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An actor wants to leave a show in it’s final season and they are just a side character! You all know how I feel about True Blood and how it has gone off the rails, jumped the shark or whatever analogy may apply here. Well, it does not seem that I am the only one who MAY feel the same way or maybe SOMEONE is paying attention to the BLOGS.

Well, it is obviously not the writers paying attention to the blogs because they are evidently still writing some ‘not so good’ story-lines for the final season. Luke Grimes, aka Jessica’s new boy toy, aka James has left the hit show before it’s final season. An HBO spokesman confirmed this by saying that, “The role of James is being recast due to the creative direction of the character.”

While the actors reps have not commented on this issue, someone close to the actor gave the following statement to TVLINE: ““He initially joined the show because he wanted to work with [his Forever co-star] Deborah Ann Woll,” says the insider. “But when he started reading the scripts for Season 7, he was disappointed to learn that they were going in a completely different direction with James.”

Translation (in my fangpinion): He hated what he was reading and did not agree with the powers that be about the ‘creative’ direction of the character. My guess is that James will become a maniac vampire/zombie who contracted Hep D somehow and wanted to eat or drink everyone around him and thus he was going to meet the true death. Complete waste of yet another talented actor and character who has major potential!

I give major kudos to Luke for leaving the show for this reason (if the reason given was true)because it is a complete waste of his time especially if he was just going to get killed off in some stupid fashion (Zampire anyone?)

We all know that one of the major problems with this show is that they constantly bring in all these characters that are supposed to have an impact of some sort and it turns out lazy and pointless. They are nothing but a filler to make it seem as if the writers have done their job.

Mr.Grimes will be playing the role of Christian Grey’s brother in the 50 Shades of Grey movie. I know that is a major leap from True Blood to Fifty but at least on 50 Shades but at least he knows his character arc will stay the same and not change into some stupid, wild and crazy shit that will no doubt be happening to James on True Blood. Is it too early to say R.I.P James? I think not!

One final comment: This ‘creative genius’ comment scares me for what we will get in the final season. What say you? Sound off below!


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  1. Yeah, this is just one more reason not to watch.

  2. Oh well they need all these no count characters to fill up the time when:

    -They are not showing Eric…
    -They are out of ideas on how to drown Sookie in shit
    -They are giving Sam and Bill a breather between the shots to worship them

  3. I hope you guy have a great holiday.

    Remember there`s a casting for Laffy`s luv interest Drake? I wonders it was a recasting for James. ……Or Maybe they are going to borrowing that idea from A Little Heat to making James to poison Jessica`s douchbag maker Billy with hep V. I would luv to play out.

    I think I am right that the writers are finally going into different directions,because they got a lot of complaints after the season 6 finale and Buckner`s interviews.

  4. I don’t blame Luke for leaving. while I would have loved for him to be like in A Little Heat, I doubt that would be the case here. TB has gone off the deep end and it’s only the loyalty of the original cast that will see it to its crazy end. I have not watched it since season 5. I haven’t missed it. Not even Eric and his peen can make me come back.

    • Yes I would have been fine with something like A Little Heat but I somehow don’t think that is where this show will go.

      • Alex and his peen can (sort of) be seen in his feature film Om Sara, and maybe he might flash in another project if it (artistically!) calls for it. Eric peen can’t save the show for me, too. 🙂 Like Adriana, I stopped watching after s5 too (except for Alex and very few randoms). While there are some people who still love the show, I agree that original cast loyalty/finishing what the viewers started is what will get (most of) the ratings.

        • I always finish what I start as well, regardless of what may come my way. For me, the ladies here I write with and seeing Alex and his mad acting skills are what keep me going. We still do not know the extent of what we will get regarding Eric but an actor leaving the show because of what is written in the script makes me leery.

          • I respect that, of course. I’ll stay at ESL for the recaps (too painful for me to watch, though I might break down and catch “The Alex Show” again at some point). I adore most of the cast; I just can’t stomach the writing anymore. I still guess Alex might come back only as a “guest star,” as he hinted he might do in older interviews, but we shall see. Luke Grimes quitting the show because of the writing seems like another bad sign to me as well, but I think it’s par for the course with True Blood. 😦

        • Hi, no time, long see 🙂

          I have to disagree with some you guys. I don’t care for James character that much, I finds him bit boring, I have a fish feeling with his character (like same goes for on Violet), but I rather see Luke on The Walking Dead as Beth`s luv interest. I heard there’s similar descriptions on Laffy`s luv interest Drake when it said it`s a cross between Jim Morrison and James Dean. It sounds like they was recasting him. I think he proposed to be cheat on Jessica with Laffy.

