Season 7 Eric Related Casting SPOILER


I am writing this post very early in the morning and haven’t had nearly enough cups of coffee just yet so I’m not going to say too much, other than post a brand new casting spoiler.



Of course we may get much clearer details on whoever this new character is over the coming weeks, but it is certainly not a casting I expected.

My initial reaction was obviously


But as I have a busy day ahead, and I’m not going to let anything spoil my enjoyment of a cinema trip to watch  “Catching Fire” I won’t say much more than that for now. If we can get hold of the full casting call we will post it, as we already know from previous experience these TV journalists do like their epic Eric headlines!

(Thanks to swedishmeatballs on tumblr for the find)


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31 comments on “Season 7 Eric Related Casting SPOILER

  1. Yes, because that makes sense when there’s ten episodes left. I honestly don’t see the point of introducing new characters in the last season, but this is just one more reason for me not to watch.

  2. Is this french vamp the TB version of Freyda I guess she’s a queen of some sort right? Seems to me that Eric’s s/l is far away from Bon Temps What a waste This show is losing all its fans….

  3. Evie-thanks for posting this, and I hope you enjoy Catching Fire.

    tammydevil83-nothing HBO and Buckner do with TB makes sense to me. Just like with s6, I won’t watch but I’ll keep up with the “story” with recaps, including ESL.

    Jackie69-I thought that Violet was Freyda. Maybe this French chick is? I didn’t hear if Frenchie is a queen, or even a vampire. Predictably, it gets worse and worse. Approximately 20% of the audience has bailed during Buckner’s reign. I guess that’s what Michael Lombardo considers “re-energizing” a series.

    This was the news I was talking about in my previous post. swedishmeatballs, thanks for the heads up. My only surprise is that Buckner isn’t having Eric “involved” with Pam or Willa. There’s still time for that. Hey, as long as Alex is naked and pretending to get it on, who cares what the story is, right? Pathetic. It’s just further confirmation that this is no longer the series for me. A bunch of shallow, nonsensical, rapist apologist, retconned crap. At least Alex is getting PAID, and he’s also probably making nice with his bosses at HBO/Time Warner, since he’s involved in other projects with the company. Out of respect to Alex, I might eventually break down and watch his final scenes as Eric, but I don’t consider the further character destruction of Eric Northman, Sookie Stackhouse, etc., to be appointment television.

    • I just got back and thank you – I enjoyed “Catching Fire” very, very much. Excellent books made into brilliant movies – it’s so refreshing!!!

      • Evie-Glad you liked the movie. I’m aware of the series, of course, but I haven’t seen the films OR read the books yet. I need to get caught up. Work by people who actually care about their work-gee, what a concept. 🙂

  4. Goodbye TB. It was once fun, but now it’s just idiotic and anger inducing.

    Bill wins, yay domestic violence! :/

  5. Ugh!
    This makes me sick

  6. Bill will be a southern gentleman again and will be happy with his true love Sookie without memory. Thank you to all who destroyed this show…

  7. No I don’t like this either. I’m just not very excited about the show anymore but I’ll watch cause I have to see it till the end.

  8. I had hoped that they weren’t going to do this that they heard The Eric, Sookies fans cries especially when the author who will never be named again screwed up so badly with the final book. Well I can’t say I am surprised that Eric’s fans were completely ignored. Bill the domestic violence hero will get the girl and I must say since she is so damn stupid let him have her. At least we have Fan fiction to keep my sookie and Eric alive and together or in some cases Dead and together. lol.

    • It totally SUCKS that Eric will be off on his own storyline for the final season and nowhere near Bon Temps and Sookie. The 3-way love triangle will be Bill, Alcide and Sookie. This just makes me so mad! How is this “getting back to the show’s roots” aka the first couple of seasons? IT’s NOT! The core of the story has always been Sookie, Bill and Eric, NOT ALCIDE! Of course I’ll watch it because I have to see it through to the bitter end, just like I had to watch the book series go to sh*t towards the end. But this definitely does NOT sound like a cohesive, back-to-basics conclusion of the series.

