The One That Left Me Discontent

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The end of an episode has always left me with some kind of emotion, be it excitement, surprise, dread and even anger. I don’t recall ever feeling utterly empty as if I had run out of gas. It makes me wonder if I have truly lost all emotion when it comes to this show.

I felt the weight of it come crashing down as if I was caught in an avalanche and no escape was possible. I was hit with the proverbial snowstorm that is True Blood. I now feel numb, deflated and downright disappointed. The episode did have some very good moments and those moments were all thanks to a very striking Viking. Unfortunately, this is also the part that left me feeling numb, deflated and with a huge void in my TV obsessed body. I digress so more on that later.

Let’s get started shall we?


I am glad Terry got a proper sendoff; at least the show got something completely right for once. The flashbacks were a really nice touch and gave us some more insight into the frightened life of a Marine with PTSD. I am glad that he found a bright spot in his life, Arlene and the kids! Terry was the sweetest family man and any woman would have been lucky to have him. He was a very good friend as well so rather than give words for Terry, I will let the pictures speak those words.


With that being said, that was the longest TV funeral in the history of TV funerals.


I guess one can say that Eric did fuck the deal in the ass but at least he was not sitting on his ass! Bill’s plan was flawed to begin with as he did not seem to know his ass from a hole in the ground. He was all over the place with his plan, using the teacup humans to find a way for them to withstand the sun. When that did not work, he had Ben but still only managed to use his blood to save a few! He does and most likely will not have more to synthesize so I wonder what will be the point of the whole Lillith prophecy? Much ado about nothing I bet.

He was still sticking to the plan though, no matter what! I am sorry there is no amount of but Bill is not himself right now to take away the sting of this comment and it should not be forgotten or forgiven ever:


I know I don’t and I am sure that none of you do either. When I heard the sirens say that his time on earth was over, I thought THANK YOU LORD! HALLELUIAH AND AMEN! TAKE HIM AWAY PLEASE. Then, as usual this show brings him back and dashes all my hope that this season is going to go out with a bang. Bill once again ends up being the hero of the shit he put into motion and gets claps and slaps on the back all around. He is not the one who should be getting the KUDOS!

Speaking of the trio of BLOODY MERKIN SIRENS, if I never have to see this trio again, it would be too damn soon. Are those nasty Merkin’s necessary? I think not.

What I find funny is that Bill could not figure out that he could use his own Ben infused blood to save the vamps in the camp. I thought he was the smartest in the class?! According to some anyhow, well I knew better anyway. I wondered why he did not think of this before.

I am over this character and wish True Blood would get a clue and really make his ass pay. I don’t care if it is the next to last episode; I wanted Bill to get his ‘just desserts’. Bucky said everybody would be getting these ‘just desserts’ but I should have known that he did not mean Bill. I have nothing more to say about this rather annoying character because he is not worth my time. I have bigger and better characters to write about. This is my favorite Bill scene and he is lucky to have gotten that from the likes of me.

SIDE NOTE (and not an important one at that): Why do we have an Alcide in this show? He did not belong at Terry’s funeral where no one even knows his name and he does not belong on the show either. No offense against Joe M but the character of Alcide serves no purpose. This is another character I could care less about and why they keep him is beyond me. Ginger is more entertaining than he is and Ben and James have more potential story wise in their little pinkies than he does in his whole body. I cannot blame Joe M though as this is the fault of the writers.

Now that the boring and the stupid are out of the way (outside of Terry that is because he was entertaining for the most part), let’s get to the semi-good stuff and the really great shit.


Ben, even if you end up being the baddest vampire this side of Bon Temps has ever seen, you will be the HERO in my book as it was YOUR blood that saved the vampires in that hellhole called ‘vamp camp’! I don’t care if you go bat shit crazy in the finale, you and your blood will always be golden to me. I don’t care if the stupid ass writers kill you off (which would be stupid on their part but when do they ever listen to me), you and Eric will always be the heroes to me for obvious different reasons.

I know that “heroes don’t do it for accolades” as a wise friend told me but this show really should give credit where credit is due! Bill Compton, Billith or whoever the hell he is this week is not the one who should receive those accolades! I know my opinion of Ben is my own and that is fine but if it were not for Ben, all the vamps (especially the ones we love) would have met the true death. His blood was taken without his consent even before the deal was struck. CHEERS TO BEN FOR THAT ALONE!

Say what you will about his motivations and his plans regarding Sookie, his storyline could have been the bomb had the writers not decided to tie him up to a gravestone for the majority of the season. I hate that this show wastes the potential of a really good character, Ben is not just another pretty face! Since the writers never do listen to me and will most likely kill you off in the finale, I will give you the accolades you so richly deserve and also say that they wasted your character. What a shame!

Sorry to break it to you folks but Bill’s blood would never have saved those vampires so hence he is no HERO.



How awesome was he? Amazing right? Jason never fails to let me down. I love all his interactions with characters on the show and I think I will just pay a little tribute to him in gifs! I LOVE YOU JASON STACKHOUSE!

(pic by

(pic by


I am having a little trouble understanding Sookie and as a result I have to blame the writers. There is no one else to blame. I was looking forward to a smarter Sookie this season and mostly because we were told we were going to have a more grown up smarter Sookie. She sure started out that way. It is not just the stuff with Ben, Bill or Eric, it is EVERYTHING. I can understand her wanting to keep Ben from being drained on account of his blood being able to allow vampires to soak in the sun, because she knows how it feels to be used for that same thing.

