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Thanks to the lovely people over at Skarsgard Fans and Bookies ❤ True Blood we now have the official casting call for the character of “Sylvie” who is due to appear in Season 7 of True Blood. Check out below, if you feel the need to be spoiled and to know….


original posting 11/19/13 – still looking so repost on 11/22

Episode 7.2 ‘(title:TBA)’

writer: Brian Buckner, director: Lee Rose

to film around mid-january 2014

Woman AKA Sylvie: 20s, beautiful, French. Must be French and speak French fluently. Love interest to Eric (Alexander Skarsgard)… Episode 2 Arc, on the final season of True Blood.

This role requires full frontal nudity excluding genitalia.

So there we have it, the full details taken from the official casting call. I am presuming from this that Sylvie will only appear in one single episode, but I could be reading that wrong, or just being too optimistic!

It’s also interesting that  Brian Buckner himself is writing this one. Please don’t stone me but he and Alexander Woo are my favourite  writers left working on the show,  and the more episodes they write the better I feel about it.

Today I’m breathing a bit of a sigh of relief, hopefully young Sylvie is just a stepping stone on Eric’s journey back to his family who love and need him. And at least whatever else Sylvie ever does, I’m pretty sure she will live on in naked Viking tumblr gifs for a very long time after the episode airs!



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36 comments on “Full Casting Call For “Sylvie”

  1. You are too optimistic. CH and TB are the dream killers. They lure you in so they can crush you.

  2. their excuse for putting eric in situations”hot” and hoped calm the fans

  3. NEVER thought that I’d hear myself say it…BUT I’M OVER TRUEBLOOD.
    People who killed it for me are ALAN BALL,Brian Buckner & Charlaine Harris.
    Charlaine should never given the rights to Alan Ball.
    What did he know about writing horror?
    All he ever wrote was Six Feet Under,and that was NOT about FANTASY/Horror.
    That was about what went on in a funeral home.
    Brian Buckner totally killed TRUEBLOOD, when Alan turned the writing reigns
    over to him…AND Brian took the train off of the tracks.

    NO, I’m not going to really watch Season 7….Will only watch to see
    JUST how bad they screw it up .

    • He turned the reigns over to Mark Hudis, I wonder if there would have been any difference if he stayed in charge instead of having Buckner take over. I guess we’ll never know.

  4. Yeah, I tend to agree with every comment made before mine Evie. I just don’t know what to think or more importantly, if I even want to think about it. This final season has me down in the dumps as far as knowing I had to give up any hope that I had that E&S would get back together for a HEA. That I just don’t care anymore. (although I haven’t given up on Alex in any way, shape, or form!!).

    I’m with Marlene on this one, her last line in her comment sums it all up for me too…….

    • “Down in the dumps” is describing my feelings too!

    • On this occasion when I said “optimistic”, I meant I was optimistic that this character will only appear in one episode.

      I’m afraid you will all just have to tolerate my general optimism as TB still remains my favourite TV show. I love it to bits and I will continue to support my Viking until the very end. Whatever happens to him in the final season, I will be there. Luckily for you all I’m only 1/4 of E&SL and we will try to have every Team Eric angle covered over the final few months of this fandom! So please everyone – stick with us!

      • Oh, I didn’t mean I’m totally baling on Eric, I interpreted what Marlene said as “I’m still watching but half-heartedly, only to see how bad they screw up”. I’m still watching for Eric (as I said in my post I’m for Alex in whatever he does forever) but I’m sorry I don’t have any hope left for E&S. They’ve (HBO, BB and the writers and everyone else affiliated with the show) have broken my heart (and my TB spirit) ever since the last episode of Season 4 where Sookie was a total idiot and gave Eric up. Since then I’ve had that sinking feeling that they where never going to get back together again.

        I’m still hoping that you gals will keep this website going as an Alex site when TB is over and done, as I’ve grown to love everyone here like family and I will really miss all of you if you ladies don’t continue, so I hope that you’re still considering that option.

        • I hope you guys continue on their legacy after the show. I always hope for them and I always have feelings they are destines to 2gether.

          I don`t trust Brian Buckner,but I believe he`s going to do slasher treme with a twist in this ep (like beauty and beast). I would imagine he will do something like that. I would pic Pam was harvesting humans for injuried Eric (after she saved him from the sun) and captured a girl,but Eric ends up bonding with her. But probably she gets kill by zombie vamps or she gets save by him but he glamours her.

