyways I still maintain that Sookie needs to grow a brain-cell or two to distinguish herself from Jason. She could easily lead Bill to Warlow without giving into either’s demands and let Bill command Warlow to save her friends. This way – Her friends are saved and she doesn’t have to turn.

  2. Enjoyed your recap Evie! Our Viking had something like 5min but he rocked every single second. Yes, Eric got there first, always believing in himself and nobody else – that’s why I love him so much. I have to see I really didn’t see that coming. I agree with you, it’s better that Eric stayed in shadows this time. I am so glad he was level headed and was totally in control despite his recent lost and state of mind. God the way those writers talk about Eric last week, I thought he would turn into killing machine. And that dreaded scene with ABCD, I never in million years thought the would actually drink just right and proceed with his plan. Eric probably has the best blood lust control on TB. I think the Warlow is laughable in that department.
    Loved ‘Eric’s Angles’ as well lol – I could hear all 3 answering to eric’s call – Gooood Eveeninggg Eric 🙂
    Sookie had really hard time but I think now when she realizes that Eric is on the mission I can see why she ‘wouldn’t have none of Bill’s bs – she will now protect Warlow from Billl and rightly so…. she knows that Eric has things under control and will save her friends and she has no reason to hand Warlow over to Bill ..and based on the recent promo she kicks him out of the fairy place. Based on the same logic I don’t see her now agreeing to Warlow’s proposal…unless she really wants to become fairy vamp.
    I am sorry but I don’t care about the rest BT happenings … So anyway, thanks for the review and fingers x we see more of our Viking in the next ep. doing some proper a.s kicking

  3. I thought this was an awesome episode. Both AP and AS we’re beyond awesome!
    They seem to be purposely keeping Eric and Sookie apart, I hope and pray to Godric or the goddesses or Brian Buckner that it means what I think it means, that they will be coming together and in a big way, even if its next season. Please let it be their destiny!
    Great review !

  4. Evie this has been one of your best reviews!!! I know it couldn’t have been too hard, since this season has been really a great one this year as far as storylines go. I just loved the creative way you ended it too. That was priceless in my book, for that alone, I give you a double standing “O” today!!!!!!!

  5. Love the recap…thanks so much for entertaining us, ladies! It is much appreciated! Loved the episode. Loved Sarah Newlin this week. I know she is probably going to die a horrible death but it would be sooo nice to keep her around awhile for comic relief! Steve too! How can he be such a lame vampire? Clearly all vampires are not created equal! 🙂 Alex and Anna knocked it out of the park this week. Can’t wait to see what happens next. I also am convinced that Sookie is up to something herself. I would not underestimate our girl. They (the writers) are only feeding us pieces at this point so let’s hope she is not as clueless as they are making her seem. Only 2 episodes left…makes me sad!

  6. Evie, I loved this review. I agree that Sookie might feel a sense of comfort knowing that Eric is handling the vamp camp issue. Maybe Eric’s exploit will give Sookie hope that Eric will help her family and friends and it will allow her some time to reflect on her past relationships and during this reflection she will realize her love for Eric. I just wish a new big bad doesn’t come to Bon Temps without getting rid of the one that has been lurking around on the back burner since season 5, (Warlow). It’s really time to shut that story line down instead of trying to drag it out until the finale of season 7. I also hope when Eric saves Jason, Jason feels him in on what is going on with Sookie. The Warlow story line is draining

  7. awsome episode i nearly crushed into my wall from jumping after i saw the last scene!!! ERIC get to walk in the daylight and deal some death to humans in vamp camp!!! 🙂

  8. Awesome review, Evie! Thanks! 🙂

    Not sure what to add to what you’ve already said because you pretty much summed up my thoughts on this episode. Both Anna and Alex knocked their scenes out of the ballpark! 🙂 I too, am glad Eric and Sookie didn’t really have a scene together. It’s just the wrong time and place. Plus, it makes me believe what scenes they will have together will be EPIC!

