True Blood Season 6: A ‘Bloody’ Waste

As fans of this show, we have a right to air our grievances and have our voices heard. We have sat back for too long, season after season, waiting and hoping that the writers and powers that be would take our concerns to heart. Every season, we end up disappointed in the overall quality of the show. It appears the only concern they took to heart is the multiple storylines that have nothing to do with the main. Bucky and company, that was just the tip of iceberg.

We are a shipper site, hence the name but most of us know that particular ship has sailed. I am fine with it as Sookie does not need a man to define her and Eric deserves someone who knows what she wants. The best thing about Season 6, hands down was Eric as his story was the most compelling while the rest fell short and was lackluster. Ben/Warlow had awesome story potential but it was wasted by simply tying him to a gravestone.

The only thing that would have made Eric BETTER(is that even possible?) this season was to utilize him more in the more Warlow plot, it would have been an interesting dynamic but seeing as how Ben’s supposed power was underscored, Eric would have easily kicked his ass, just like Jason did. I found the execution of Ben extremely boring and not well thought out, seeing as Bill; infused with the blood of Lilith COULD NOT be staked and killed but Ben can when they have the same blood flowing through their veins?
We can’t continue to sit back and NOT let the writers know how badly they are dropping the ball. TV critics have been saying the same things we are and yet nothing has changed. We are still getting characters that end up being ‘much ado about nothing’ and plots that make no sense. I don’t know about anyone else but that finale was craptastic and I felt like the inhabitants of Bon Temps were taken away on the MOTHER SHIP and were replaced by aliens. STEPFORD BON TEMPS ANYONE? INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS? Who were these masked people?

So before the writers get their heads together and start plotting out their usual story for this next season that hopefully (after this) won’t be as crappy as the last three, we thought an OPEN LETTER was in order. If we have to post it everywhere and anywhere to get the attention of the powers that be then so be it. If it ends up being a total waste of time, we can say we at least tried and our efforts still won’t be as bad as the season 6 finale was. So without further ado, here is another OPEN LETTER and here is hoping that it gets taken seriously this time.

An Open Letter to Brian Buckner:

I don’t know about anyone else but I watch television to escape but that does not mean that the show I am watching has to be utterly ridiculous and void of any real-life substance, delights, repercussions or consequences. We may use TV as an escape of the mundane but that does not mean that TV should not be mirrored with some reality. I read something somewhere and it was wise in that in real life there is no ‘reset’ button and there should not be one in shows either. It is time to wake up the True Blood writers and give them a reality check of their own.

This is NOT about ‘ships’ in this fandom and I am not trying to tell you how to do your job or how to run your show but I am going to tell you about your lack of respect for this fandom. There have been many a time that fans of this show have expressed their concerns about this show and for the most part, those concerns are largely ignored by the powers that be at HBO and True Blood. I guess we need to express those concerns again but this time with much detail.

It does not take a rocket science to discover that this show continues to make any sense at all, no matter who tries to spin it. Every time I think they are going to do something HUGE from something that occurred previously or with one of their so called fantastic plots (Warlow), they do nothing with it and therefore missing out on a huge opportunity to really shock or surprise the masses and give the viewer some satisfaction and reward for watching. Instead we get nothing for our efforts, it is maddening. As far as I am concerned, it all amounts to ‘much ado about nothing’ for all the energy (or lack thereof) they put into it.

1. Continuity

The story being told from season to season should adhere to the already previously established mythology or plot points. The writers cannot change things on a whim with no regard to something they have made crystal clear. It is flat out lazy and makes the writing team look incompetent. The fans remember every bit of what has been said and done previously and they do not appreciate being treated as fools.

2. The overall plot

Outside of continuity, fans want a story that is complete and concise with no glaring plot holes the size of the Grand Canyon. You can’t just write something and let it go at the drop of a hat like it was nothing. Case in point: Jason and the whole hotshot mess, we had to sit through that man being gang-raped and then be told it was his comeuppance for the way he treated woman. Now, we get him stuck in this ridiculous relationship with a bitchy female vampire whose character seems pointless. I would have much rather we kept Ben/Warlow who could have actually brought something to the story; instead we get this vampire who is a bossy, jealous witch and Jess’s new vampire James, who happens to sing in a band. BORING! Who cares if a vampire is a singer in band? Talk about terrifying! There are many more examples but who wants to go there or watch it.


Every year it is the same thing. A New season means a new villain and always a one season villain who turns out to NOT be much of a villain. Ben/Warlow was touted to be the BIG BAD and this strong UBER hybrid but he ended up being written into a corner that the writers could not get him back out of. He spent the majority of the season tied to a gravestone and showing little of his almighty powers until the final moments of the finale. This was a complete and total waste of a gifted actor and to a character that could have brought something great to the table.

Alex and Rob have a natural quality to them that sets them apart from the others and Rob should have been used to the max. Along with the character of Eric (who always entertains and brings such goodness to the table) Ben was adding new life to the show and he was wasting away in a cemetery. It was a shame really as there could have been so many things that could have happened with this character. For as strong as he was touted to be, he was taken out much too easily and ended being a big joke. I feel bad for Rob as his talents were not used to their full potential.

I am also tired of hearing about Bill and about how he can he be forgiven. Every season, it is the same thing, over and over. The writers say they don’t want Bill to be an asshole but yet they constantly write him that way. They always have him doing something very, very bad and it is always something or someone else’s fault. There is always the ‘redemption’ of Bill but yet he has really done nothing wrong, according to you writers. This is where fans of the show get irritated. You cannot have a character, such as Bill who has done one bad thing after another and there are no repercussions or consequences to his actions.

In fact, he gets rewarded, every time. You cannot ‘reset’ Bill for he is too far gone and people are tired of this happening. There has to be some reality here mirrored in with the fantasy, otherwise it gets old and stale. Quite frankly, this story of Bill you are telling has been stinking of the final death for a while now, end it will you or breathe new life into it. At least, something the fans can appreciate and get satisfaction from. I am so over your love and obsession with Bill Compton, it is bringing the show down. Bottom line, where all areas of the show are concerned, you need to quit doing the same old tired stuff. Surely, you are capable of it.