          I`m guess this Aka was originally cast a regular character for season 7 before,because Brian thought it`s going to be season 8. But I think he decided to changed her to a temporarily character after HBO thrown the book at him (after he opened his big a** mouth about Billy luv Sookie cr*p) and announced its final season, because fans really want to Eric to be with Sookie,not someone else.

      • I’m so sticking with Eric and Sookie Lovers! You will have to kick me off this site to get me to leave. As redthang914 stated I too am “still hoping that you gals will keep this website going as an Alex site when TB is over and done, as I’ve grown to love everyone here like family and I will really miss all of you if you ladies don’t continue, so I hope that you’re still considering that option. I hope that you (redthang914) don’t mind that I quoted you but, you said just what I was thinking.!

  5. After reading the books, I was completely surprises that, Eric and Sookie, ever separated in the first place. They had the perfect love affair and I want to see that come back, to the program. I hate the idea of a new love interest for, Eric, but don’t want him to be alone either. Please rekindle the, love, between Eric and Sookie!!!!!!!

  6. Luckily for you all (or not :)), I’m feeling better and feeling “chatty.” Here goes…

    Evie-thanks for the post. I intensely dislike the message, but never the messenger. NEVER. I’m cool with you loving TB (and everyone else who still loves the show). I used to love it myself. It used to be one of my all-time favorite TV shows. It started going sideways for me in the final third of season 4, especially episode 9 and REALLY especially episode 12. Except for a brief hopeful creative resurgence in the final 3 eps of s5, I just can’t get on board with what these writers are doing. It feels like DEA/AD all over again to me and it’s too emotionally painful for me to watch. I keep up with recaps, like here at E&SL. I too always support Eric, no matter how much Harris and Buckner character assassinate him to serve the plot. I feel Buckner is headed either for a Sookie/Bill ending, which I cannot tolerate and will NEVER watch, or a Sookie/Sam ending again, which I could not care LESS about and also will never watch. BUT, I will never give up on E&SL for as long as all of you want to continue this wonderful site. IMO, you put much more love and care and LOGIC in E&SL than HBO does in TB. And I’m with redthang914-I also hope that you all still want to continue E&SL as an Alex appreciation site after TB is done.

    redthang914-I also have no hope for Eric/Sookie. 😦 And I, too, will never give up on Alex for as long as he wants to work.

    rcc68-Eric/Sookie were the heart and soul of the story. Too bad we see what their Makers couldn’t…or wouldn’t.

    Lori and luvvamps-still agree with you.

    Tammy-I hope someday we find out what REALLY happened behind the scenes on True Blood.

    Marlene Emmett-I’m over True Blood too. Alan Ball may have an Oscar and an Emmy, but I agree that he has no clue how to write a great fantasy/horror story. Neither does Charlaine Harris. We were duped by everyone involved in the creative decisions, including Brian Buckner. I firmly believe that Harris and Buckner hate the Eric fans, the Eric/Sookie fans, and the Alex fans (but they sure do love our money).

    With no hope for an in-character Eric/Sookie ending, the continued ruination of the true nature of the Eric/Pam friendship, Lafayette not having a real storyline, Tara stuck in a fake “redemption” story with her original abuser, Jason stuck with another rapist, and the continued deification of Saint Rapist Bill, I just can’t anymore. Give it your worst shot, Bucky.

    To end on a good note, I wish everyone here happiness in their personal lives and enjoyment in their other forms of entertainment. Evie and everyone at E&SL, I know I don’t speak just for myself when I say that I love and appreciate your work here and hope you continue on for as long as you feel like it. Take care of yourselves, everyone.

  7. So he will have a feeding/intimate scene in the second episode…But seriously there is only so much patience people can have with one show and Buckner and company really are right at the edge here.

    But I will gladly watch this trainwreck for Alexander Skarsgard 🙂 🙂 (I don’t want to sound creepy here :))

    And then I’ll rant and rejoice on this forum after getting frustrated LOL…

    But you guys, I watched The East and What Masie Knew yesterday and I am in awe of the man….

  8. Clarifying myself…I watched these two movies for the third time yesterday… (My idea of a ffruitful Friday night) 🙂

    • The East and What Maisie Knew are always my idea of a productive time. Basically, any feature film with Alexander Skarsgard is, including Battleship. *ducks and runs for cover*

      • I totally understand :)…I even watch his Swedish films, even though I don;t know the ‘S’ of Swedish 😀 😀
        *ducks and runs for cover too*

        • I’ve seen some of Om Sara :), but I need to get more caught up on Alex’s Swedish films. Right there with you with my lack of Swedish comprehension.

