Bleeding through the Seasons: Season 1

Waiting… sucks.

We all know the hiatus between seasons normally drags from the closing credits of a season finale till the recap starts ringing in the new season. This year its a bit different… especially since we know that we are heading into the final season of True Blood.

But before we face down the final season, let’s have some fun and remember how we got here. You game? 🙂

True Blood  was first aired on September 7, 2008… and our lives have not been the same since.

Over the next few days, we here at ESL are setting up a tournament and will be asking you to make a “blood” donation… virtually of course… by helping us rank the episodes with your “drops of blood”.  You will score each episode per season on a scale of 1 through 10… 10 being best and 1 being worst. So, how much blood are you willing to spill?



Here are the synopsises (from HBOGo and the Season 1 DVD)  for the first season of True Blood

1.1 ~ Strange Love

Across the country, vampires have come ‘out of the coffin’ after the invention of synthetic blood. Sookie falls under the spell of vampire Bill Compton. Tara begins work at Merlotte’s. Jason visits a “fangbanger”.

1.2 ~ The First Taste

Bill returns Sookie’s favor by rescuing her from the Ratray’s revenge. Blood thirsty vampires great Sookie at Bill’s house

1.3 ~ Mine

Vampires Malcolm, Diane, and Liam retreat after Bill lays claim to Sookie. Sam seeks a remedy to his loneliness and Tara looks for respite from her mother’s alcoholic rage.

1.4 ~ Escape from Dragon House

To help her brother Jason who is a suspect for murder, Sookie uses her telepathy to try to help him. And heads to Fangtasia.

1.5 ~ Sparks Fly Out

Spurned by Sookie, Bill wins over Adele’s church audience with vivid recollections from the Civil War. Sam tries to get closer to Sookie. Sookie makes a sad discovery at home.

1.6 ~ Cold Ground

Numbed by grief at Gran’s death, Sookie seeks refuge from her mindreading.

1.7 ~ Burning House of Love

Sookie’s painful past spurs Bill into action. Jason meets an adventurous woman at Fangtasia. Meanwhile Tara pays for an exorcism to purge a demon out of Lettie Mae.

1.8 ~ The Fourth Man in the Fire

Sookie uses her powers to catch a thief at Fangtasia. Jason’s new girlfriend Amy shows her dark side.

1.9 ~ Plaisir D’amour

Bill must pay a price for protecting Sookie. Jason and Amy kidnap a vampire for his blood.

1.10 ~ I Don’t Wanna Know

Sam shares a secret with Sookie, while Tara is shocked by Miss Jeanette’s true intentions.

1.11 ~ To Love Is To Bury

Bill fulfills the conditions of his sentence, although Jessica doesn’t turn (out) as expected. Jason is arrested. Tara is “rescued” by Maryanne.

1.12 ~ You’ll Be the Death of Me

Sookie finds a link to the murders in Bon Temps… and ends up in the killer’s crosshairs.


For a bit more indepth recaps, check out what they have over at imdb.




Make your “drops” count… I will stop accepting votes through 9/16.

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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

11 comments on “Bleeding through the Seasons: Season 1

  1. Were these ranks? Sorry I guess i just gave them points on how much I liked the episode 😦

  2. Jason antics with the woman and the blood, and constant sex, was the only thing I didn’t like, about season 1. The rest was great.

  3. Ah Season 1, when all was fresh and new…..I really loved everything about season 1, I thought that the story was just like the books and I thought the whole series was going to follow the books (silly me…LOL). In fact, even though I read the books,I even kinda liked Bill in that first season even knowing he was demented and twisted. But then eppy 4 happened (Dragon House) and we met Eric, I thought all the characters (actors) fit their roles perfectly!!! I was in love with TB and was completely hooked on Eric!!!!!

  4. This is the only season I can say went by the books . I am and always will be in love with the 4th episode introduction of Eric Northman . Great season .

  5. Caronal39, I agree with you on, season1, being the only season to follow the books. The writers went crazy after that, and they were nowhere close to the books. I wonder, why they thought they knew more, than, Charlaine Harris? I think production, should fire the writers, and get some, that really know the books, and stay with them, instead of letting the idiots, end the show, with a big dud!!

  6. I’m stuck between “escape” where we meet Eric, and Sookie’s first interaction with him, and “the fourth man” where we see Eric in the tub: to me that’s what he’s all about… “Because I always get what I want, what I want right now is to let myself in, help myself to your lovely tub, and put on some relaxing Swedish tunes, and if I’m able to take care of business at the same time, the mores better!” LOL

  7. Had to give Episode 4,Escape from the Dragon House a 10.
    It’s where we first got a glimpse of Eric Northman,and met his
    sexy daughter, Pamela. It was also the first time that Eric
    laid his eyes on Sookie Stackhouse,the girl in the white dress
    who walked into his bar~Eric knew Sookie,there was a deffinate
    connection between them like he knew her from another place or time.

  8. Closest ton the books and the only one. They started giving all the good stuff to Bill!

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