Why is she not wondering where Jason is and why for the love of God has not put two and two together? Jason said he was going to go save Jess and you would think she would have figured out where he was by now? Use your brain Sookie! 1+1=2, come on Sookie I know you have it in you. I am and never will be on the Sookie is a slut bandwagon but why oh why is she giving Alcide the goo-goo eyes? Seriously!


I am one of those that would not mind Sookie becoming a vampire, she might actually prove to be a stronger character then or at the least the writers would quit writing her to be so dim-witted. What I don’t get however, is the reason why (besides saving her friends) she agreed to become a vampire? Is it because she is tired of life kicking her in the ass? Is it because she felt betrayed by her parents? Is it because she feels that every other option available to her is gone, i.e. Bill, Sam, and Eric? I just want to know her motivation and I am not sure we will ever get an answer to it.

Sookie’s good moments came at Terry’s funeral and when she told Bill a thing or two and zapped him the hell out of the cemefairy. That scene was so good to me that it is worth a second post in the same review!

I Wonder if that is her motivation, maybe to have the feeling of knowing that someone has loved her since the second she walked into their life, so she could say she was loved like that? It seemed like there was a reason she was saying it beyond how Terry felt about Arlene. The scene felt to me that it related to her as well. Does she think she will find that love while living a life or immortality? Something she won’t find in her normal human life? This just proves, as usual, that I have no idea what is going on in that head of hers, or the writers heads rather! I give up trying to figure out Sookie Stackhouse!


From beginning to end, Eric was a sight to behold and he has never been better. I love him all the more after this episode and he will forever be my favorite supernatural character. You are probably wondering why I am talking about him as if he is gone and will never be seen or heard from again. That is not my intention, I am only paying homage to one of the best television vampires ever made. WHY? The reason is quite simple: HE DESERVES IT!


He went into that VAMP CAMP like A BOSS and got his oh so sweet revenge. Whether he was pulling out the docs peen (thanks Debbie) tossing it like it was garbage for the racoons to eat or pulling out the docs ‘you can’t glamor me’ contacts or making sure Steve Newlin burned to a crisp, the striking VIKING had in it in spades.

The whole season of Eric Northman (including the finale) was and will be made of pure awesome and I want more! I was completely mesmerized by his performance and I could watch it over and over. Eric went there for the sole purpose of giving those that deserved it their comeuppance and to set his children free.

He also went there with the intention of using his blood to get his vamps out (same as Billith) during the sunlight. He also freed all the vamps from their imprisonment, even if they could not yet leave the camp until dark while a certain someone only managed to save the few who were sentenced to die in the sun room and a few others from burning in the sun.



Now for the reason of my discontent and why I was left with a void, a hollow feeling in my heart. Eric just took off in a Viking flash for parts unknown, shooting up in the sky. I literally felt lost and I imagine my face looked a little something like this:

especially after seeing this look:

He might very well need some time to himself but I felt overwhelming sad for him and for Pam at that moment. My shipper heart was breaking for him. I have no idea where he is going and what he is doing but I want to go with him!


just feeling a little……..



Okay I am not dead, just feeling the pain of the Viking! As usual, sound off below!


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  1. Thank you for saying what needed to be said!! Kill Bill already!!!

  2. While I very much enjoyed the vamp camp scenes and I even liked the funeral for the most part, I felt sick in the pit of my stomach and was on the verge of tears after the final scene. (I’m still very worried about where Eric went and whether or not he’ll be coming back…next week or ever.) As he flew away I blurted out loudly, “OMG, where’d he go?!?” To which my husband replied most helpfully, “He left.” (No sh*t, Sherlock…but WHERE did he go and when will he be back? Or WILL he be back?!?)

    • I had to LOL at your husband! I have no idea what is going to happen on this show anymore. I am utterly lost with some of the happenings on this show.

    • Hahaha….My husband came up with an intelligent “What do you care?” to the same question I had when Eric left and got ‘DU-UH’ face as my genius response 🙂

  3. Perfectly said! I couldn’t agree more. It’s so ironic because in many ways, i feel like the show is really getting back to its roots and actually predict next season will be excellent…but, it’s like I’m so beaten down by so many stupid developments, it’s affecting my previously obsessive involvement in the show.

    For me, it’s because the plot development has become so stupid. Here’s a NO brainer for Bilith, for instance: why not just let all the vamps out of the sun room since you obviously just opened the door to get in there–instead of melodramatically serving yourself up like the prophet buffet? And seriously, SOOKIE–WTF? I’m to the point I can’t root for her now. Is she really taking Warlow at face value? Oh well, he says he loves me, must be true. No questions or doubts after fairy club massacre, Niall disappearance or even how he so obviously wants to control her–c’mon! I was along for the ride when I thought Sook was gonna grow some ovaries, but this truly is Bill part 2….and why build up Warlow as the most powerful vamp in history, but he can be tied to a headstone for 4 episodes and nothing to do except awkward light sex for 12 seconds? What a waste of a great character and actor!

    What used to make this show so amazing was how it mixed reality w/ the absurd. Now, it’s just absurd and therefore doesn’t have the emotional resonance anymore. It’s silly. And most of the characters are acting stupid. To have all this buildup about Bill-and this is IT?

    What’s hard for me is knowing what it could be…what I think it may be next year. I do feel like Buckner is treating this like a disaster clean up of Ball’s legacy…the way he wiped out the awful fairy club, the authority, even the vamp war –w/ the hint that the Lt. Governor waiting in the wings is pro vamp….I think the scope will get smaller–like season 1-2. and that will be amazing and right!

