Bleeding Through the Seasons: Season 2

TBSeason2It’s time to put out “vetting” hats on as we move on to Season 2! The second season of True Blood is near and dear to my heart for this is when I decided watching alone was no longer fun and I joined the online fandom. Once here, I proudly proclaimed my love for all things Eric and Alex… and have not regretted a moment since.

Le sigh.

As we did with Season 1, we are asking you to assign a 1 -10 score to each episode (10 being best and 1 being worst).

Are you ready to get your blood pumping help us “vette” the second season of True Blood?

2.1 ~ Nothing But the Blood

A shocking murder outside Merlotte’s has Bon Temps, and Sookie Stackhouse, reeling.

2.2 ~ Keep This Party Going

Sookie and Bill contend with teen vampire Jessica. Jason impresses his Light of Day leaders. Maryann casts her spell at Merlotte’s. Eric… gets a haircut.

2.3 ~ Scratches

Sookie survives a vicious assault, and strikes a deal with Eric. Jessica finds a willing suitor in Hoyt.

2.4 ~ Shake and Fingerpop

Sookie, Bill, and Jessica head to Dallas. Meanwhile, Maryann throws Tara a birthday party. Jason gets a promotion.

2.5 ~ Never Let Me Go

Sookie maps out a plan to find the vampire Godric. Jason shines at boot camp. Back in Bon Temps, Maryann weighs her options.

2.6 ~ Hard-Hearted Hannah

Sookie gets company in her search for Godric. Bill confronts his violent past. Sam follow Daphne into the wild.

2.7 ~ Release Me

A betrayed Sam finds himself in dire straits. Bill’s attempt to rescue Sookie is thwarted by Lorena. Jason… breaks a taboo.

2.8 ~ Timebomb

Sookie finds an unexpected savior in Eric. Sam makes a gruesome discovery. Jason pays off his vampire debts.

2.9 ~ I Will Rise Up

Eric plays Sookie for a “sucker”… to Bill’s dismay. Hoyt and Jessica lunch with Maxine. Sam flies the coop.

2.10 ~ New Word in My View

Sam and Andy get a chilling reception at Merlotte’s. Sookie sees the darkness consuming Tara.

2.11 ~ Frenzy

Bill seeks out a vampire queen to help quell Bon Temps’ Maenad crisis. Sam turns to an unlikely source for help.

2.12 ~ Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

Sookie, Sam, and Bill form the last line of defense against Maryann’s diabolical plan.



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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

11 comments on “Bleeding Through the Seasons: Season 2

  1. Other than all the Maryann crap, this was actually my favorite season.

  2. Yeah, I really had a hard time with this season. I really didn’t like too much of it (only Eric stuff) to me the Maenad stuff sucked. After such a great season 1 True Blood already turned the corner to “no return” and started its’ broken journey from the books.

    Not my favorite season.

  3. The best season!!! maybe because Eric’s character & looks bloomed on this one.

  4. This was probably my favorite season because it’s when everything changed for me, it’s when I first fell in love with Eric. I know I was a late bloomer, but I was a goner after that rooftop scene with Godric. That and the first dream with Sookie is what actually made me interested enough to write fan fiction.

  5. Eric with Godric scenes were amazing . I love this season for that .

  6. Season 2 was when I fell inlove with the show and Eric too. I wasn’t seeing it at all in season 1 (that wig… No, just no) and wasn’t going to watch another season of the show, but my co-worker lent me her season 2 dvds and ordered me to watch it. Shorter-haired Eric in the track suit saying “it’s the new me. You like?” had me starting to see it, and then the black tank of doom sealed the deal for me.

    I will rise up is still my favorite episode of True Blood, together with I smell a rat in season 3.

    • Yep, same here, I couldn’t understand the appeal of him in the first season and that wig was just awful. Once he got rid of it and started to change, I finally saw the light. That was also before I read the books, I didn’t get into those until season 2 and now I wish I never did.

  7. Timebomb and I will rise up are my favorite episodes of the season. The Maryann shit was too muh for me, it was too crazy and this is the season where the multiple storylines started and there was too much going on. It got worse from there with that.

  8. I Will Rise Up is hands down my favorite episode in the entire show history. Eric tricks Sookie into drinking his blood…The smiley smirk did me in. Sookie dreams of Eric…”This is only the beginning”. Eric says goodbye to Godric, breaking hearts everywhere! And Godric disappears into a peaceful, blue flame. PERFECT!

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