    My only complaint really is…the fact we only had 5 minutes of Viking screen time. This is unacceptable, IMO! But then again…the element of surprise at the end – wouldn’t have been there.

    Thanks again for writing your reviews this season! They have truly been great and I appreciate all your help around here. 🙂

    I can’t believe there’s only 2 episodes left…where did the time go? 😦

  9. I’ve been reading some of the recaps and the comments for last nights show, one thing that comes to my mind after reading the “what’s up with Sookie” comments. When she was giving her speech in the graveyard to her parents, if was more than just her telling them to fu*k off. Think about it, Bill rejected her, thought it a great idea that Warlow turn her, Sam rejected her, her last lifeline, her, well I always have Sam waiting in the wings….Gone now. Her whole life turns out to have been a great big ole lie. Her parents tried to kill her. Everything in her life, except for Jason…. gone. No happy memories that are real.

    Why not give in to the one being that says, hey I’ve loved you for 6000 years, I was just waiting for you to be born…. I totally get it.

    Nora dying, and Bill’s insults to Eric about Godric.. I think the dragon has been unleashed. If next weeks previews are anything to go by. Plus, not only does Eric have to free his family, he has to keep all the other vamps that drank the tainted blood in there so they don’t infect anyone else. If you recall that Dr said it can be transmitted by sex, kissing and injection. (I cleaned it up at

    As for Sarah Newlin…. acca awkward. Will someone please kill her already. Hated her in Pitch Perfect and hate her even more on TB. Looks like Jason may be getting that honor (according to the previews) yea.. haven’t look so forward to the demise of a TB character since Sam killed Maryann the Menad.

    Lastly, I am soooo happy Alcide has left that pack behind. Hopefully they are gone for good like the ware panthers..

  10. I agreed with every point and loved your review and especially your conclusion. It was almost poetic! I was thinking instead of outright killing Sarah and getting rid of her, although that is a lovely thought, it would be funny to have her turned by Jessica, or maybe Willa and then make her and Steve be stuck together forever until they meet the “true death”. Their scenes together are pretty funny.

  11. perfect review above, spot on

  12. STOP! Don’t say another word…for three weeks.Then for the next 10 1/2 months you can dissect each episode again so we have something awesome to help carry us while we pine for our sweet viking. And the rest of Bon Temps. (You are awesome. Did I mention that yet?)

  13. Excellent recap I snorted Coca Cola twice thru my nose laughing. Poor Warlow indeed truer words ever spoken your right good thing Eric wasn’t interested sooner of course if he had been my eyesight might not have been damaged looking at Wookie-ness. But I forgive Eric completely he has delivered all season long. Wished Eric had a bit more screen time but what he did have was superb.

    I also agree E&S moment wasn’t feeling right I have no problem sacrificing for a later more emotionally richer moment between these two. Sookie’s scene where she is preparing herself gave me deja vu flashbacks to after her grandmother died and she prepared herself to go running to Bill. All I could think was eh you know that really didn’t work out so well the first time girlfriend might want to have a plan B just in case.. Over all pleased looking forward to the next one quite enthusiastically. Who knows maybe Billith will drain Benlow and kill him thus killing Lilith at the same time.. sigh… OK.. One can hope..

  14. i was like hell yeah! lol thank you eric….but alas he comes back alive in the promo lol. but we see sookie shoot this powerfull light lol hopefully at warlow and bill lol. i doubt at bill though lol. damn. sarah’s gonna die next episode i’m hoping. she’s gone way too crazy and the crazy with power must die lol.

    I”m really excited for Eric to get revenge for Nora’s death. 😦 he just couldn’t handle that one either especially after losing godric as well.

    So honestly i’m rooting for Eric for the last two episodes.

  15. ^^^ Me too . Eric to save the day .

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  17. What an AMAzing recap!!!! Eric !!!

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