          I don’t think Sookie will end with Sam. I also heard there’s a major death in the 1st ep, I think Sam will die by giving up his life to his redneck town and his unborn child, which left Jason or Andy in the charge who running the town. But I believe Nicole will die later on the series, I got funny feeling the writer`s going to use her as a subitute for book Crystal (Remember Crystal is pregnant and she was Jason’s wife?) and make her have a similar death (but make her death looks like a suicide) to Crystal `s.

          I also think the writers are going to borrowing Pelts-kidnapping-Sookie storyline from book 6, but let her get captures by Alcide`s another crazy ex were Rikki and his former pack. I don’t blame you about werewolves, I think weres are most disgusting supes (as the bloody goddness douchbag himself). Probably Rikki would be the 1 who release those zombie vamps on the town to get some payback on Alcide and Sam. I wonder they are going to do something like “Stakes on me” (I haven’t read it,but I heard It`s really good book) . I`m hoping Eric will shown up and save the town. 🙂 But Sadly,I have a gut feelings the townspeople will blame on Eric after he shown up in midseason. 😦

          I need to catch up on A Little Heat. I`m so behind and missed so many chapters, because it stopped at Chapter 21 when I was reading at the end.

          Hey I found something `s very interesting yesterday (I guess you already been on that site. Remember we talked about they are planning to make Eric as a true savior? People was talking about it recently, they believe writers planned his death along to bring him as a true savior to save vampires and humans. Some people said they think the prophecy (from the vampire bible) isn’t complete yet. I don`t think the prophecy said save a bunch of vampires from the sun room and made out the bloody goddess’ progeny( that’s really gross), but saving vampires isn’t a freaking big deal. I remembered the prophecy says “Two must become One” but it sounds like Eric said in season 4, “We will become one”. Maybe it`s referring “Two” as vampires and humans; “One” means Eric is destine to become a human/vampire hybrid to save everybody. But I am bit worry they will make Eric the one will bring death and destruction. 😦 I really hope not. I rather see him becomes human and married to Sookie, they have two kids. That would dream that what happen

  5. Of course, James has to be conveniently eliminated so Jason can crawl back to overrated demon spawn Jessica after Jason is tired of being abused by Violet. Just like Pregnant Nicole will be conveniently offed so Stepford Sookie can settle for Seal Sex Sam at the last second (my spec and I’m sticking to it)

    nymerias and ESL, thanks for posting this. I saw it on a few other sites just minutes ago and decided to check back in with ESL, and sure enough, you’re on it too. I think this is a very interesting development. I did not see this coming. Most actors are so relieved for employment that they’ll accept anything, even the crappiest writing, just for the paycheck/exposure.

    “Lazy and pointless” and “filler” define the once-promising True Blood to me, now, sadly. I have no hope for the show anymore. I’m not scared; I’m resigned.

    Not that I had a problem with him before, but today I have a newfound major level of respect for Luke Grimes. I’m sure it could not have been an easy decision for him to walk away from a popular-ish show, relatively steady employment (for a little while), the money, keeping his name out there, etc. Luke seems to have chosen personal integrity over monetary/career gain, and I am proud of him. I have no interest in the 50 Shades of Grey franchise (I would only have seen the film if Alex was in it; I never expected Alex to be, and I never got the sense that Alex genuinely wanted to be), but I have a feeling it will be a commercial hit like the 50 Shades books. I wish Luke and everyone involved with that film well. I agree that at least Luke (and everyone involved in the 50 Shades production AND the audience) know what they’re getting. 50 Shades is not an abusive 180 like True Blood (and Southern Vampire Mysteries).

    Happy New Year/Winter. 🙂

    • Yes the story won’t turn on a dime when it is convenient for the writers and a character won’t be sacrificed to make way for a preconceived notion of what they think is good!