    Having said this, Eric, Jason, and Pam were pitch perfect for me. When Eric takes off to lick his wounds, I’m hoping he spots Sarah escaping on the highway, heh…and dare I hope for a miracle, finds his way back to Sookie to help her thru the warlow mess—perhaps bookend season 6 w/ that great interaction in 1st episode and then one in the 10th…but who the hell knows? Every publication I read or critique I see of show is rooting for Sookie and Eric–the writers are the only ones who didn’t get the memo…so far.

    Thanks for saying it all better than I ever could. You keep the love alive, My Friend!

    • Love for my Viking! Thanks! Yes, Billith could have solved the whole problem and just told them to step out into the hallway! Sarah could not possibly have gotten to the top of that tower before he told them to hightail it out of there….lol! I am sure Eric would have done the same and then had them drink from him to make it outside (if he thought that would work) but I bet he would have tried it. Which is probably what he was going to do. In the end, he really did not do what she asked because not all vamps are going to be able to daywalk, only the ones who took his blood! Seems like this prophecy of saving vampire kind was or will be much ado about nothing. Unless he gets his hands on more Ben blood to synthesize and as far as I know, the doc did not finish it. Who knows if he even had any more on hand to work with which is why Billith wanted Sookie to give up Ben….LMAO! This show!

    • I think it would be wonderful if they could bookend the final episode with Eric and Sookie. When Eric saw sookie in the cemetery she was mumbling about why does it have to be forever with all of them or whatever and What’s wrong with just asking her to the movies…it’s just wishful thinking but I think there was a point to having him hear that. Whether it the finale episode or somewhere down the line I hope he shows up to sookies and just asks her on a date. I would be happy with that.

      • I will probably have to read that in a fanfiction somewhere!

      • Wouldn’t that be lovely. A nice normal date for Sookie and Eric. Gawd! I hope they do that….but I seriously doubt the writers are that clever…even though they wrote the perfect scene (where Eric overhears her) for it to segue to him asking for a date. Sigh! But at the moment I’m too worried about Eric’s state of mind after that final scene to worry about him dating. I hope he’s alright *chews fingernails nervously*

      • Itwill be so nice! Together in the beginning of the season and together in the last minutes of season with hope for season 7

  4. Love your review, I just want them to kill warlow off he is a sad character that just need to go, Eric is the reason I watch NOW, Sookie I don’t know what to thunk about her anymore

    • He is only sad because they wrote him that way. I hope he stays but I doubt it happens. Who should go is Alcide. At least Ben actually had a real story and a point to his character.

      • Amen, Sista, Amen!! Seriously, Sookie’s making cow eyes at the suddenly sunny (w/ no explanation given) wolfman?! WHY was he injected into the funeral? I don’t recall him meeting Terry, Arlene….and Sam’s new 2 day soulmate is just fine w/ him sitting behind her?! No PTSD here, eat my friends and 2 days later, let’s hang out. It’s so sloppy it’s not fun.

        Can someone also tell me why Portia got that much screen time?!!!! In a season where the major stars of show are only on for 6 minutes an episode? THIN THE HERD, PEOPLE.

        I did like most of the flashbacks, sweet. Especially LaLa’s. Right to the heart of their relationship.

        • I liked most of them as well and it was a fitting tribute to Terry, it just went on too long. I liked Big John singing!

          Yes, THIN THE HERD, especially of boring useless characters, Alcide being on of them. Steve did need to die but I would have rather kept him around instead of Alcide whose only talent is to growl. As I said James and Ben have more potential in their little pinkies than he does in his whole body. Not that we need more characters but at least these two would bring something to the plot table, if the writers played their cards right. Everything in this show is about a triangle and we could not go a season without one. *rolls eyes* Attention TB writers not every character needs to be involved in a triangle to have universal appeal!

        • I think Alcide was at the funeral for Sookie and Sam. to show support for his friends. He obviously was there for her after her speech. She hadn’t seen him all season (a couple of weeks in true blood I thought it was a nice jester on his part.

          And Sookie is worried about Jason, if you listen to the part where Alcide sits next to her, she says she is worried or wondering where he is, and Alcide says he is sure he is ok. I like Alcide now that he isn’t being a douche. the were pack can be gone forever and I’ll be happy.

          I too hope that Warlow stays around, the writers gave him nothing to do so far, so if he is going to be the big bad… he better get to it.. He is listed in the line up for season 7, so unless that is a misprint …. maybe he will actually get out of the cemefairy..

          I too was dropped mouth when Eric took off? to where? what the hell? I think (hope) he is just going away to grieve and will be back soon. Hopefully he will find Sarah on the road and finally get rid of her. the other one that needs to go is Violet. she is just creepy.

          As for Bill, he has been so full of himself since he was made King, I wouldn’t miss him much if he meets the true death.

          • I know she is worried about Jason and wondering where he is but she really should have put 2 and 2 together by now is what I mean. Like DUH he said he was going to help Jessica and then with the talk up vamps burning in the sun in a white room, she should have gotten it. I hope Ben stays and I know that I am mostly in the minority in that opinion (at least here at our Viking home lol). Bill who? HAHAHAH

      • Nymerias…..they really think people want to watch Sookie and Alcide together as a couple which is where they are going for season 7 ….it will be no chemistry and boring to say the least. Alcide they could get rid of his character and outside of a few fan folksthat wanna see him naked you wwouldn’t lose anything his character does nothing. Eric has been great this whole season. …we have seen so many different and emotional parts of him …he has been the star hands down this season. Sookie what did they do to her? She was great the first 4 episodes then been lost ever since ….Alcide will be another mistake. …but oh well writers think they know what they are doing

        • I’d really like to meet those people who want to watch Sookie and Alcide… 🙂

          • Why is he together with Sookie in the church? It´s disturbing, because it´s looking like after time jump

        • Alcide’s body is not that great last year it was toned this year it looks like he forgot to drink his whey protein shake after a work out. I would not be sorry if Alcide bit the dust or moved next door to his dad, the producers and writers through that tad bit of information in for a reason. Alcide was used by Eric to guard Sookie and if he sticks around that will be his purpose not unless they are trying to throw a shifter into the mix for good measure because there was no Felip De Castro. The only route this show can go is to fix vampire/human relations and the only thing I see Alcide’s character capable of doing is guarding Sookie in Eric’s stead or dying.

