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Spoiler TV are running an end of year ranking system for the best couples and duo’s currently on TV.

It’s a bit of a surprise, considering they only shared one scene together in the whole of 2014, but Sookie and Eric are included on the list. Obviously they are up against some enormously popular TV pairings who, surprise, surprise, shockingly actually spend a decent amount of screen time together, but they are still managing to fight the good fight, being the only True Blood duo who have made it into the top 100, out of 200.

So let’s share a bit of Sooric Christmas spirit and give them a vote UP! And also don’t forget that there are other True Blood couples on the list too, and you can play Scrooge by giving them a vote DOWN to make sure that our favorites stay the highest ranking couple from the show.

Click on the pretty picture below to join in the festive ranking fun!


Gorgeous gif by myyma

Merry Christmas and happy voting!


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10 comments on “Rank The Best Couples/Duo’s On TV

  1. Wowee, what a loooong list!! LOL, I think every TV show on the air is on that list. Romantic and Bromantic pairings. But I did vote a Thumbs up for Sooric and down on the other TB characters so at least maybe they finish higher than their counterparts.

    Thanks for posting Evie, I enjoyed going over the list and checking it out (looking at whos’ naughty and nice). “Chuckles and runs away”…………………

    • It is rather fun to keep checking back and re-voting and down-voting random couples that I’ve never heard of LOL.

      Tis the season to be merry so don’t worry about bad Christmas jokes! I’m full of them, I’m blaming the mulled wine!

  2. I been voting some of those couple I never hear of at all LMAO

  3. Thanks for the head’s up on this poll, Evie. I probably would not have known about it otherwise. It’s good to let our voices be heard. The PTB screwed up big time on the Eric/Sookie front, in my honest opinion. Eric/Sookie deserved a legitimate chance, and I am grateful that I and others have the opportunity to say so.

    • Slightly OT, so forgive me. My friend told me there is an Alex mention on the show Fashion Queens on Bravo this week. They show at least one pic of Alex with Prince Harry with the Antarctica/WWTW challenge. Apparently, at least two of the three “queens” has a thing for Alex; Bevy says that she would die the True Death for Alex, and there is also a mention of Alex’s Nordic good looks. In case you’re interested… 🙂

  4. OMG Just voted down on Sookie and Bill. They were at #154 and then I got a notification that my vote moved them to #200! LMAO

  5. And the same thing for Sookie and Alcide, but now they’re at #200, so S&B are at #199… How funny!

  6. I mean what does it say that EVERYONE is rooting for Eric and Sookie and the TB writers are leaving us COLD! There better be an AMAZING Season 7…although taking a page from CH there will not be 😦

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