One thing that stood out to me was that you felt you had to appease the Eric fans somehow because you knew how they would feel about his ‘supposed’ death. I am all for nudity but it has to be done right and NOT mass marketed as a way to try to appease people for the supposed death. We knew he was not dead but it should have been a proper cliffhanger and we should not have been appeased with the ‘tonight you will see more of Eric than you ever have before’. Others in this fandom might fall in line with the ‘I am okay as long as I get to see him nude’ but it does not fly with me.

I don’t know about anybody else but I want more for my buck and if your show cannot deliver anything more than stupid plots that end up going nowhere why should I watch it with any seriousness or give it accolades? Mocking it would make more sense at this point. I prefer quality over quantity any day of the week.

You and your team of writers cannot seem to remember what they have said and done as far as already established myth and change it to suit their plot needs at the time. Fans remember everything because they are PAYING ATTENTION! It really is a kick in the gut when fans concerns over a series they spent time writing about on a blog is largely ignored and we are told to trust them. Sorry, you have proven you cannot be trusted. Fans can still make or break a show and so it is important to remember that if you don’t ‘give us what we want, we WILL go away’ and then the show will just be mocked mercilessly. All fans really want is a consistent, exciting story that makes cohesive sense. I really don’t think that is too much to ask.

I don’t like wasting my time so the True Blood powers that be need to prove to me and other fans that they are worthy of being promoted in the manner of which they are used to. Why should I or anyone else back a show when it writers constantly sling crap our way? Anyway, the ball is in their court, put up or shut up! There is no magical reset button in some or any of these issues and there is no going back and there are repercussions and consequences to actions taken and they cannot be ignored any longer.

Unsatisfied Disappointed Fans

Well, there you have it folks. It might end up being a HUGE waste of time but it needed to be done. Let’s face it, we have wasted our time on much worse things than this. Here is hoping that the writers take heed and give us something more for our buck than shit for I am tired of scrapping it off my shoes!

As usual sound off below and share it with your friends. This is Nymerias, stepping down off her soapbox now.


About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

84 comments on “True Blood Season 6: A ‘Bloody’ Waste

  1. lol i’d rather just re watch season 1, 2, and 4 lol. 4 just to watch Eric and Sookie together lol. I agree a lot with season 6 i mean some parts were very bad and there were a few that were okay but yeah a lot of I feel was still rushed. It’s been rushed since season 5. Hurry Hurry we don’t know what we’re doing lol. I don’t think they care about the fans anymore or about the books either. I know it’s loosely based on them but I agree they are very sloppy.

    I felt the same way about 5 too after the season was over I was just like um what was that lol. Yes I didn’t care for sookie and warlow and the fae land whole bit. That was boring. The only part about warlow dying is that I loved that Nial came back lol. I’m sorry but he is one cool fae!

    Honestly i’m more excited with Once upon a Time coming back and Sons of Anarchy lol. They’ll have a way better story lines and won’t be rushed like TB has been for season 5 and 6.

    Still yes I am excited for season 7 I just keeping hoping that something will change and it’ll go back to it’s beginning roots even if Mr. Ball isn’t doing it anymore.


    Hope you have a good weekend 🙂

  2. one more thing Sarah should’ve died!!!! The big bad ugly always die at the end…now they’ll probably bring her back next season and crap too 😦 I wish they would’ve let jason blow her brains out. i would’ve been happy lol.

  3. and last thing i swear..i did not care for the whole sookie danger whore crap. THAT WAS JUST TRASH TRASH TRASH….Next time why don’t they just put miley cyrus with sookie and have a TRASH FEST! rawr! that is all ty!

  4. To whomever posted this all I have to say is THANK YOU.
    You hit upon many of the things that I don’t like about TrueBlood.
    1. The continuity of the show. Unfortunaltely there really isn’t any.
    Writers forget many important details from Season to Season.
    and they also forget many details about the characters.
    ie: about how a were wolf is made or how a Vampire is made.
    2. I’m sick of William Thomas Compton III.
    He’s always written as if he was a good guy when he’s not.
    He’s a liar,cheat and a backstabber/betrayer.
    Yet, there’s a writer who doesn’t want to see him come off as a bad guy
    3. Eric Northman was never given a chance to really “Shine”
    Alan Ball doens’t like him, and only writes for Stephen Moyer’s character.
    He refuses to see anyone else with Sookie Stackhouse.
    Sookie’s real soulmate is Eric Northman.
    He’s always been there for her.
    4. We don’t need extra storylines.
    ie: hotshot,the Maynad, Vamp Camp.Mavis/Mikey or Jesus’s grandfather.
    5, I’m looking foward to Season 7.
    Just give us more Eric Northman & less Bill Compton.

  5. Wowee, what you said nymerias!!!!! I’m on the bandwagon too. If this goes into a proper petition, I’ll sign it. Great letter, but will BB read it????? Thats’ the question. We know he gets information off the web, but does anyone really know where?? Is it just the professional columnists or is it actual fan websites???? If there was a way to turn this into a petition with a way that it gets to HBO heads and BB, then I think it might help get something done.

    However you handle it I’m behind you 150%!!!!!!!

    • We are working on something to that effect Redthang! Stay tuned

      • YAHOO, thats’ what we need to do. Maybe then they’ll really listen to us!!!!!!
        I’m behind you on this!!!!!

        • thanks! Message (open letter) has been sent to HBO already and we will get the petition in the works. It might end up for naught but at least we can say we did something

          • great letter – you really nailed it. and good that you sent it already to HBO.

            what makes me really crazy about the show – is the lack of respect towards Eric.
            1. He is always the bad guy – he’s never forgiven for anything he has done (ok he did some bad things- but heck he’s a 1000 yrs old viking vampire) – but Bill – he can do what he wants – nobody cares – he is the good guy.
            2. he doesn’t get any thank you or something like that for the good things he did (he offered himself for Sookie in the church of the FOTS, he saved Jason and all the vampires from vamp camp, he bought Sookie’s house and refurbished it……)
            3. and maybe I’m weird – but the sexy provocative scene from season 6 – wasn’t at all sexy and provocative for me.

            And you can count me in for the petition…. and yep, you are right – at least we did something.