          • Yes, which brings me back to the point that he serves no purpose. You can’t make him into something he is not, same as when fans say Bill saved Vampire kind, well that is just not true! I love how that overstep the fact of whose blood made that saving possible!

  5. Loved the review dear…Kudos for voicing out everything we’ve been struggling with…

    Bill is constant with equal parts douchebaggery and stupidity so I really did not expect much from him. He also has a hero/melodrama complex going on since always, which is why I never ever felt for his character, even back in season 1 episode 1.

    I felt for Eric. And hats off to Buckner for not making him pu**y whipped with the “Save Sookie” fever again. Even if I don’t see the super awesome Askars in the last episode, at least he came and went with a bang. His character made sense, his actions were heroic and ballsy, his swagger never faltered and he got his revenge in true Viking style. Now there was the vampire I fell in love with! There is the survivor of a thousand years. There is the man who is man enough to give space to the girl he loves and man enough to walk away.

    SO whatever the writers keep pulling for Sookie, at least they did right by Eric this season and Askars was magnificent with everything. Case to the point – Making Willa (epic…), walking up to the governor’s mansion (he can be funny and menacing at the same time…swoon), putting Bill in his place (like he has been doing since season 1), every second of his screen time in episode 9 and the list goes on….

    I will keep cheering for Eric, even if the writers F up his love and family, because he is the only one who does not whine to be understood and ask for sympathy. He just goes ahead and does something about his problems. As far as Sookie is concerned, she used to be a good match for him for the first four seasons. But right now she really is just drifting with the flow with no thought of her own whatsoever. She needs to grow up. As much as it pains me, that is not something the viking needs in his life right now. His match has to be his match in all ways.

    AND…don’t growl my Viking but “I Love You Too Jason Stackhouse” …Sookie is no match for her brother in the adorable department 

    • Oh and I forgot to mention, when Jason comes out of the vamp camp ordeal, will he tell his drama queen sister who saved him there? Will our high and mighty Miss Stackhouse give a shit about Eric then?

      • At this point, for my $, she isn’t good enough for Eric. She’s the one who needs to be redeemed to earn the Mighty Viking’s love….so if this whole Bon Temps thing doesn’t work out, I’m hoping that Jason and Eric get their own spinoff. Maybe they can be supebusters and Pam can be the sarcastic receptionist. I would watch these 3 people open a box for hours! The 3 amigos light up the screen and a fangirl’s heart!!

    • You are so so right on all counts and put it so brilliantly! Thank you for reminding me this has been a stellar season for showcasing Eric. So true and worth a half assed happy dance w/ LaLa!

  6. Nymerias, I really enjoyed reading your recap. It shows all the emotions I believe all of us were going through during the eppy (and season). I agree with everything you said especially about reverting Sookie back into the dumb cluck that she use to be and here I had such hope for her that she’d finally put on her big girl panties in the beginning of the season.

    I also agree that I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when Eric flew off, like he just flew out of all of our lives forever (just like Pam). I hope that hes’ back for season 7. I don’t like it at all how it was left. I know we will see him in the finale, but I think its’ only going to be in the sex dream that Jason is going to have. How sneaky of Alex to say that he didn’t get killed off as he is in the last episode of the season. But he didn’t say how……

    Well, I look forward to Sunday night with a very heavy heart as I want to know the fate of our beloved Viking and it will be another loooooong year waiting for season 7.
    (If Alex isn’t going to be back, I won’t be watching tho’).

    • I won’t watch either and that’s sad they’ve made the other characters that way.

      • I don´t understand why would be do season 7 without Eric? It would be great mistake from authors and HBO, because it would be about nothing

  7. I agree w you guys I prefer to see Eric on his own and badass than selling out to sookie I’m thrilled he got such an arc this season HE is that show! I also felt somewhat dread as if he was leaving and would make a cameo appearance maybe in future season I really hope not or I won’t be watching! Sookie and bill cannot carry this show on their own !

    • I have a like/dislike relationship with Sookie and for the most part I like her when she is not with Bill but even alone she cannot carry the show at all. She needs a sounding board and that board is not Bill, together it is is worse. Bringing in younger pups like James and the uber bitch Violet won’t be able to carry it, they just won’t make the cut. Ben might have had a chance if they had done more with him or if they keep him around.

  8. I’m being an eternal optimist and hoping that the way we felt at the end of this episode was exactly the way the writers wanted us to feel and that it will make Eric’s return all the more powerful and joyous! I’ve been on a roller-coaster ride over the seasons with Eric (and Pam) and my emotions when watching the show have often been exactly the same as his (theirs). I felt their pain immensely at the end, but if we were meant to then that is great TV. Hopefully he’ll return home after the time jump and we won’t have to wait until next season for his story to move on. If he doesn’t return home until next season then that is more like cruelty than good writing. We’ll find out on Sunday if they want us to really suffer!

    • Honestly, until I started reading fan comments here and on FB, I didn’t realize his departure could be interpreted that way at all. I didn’t take it as final farewell in ANY WAY….look at the long, drawn out goodbye for Terry. You Guys really think this is all the main draw of the show would get?