    • I agree. Most actors wouldn’t walk away from a job like this because they need money and the publicity it brings for future roles. So seeing Luke turn THIS down because he didn’t like where his character was going…it scares me. It really does! How bad can it be? I hope it’s not like this for Alex and my other favorite characters and actors on the show. YIKES. This doesn’t sound like Season 7 will be any good. 😦

      • nymerias and Erika-sorry, I’m kind of in a hurry, so I’ll try to articulate quickly. Yes, Luke quitting does seem like a bad omen. But since I no longer have any hope for TB, it just seems like more of the same to me, sadly. I’m resigned now. I would never wish failure for anyone. I know it’s just a TV show. It just could have been SO much more, and it’s too bad.

  6. The writers took a fun series of books and ruined the story. Yes, it was great eye candy, but it would have been nice to have the story too.

  7. I totally agree with you nymerias!,,, I’m sure the shitty storyline the crappy TB writers have come up with had a major part of why Luke won’t be back, but I think that with him being cast as Christian Greyson brother had a lot to do with him resigning as he probably will be still shooting the movie when TB resumes filming.

    Who knows how TB will end, at this point, I’m like you I’ve watched this show through the good seasons (the first few +part of season 4) and the bad seasons (all the rest of them). I will muddle through the last one if only for whatever Eric scenes. Alex is, was and always will be the draw of TB. But, I will not be taking this last season seriously at all!!!!!

    • How can we take it with any seriousness really when most of what they have given us is a horrible cheese fest? They start off good but then end up so so bad. They definitely write with where ever the dart lands on the board.

  8. Sadly, I already know I’m going to hate this season – Bill’s King, right? – but I admit I’ll be watching JUST and SOLELY for Eric. I gave up on Grandmaw Sook when she stepped out on the arm of Ugh.

    Much applause for Luke Grimes ducking out, though. I can’t say I blame him a bit if it’s going to be even worse in his opinion than the fiasco of nausea that the 50 Shades of Abusive Tripe will be. This really does not bode well for TB.

  9. Well this does sound bad! I liked Luke’s character, and he’s a cutie. Don’t blame him for jumping off this quickly sinking ship though and wish him well in his career. If he left because of crappy writing and a crappy arc for his character…bravo, and it shows he has some integrity. Wonder if we will hear more stories like this as scripts are read. I also wonder if Alexander Skarsgard has completed negotiations or if it maybe hinged on seeing scripts? I really had no hope for this season and so far what little news we have is all bad. Couple the bad news with the HBO facebook page for Christmas of Bill and Sookie (barf, barf, barf) and I can only assume we are being warned ahead of time that we will not be happy and should just stay away to avoid the shitstorm that followed “THAT AWFUL BOOK”!

  10. RL is kicking my butt right now. Be back later. 🙂

  11. I will watch this last season just because I cannot, not watch it. I hope that makes scents. We all know it is going to be a Bill and Sookie fest. She will be all over him like white on rice because it is all about the Bill. Moyer is the star of the show, always has been (according the AB). I just hope we get our monies worth of Alex time.

  12. This news makes me sad. How bad could it be? apparently the writers do not want to please the public. If they played their cards right they could end the show with the hopes of a movie like sex in the city and entourage. But I fear they are making it the Bill and Sookie show because the is what the actors want. boo HBO. I see the light! You can make $ if you please the fans!

  13. It’s the last season, they don’t care what they do at this point. I don’t know why anyone is still surprised, we all know it will end in utter crap. This is just more proof, it’s best to not waste anymore of your time. I won’t feel like I’m missing out at all by not watching the final season.

  14. Well I can’t add much to that it’s no secret that I have been majorly disappointed with the weak story lines and character assasination..Kudos for someone wanting quality over quantity..

  15. And I’m back. I’m a bit under the weather, so forgive me if my thoughts are not totally coherent.

    Shelli-hello to you again too. 🙂 Now I think the similarity in the casting call for Lala’s boyfriend Drake and James was even less of an accident. Good call. I just figured at the time, brand-new character, similar temperament (at least initially). You’re right; that might be a RE-casting call. That being said, I’m not really interested in the James character myself, or Drake or whoever, and I’m REALLY not interested in Violet. According to the Ancient Pythoness site (the one that says that Eric = Jesus), Violet could be the key to Bill’s “redemption.” Not. Interested.

    Also according to the Ancient Pythoness site, TB Stepford Sookie will end with Seal Sex Sam too. They predicted it in the books for years. I’m deferring to them on this one. Yawn and a half for me, but nothing I can do about it. Better than Rapist Bill, but who isn’t?