          • The petition won’t do any good, they have known our concerns for several years now and they keep doing the same non sensical shit over and over. You see to them the shit the put down on paper and translate to film actually makes sense to them and they think it is good! I don’t want to waste any more of my precious time. This show deserves to be mocked and I plan on doing just that because the final season will just be more of the same.

  6. There are some websites I posted my opinion on yesterday,, and breathe cast.christian, They asked if anyone had any suggestions about what they would like to see next season, it may or may not help.

  7. Please post this to the TB FB page. It’s being overrun with Billusionals.

  8. I wrote a email to HBO also and they email me back saying that they are taking what us fans wrote to heart!! I don’t know if it will help but if everyone write a email or post at Facebook it may help for next season!!

  9. Frankly, I just started watching, this year, as I didn’t have HBO. I pay for it, just to see this 1, show. Yes I’m not satisfied with what I saw this season. I have the other 5, seasons, and this one, was a dud, in my opinion. Frankly, I wanted to see, Eric and Sookie,s love affair. Didn’t get it though. I have read most all of the books, and they are still together, in them. That is, unless it changes, in one of the books, I haven’t read yet. I have seen online where, season 7, may be the last, of True Blood. If the writers, would just read the books, maybe, they could come up with something, better. At least the, Vampire Diaries, try to stay with in reason, to the books. With those books, and show, we really have to stay on top of it, to know. Please, authors, go back to the books, for ideas for the show. Sookie being with, Alcide is terrible, never happened in the books. Only friends. Frankly, I don’t like Sookie, falling in bed, with every, Tom, Dick, or Harry. You have her, looking no better than, a slut, and she is not. Just go back, and refresh yourselves, with the books!!!

    • It does not bother me they strayed from the books, what bothers me is that they stray from their own established mythology and cannot remember things they have already said and done. They cannot go back and follow the books now for they have strayed too far, the problem is finishing what they they started.

  10. I’m already done with this show. Anything they do now is too little too late. They keep losing viewers every year, but they don’t do anything about it. Geez, look at the backlash the last book got! The fans read the books and watched the show for a completely different reason than what they are giving us. I won’t be tuning in next season and I gave my DVDs to the Salvation Army. I can’t watch this show anymore, it’s just terrible now. And I refuse to give these writers ratings for what has now become pure garbage. Real world repercussions for making a promising show into nothing but a waste of time. Now I’m going back to my DVD of Season 3 of Walking Dead….a show that does everything right!

    • The Walking Dead is a great show and does not disappoint on the whole overall plot. These are the kinds of comments HBO peeps need to read.

    • Try Orphan Black on BBC America–it’s BRILLIANT in every way! 1st season aired so far, 2nd season starts up in April. i’m totally addicted like I was once upon a time to TB.

  11. True Blood sucks without Eric shine . I will only watch it for Eric scenes now .

  12. Good one….I totally support this letter you are sending….

    It really is a huge travesty, watching good potential going down the drain….The TB writers have lovely characters to work with, and all they seem to come up with, is random hook ups and a whole lot of OOC moments for everyone, just to up the shock scales…

    I truly loved season 1,2,3 and 4 till Sookie decided to walk away from Eric with a seriously crappy reason. Till then I used to think that Sookie wants to be happy in her life. Not anymore though. She spouted another string of lies to rescind Eric’s invitation from her home in season 6. I mean what the hell? Right now I am so angry that I just don’t care even if they send Sookie right into the arms of William Compton. Atleast then we can get on with our lives and not keep hoping for a miracle to happen with Eric and Sookie.

    Give Eric some credit for what he keeps doing. Please give him a good story. That is all I want now.

    • They did a good job with Eric for the most part in season 6, he was the best thing about it. They fell short everywhere else and in the finale for Eric. It was not a proper cilffhanger. As you said somewhere else, there are no ‘reset’ buttons for certain things and unfortunately season 6 is one of those things.It is already in the books

      • Yes you are right…There are more than a few scenes in season 6 where Eric was just WOW!!! I guess I am just angry at the last episode and even writing post season 6 fiction is not helping the anger in any way 😦 …It just went on and latched on the part of my brain where I stored my anger at She who must not be named (cough CH cough) and it snowballed…

  13. Oh, please can I sign this?! Thank you, thank you, thank you! IF only Bucky and Friends could write like you. After so many disappointments, that finale kicked the last of the stuffing out of me. It was so disastrously stupid and sloppy, I felt the the break inside: I no longer loved the show. And that made me FURIOUS. I feel like I’ve been conned and should have known better. And it’s so galling that he still acts like he’s patting himself on the back.

    If he thinks resetting to season 1 means leaving Bill and Sookie front and center as great and redeemed love match, he really is fooling himself. I understand the ratings are already way down from season 4…makes me sick to even think about it after the asshole corner they have repeatedly written Bill into and you are so right–w/o consequences. He literally CAUSED the vamp war by suggesting the bombing of vamp factories, but that doesn’t bother him a bit. He brags about 1st degree murder on tv and says he was a god in America today and says he won’t get in trouble cuz noone liked the victim?! WTF! TO DATE: Sookie has NEVER confronted him about any of it, especially having her beaten and forced to feel attracted to him thru blood…oh no, she just forgave him w/ no thought and told Eric she loved Bill too. Lovely.

    I hung in their for this ship thru 1st episode of season 6, but I’ve got to tell you, Sookie has NEVER loved Eric enough, never appreciated him enough, never noticed how he’s evolved, never cared if he’s in danger, or acknowledged when he saves the day (more than once across seasons)–meanwhile, she finds any excuse to prop up Bill and is already making cow eyes at him in finale–again no consequences. OH hey, never mind the real Beehl turned into goo, we changed our minds, PSYCHE. How can they call this interesting storytelling? Eric would be wasted on Sookie at this point.

    Look, Eric deserves something so much better than being sloppy thirds for a rather ignorant and frankly stupid waitress. The magic is gone. My prayer is that Eric will meet new human w/ all the charisma of early book Sookie and he will take all the growth he’s made thru series and pour it into this new romance that will take over show. I can’t believe I’m typing this, but I’m starting to feel about Sookie the way I do Bill. When a character doesn’t GROW or CHANGE and in her case, she’s regressed! I can’t care anymore. The writers taught me to feel this way about Bill and Sookie, it’s what they showed me.

