Poll: Will you be watching True Blood Season 7?

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Here at Eric & Sookie Lovers, we’re wondering whether or not you think you’ll be tuning into True Blood Season 7?

This is just a preliminary poll, to get kind of an idea of where your heads are at – based on what happened during Season 6 and what we know (so far) on Season 7.

You have until August 31st to cast your votes!

Please cast your votes in the poll box below.

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers for your feedback! It’s very much appreciated!

We’ll let you know the results in early September.


31 comments on “Poll: Will you be watching True Blood Season 7?

  1. Although I’m disappointed with so much of TB, I will continue to watch as long as Eric is on it. I would shamelessly watch ASkars in ANYTHING, so I’m here until he isn’t.

    • Hello, everyone Eric / Sookie brought me here 🙂
      I will be watching TB S7 when I will make sure Eric is “dead well ” part of series not a ghost like Godric.

      . I did cancelled my HBO subscription until further notice.(Period)

  2. Maybe but it will only be for ERIC ONLY!!

  3. Nope. Unless Eric is going to be in the main storyline, I won’t be watching. I don’t want to watch the walking dead ripoff Bill & Alcide comedy hour. Nope. No interest at all…

  4. Also, I don’t want to see Jason with his abuser, Violet anymore either. That was not sexy. It was a turn off.

  5. no not at all I’m very disappointed with all the writers ! They don’t realize that the fans want to a Eric/Sookie endgame! Are they so dumb?It looks like CH Dea all over again! A love triangle between Alcide/Sookie/Bill|| No Thank you

  6. No I had my fill it shouldn’t take a fan up roar for a show runner to know what strikes platinum and what is just basically coal on his show. Until True Blood gets a show runner that has a clue, I think I will pass next season. I’m team Eric and Sookie and the Bill and Sookie show just got less appealing

  7. Eric is the reason I continue to watch the show. I loved how he was just like this sweet man who would do anything for Sookie, whatever happened to that storyline? I think when he remembered his past again, it could have opened up a whole new and sexy story line for them. At least we finally got a look at him naked, until he started to burn.

  8. Where’s the “I hate myself because I know I’ll still watch it for Eric” choice?

  9. Ladies:
    I’ve said this before I’m in this for the LONG HAUL.
    I’ve watched every Episode,Season and Repeat ever shown.
    AND I’m going to watch till the LAST Episode ever shown.

  10. Only for Eric . He is the best ,

  11. Nope, I’m done, I’ll just watch the Eric scenes online.

  12. Nope. I’m out. 2 minutes of Eric followed by 40 mins of Bill/Sookie/Alcide per episode would give me ulcers I’m sure.

  13. As of right now.. No way!! I will wait to hear what corner Eric is being stuck in. The way they set up that god awful last episode appears that there wont be anything going on that I care to see without a barf bag in hand!

  14. Erika – if you only get 1 vote on the top option, then you know who it is (runs and hides). I know even now there is no way I won’t watch it, Eric is going to be in it, so I won’t be able to resist 🙂

  15. I’ll still watch but in no way will I be connected to HBO/Showcase in Oz (I have reliable and trustworthy friends that have it for other shows that have offered to help me with that). That way I’ll still know what happens and if it goes to shite then I won’t feel anymore cheated than I will already be.

  16. Nope. I won’t pass Go, collect $200 or tune on for the Bill/Sookie/Alcide show. After the horrendous writing, blatant slap in the face ala Eric’s “death” and the knowledge that the viking will be completely separate from everyone else’s story next year, NO WAY! I’ll further my love for Askars by watching Eric’s clips online and supporting his movies. What Maisie Knew was heartbreaking but awesome nonetheless.

  17. Yes, I will be watching. Eric will be fine and I hope with Pam and Willa will have a great storyline. I think it’s good he/they will have a seperate storyline, Eric doesn’t deserve that whining, stupid creature that Sookie is, let her do whatever she wants, although I see why she doesn’t want any vamps anymore, Warlow was the 3rd that betrayed her. Eric should find someone else. For me, Willa is perfect.

    • Pretty much what I’d like from next season too. I’m trying not to get my hopes up about Willa, I’m waiting to see how interested in her he actually is. He definitely needs to let someone love him though!

