Video Of The Week (Jan 12th)


We hope everyone is having a great Sunday, and of course it’s that time of the week when we share with you some beautiful Eric & Sookie moments.

This week’s video comes from the brilliantly talented  SkyxLines

Eric & Sookie in “Everytime we touch”

And don’t forget to show the maker some love by visiting them on You Tube right here and giving the video another “like”.



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5 comments on “Video Of The Week (Jan 12th)

  1. Loved the song and the video although it was a bit short. I also loved the voiceovers they were done really well. All in all a Great video for today!!!! Thank you for posting it for us Evie!! Have a Super Sunday!

  2. Evie and ESL, thanks for posting, and SkyxLines, thanks for “making.” I like the video. It was a great reminder of a time in the past. Appreciate it. Like redthang914, I, too, wish a Super Sunday. 🙂

  3. That was lovely..

  4. Exceptional video…short but wonderful
    I will forever remember the scenes between Eric & Sookie more than I’ll
    ever remember the scenes between Sookie & Bill Compton
    Those scenes I’m choosing to forget…..

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