    I hope this isn’t inappropriate to bring up on a shipper site, so ignore me if it’s too off topic please…but happily for me, I’ve discovered a new addiction as this train wreck was hitting the shark–Orphan Black on BBC America….it’s everything that TB used to be, but less wacky and w/ strong female characters. Original, clever, fast paced, surprising, funny, etc.–it’s really saved my sanity in these dark times of TB. So check it out if you haven’t already.

    The only good thing about any of this is that I feel like I do after season 4 finale–so pissed I don’t even want to watch the show, so good news, I don’t miss it! I’m so hoping that next season will be better, but you are so right, we always get let down, don’t we? Some have suggested finale is all Bill’s dream and that would be awesome and would gel w/ what they showed us: Bill front and center as hero on tv and as town leader, Eric up mountain, burning cuz he’s an idiot. Yeah right.

    How awesome would it be if season 7 started w/ bill waking up from long sleep he never came out of since he overfed a handful of vamps….to find the world very changed and everyone thinks he’s a pri#% and Lilith is ready to punish him for wasting her blood….oh no, wait, that would be too creative and too new an idea for the show to go in…better stick w/ stupid.

    • Totally agree sista :)…Eric needs a new hot girlfriend now

    • Thanks for the compliment on my writing! I think any one of fans could write an episode for this show and come up with something better than what we got. I am not saying the writers are not talented because they are, they just are not following up the good ideas they have with more good ideas. They come up with something else and then abandon the first good idea they had instead of expanding on it. Warlow was a brilliant idea and they let it get stale, hell it started to grow mold.

    • I’m wondering if they have to many writers in this show? I see multiple good/bad setups coming from different sources. I picture in my head many arguments about which is the best idea and getting sloppy riding as a result. I imagine one writer wrote a script for episode 2, which had good potential and then suddenly episode 3 brings us something that seem’s to come out of now where. It’s almost like the latest writer thought, “the hell with that idea, mine is better!” It seems they have to be a communication problem within the team. What they need is to have the “excutive” writer give an outline, while letting the other members expand on those ideas!

      • you know you are so right!! That could easily be the problem of why it’s a different show, especially that random, awful finale!! But what annoys me more than anything is they think their audience is stupid enough to ignore continuity disasters and just take the ride–cuz, hey it’s true blood. Popcorn for smart people. Whatever. and I know some openly prefer one suitor over another, so put their own spit shine on Bill here and there that really makes no sense w/ his actions across seasons.

  14. What she said – with cherries on top. I admire your words but sincerely think the power of the shows diva stars (Paquin and Moyer) is manipulating every series since S4. I havent watched since then – i just hear about the drivel (S5/6) from blogs like yours to save a wasted hour a week. They lost me when Eric f***ed Nora first ep of s5.

  15. Point me to where I can sign your preaching to the choir.

    Interesting side note and it really gave me perspective was over hearing my daughter and her friends talking about TB. I thought maybe I was too critical turns out I’m not. If you think we over analyze you haven’t heard anything until four 17 yr old girls start dissecting this season. Their ruthless if they were running things the show would have Eric Godric Pam and Jason maybe Ben they thought he was hot but boring.. and I quote their actual dialog:

    “And Ben what was his deal some bad-ass he turned out to be he spent the whole season locked in the cemetery what a loser.” My daughter’s friend sweat girl just a tad too blunt. ‘giggles’ only to die in the bathroom. another one chimes in more giggles. My daughter ends with this bit of wisdom.. “Well at least he didn’t die on the toilet.” and I refuse to repeat their comments about Eric needless to say they remain in awe of his attributes. Bill is and I quote according to my child a waste of space what does Sookie see in that troll shes too stupid to live someone just needs to eat her and be done with it her taste sucks big time if I was Eric I’d leave her too..”

    Out of the mouth of babes…

  16. Bravo! Very well said nymerias.

  17. Clap. Clap. Clap. Standing, clapping and shouting “sing it sista!”

  18. I am writing a letter to HBO to fire Brian Buckner`s a**.

    • I don’t know if that will happen but maybe the more complaints they get we will see some changes. I just hope that the complaints are more to do with the ridiculous plots than the shipping aspect

      • I already sent a letter to HBO yesterday and I posted it on here to let you see I wrote…. I told them that they made a biggest mistake by replacing Mark Hudis with Brian Buckner. I also told HBO should bring Mark Hudis back as a head showrunner…..Come to think of it, I think Mark Hudis is a way better writer than Brian Buckner. I really like Mark Hudis`s writing better,because I really like he treated Billy boy like sh*t and he shown passionate toward Eric and Sookie. He wrote 1 of my favorite eps, “Me and the Devil”, it`s where Amnesic Eric and Sookie kissed, and Amnesic Eric had a nightmare of Godric. That’s 1 of best episodes ever. 🙂 I guess Gay Al knew the fans wanted, I think that’s why he chose Mark Hudis because Mark`s a Eric/Sookie fan…..I wish we give Mark Hudis a chance in season 6 than judging him by too many casting calls. 😦 Brian Buckner took over and made the show into a living nightmare with lack of storylines and have no respect for the :(…..I think we should give Mark Hudis another chance.

        • Ball is still involved with the show and I think he wanted to make sure Bill stayed front and center, hence Mark being gone. Really we know shit though and we are all just guessing as to the reasons for any if it. LOL!

  19. I am very happy to see that people are finally interested in doing something about all this. I will sign or help promote any type of communication to HBO about the travesty that TB has become. They may very well decide to ignore us, make changes, or cancel the show. At this point I don’t care. All I want to see is the Viking. If I can’t see him then I will mourn his absence and follow Askars’s career to it’s new heights. I will always love him as Eric though. He was just about the only thing AB did right. 🙂

  20. I agree just point me in the right direction I’ll sign

  21. Too bad they can’t just re-do season 6 and wipe our memories clean ..i don’t understand how they could fuck it up so quick so bad..the show has literally become a joke and the actors are stuck in the middle knowing right along with us ..i wouldn’t be surprised if Alex or the other main actors choose not to continue.. .Bucky get the f-out!! seriously go ruin your own career don’t try to take them with you!!