      • Yes, exactly! And Sookie is not that girl anymore. She is so irritating, I don’t see why ship her with Eric anymore. He clearly deserves better. But, my friends, let’s just not forget that this is a drama series. Probably, Eric will end up with Sookie at the very end of the show. But I can’t say I want this anymore. Surely, I prefer it from this stupid triangle they chose with Bill and Alcide. Bill shouldn’t even be in the picture. Trying to make Sookie forgive him is the biggest part of the books, though. 😛 And this stupidity about matching vamps with humans is so irritating. If even Jess can protect someone from those infected vamps all a human need is a good weapon, not a vamp. That was a stupid excuse to try bring back the vamps with the humans to “restore” the series to the original routes. To be honest after this mess, I prefer the “new” root this series had since S5… I’m so angry with this finale, because this season was pretty good until Ep9…

    • In my opinion, Willa is too young and immature for him, maybe when some years pass it will work. Right now, I just don’t see anything between them. I wish she would have at least acknowledged him in the finale, someone needed to. She looked like she was doing fine on her own.

  18. I don’t know I cant say revisiting Beehl and Sookie with a dash of Alcide really speaks to me. I was thinking of just catching Eric moments on Utube

  19. No. I won’t waste my money subscribing to HBO to watch the Alcide/Sookie/Bill triangle, It turns my stomach just thinking about it. Or the stupid Hep V nonsense, every human has a vampire, every vampire has a human. That’s the best you have Twilight Zone oops I mean True Blood writers??? And for some reason it’s really bugging the crap out of me that Merlotte’s is now Bellafleur’s and Sam is the freaking mayor. Was that really necessary? (and where the heck did that heavy Southern accent come from in the finale Sam?) I’ll watch the Eric stuff on YouTube unless he’s a ghost or they do something else really awful with him….again. Then not even YouTube.

  20. This is what happens when Hollywood writers decide to throw away all connection to an excellent literary source and write up all their drug induced fantasies.

  21. i don’t know , i’m so so disappointed . if Eric’s is Alive i will . but I sincerely hope if sookie will got together with eric . they love is seem really , real love *ohimreallyheartbroken. *sigh*

  22. Whether I watch or not will be determined by Eric’s role. I want to see the Viking I know and love, not a physically scarred or psychologically damaged version. As long as my Eric is back and has a decent storyline, I’ll watch.

    I will not watch a ghost!Eric story. I want him to be on my screen regularly, not just a couple of eps a season, but I’ll know when he’s on so I won’t have to watch the Eric-free eps. I have no desire to see the whiny, stupid, just plain unlikeable, creature with a memory like a sieve that Sookie has become, anywhere near Eric. I don’t mind the idea of an Alcide/Sookie/Beehl triangle, because I don’t give a damn about any of them. It might actually be quite amusing to watch Moyer’s over-acting and Sookie’s strange expressions and gulping and Alcide’s growling and “bright eyes”.

    I would like to see a relationship develop between Eric and Willa. A half decent writer could easily make it work. She’s not much younger than Sookie was in S1 and she has a university education, A couple of conversations showing Willa is intelligent and witty and a good companion, and showing Eric indicating an interest her – Alex’s amazing ability to show his emotions with his eyes and facial expressions could make it convincing in one scene – would do the trick if it is done well. No problemo! 😀

    Maybe Eric and Pam and Willa and Tara could move to where Willa’s mother and her vampire partner live, and get involved in something of interest over there. Having Tara with them would maintain a link with Bon Temps for plotline connections when appropriate. Perhaps something would happen to Sookie and Tara could convince Eric and the others to rush over there to get her out of whatever quicksand the faery telepath is sinking in at the time.

    • Being physically scarred, how in god’s name would they pull that off. Bill was a roman candle on several occasions, when in the grave yard saving Sookies worthless ass he was in the sun for what seemed forever. And was walking around pretty much just fine that night. But I agree with you, unless he is brought back healed, not screwed up in the head, NO ghost or flashback or memories Eric, the real alive/dead Eric Northman, than they can keep it.

  23. HBO should cancel the show now before Brian Buckner can do any more damage.

  24. We already know that Eric is going to live. Brian already stated that in the interview. Alex is a regular cast member. I thought there were some good points to this season and yes some bad ones. I wish they would’ve killed Sarah off! Usually the big bad assholes go down and die by the end of the season. Yes I am excited for season 7 as I do want to know what’s going to happen. I don’t know yet but this might be the last season of true blood. I mean there’s only so many ways you can go….which the only books can truly take you very far far away lol.

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