      NO WAY. I think that’s part of the time jump for sure. I’m betting he’ll be back for that at least if not more….I still say he could catch Sarah Newlin.

      I read a review on Facebook today that praised his character arc from “self involved bar owner to vampire superhero”. Again the writers made him this way, I believe they will continue to serve him this way too….it’s Sookie who should throw a tantrum and ask to fly away after the character assassination. I just can’t get past DANGER WHORE.

      • No I don’t think he has left – I’m the same as you – I think he would get a drawn out goodbye as TB likes to amp up the melodrama. There would be some kind of speech to Willa about how she was born into greatness etc, and a very emotional scene with Pam. Eric just would not leave his family like that for good! I’m just not sure how much we will see him in the finale as Alex was given a longer than usual summer break. The Viking lives!!!!!

      • For me it was just so sad, I was like where is he going? Do what Nora said, let them walk beside you. I was feeling his grief! I was just feeling the void his taking off left me with, even though he could just be going off to grieve alone for a bit. He never really had a chance to grieve for Godric. I just felt for him.

    • From your mouth to God’s ears but I am not sweating it as we talked about! 😉

  9. Awesome review! And kudos for your use of the gifs!

    I was pretty much the same in my reaction to that last shot : think I screamed “WHE?” – combo of ‘what’ and ‘where’. And I’ve been freeze framing the promo for next week’s episode: short of hoping that it is Eric’s arm we see in the shot with Sookie in the bed giving blood, and maybe him getting her in the house, I think the only time we’ll see him is in a sex dream. So saad! But I’ve taken the Mon/Tues off next week to give the finale my absolute and unadulterated attention, and so I don’t have to contend with work whilst suffering the mother of all hangovers, having drunk myself absent a liver from the thought of having to wait another year before possibly seeing some new Viking footage.

  10. Kill Bill Vol 3!
    I loved everything you said!

  11. My thoughts with Eric and THAT FACE in the final scene:

    NOOOO!!! ERIC, DON’T GO!!!!!!! COME BACK!!!!

    That made me sadder and more tearful than Terry’s funeral ever would.

  12. Yup, longest funeral in TV history – and Alcide did not belong there – how the hell does he even know Terry?? Screamed in agony when Jason did not kill Sarah – but was funny as hell saying he could talk to Jesus – and Jesus saying she was a lowsy lay!! Funny stuff – and I look forward to next week to see the “man love” between him and Eric – brings back memories of Eric and Russell’s lover!! Loved to see Ginger brought back in – and yes, Eric was her knight in shining armour or the other vampires would have killed her! The sight of the vampires walking in the sun was priceless – my the govenor turn over in his back yard!! and now, Eric!! I hope he just went around the world to warn the other vampires not to drink True Blood – especially since it was stolen from a delivery truck! I pray that next season Eric will be back in Bon Temps! I have no words for Bill, Ben or Sookie – oh yeah, one message for Sookie – have a cheeseburger on me!! P.S. – I just saw Ryan Kwanten in a movie called “Red Hill” – not such a great movie, but he was really good in it, not nude scenes though – that’s why I look forward t next week’s episode!!

  13. What Meridiean said above. So sad I almost cried. That face 😦

    I don’t know if anyone else mentioned it…but if the writers don’t make Jason tell Sookie how awesome Eric was at the Vamp Camp, and how he healed him…I will be REALLY pissed off. So far, Sookie only thinks “he fucked Bill’s plan in the ass”. Really? She needs to know that there was more to it and that Eric did most of the work of rescuing all the vampires. And seriously Bill, why not open the fucking door and let the vamps out of the sunroom instead of the whole “hero sacrifice” thing. Pffft! So lame!

    • I just keep hope alive that Bill will get his just do by Lillith it’s going to be a price to pay for him not answering the call of the Sirens. Lillith already warned him not to defy her again. Bill seems to get away with things with little or no repercussions do you think he will finally pay for being a so called savior?

  14. Great recap! I really enjoyed it (except the Warlow love but it’s just a slight spot on amazing likewise thinking). I am still thinking about all of this and don’t want to write a bunch of negative stuff! I still think that Buckner did an about face with where they were headed under Hudis and this is where the train left the tracks for me anyway. It feels so much like the about face done after season 4, episode 7 that left me swearing I was done with this show. I do know for sure that I will NOT continue watching if Eric is gone for good.This Sookie he is presenting is not someone I care too much about since about the second she stripped and climbed on Warlow out of the blue. Bill is just plain disgustingly disgusting anymore and Alcide………….PULLEESE! Love Jason and Pam and Tara and Lala but not enough to hold my interest without the Viking! I’ve already started the process of weaning myself off everything True Blood just in case. I just can’t keep hope alive while being fed a steady diet of barf worthy scenes that include characters I think should have been eliminated long ago. Oops, some of that stuff leaked out!!!!!!!! I will be in front of my TV on Sunday with a drink in hand, a barf bucket handy and a soft sock ball to throw at my TV in case Eric is pimped out in the manner I believe he will be and then never seen again! Thank you again for a great read, interesting comments and being entertained far more than these last few episodes have!!! Here’s to hope………….ONE LAST DAMN TIME TRUE BLOOD!

    • Thanks Peecan! Most of the Ben love I was spreading had to do with the fact that I wanted to point out whose blood it was that actually saved them. It was not Bill’s that was for damn sure. By the time he got there, Eric had already freed the vamps from the cells and they would have just had to wait for the sun to go down. So Kudos Ben and Eric! Ben can turn out to be the big bad vampire this season and his blood will still the golden shit to me! LOL! It just irked me that Bill was getting the pats on the back when he was not actually the savior. Let’s face it without that blood nothing would have been possible. As someone pointed out though once in the vamp camp all anyone had to do was open the door to the white room before the doors sprang open since Sarah had to do it manually…….LOL!