  22. I will sign the petition as well!!!! SOMETHING has to be done!!

  23. Interesting info folks. I called my cable company to pay my bill and at the end of the transaction they told me that starting Monday I would be getting Cinemax for free for 3 months. When I asked why they said that it was a new promotion for people who already had HBO. I was going to cancel HBO today but this gave me an idea. In addition to signing petitions & writing letters why doesn’t everyone who is going to cancel HBO d/t this TB debacle do so on the same day? If we all call in and cancel on the same day of business and give the same reason why (“I am angry with the way the network has allowed TB to be destroyed . . . etc) then I think that will also get a big amount of notice from the home office. Losing thousands of accounts on the same day would send a big message that we are serious. Also, for anyone who does write a letter or send some sort of a comment give them your name & cable provider. If your communication is in some form of private correspondence then give them your cable account number (I wouldn’t do it on the internet d/t privacy concerns). I really think that this might get attention. What do you all think??? 🙂

    • I will sign a petition as well I just hope it makes a difference.

    • Hmmmm so they are trying to entice people to stay with HBO by giving them MAX for free. The problem with the mass cancelations is that people like Boardwalk Empire and GOT and BE is right around the corner. I already don’t have HBO so no big choice for me. Did you cancel HBO after they said you could have MAx for free for 3 months? Others night be willing to do this so float the idea around. What say you peeps? Sales is what will hit them where it hurts if they even care what us FANS think enough to care.

      • I don’t believe they care. According to him there are certain stories they are “locked into” (by whom, how, why, what stories) and nothing will change that. Having only offered Alexander a 6 year contract when everyone else got seven pretty much tells. He was never intended to be anything other than window dressing shielding the real story they are attempting to tell. I am convinced his unprecedented popularity has caused problems. I did cancel my HBO that Sunday night immediately following the shitshow and told them why. I called back several days later to check on deals to get it back to keep my HBO go running for other things and was offered 6 months free HBO to come back. I have given up on the show and knowing that Eric’s character may be back but away from the main storyline………again does nothing for me. It’s like the books, after I finished that godawful last book I tossed them all and won’t ever pick them up again. What’s the point when the ending was so bad. The same with this show. It has been ruined for me, I have no interest in just seeing him for a couple minutes here and there and wouldn’t care if the had him naked every minute, swinging his goods and having sex non-stop. That’s not what I watch for and I am tired of fast forwarding through most of the show to get to his parts. Still angry and still very disappointed over the whole thing.

        • Bucky is already talking season 7, the triangle between Sookie Bill and Alcide which no one wants to see and how Bill can be taken at his word and Sookie will have to learn to trust him again. I am not interested. I am glad I don’t have HBO.

          • People are complaining about a stupid love triangle and posting posters by how very abusive Billy and Sookie. People don’t want to see her with Alcide. I really really hope Brian Buckner gets the last straw and hBO getting him replace.

        • peecan, just had to write and say I agree with everything you’ve said about Alex/Eric and the damn books!!!! I was loosing all faith in the books after the 9th one and it was all downhill from there on. I’ve never read the last one and I’ll be damn if I ever do. I’ve been thinking of donating all of my books to Goodwill with the exception of the 4th one (we all know why *wink*) and to Hell with it. The same goes for CH and AB and BB, since he has to follow Ballsacks’ stupid storyline for the end of the story. I think that Anna and Stephen in real life are fantastic together, but not in this story. Sookie is meant for Eric and thats’ it. So I know that we’ll all be dissatisfied with the end of the series on TV. I’m still stuggling with the idea of not watching TB next year regardless if Alex is back or not. I just don’t think I can watch the trainwreck much longer……………….

  24. I just wish the writers would get it right.Believe it or not Brian is one of the better writers on the show and he always writes Eric great. I agree , they have written Soo kie into a moron.I was so disappointed when I saw her give Bill googoo eyes in last episode.I’m not going to lie,I’ll miss the show if they cancel it.Please get new writers or have them do their home work and sit down one weekend and watch season 1 thru 4. Make this manditory. Learn the characters and how they are supposed to act. Please get this right!

    • Brian does write Eric great but the rest of the story is lacking. There is no cohesion between the writers, it is as if they are all doing their own thing. It is not a tightly run ship. They just appear to write with no regard to what has been done and said previously. At this point we know more than the appear to and can do a better job. I have my own ending to that finale and some other parts of the season that is better than what we got. I think I should write about it……lol

      • I totally agreed with you,Nymerias. The new writers Brian Buckner putted together,they wrote nothing than more of the load of cr*p like the old 2 yrs. old wrote. I think Brian Buckner like Eric more as a womanizor than being with Sookie,because he’s planning to putting Sookie with that mingy mudd Alcide and former crazy sick vampire lover. Probably HBO are going to threat him and get regular writers back (Raelle Tucker and Mark Hudis),because they are still getting complaints about the love triangle and fans won’t want Eric as a ghost. Hopefully.

  25. The finale was the worst they have ever had! When you have Eric your most dynamic character in it for only 5 minutes and left burning just so you can see his penis and think that is great fodder for Eric fans???? Eric should be in the middle of every storyline no matter what even if you don’t wanna take advantage of the great chemistry between Eric and Sookie as a couple he should still be in the mix with her. The main issue is Eric is more popular that every character at least 4 times or more and he out shines Bill by alot to where people look at Bill as the moron he is compared to Eric and this i believe chaffes the hides at HBO, Alan Ball and Buckner to no end and they want Eric away from the main storyline so that to them Bill can shine without Eric’s large shadow looming over Bill. Alcide is a big moron that they can explain that Sookie never really loved him …he just was more human and she wanted nothing to do with vampires and he loved her so she take up with him and Bill probably will save her next season and sparks will fly and she will say ..well i loved him all along even when I lived with Alcide because Alcide character is boring and doesn’t fit with her. Eric fits with her too well and thaey have no valid explanation as to why she never tried to be with Eric so they didn’t even try put one out there….just the first episode this season they said goodbye and that was it! I want to complain about the lack of good story telling and cohesivenees of stoylines and a waste of great chemistry between characters that should be in storylines together!