    Eric usually can do no right in the narrative, and Bill can usually do no wrong. It never changes for the better.

    I would be very happy to see Eric turned human again and with Sookie somehow (or Sookie turned vampire or fairy-vampire and with Eric somehow). I feel Buckner is not going there. I’m not under any illusions about this show, not anymore.

    meridiean and nymerias-50 Shades seems like a very abusive “love” story to me too. Part of the reason I have no interest in it. But at least you know what you’re getting when you “sign up” for it.

    peecan and Shelli-I saw HBO promoting Doormat Sookie and Rapist Bill as a “loving” couple too. Par for the course with HBO and True Blood. I can’t even get worked up about it anymore. Won’t the Rapist Bill apologists be shocked if the Doormat ends up with the Seal? 😉

    At least HBO seems to be being honest that the last 10 eps will probably suck, and not in a good way.

    luvvamps-It IS all about Beel.

    jsm88-I’ve said it before: Eric/Sookie was, and Alex is, money in the bank. Something went wrong on that set, that’s for sure.

    Evie-I hope the reason(s) Luke Grimes quit had nothing to do with the possibility of him not wanting to perform in love scenes with Nelsan Ellis. That would make me sad. 😦

    Happy New Year’s/Winter everyone! 🙂

  16. I was thinking of James’ line last year when he said “I’m a vampire not a rapist”. Could this have anything to do with the change in the characters’ direction?

    Anyway, bar his good looks it’s no great loss to the show. Why not scrap his character altogether instead of recasting and scrap the vile Violet while they are at it. Why introduce these extra characters at all when they take away from the screentime of the main cast members who have been there from the beginning?

    • Yes, please someone take Violet away or better still, stake her!

      I’m pretty sure the loss of Luke Grimes will not affect my enjoyment or non-enjoyment of the show one way or the other, but it’s certainly given him a lot of free publicity 🙂

      If True Blood is good enough for Alexander Skarsgard to give 100% to over the years, then it was certainly good enough for this guy!

      • I want Jason to stake her. I see parallels with Bill and Sookie since Violet is now using Jason as her own personal drinking fountain.

        I don’t particularly care about him leaving either I’m just really curious to know what it was that made him decide to leave.

    • Normally I would definitely agree that newly added characters taking away screentime from the main cast members is a bad thing, but next year looking like a Alcide/Bill/Sookie love triangle fest, I’m more than grateful for anything taking time away from that trainwreck.

      • I had forgotten about that triangle, urgh. I keep hoping that Buckner is trolling us. It’s like they have forgotten everything that has come before season 6.
        Sookie doesn’t like being fought over (remember season 5 when she was drunk and she viewed them as barking dogs) so I’m hoping she tells both where to go. I’m hoping feisty Sookie re-emerges next season. She showed signs of it last season when she discovered who Warlow was but the writers ruined it by having her “develop feelings for him” and calling herself a danger whore.

        • Feisty Sookie showing up and staying can save the next season. I’m crossing my fingers for your scenario happening.

  17. Oh no, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the last season, and this makes me think it will suck even more. I liked James, and I think that was mostly due to the actor. While I will watch the last season for Eric only, any additional little bone they could throw me to make it more bearable would have been appreciated. I’m bracing for extreme suckage next season, and not suckage in the good way.

  18. Lets face it everyone, even if 50 Shades is the worst film ever made, it will draw a large “must see” audience when it first comes out and will possibly gain Luke more publicity (go or bad) and more notice in the entertainment industry than a dying show like TB would. I read an article this morning that said he dropped out of TB solely for doing his role in 50 Shades. I know its’ a crap shoot for him, but I think the risk is a better chance at recognition than TB is.

  19. unfortunately, I have no hope for this season. I see stuff about symbolism from previous episodes and things that make sense like working the prophecy somehow and going back to the “we will be one” comment but that implies that the writers actually give a flying crap about what happened on previous seasons which they showed they clearly don’t during season 6. I subscribe to HBO for many shows so TB will be on my playlist but there is no excitement about it. I was devastated when she rescinded his invitation and they basically never spoke the rest of the season. There was so much potential. I am fairly sure she’ll end with Bill, the controlling, shovanistic rapist since they left out the fact that he actually raped her in that van. So sad.

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