      • Right you are!!!! I agree, it was Ben’s blood that saved our vamps and yes Bill could have just had them go out the door he opened, but then we wouldn’t have been “treated” to the Pieta posing and the Saint Bill walking with his apostles scene!

  15. Sookie character does not seem to have any appreciation for Eric’s awesome self she just comes across too often as vapid and with little to admire Ina female lead so sad so I agree she doesn’t have much to offer Eric as a partner she really is better suited to one of these other goofs I think warlow will lose patience with her soon

  16. I agree with mostly everyones says..thats end scene breaks my heart every time i watch it.and i watch it alot! Who ever said they were being optimistic about the end…I am trying as well..and Jason stackhouse just keeps getting cooler and cooler to me!! Hes just one of my favourites to watch besides eric! also YES I was seriously thinking the same thing about how,i feel, eric heard sookie talk out loud about going on a date on purpose. If they dont use that to there advantage then they seriously hate eric and sookie being together. WHY? why do they hate them together so much to tease us, and with hold awesome scenes with them together??? I want Jason to tell sookie in detail how ERIC was the one who saved them and him and i want jason to stick up for eric, i think something like that will happen.if not then the writers dont give a shit about eric.period.c’mon episode 10!!! Im so anxious!!!

  17. A very compelling recap and I found myself nodding my head at most of your review and disagreeing with only one point. Warlow needs to go back where he came from. He came, he saw, he conquered his fairy bride. Thanks for the blood donation now go. As you said much appreciated I would miss Pam enormously if she fried but considering he killed Sookie’s crazy ass parents,ate all the other fairies, and tossed Niall into the cosmic soup I’d say its the least he can do.

    Eric..Jason.. Pam nothing but love.

    Warlow? I want him dead and gone never to return. Which would be a compliment if I felt strongly about him but I don’t its the same way I feel about Bill. Nor is it’s not the pathetically awkward attempt on TB part to replace Eric as Sookie’s love interest because she looks like she is just going through the motions. I’m thinking despite 6000 yrs Ole Warlow needs a few lessons from the Viking hell she looked more enthused with Bill. But still girlfriend is allowed to get her groove on if she wants.

    But I digress I want him gone because of Bill yes Bill. I have read one book of CH the first SSVS book and that’s because it was given to me I never read another. Harris style of writing annoys me. I’m a J R Ward kinda gal. My point and how is it relevant to Warlow???

    Bill was “yawn” in the book and he is in the show. As one poster stated he is a drama queen and that is what annoys me about him. It has been or will be 7 Seasons and in all that time, writers, and producers he has not changed. He’s superfluous, ineffectual and a pompous wanker everything he touches go to shit. He reminds me of another wussy Ashley Wilkes and I can say that because I’m southern he and Bill a milquetoast. They put a woman inside of Bill I guess figuring if you want the job done right send a woman to do it (make him interesting? compete with Eric?) and it still friggin failed. Lillith crap flopped it went exactly nowhere because the writers dropped the ball. Prophecy.. smophecy…Hope I’m wrong but with one episode left???

    And that is why I want Warlow gone…

    Maybe if there was stronger writers as you pointed out it would be different but again reference back to Billith. Your own comments, the character has been tied to a freeking tombstone most of the season..The writers dropped one of many balls and repeatedly as well as under- utilizing the ones they do have. They had Rutger Hauer his character’s death scene in Blade Runner had me balling and they tossed him into the Twilight Zone. The writers have always leaned toward the ridiculous but once upon a time there was a decent story without the multitude of players parading through as well to distract?? from the weak story lines, forgotten canon or plots that never go anywhere. Warlow would be one more superfluous character directionless that we don’t need. Just like Alcide and several others. Which leads me to Sookie.

    The show is supposedly based on this character and I have the least interest in her this season than any other character. I have been annoyed with her, confused, dumbfounded but never would I have believed in a million years the woman I routed for the first 4 Seasons would supplant Bill on my list for most annoyingly dumb character. I’d say she needs to go but the shows about her…Why? Because she’s to steal and tweak from Jessica Rabbit ….Written that way.

    Fortunately TB has Eric or I would say peace out I don’t like women written consistently as unable to learn from their mistakes its a frustrating cliche. Tell me in what universe the woman who went out in the swamp in the dark knowing not only Fairy’s but Vamps think of her as their favorite item to acquire for their Christmas list looking for her brother because he believed he would turn into a were panther- would hear a message from him going to rescue Jessica and just shrug it off O well…. How about the woman who went to a vampire bar for her brother…

    Suddenly that same woman finds taking care of a stranger she met 5 seconds ago is more important to keep alive than her last living relative? The same freaky dinc that wants to make her the one thing he “loathes” so he can save her?? If that’s TB version of making Sookie a smarter tougher character this season I don’t need it. The end of 6X09 left me melancholy it had strong moments but coupled with the Season itself like you said numb…

  18. I agree with allot of you I wish I could say I’m optimistic but sadly I’m not the writers seem to throw common sense out the window and choose their logic and story threads based on whimsy pulled from their rectum. Sookie is disappointing. If it wasn’t for characters I can count on one hand I think I would quit. It just becomes so tedious to see week after week Sookie being an idget. As for Ben I’m indifferent, gratitude no offense meant but I think too generous as somebody mentioned previously He’s wracked up quite a death toll himself in his quest to steal what he feels is “his”. So his blood its a fair trade for the damage he has done and what he is asking from Sookie. Eric could have killed him yet he let Baby Fairy and Ben live what does this say about the Viking’s control vs the 6000 yr old Vamp/Fairy’s. Sadly Ben has become what Alcide was another plot-stical to keeping Sookie and Eric apart. As for Bill he remains eternally what he has always been since S1 all theater if this was the real world Bill would be a mediocre government employee who believes he is more important than he really is and as one person said turning everything he touches to ashes. I used to look forward to the final episode with excitement now I’m just bracing myself for the other shoe to fall.