    • hmm, I can’t remember….did Alcide decide he loved Sookie when he took advantage of her drunk?….oh no wait, maybe it was during his WOLF THREESOME a few days before? oh perhaps when he’s power mad and hunting down Sam and his new 2 day soulmate for nothing?…no, I’ve got it!…it must have been when he tucked his tail b/w his legs when his pack ATE THE INNOCENT COLLEGE KIDS. This pairing is so disgusting to me, I can’t ever watch that finale again….the only thing worse was the cow eyes she made at Bill when he’s on tv, BRAGGING about being a 1st degree murderer and former god…yes, in the uptight, judgemental, pc religion America of today–at tail end of vamp vs. humans war–Sookie’s smitten w/ this sh#%?!?!

      And excuse me, Buckner said on the Inside the Episode that Bill is “good man”. So it’s these 2 losers for Sookie…’s time for all of us to realize: Sookie got all the fairy, but Jason got all the brains.


      • He says he’s a good man all the time but they never write him that way. That is what frustrates me, they contradict themselves all the time. Makes them look stupid every time

        • YES!!!!!! That is actually why I hate beehl so much! The frickin hypocrisy and Sookie’s stupid ignorant devotion to him! If they were real about him, I would probably embrace his character and his many flaws. i cannot understand where they are coming from at all….are they trying to mess w/ us? Or do they only have abusive relationships in their own lives? i can’t sit thru him being propped up next season. and the fact, he turned to goo. NO WAY.

          • Yeah by all rights he should have been dead once Lilith quit using him, they never made his being alive clear. I started writing something about what went wrong this time around on the show and that is one if them. Bloopers if you will lol

  26. Thank you so much for this Nymerias. Your complaints were valid and well thought out. I also appreciated the link and this is the e-mail I just sent:

    To Whomever signs Brian Buckner’s paychecks.

    I was made aware of True Blood mid season 2. After renting season 1 and catching season 2 clips here and there, I decided to end my 10 year boycott of HBO just so I could watch the show. It was so good, I immediately bought the first 9 books the show was based on, once I found out it was adapted from books. Now, I understand Alan Ball not wanting to follow the books word for word. However, as time has passed, the show has taken a nose dive when it comes to cohesive storytelling. Plainly put. You have too many writers who don’t seem to communicate with each other when it comes to storyline continuity and they all seem to have a big boner for William Compton…pardon my French.

    This character has been written as abusive, manipulative, obsessive and power hungry. He has killed or helped kill every female who had power over him..Lorena, Sophie Anne, Nan Flanagan, Salome and Lillith. He has also physically and emotionally hurt Sookie time and time again, even going so far as to call her an abomination and tell her she was dead to him. Not to mention he allowed her to be beaten to within an inch of her life just so he could get his blood into her. And yet, the writers insist on redeeming him time and time again while everyone else pays for their crimes. Sookie and Bill are not a great love story. It is an unhealthy, abusive relationship that should have been over at the end of season 3. Now I hear that Buckner & Co. want to write a Bill/Sookie/Alcide triangle next year. I really don’t know what they’re smoking but myself and a great many fans don’t want to sit through that. I don’t want to see Sookie forgive Bill and run back into his arms. It’s an insult to every victim of domestic abuse as well as any woman with an ounce of dignity and self respect. Plus, they are making Sookie look like a total idiot and quite frankly, unlikable. The whole Warlow relationship debacle just felt forced. I didn’t believe for one minute Sookie had any feelings for Warlow other than scratching an itch in her fairy va-jay-jay. Here’s a thought. How about exploring the unfinished business Sookie has with Eric. They both clearly still love each other and it’s about damn time someone over there with half a brain write it. No one wants Bill & Sookie redux.

    I understand this show is all about entertaining but the thing is, I haven’t been entertained in a long while. The Ifrit, Authority, Hot Shot, Warlow storylines are just a few that have had a great premise but fall flat in delivery. A 6000 year old seemingly indestructible vampire spends almost an entire season tied to a gravestone only to get staked in a bathroom. Cue the chirping crickets.

    The writers are also committing show suicide by ignoring a big portion of the fan base…those who have been screaming for a real Eric & Sookie pairing for years. There is so much on screen chemistry between them, finding a way to bring them together for longer than 3 episodes would not only be appreciated, I guarantee it would breath new life into this runaway train wreck Buckner calls a show.

    The finale of season 6 is by far, the WORST I’ve ever seen and that includes Seinfeld’s series finale. Not only was the heart and soul of the show presumably killed off, but Brain Buckner had the nerve to imply we’d see much more of Eric like it was supposed to tantalize the viewer. I’m sorry. I’m a red blooded American woman and admire the male form as much as the next, but not in the context it was shown. It was horrifying and worse, made no sense. Eric Northman did not survive 1000 years by being stupid which was exactly what Mr. Buckner and the writers did to him. That’s another issue. Why does Eric never get credit for the good he does. Freeing the vampires at vamp camp, saving Jason etc…but Bill gets accolades from here to Timbuktu? He caused the whole vamp camp fiasco by suggesting the Authority blow up the True Blood factories to begin with yet no one, including the writers, seems to remember this.

    So I propose whoever is in charge fire Brian Buckner immediately and bring back Mark Hudis. The first 4 episodes of season 6 were intriguing and felt like seasons 1 & 2. He was going in the right direction and then for whatever reason, someone thought it’d be a great idea to replace him with Buckner. That twerp should be fired too.

    Do yourselves a favor and kill Bill in episode 1 of season 7. It makes no sense that he’s still around. He exploded into a puddle of goo at the end of season 5 only to rise as “Billith”. Once Lillith left him, he should have imploded all over again, not go on to write a best selling book where he brags about committing MURDER and again, there are no consequences.

    With Bill gone, you could put Stephen Moyer behind the camera. As a viewer, I find Stephens directing skills far superior than his acting and he actually seems to respect the Eric and Sookie relationship.

    So there you have it. I’m sure this will probably be promptly deleted and nothing will change but remember, I may be only 1 subscription but there are many more like me who either have already cancelled or are planning to. I can live without HBO. Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead are far superior shows anyway and I don’t have to pay extra to see them.