        • Some of his Swedish films come with English subtitles… like “Puss”… it was awesome to watch. Cuppen had english subtitles for the South African scenes. and there is a version of Om Sara on youtube with english subtitles …

          just sharing the info 🙂

  9. I guess if I expect the worst then anything good for Eric’s S7 arc will be a bonus. Based on this approach lets hope ‘Sylvie’ is a flashback for the episode or something very short lived. Then again, with the speculation that Eric won’t be in the main action with Sookie, maybe I should be happy if they have Eric happy with someone else, away from the silly triangle of the past seasons.

    Sorry, trying not to be so negative, but after such disappointment with TB, its hard! I will take my positivity pill and hang in there 🙂

  10. Oh and Evie, your enthusiasm is always appreciated. As its the last season, I will be watching and glad to have E&S Lovers to hold our hand through the ride to the end

  11. I’m glad someone can still hope for me until I can again or can give it up cold turkey once an for all..

  12. I am thinking more and more that Eric’s burning scene was maybe Jason’s or Pam’s dream…not sure how long will this chick last and I don’t think it really matters..Buckner said Eric will have a separate story, unfortunately …so we can try to enjoy it as much as we can..I mean there will be NO MORE Eric on our screens ever 😦
    The fact that Sookie never gives him a thought is what bothers me the most

  13. Since I know there isn’t going to be an Eric and Sookie ending to TB (I’ve finally accepted that), I’m fine with any character that leads us to more naked Eric. And with TB Sookie turning into such a complete idiot with very few redeeming personality traits, I can only hope that Eric is able to find happiness with someone else. I desperatedly wanted book Eric and Sookie together because I felt that they belonged together, but TB has ruined their relationship and Sookie’s character beyond repair.

  14. Lostinspace33, we don’t known for sure on that. I think Brian finally got the book thrown at him by HBO after He opened his idiotic mouth about “Sookie luv Billy” cr*p when in the interviews after the horrible finale with Eric`s getting a sunburn. Probably they changes their idiotic minds after they getting those death treats and complaints from fans,because those interviews are 5 months old now. I hope they learns their lessons from watching Dexter finale. Thank goodness, I didn’t watch that dreadful finale Dexter. I think Breaking Bad ended it way better than that cr*p.

    Evie, I`m with you. I always believe there`s hope for Eric and Sookie. I`m never giving up on it. I have very strong feelings for they are destines to be 2gether. They are like same person on the same coin.

    I don’t trust Buckner at all,but I think he have something`s up his sleeve. I remembered Evie had mentioned 1 of Brian Buckner`s interviews that things won`t work for Alcide and Sookie(I think they`re going to do the same thing with Eric have a short term relationship with that Aka). Evie`s probably be right that they are going to back the original triangle (Eric, Sookie, and douchbag) when Alcide is out (probably only last two eps)….Don’t forget, they did that time skip thing before, in season 4 when Sookie went to faerieland and got back,it was year. I think it was planned out and they borrows the idea from season 4 for Eric`s storyline where he was in six months ago.

    Eric would better be alive!!! I really hope that dreadful sunburn scene`ll turn out to be Jason`s dream or Pam saves him. What is writers kills off most beloved characters on the shows. 1st Game of Thrones killed Robb off, then Family Guys killed freaking Brian off. I am totally pi** off at Seth MacFarlane right now. He freaking ruined Stewie and Brian`s relationship. I freaking hate Seth MacFarlane right now. No more Family Guy for me.

    • I’m pretty convinced Eric will be alive and play a major role next season. If Alex is contracted then there is no reason why he wouldn’t.

      I don’t think Buckner has actually said that Sookie and Alcide won’t stay together. He just implied that with Eric away from Bon Temps in the short-term this loath triangle would come into play. I more got the impression from Joe that he doesn’t think he’ll get the girl in the end.

      • Hahaha…Loath triangle, looser triangle, lame triangle 🙂

        • Right now, my guess is that Alex might only be in half of s7 (5 eps). But, with the reveal of the suddenly majorly important Sylvie, maybe Alex might play more of a role in the season than I think. Time will tell.

          I can’t stomach Alcide almost as much as I can’t stomach Bill (and I have no interest/emotional investment in Sam, Sylvie, Violet, and Willa, and I don’t want to witness any more character assassination of Pam, etc.).