    • I agree and if The Warlow story drags on into season 7 I am done. If Sookie throws herself at Alcide, I am done. If Bill has no repercussions for not leaving with the sirens when Lillith summoned him, I am done. If Eric departs the show, I am done. The story of Bill and Sookie died please do not revisit the possibility. The story of Sookie and Alcide should be done but she is at the funeral making cow eyes at him, please do not revisit that possibility. Alcide should take his father’s advice and move next door and they run the family visit (where is Maria Starr when you need her)? Sookie and Sam are done, please do not ever think that is a possibility. Sookie should be allowed to date and be treated like a fairy princess by the prince of the Vikings. Bottom line please stop side stepping every possibility of Sookie and Eric working to make an effort toward a relationship and drama queen Sookie makes an awful princess.

  19. aolani08 your post was rad. haha i agree with you!!!! Things would be ALOT different if the fans were included in the decision process of the show!(considering the fans are the reason there is a show in the first place)
    Get the boring boys out,and bring back the viking!!

  20. Sookie was so smart until episode 4 then (i’m gonna say it even if it cost me some thumbs down) so dim-witted OMG she looks so lost she just goes with the flow she need to grow up and be the girl in the white dress again not the( in her own words) danger hore she’s become

  21. Hey like/share/visit this page …There are too few people on it for comfort 🙂

  22. Eric’s leaving bothered me too. I thought a lot about it. I think he still has unfinished business. I’m with Evie he would never leave Pam, Willa, Tara without explaining himself and being sure that they are safe.
    Now let’s come to our “favorite” Billy-boy. He is and always will be the hero who gets all the honor (by the writers). I did think a lot about it and came to the following conclusion. Bill is still such a young vampire – so he needs to pamper his ego.
    Eric doesn’t need that – I mean he is nearly a thousand years older than Bill – he is over that. He doesn’t have to proof anything to himself, the world or someone else.
    I guess this is also the way the writers are doing it for Eric.

    • It is not just the writers that get me about Bill, it is the fans. Bill has always had major help in any of his hero endeavors since the beginning of this show. I just simply get tired of the ‘he is the hero’ mantra when he simply did not do much of anything. This fan of the show as well as others know this. How others can be so blind and forgetful of things is beyond me. Bill never gets credit from me and never will. His saving the vamps in the white room was due to Ben and his golden blood, not anything great he did. He would not have been able to do that had it not been for someone else.

      • It almost makes you feel that we could be better Eric Northman fans….and Alcide’s face his eyes And smile I wish I knew what that was about. I’ve been on every True Blood blog I know to go on just to let them know WE WANT ERIC AND SOOKIE AND WE WANT THEM NOW!!!!!!

        • At this point all I want is Eric. As for Sookie, she needs to stay the hell away from Bill, otherwise I don’t care who she is boinking. But really seeing her constantly go back to Bill and forgive him, it is nauseating and it has gotten old and tired real quick. There is only so much of the rinse later repeat where the Bill/Sookie shit is concerned that a person can take. They are boring, I was more interested in her story with Ben (a newbie) than I am with anything having to do with Bill. I fast forward through any scenes they have together as much as I can. That is how much they bore me. I know I am not the only one. Maybe that is why I want Ben to stick around and see him really kick Bill’s ass (when he cannot be commanded by the Lilith inside).

          • I agree on all accounts I could have liked Ben/Warlow if he would have come into Bon Temps the big bad he appeared to be in season 5 when he came through the mirror. He was packaged too much like Bill for me and when he started spewing his hate for vampire kind and how he has to feed at night my mind literally snapped. I thought holy hell another Bill freaking Compton. How can this almost 6000 year old vampire not control his hunger and Eric is a little over a 1000 and Willa a week old and control their hunger? I’m really considering not watching the final episode until I review the blog to see of there is any Eric action.

          • I think Ben would have been better if the writers had let him play the vampire they touted him to be, which we did not know if he was going to be all big and bad. We all just assumed. All that said, I still like his character. I understand what you are saying. I really don’t get where the whole idea came from that he cannot control his hunger, I think it is more the anger of his vampire side he cannot control.

            I can’t fault him for hating vampires, he was a fairy turned into ones so I get it. My dislike for Bill is so much that I cannot compare anyone else to him. We can agree to disagree about Ben, that is the way the world works after all! 🙂

  23. Sookie has had someone in her life who loved her from the moment he met her, but the girl in the white dress either doesn’t realise it, or doesn’t care.

  24. Awesome review of this episode. I was so glad to see the REAL Eric return (finally!!!!) I could hardly contain myself. As far as I’m concerned, True Blood could become The Eric and Pam Show and I would be one of its biggest fans.

    As for that which I did NOT like in this episode (or, season really):

    Thing the first – – will always and forever be Sookie for me. I just can’t get on the Sookie bandwagon and never have from the first episode. I saw a spark of the possibility of a backbone growing in her at ONE point in the season and just as quick as it came? It left.

    Thing the second – – SARAH FUCKING NEWLIN. For the love of all that is holy, WHY is she still alive?