    • Very well said by all rights Bill really did meet the true death in season 5. I really want them to take heed of fans concerns, they don’t have to give everything but at least make an effort to turn things around. I realize not every fan can be pleased but they could find a way to give satisfaction somewhere. Bill does not have to die, he just needs to have some responsibility thrown his way.

      • Well if they don’t kill Bill, let him sit in his mansion for the entire season looking permanently constipated and staying far away from Sookie, give Sookie her brain back, send Alcide back to Jackson…you know, where he’s from…then have Eric & Sookie pair up as blood buddies and watch the sparks fly for real this time. Only then, would I consider coming back. Unfortunately, it’s never going to happen but at least I’ll save $20 every month.

        • And think about the money you will save on merchandise as well. I think that is another route people are going. The almighty dollar might get them to listen to concerns

      • I love this idea floating around tumblr-that the finale was all Bill’s dream…that he’s actually never woken up from white room feeding in ep. 9….they could have him wake up 6 months later, hidden by Jess in old hidey hole cuz the world has turned on Mr. Compton, finally…but will have all the fricking consequences he’s earned: namely Lilith still monkey on his back, so they aren’t straining what little credibility that had on this plot by saying she magically “drained” out of him and he’s good old Bill again…and he can wake to find he’s a pariah because of all the trouble he caused in authority and murdering the Governor….

        The writers could easily reset every mistake of finale. They definitely need to rethink Sam as mayor kissing Bill’s ass (after authority nightmare and his natural distrust of vamps?), Sookie leaping into living w/ yet another guy (taking no time to recover from trauma and her past in general, esp. w/ that loser), changing iconic Merlotte’s to nevermind), making Jason, a victim of molestation and gang rape, the sex slave of controlling vamp (bill/sookie, part deux), hep v vamps (so stupid, what about federal gov’t weapons of mass vamp destruction) and of course the biggest bullsh#% of all: having Eric abandon his girls to troll up a mountainside naked even though he knew better than anyone that fairy blood sunblock didn’t last. If they are smart they will pull the Dallas dream move and reset in a smart way.

        IT would even make sense because the entire finale was an insane tribute to Beehl’s ego w/ every character kissing his ass.

        You want to redeem Bill? Maybe if he actually suffers for all the crap he’s done and caused, the audience would sympathize w/ him more. My jaw tightens when I just think about him after time jump on tv, bragging. THAT’S A NICE GUY/ HERO? The writers are insane. They should take the lifeline tumblr has given them to undo this sloppy mess.

  27. I sent my letter in today, I am very nervous about ignoring my mail.

    Here`s I wrote:
    Dear HBO,

    I known you guys are getting a lot of complaints and death threats from us after True Blood season 6 finale.

    Guys,you made a biggest mistake by replacing Mark Hudis with Brian Buckner during season 6 production. The show became off balance after Brian Buckner took over the rest of season. The writer team he putted together,they wrote nothing than gibbish. Bill/Sookie should end it in ep 4, “You are No Good” (that’s the last ep 4 Mark Hudis).

    I want you guys brings back Mark Hudis as a head showrunner, who original replaced by Alan Ball. I think he was doing fine by putting a right direction in the beginning of season 6. I known it sounds stupid, I feels really bad by we were judging him in 1st place. I don’t think Mark Hudis did any wrong, but I think our faults that we were complaining about too many casting calls (I think that’s why he stepped down). We don’t give even him a chance as a head showrunner. I wish he should stay as a show runner entire season. I wish it should end soon with Bill/Warlow mess in ep 4 than continue on the rest of the season.

    Now Brian made the show into a big, giant totally joke since he took over the rest of season. And now people are refusing to watch it next season if he’s still in charge. The new writers he puts together, they wrote ridiculous stuff like only 2 yrs old who wrote. Wth? Having sex with your parents killer, catching fire while sunbathing, and vampire zombies,etc.

    Mark Hudis makes Sookie supposed to be a “Strong,Clever Woman”,but Brian Buckner butchered her character by making her into a selfless,agorant slut who always want a normal life and only care people don’t damn the sh*t about her. What people who care about her who had been tortured in the vamp camp? She should been there to has help them to get out of there and help Nora than making out with her parents’ killer. Making out with your parents’ killer? That’s totally wrong.

    Who care about Terry`s dead. No one want to watch a half-hour for a funeral. I don’t think Terry`s big important character. No one care about Terry`s character and his boring flashbacks. He had lame and boring storylines like the cheesy fire demon and a demonic baby.

    You guys need Eric into triangle than Bill. Brian Buckner and his writers are too carrying away with Bill and Sookie crap. They are taking Anna and Steve relationship seriously. HBO, you need to finally put end this madness. No one want to see Anna and her husband are making out on national TV anymore. No one stand Bill and Sookie relationship anymore. We fans told Alan Ball million time in past seasons. But they never listen to us. Alan Ball and the writers are ignoring the fans.

    We don’t give damn about Steve and Anna`s relationship. Sookie and Bill are very abusive. Sookie don’t need someone who drained the life force out of her, called her “abomination”, lied to her, cheated her with his ex-lover, and doing it with another guy, and having a sex change.

    I think it’s really unfair what Brian Buckner did with Eric`s character like that. Eric had good year,but Brian Buckner butchered his character by setting him fire while sunbathing on the mountain in the finale. A lot of fans are totally outrage about this. It embarrassed Alex on national TV. I really feels sorry for Alex,he always wanted to nude the scene,but he gets torch. How aggorant Brian is.

    Brian Buckner blamed everything on Eric,but the viking didn’t do anything(except he kidnapped the governor`s daughter, but she want to be turn and became a fan favorite).  Bill`s the 1 started the war in the 1st place with the bombing of TruBlood factories and loosened maker-less baby vampires,but now Bill wrote a stupid book about he saved the day and took all credits for being a damn hero,but all Eric got a sunburn.