  9. Done, done, done

  10. Thank you to everyone here who recognizes that True Blood condones and celebrates domestic violence and rape and misogyny through the deification of the character Bill Compton. Charlaine Harris did it, and HBO and Brian Buckner are continuing her legacy.

  11. Yeah, what everyone above me said!!! Blah, blah, blah Bill Buckner bad………..I would rather Eric wind up alone like he was in every other season (except for Sookie) and live it alone. I think I’d even be OK (I think) if he hooked up with Pam or Willa, but not a newbie who hasn’t even earned her place in the show…………………..Yuck!!!! Just shows that nobody at HBO listens to all of us Eric fans at all…………………………

  12. Now i see why they got cancelled . Too much bull.

  13. This is really a nail in the coffin for me….. I was hoping that Eric will get a nice love story if not with Sookie then with Willa (at lease we got to know her last season and there was some build up)…even Nora if she was alive…but now we are suppose to relate and ship him with this new character…disaster..and I guess they will sail off in the sunset in that first 2 ep so we’ll have time focus on ‘real’ love story in BT…vomit…
    Bad news guys…

  14. don’t know what to say.
    but if you want to “kill off” a good tv show just ask bb for help. i’m sure he will manage it in a marvellous manner.
    but he won’t “kill off” the ericandsookielovers fandom.

  15. Maybe it’s just a fangbanger like Yvetta? I don’t know …

    Anyways I am just hoping for Alex to turn up at next year’s comicon so that there is a one in a million possibility that I get to see him in person…. That’s the only good thing that can come out of true blood for now.

    Oh why am I so stupid to still be wanting HBO on my TV just in case 😦

  16. They really LOST me with the LAST episode of Season 6.
    I never thought I’d hear myself say this…
    Too much William Thomas Compton III shoved down my throat.
    Eric Northman never really had a chance…Especially since
    Alan Ball had a “manchrush on Stephen Moyer”.

    I’ll watch just to see what happens between Sookie & her suitors??
    But THANK GOD for YouTube videos & FanFiction stories.
    And also FACEBOOK,where you can keep abreast of
    Alexander Skarsgard & Company’s career/ goings on!!!

  17. I doubt she is a vamp, I think she’s human. Probably she have to do with flashbacks where he was in 6 months. Maybe Eric was living normal life in Paras and living with her (“getting sunburn” is a whole Jason’s dream). Or she`s scientist that Eric saved from zombie vamps after Eric woke up ( I would pic they are ripping off The Walking Dead). Or maybe she was skiing with couple of friends,but they captured by Pam to use food source for Eric (when he was recovering from the sunburn) but she ends up bonding with him….I really hope she stays temporary (like 3 or 4 eps),because nobody want to stay through “Billy luv Sookie” cr*p.

  18. ya know, since they were royally screwed in the svm books, wouldn’t it be awesome if just once eric and sookie get to be happy together in the end? I mean alcide is a dog! literally and figuratively! and this French love interest? no offense, I bet she is a wonderful actress, but dammit! they are both so stubborn, I just want to bang their heads together to knock some sense into them. that is of course after pulling their heads out of their asses 😉

  19. I was really hoping TV Guide might have given us a few more details about this casting by now, like how many episodes she’s in, if she’s a vampire, etc. I suspect this is all about sex and nudity. They will definitely want to get Eric naked one last time and a European actress is more likely to be up for that sort of thing. (Otherwise why not use Nora or Willa as his post-Sookie love interest, as at least fans knew them already). I need to know more details, damn it!!

    • I believe she last temporary,because he didn’t say she is a regular. I think she’s only be in the flashbacks where he was in six months ago. At least, he have someone while Sookie`s dogging around with Alcide and flirting with Billy (it made me sick) when Eric was away. I don’t think Aka girl is a vamp, and I think she will be in only 3 or 4.