    Thing the third – – Alcide’s transformation from hot wolf many moons (pun intended) ago to being completely and utterly insignificant to the show – to the extent that I really don’t even find him attractive anymore. Travesty. But seriously – time to go buddy.

    Final thing – – Sam Merlotte. His storyline is so utterly boring and pointless to me now I ALMOST fast forward thru his scenes altogether. *Yawn – – time to die, Sam, buh bye.*

  25. (The post above was actually made by me, CHERI, not my True Blood blogging partner in crime, Amber…. not sure how that happened but regardless, just wanted to clarify…. stop on over to our page at & say hello!!! We love snark and you, my friend, are filled to the brim with it! In all the most awesome ways.)

  26. absolutely agree.what a waste of great chemistry/love.

  27. Thanks for the review. I thought my heart stopped when Eric flew to the sky. Please don’t tell me he is going to do something stupid.
    I think it’s getting more likely that we are losing Eric, though
    No excitement anymore to watch True Blood for me.

  28. Excuse me Ben did not save vampire kind Eric did Ben was to busy whining and telling Sookie his sob song to save vampire kind. Ben contributed but Eric made it happen

    • Agreed, seeing anyone praise Ben makes me physically ill, that’s as bad as praising Bill in my opinion. Whether it was his blood or not, he did nothing. I bet he could have cared less about saving them and only would have done it to get in good with Sookie, as if she’s not already a complete idiot where he’s concerned.

      • Oh please, it is not the same thing at all. No one could be as bad as Bill to me. It does not matter if he could have cared less, the point of it is that anything Bill was not possible had it not been for the blood of Ben. I am one who gives credit where credit is due and that credit goes to Ben, whether he was willing or not.

        I sure as hell am not going to give Bill ANY credit for saving vampire kind when it is just not TRUE. Ben’s blood allowed Eric to go in there and free all the vamps from the cell blocks and to get his revenge. Eric may have needed a little DAY WALKING boost for Ben so KUDOS go those two. Bill did nothing but take shit and wait for shit to happen while Eric took control.

        The whole point of my statement is some in this fandom glossing over the point that had it not been for the blood of Ben, none of what happened in episode 9 would have happened. My statement was aimed at those that continue to give props to Bill for saving vampire kind when he sat on his ass for the most part. All he had to do was open the damn door to the white room and let them out.

        I know you don’t like Ben and that is fine, you have that right but I have the right to praise who I want regardless of whether it makes you physically ill. You have your opinion and I have mine but I don’t have something snarky to say every time you voice yours, until now that is.

        We all have different opinions and they should be respected, no matter how it made you feel. If you want to lump him in with Bill (which has been duly noted MANY TIMES OVER) then fine but I don’t share your opinion, respect it yes but I do not share it. I may not share your opinion but I am not going to take a shite over it every time either.

    • I love Eric but without Ben’s blood he would not have been able to get back inside the camp during the day ad in the manner that he did. Ben’s blood allowed both Bill and Eric to walk in the sun and Bill had the blood of Ben in his body which saved those in the white room. If you read my whole post, you would have seen that I said Ben and Eric were my heroes for different reasons. Eric let everyone of their cells and he was going to let those in the white room out as well. But had it not been for the blood of Ben, none of that would have been possible.

      Also, the reason it was in my post was because Bill was the only one getting Kudos in the fandom (especially on Tumblr) and I simply set it straight. Bill did not save vampire kind and he definitely was not alone in that. As per usual, he needed help playing the so called hero.

  29. A. F*cking. Men!!!! This is your best review yet!! Yes! Why didn’t Billith just usher everyone out the damn door?? Eric had the rest of the “housecleaning” covered, for Pete’s sake!
    I was so excited and optimistic at the beginning of the season, too. Somewhere along the line, we took a detour. I don’t know if this is the result of the Ball/Hudis/Buckner relay, but, sadly, “out of gas” feels like the perfect description. And it makes me so sad, because since it first aired, True Blood has been my absolute favorite series on TV. XO

  30. I have never been a big Bill fan I just didn’t get it oatmeal drying in the sun has more personality. But Nymerias you made a darn good point by the time Bill got to the Camp it was all done but the Hallelujah chorus. Eric had already killed the guards, turned Doc into a girl, saved Jason, released all the vamps, and grabbed Pam a departing gift. So I to wondered why Bill turned himself into some sort of buffet when they could have walked out the door he had opened it. I mean this.. this is the big Lilith earth shaking event? 5? 6? vampires possibly cooking in the sun? Its just another one of those inexplicable things TB does to make that character seem more of a valued contributor than he really is. Honestly he’s worthless imo.

    • Exactly! It was all much ado about nothing, this was the whole prophecy, you are kidding me! That’s it! Not everyone got the blood of Ben so not all of vampire kind was saved and I found it funny that Bill said I did what she asked. Ummmmm, no ya didn’t

  31. I mostly loved this episode. Even the end didn’t bother me. I ain’t worried…yet. I did get hugely frustrated with the funeral though. I liked Terry getting a proper send off, since I thought his death was so badly done, but it was really dragged out. About half of penultimate episode spent on a static event with lots of reflecting dialogue and all those pointless flashbacks made no sense to me. Sam and Andy saying a tribute and Sookie’s fastback and telepathy reveal moment would have been better I think.

  32. Also, I know I’m probably the only person on the planet who thinks this but I like Violet. She reminds me of old skool TB characters like Lorena, QSA and Franklin and I’ve missed their brand of cray-cray. 

    She’s the type of character that when she dies I’ll be cheering…but I think the show needs that too when there’s so many traumatic deaths thrown in. 

    Anyway, looking forward to your recap of the finale. Hope I’m not reading it whilst weeping over Ben and Jerry. 😉

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