Bloody Predictions: “Radioactive” (6.10)


The pressure has been mounting… as have our point totals toward this Sunday’s finale. These past 9 weeks have flown by so fast that season 7 feels that much further away. We have had several up and downs this season with the show, and several lead changes in our little game to see who knows the show best.

Let’s check where we stand before we share our final predictions for the season

  1. Missie/Carissa – 99
  2. Nymerias – 98
  3. B – 89
  4. Erika – 81

It’s pretty tight at the the top of our leader board, and it could be anyone’s game. Time to open a vein one last time this season and lock our predictions in.



  1. We will see Eric’s ass in a fantasy involving Eric and Jason.
  2. Sookie will not be turned into a vampire.
  3. Benlow will die in a final showdown with Bill.

Erika seems to be trying the keep it simple method…



  1. We will only see Eric in the finale in Jason’s dream.
  2. Bill will try to stop Warlow from marrying Sookie.
  3. Sookie will find out what happened to Niall before the end of the show.


  1. We will see more of Eric than ever before, as per the HBO tweet and the reason I am using this one is for easy points (LOL) and to let the powers that be @TrueBloodHBO know that it galls me that they must think all we think about is seeing Alex naked. There is more to that man than his body. Okay off my soapbox now. Not that Alex minds as he is Scandinavian.
  2. Sookie and Ben’s wedding/turning ceremony will be crashed by a few Bon Temp citizens to save the day.
  3. The finale will end on a very dull and sour note. (I would be happy to be wrong and loose points on this one but… DOT DOT DOT)


  1.  Sookie will learn what happened to Niall, either by snooping in Jason’s head and finding the glamour or an unguarded moment of Warlow’s mind
  2. The dream sequence HBO has been teasing will include Eric, Jason…. and Violet.
  3. Eric. Will. Not. Be. Killed. Off. The. Show.


That’s all she wrote… and we are only hours away before we find out who is most right… and who wins the crown.

It’s the finale… let the blood roll!


About B

Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

13 comments on “Bloody Predictions: “Radioactive” (6.10)

  1. Well, for whatever reason, I had a very hard time choosing who to go with this week, but ultimately, I choose you, B. First it would be cool if Jason dreamed a three-way with Eric and also, I am trying to be optimistic and go with you on Eric is not dead and will be back next season. I sure as heck hope you’re right!!!!!

    Sadly, waiting for tomorrow finale and wishing it was only the start of the season and not the end of it……………………..

  2. Oh my Lord I hope I don’t have to see Violet with Jason and Eric. UGH!!

  3. Somewhere doing the finale Sarah Newlin has to show up and meet the true death. I do not want her showing up again next season.. And Violet needs to go with her, she is just flat out creepy.

    So in the past couple of weeks, Jason has had Warlow’s blood, creep girl’s blood and Eric’s. Please no threesome that involves Violet.That would, in my opinion, ruin the shot.. Now naked Eric, Jason and Warlow…. trifecta!!!!!! lol

  4. PAM:
    Didn’t you leave out Alcide naked????
    He’s got one of the best bodies on the Show??
    Naked Eric,JASON,Alcide & Warlow, now that’s a GRAND SLAM Homerun.
    I don’t need to see Violet~but do need to see Sarah Newlin meet the
    TrueDeath at Eric Northman’s hands!!!

  5. I’m also going to have to agree with B. However I think Nymerias, is going to be right about this season ending dully..but, as long as a certain sexy Viking doesn’t meet the true death..I’ll be happy. 😉

  6. And what happens if Eric does meet the true death? How do we stand then? I for one will be done with the show if that’s true. However, what if Alex didn’t want to come back then are we still angry and upset? I’ve almost decided not to watch the finale tomorrow night until I hear what the result is. Believe it or not I do realize this is just a tv show!! It’s just…no Alex/Eric??? At this point I don’t even care if he ends up with Sookie or Willa or Lafayette! He just has to be there!!