          I don’t think Alcide will “get the girl in the end” either. “The girl” will either crawl back to Bill or settle for Sam. Still my educated guesses.

          “Loath triangle”…too true! Why does HBO think this is a good idea, especially for the final season? Fanfiction, here I come!

          • I’m still not sure why so many people think Eric will only appear in a few episodes? Alex is contracted for next season, and he is paid as 1 of the 3 joint leads. It makes no sense for him not to appear in every episode. And commercially that is not an attractive option for HBO.

      • I hope so. I don’t think so they shown him less this season. I still believe Eric will be around more this season,because it`s the final season and there`s nothing to plan for Alex after Walking with the Wounded. He got Tarzan,but he`s going to do Tarzan during the summertime when True Blood over. I still believe he have more plenty time to do True Blood. 😉

        Some people said,because they`re worry that he`ll might be dead and only be in Pam`s flashbacks. (I really hope not that’s really happen.)

        But I believe they planned the time jump for Eric`s return. I think they`re borrowing ideas from season 4, because season 4 was good but they ends up lost track after that and the show went up in the flame (It`s my way I`m saying is “becoming Trainwreck”). IpRemember the luv triangle between Eric, Sookie,and Alcide lasted about 3 ep? I would imagine a boring luv triangle between Sookie, Alcide, and douchbag lasted about 1 or 2 eps in the beginning of season. I would luv to see Eric shown up in the end of the 1st ep and mess things up with them. 🙂 Probably there’s a flashback that where’s he has been in six months ago. (that’s why they`re casting Aka. At least, he have a company while Sookie was dogging with Alcide :-\ ).

  15. Evie-yes, I read in TV Guide that Alex gets the same TB paycheck per episode as Anna and Stephen (and I believe this has been the case since s4). That, to me as well, should seem to be a good indicator that the HBO execs consider Alex very important to the show. And I very much agree that commercially it’s not a good idea for HBO to not have Alex appear in all 10 eps of s7. They’re already losing a significant chunk of TB viewership as it is even with Alex in all the episodes (not being mean, just being honest. The numbers don’t lie; while still strong, the ratings have gone down noticeably from s4 to s6. The reasons for this can be debated amongst people forever, but facts are facts-the ratings are somewhat lower nowadays.)

    I can’t speak for anyone but myself, of course. I’m a “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” kind of person (Terms of Endearment). My weariness towards TB is because I don’t trust Buckner and the current writing team for various reasons. When Buckner said in September that Alex would be back as a “series regular” for s7, that did not reassure me. Christopher Meloni and Rutger Hauer (admittedly guest stars and not on since s1 like Alex) were also billed as “series regulars” on TB and they did not appear in all episodes of their respective seasons. Some time after Buckner’s interviews, the actors who play Willa, James, Violet, and Adilyn were also announced to be “series regulars” for s7. Then, Adina Porter too. I just need to be prepared for whatever Buckner and all of them are going to do, for my own sake. I’m not trying to be argumentative. I hope you and Shelli are right and Alex is in all 10 eps of s7 (in a great, true-to-character-and-plot story, I hasten to add). We shall see.

    Shelli-yes, it’s the final season. All the more reason to have the most popular, beloved, fan-favorite actor on the show (Alex, of course) in all 10 eps. (in a significant, great, true-to-character story, possibly). I still don’t know what the status of Tarzan is or if it will even get made. I would think too that Alex and his team can and will successfully juggle TB and his other projects. It hasn’t seemed to have been a problem before.

    That’s a good point, borrowing the time jump from s4 for s7. I agree that s4 started out good but then became a trainwreck. I dislike Alcide almost as much as I dislike “Douchebag.” 🙂 I ESPECIALLY don’t trust the writers were Sookie/Eric is concerned, but again, we shall see. They either don’t know (?) or don’t care that Sookie/Eric was their most beloved (and biggest commercial asset) storyline.

    Sadly, I’m not too optimistic about the show anymore, but I’m still reading recaps/news at E&SL. 🙂 I hope we all get what we want from TB. Crazier things have happened.

  16. Hi everyone! 😄 I’m new here I have a thought to throw at out there ! I think Alex should play a role on the wigs channel on You Tube! If you haven’t checked that channel out you should it’s great!
    Forever in love with Alex I will follow him forever !

  17. Maybe it will be a flashback while Eric is healing, like the time he spent in France when he cared about someone else but not as much as sookie, who knows, we can hope.

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