Eric, Pam and Jason Make Entertainment Weekly

Thanks to our beloved B…the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features some of our favorite characters from True Blood!

These are the scans from the digital issue.

Check ’em out below.


Eric made the “Bull’s Eye” with the caption that read, We’re surprised we weren’t the ones who exploded when Eric went full frontal on True Blood.”


Pam made “Sound Bites” for her line;  “Sookie I’m actually f–king happy to see you!”

1098100_590471274349938_1568999030_nAnd lastly, Jason is one of “TV Drama’s Best Comic Reliefs” which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise…especially because of some of his hilarious moments this season. “Whore for Christ”…rubbing the top of the therapist’s head, anyone?

Thanks again B!

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15 comments on “Eric, Pam and Jason Make Entertainment Weekly

  1. Jason has always been a relief…I also like Steve Newlin but they killed him off 😦

    Eric oh Eric…I am short on words right now…

  2. Sent by carrier pigeon

  3. I am glad some of my favorite characters were so well represented in this issue of EW. Maybe Brian Buckner will get a clue about what is important on the show and change course…

  4. Kill Bill and the writer and producer of episode 10, fire Buckner and promote Bill to show runner

  5. I laughed out loud when Jason called Violet Maverick while playing vollyball, referencing Top Gun.

  6. Honestly they should get rid of Bill put SM behind the camera.
    His character is boring.

  7. Eric looks so sexy . Great photo .Love Pam & Jason too!!

  8. Ladies:
    Seems that Mr.Buckner has gotten word to “Fix the mess you made ASAP”
    He’s done so, Alexander’s now a “Series Regular” and ERIC IS ALIVE.
    And he’s returning next Season. we can all relax.

  9. I hope when Sookie staked Bill they laid that story line to rest because if she goes back to him in any capacity other than a friend the writers are doing her character a disservice

    • Aolani08 that is my belief as well. Her going back to Bill is not growth and I must say I did watch that scene she staked Bill for Eric hello we all cheered in our seats at home for that and in season four Gran told her not to give her heart to him yet I took the yet and was thrilled with that in hopes it meant someone had been paying attention to the Eric and sookie goodness. I think they have made her look weak minded something that does not suit her at all.

    • Totally agree. She staked him, he is dead to her. Writers, keep Bill away from her but put him more behind the camera, he is an axcellent director.

  10. […] What do Sound Bites, Bull’s Eyes, and Comic Relief have in common? All of these are features in Entertainment Weekly which feature some of our favorite characters in the last issue! Thanks to B, you can check out these digital scans here! […]

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