    Bill need to terminate. These writers should to do it sooner. Bill isn’t no hero, Eric is the true hero of the story. Bill is all did he lies and took the all credits and Eric took all blame on the war. That’s unfair that Bill wrote the stupid book about he saves the day,but all Eric got a sunburn. Sunburn??? That sunbath scene ruin Alex’s career. I don’t blame Alex for all wanting to do the nude scene,but Brian Buckner embrassed Alex by setting him on fire. That’s totally outrage. Why Brian let Bill have all the glory and make him the almighty hero next season? To be let Steve to spent time with Anna? Oh, give a freaking break

    Listen, Eric is the heart of the show. If the writers destroy the heart, the show will downhill and there will be no show. I saw it had on another show, Supernatural. Sera Gambling took over after Eric Kripe left for Revolution and Sera Gambling killed off the most beloved character, Dean`s guardian Castiel and Supernatural went downhill. So they brought Castiel back to keep the show alive. You guys need to do the same thing with Eric, you need to get Alex back to get the show on track. As long, you didn’t bring him as a ghost or a vampire zombie.  No one want to see flashbacks of Eric in every 10 episodes.

    Please don`t make him as a big bad next season. I don’t care he evolves into a higher vampire or not. But we all want Eric alive and well.

    Please bring back the regular love triangle, Eric/Bill/Sookie,in previous seasons. Or make Alcide/Sookie/Eric instead Bill. People don’t want to see a ripoff version of Twilight.

    HBO, you guys should fire Brian Buckner and terminate Bill permanently (no bringing him back). You guys should tell Anna and Steve chill out, tell Steve to spent time with their children or go back to work behind the set as the director. We fans don’t want to see their love affair no more.

    People don’t care about a redneck town or in abusive relationships. There’s more life than boring town Bon Temps. Sookie should realizes the townspeople don`t damn about her and realize she became agrorant like them. There`s more excitement out there than boring church meeting and baking cookies. I rather see Sookie goes to college in Shreveport and starting to date Eric.  

    What’s happened to Sookie exploring her destiny as a fairy princess? The writers never explore more Eric and Sookie`s relationship. Their relationship are so romantic beautiful. They are true soulmates,because they are equal. They share a lot of things in the common. And Brian Buckner thrown that away. That’s unfair.

    That’s why Brian Buckner need to replace. If he continue his work next season, there`ll be no show.

    Disappointed Eric Fan

  28. True blood is a very good show …I love it just as much as I love twilight…it already saddens me that that the twilight saga has ended and to end true blood just because there are a few that just don’t like or enjoy the show would be foolish … What about all the fans that can’t wait for the new season to air and see how it continues…what about all the fans that are wondering if bill and Sookie will get back together or if Eric is still alive…there are more fans out there that want the series to continue way beyond season 7 and hbo only does good because of the shows that they show with true blood being one of them.. Other than that h I suck and I will definitely cancel hbo if they refuse to continue airing true blood and I’m sure many others feel the same way… !!!

    • All I can say to you is that I am glad you like it but most fans don’t care for the sloppy writing and stories that start out great and end up being dumb. You will get our season 7 but not more. For the record, we want a season 7 just not more of the stupid. Again I am glad you like and I hope you enjoy season 7.

  29. Also Eric is not dead!!!

    • We knew that as well but thanks for clarifying. You obviously did not read the post very well if you think I or anyone else believed that. Have a good day!

  30. Good thoughts, thank you for writing this.

    Here’s what I have to say.

    1) We must not expect logic from a sup series. I mean, TB never intented to have vampires that could be somehow explained with science and logic. If they did, no invitations, levitations, maker-progeny commanding bonds, only human blood as food, etc would appear. And h*ll no witches, fairies, demons, etc. First, Niall took Warlow’s hands to the other dimension to immobilize him. If that wasn’t enough, we can assume that Warlow didn’t have vamp strength (he never demonstrate physical strength, only speed). I agree that the writing was bad, I hated the finale, they could just have Niall blast Warlow on the back with this supernova ball, why introduce it in the first place, right? Secondly, Warlow died by stake because he was 2nd generation vampire. TB vampires, apparently, can not die by stake only when they are 1st generation. Having only one original vampire incarnated in Bill’s body was lame, though. The whole incarnation was a bit dissapointing but, sure, it was unique. I was expecting a family of original vampires, just like on The Vampire Diaries or some male original who can turn into a monster like on Underworld (Bill has stated to Sookie at S1 that some of his kind could change form).

    2) Warlow was a waste, indeed. But I find this to be more common than you think in supernatural series. They introduce you someone so powerful and bad and soon enough he will be weak, with a soft heart or just crazy, like Warlow was.

    3) To be honest, even Lilith’s storyline ended bad. It was rush. The whole prophecy turned into some local rescue mission.

    4) I have detected some fail moments. Eric’s cage should be made out of silver and he should be tied with huge silver chains. But it’s not the first time they have a millennium old vamper looking powerless, remember when Sookie shot him at S3, he was on the ground and even after 1 hour or so he still haven’t fully healed. Heck, if I was directing a show with such an old vamper, he could eliminate 10 full armed plattons within 1 minute. Oh well, someone could say that they drained him of his blood to be weak. Another fail moment was Nora’s age. We started with 600y, then they became 500y and finally it was 350y! Actually, that was the only fail moment I couldn’t explain – except if Eric doesn’t know how to count. As for her turning by Godric’s choice, just because Eric got her to him, that doesn’t mean he would turn her. He must have seen through her and then decided to turn her, pleasing Eric at the same time.

    4) I have to admit that I was expecting more from this season semi finale and finale episodes. Until ep9 was a very good journey, I must say.

    5) I am dissapointed that even after 6 seasons we don’t know how TB vamps are turned. Talking about continuity issues… We only get glimpses and Willa’s turning was the most “complete” – and h*ll, it wasn’t complete at all!

    6) Knowing that 7th season will be the final, I can only hope they will end this show with a way that will please us all. Of course, I can’t find the words to express myself about how much I will miss this show. Sure, after S3 it wasn’t as good as it was but it is still my fav TV show ever. Everything seemed so… realistic, despite the sup element. No hollywood characters who are all rich and insanely beautiful and they have parties every day and night. A waitress, a southern vampire with a small house and a scary yet funny elder vampire with a bar. It was so authentic… And it had just the dose of violence, blood and gore, brutality and horror that is necessary for a show/movie to be called a vampire movie/show. I am so depressed that we won’t be having any vampire show like this for at least 2 decades…

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