      Pam and him have to go back Bon Temps, because they left daughters there.

  20. Season 7 sucks already before they’ve aired the first minute. I have no plans to watch the train wreck they made out of this show. Such a shame. It had SO much potential for greatness and the fans would have gone wild. But no… The season 6 finale was a really bad joke and I expect nothing less from Season 7. Good job HBO, Ball and Buckner, hope your happy because I’m NOT. See ya True Blood. 😦

  21. it seem to me that they want the show to win some kind of title for being the worst show on television. If they gave out awards for that they would win it hands down. It could have been the best ever. Just like CH’s books started out, for years the love story was the best. Then she threw it all away because she didn’t like Eric. Really? I wonder if she has any regrets about it. I guess we will never know. I’ll just stay with ff. At least there we get what want. It’s going to be sad to see the fiasco of an ending that they have planned. I’ll watch to the end and then it’s good bye to HBO for me!

  22. Unfortunately,HBO didn’t respect the fans of the show.
    HBO just wanted to keep Alan Ball & his employees happy.
    So they just let Alan write what he did….The HBO executives
    didn’t keep watch on him and what he was writing….
    And Charlaine Harris made the biggest mistake signing away
    “Total Control” of the right…she should have done what
    the writer of “Game Of Thrones” did.
    Let the story be told on HBO…but do the adaptation along
    with the writers hired by HBO….That would have worked.
    Also Charlaine Harris never guessed that the actor who was hired
    to play ERIC NORTHMAN would become the success he DID??
    IF I was her, hell I’d be kissing Alexander Skarsgard’s feet!!!
    AND writing more about him…NOT writing more about his
    Rival, William Thomas Compton III, whose a TOTAL BORE!!!

  23. I got some bad news and good news. Here`s the bad news, idiotic Buckner will write ep 2. But here`s the good new, the girl only appear in ep 2 and it didn’t say she is recurring character or regular character. Don’t worry, It just said she`ll just be in 1 ep. 😉

    • As of right now, but that could all change. I would imagine a lot will be changing before they start filming. Doesn’t matter if she’s sticking around for long, anyway, he won’t be with Sookie. I doubt they’ll have even one scene together.

  24. Shelli-thanks for the link.

    I still say Buckner either has Sookie crawl back to Bill or settle for Sam, and forces Eric into a fake “romance” with either Pam or Willa. *shrugs* Whatever. Not watching; do your worst, Buckner. Watch the ratings continue to drop. His problem. I’ll still visit ESL. MUCH more lovable than the crap show.

    • Since this is the last season, they could care less about ratings, that’s why it’s all going to hell. I for one wish it would be Eric and Pam in the end, but now they’ll most likely just put him with this new chick. I doubt he ever would have hooked up with Willa, I never saw that. Besides, she’s another one who didn’t seem to give him a second thought. I hope he stays away from that crap town and everyone in it.

  25. They SHOULD care about future DVD/Blu-Ray/box set/merch sales, syndication deals, other business dealings, etc. But, yes, it’s the end, so time to “flip the bird” to the audience apparently. I will never believe an Eric/Pam “romance” for a second, and I have no interest in it, but I see Buckner going there. I think Sylvie might just be a plot device to get Alex naked and in a sex scene for the millionth time. Whenever the people behind a TV show, a film, etc., hype the sex/nudity in the media, that usually means they know the story’s no good. I don’t think it’s totally outside the realm of possibility for Eric and Willa to have hooked up; in fact, I could still see Buckner going there. The actress who plays Willa seems talented, but I have no emotional investment in her suddenly majorly important character and would have no interest in that potential “romance” either. My guess is that in the end, Eric is killed off for real this time, takes off with Pam and Willa perhaps, or is shipped off into cushy slavery with Violet/Possibly Freyda. We will know next summer what Buckner did. I think EVERYONE should get the hell out of that evil snake pit Bon Temps in the end, including the formerly awesome Sookie, but they probably won’t, except for maybe Eric and his “family.”

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