    • If Alex wanted out then Im happy for him and will support him.

      But yes, I would still be angry depending on how Eric’s exit from the show would be handled. He deserves more then what they did for Terry thats for sure. Eric Northman does not get brushed under the rug

    • Even if I find out Alex didn’t want to come back, I’ll be angry and upset because killing him this way deprives fans of the opportunity to enjoy speculating about where he might be and what he might be doing. They could just have just let him fly away and not come back; they don’t have to kill him. However I may change my mind after I see the ep though, depending on how it happens. They could superimpose images of a Viking funeral pyre, implying he’s just completing the journey he started on that battlefield 1,000 years ago before Godric found him, and if they do it well enough I might be shedding happy tears rather than pissed off, angry ones. We don’t have long to wait to find out, anyway.

    • I doubt, even if AS wanted or had to to leave, that they’d kill him off. I think they’d likely do a Clooney in ER kinda thing. They’d want to dangle the promise of him to try to keep people watching.

      Also doubt they’ll kill off Eric offscreen or have him die alone as some spoilers have suggested. Would be a waste of a dramatic opportunity (mind you there’s been a plenty of those this season). I still expect it’s a tease or cliffie…I’ve expected it since before this season even started since their marketing seems to have been built around it. S6 has been nothing if not predictable for me.  But I still keep hoping they’ll surprise me tonight. I can’t help myself. 

      I do wonder at them not really laying any pipe for next season in S6 though. I wonder if they thought they weren’t getting another season. That would change things I guess. Also would explain why they bizarrely tacked on this time leap/reboot type thing. 

  7. I have two questions that I need some true fans to analyze and answer for me if possible.

    Ok here’s the first one. If it were true that Sookie were turned into a vampire/fairy hybrid WHYYYY would she the character much less the writers ever give that much power to Bilith?? I mean come on think about it. If Warlow turns her then they are essentially giving Billith the power of the makers command over Sookie. Yes I know that Warlow technically would have that power but all Bill would have to do would be to say “Warlow as your maker I command you to command Sookie to…blah blah blah”…so in an indirect way they will be giving control of Sookie to Bill. Why would they or she ever do that? Or has the peroxide finally gone to the last remaining brain cell she had left and fried that one too??

    Secondly….how was Warlow able to kill Lilith? I know that the show described it as him blasting a hole through the roof of the cave she was resting in and thus frying her to a crisp. BUT if that were true then why is that not happening to Bill? I mean, not to steal a line from Sookie but, Lilith would have had more of Warlow’s blood flowing through her veins than Warlow did. So if it is his blood that is allowing everyone to walk around in the sun why did it not do the same for Lilith?

    The only argument I can think of regarding this is that perhaps it was AFTER his change that his blood went from super to kick ass and it was only then that his blood became superglow for vampires….but if that is the case don’t you think that is leaving alot for the fan to have to figure out on their own?

    What do you guys think?

    • They’ve trampled all over their own mythology this season and it seems like they’ve just been making up Warlow’s and adding to Sookie’s abilities as they go. Microwave fingers can strengthen vines and extra specially cement statues to the ground. Really? That’s logical…and don’t get me started on Sookie’s new teleportation-but-only-when-it’s-convenient skill.

  8. I thought the whole focus on a certain body part that Brian Buckner teased (because we’re all just slavering superficials apparently) was when said dismembered bit was featured rather prominently. Has there been something else teased? This whole element of this show is starting to bug me. 

    I’m with Nymerias. I think they’re belittling a great character and risking stereotyping a talented actor and making him seem just like a piece of meat. They are also assuming their audience are way too superficial. Even I’m at the stage where I’m like “keep your clothes on for a bit, please!”

    I felt that a couple of scenes this season were just nekked sexiness for the sake of it and didn’t service the story. More so than any other season. Sometimes it seems like they don’t even seem to realise that they have some great characters that we’ll happily watch clothed.

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