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A little while ago it was announced that Luke Grimes was leaving True Blood due to the creative direction his character the vampire James was taking in the final season.

Now TV Line have announced his replacement:

TVLine has learned exclusively that Bunheads barkeep Nathan Parsons will step into the series-regular role previously played by Luke Grimes when the HBO hit returns with its seventh and final season this summer.

As we reported last month, Grimes asked to be released from his True Blood contract due to the creative direction of his brooding, soulful, vampire character.

“He initially joined the show because he wanted to work with [his Forever co-star] Deborah Ann Woll,” explained a source close to the actor. “But when he started reading the scripts for Season 7, he was disappointed to learn that they were going in a completely different direction with James.”

According to a True Blood insider, James will find himself at the center of a surprising love triangle in Season 7.

In addition to Bunheads, Parsons spent four years on General Hospital as Luke’s love child, Ethan Lovett


Another love triangle , well that is just great! I do have a sneaking suspicion who the third party might be, but I’m waiting until I see if another role is filled before I commit to my presumption 100%.

Welcome to Bon Temps James 2. Regular visitors to this blog will know what I thought about James 1 leaving. If the show is good enough for Alexander Skarsgard, then it’s good enough……………….





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  1. I guess I am wrong about two actors on previous post.

    I wouldn’t be be surprise Hoyt comes back and shown up with a gang of vampire hunters.

    Or He`s going to to be Laffy`s buddy and attractive to him. I would luv to see Jessica walks in on her boy toy doing with Laffy. 🙂

    I still wonders the writers are going to make him to poison Jessica’s douchbag maker Billy. I really hope so.

  2. Not even the first episode and already the show is a train wreck. As for the other actor leaving and Alex staying, well..Alex is a classy guy. I give him props for sticking it out even though the writers continue to destroy his character.

  3. I agree with Shelli Ingle the love triangle will be Laffy/James/Jessica these writers seem to have no immagination! May I ask a question to ESL has Alexander started shooting his new movie or what?How is Alex a “regular” on TB if he’s not even in LA shooting for the show?

  4. Another General Hospital alumni. I loved him on GH.
    He’s a good replacement for James but I could really case less. I’ll only watch this season to know the fate of Eric and Sookie and I’m already dreading it on an emotional level.

  5. It makes no sense for James to be involved with La La, absolutely no sense at all. I hope Laffy’s love interest is cast and it is not James simply because this show has enough fucking love triangles to last a lifetime.

    I think it is lazy to NOT give La La his own love interest and give him sloppy seconds instead. He DESERVES more than that and SHOULD get more than that. It would be a terrible thing to do to a great character.

    • Agreed, I don’t think this guy has anything to do with Lafayette. That makes no kind of sense, not that anything on this show really does. James doesn’t seem to be interested in guys, and I really doubt Lafayette would ever get involved with a vampire.

      • That was the impression I got about James, he did not seem to be interested in men, he was a gentlemen vampire who did not want to see a lady raped, vampire or not.

        I think something was done to change his character arc and KUDOS to LG for taking a stand. He was not invested in this show and has not been there from the jump. Casting call is a for a vampire to get involved with La la but I think it is the feeding them and maybe an attraction occurs.. I just don’t want La la to be getting sloppy seconds.

  6. at the end of the season vamps were pairing up with humans to feed , maybe that is how the love triangle starts and who knows what the outcome of the season will be …

  7. nymerias-I agree with your post. I’m sick of “love” triangles on this show. Also, I feel this show has not done right by Lala and more importantly Nelsan the last two seasons.

    And here I was thinking Brett Lorenzini as “Troy” might be the “new” Luke Grimes/James. Good thing I’m not a betting person…

  8. Ladies:
    Nathan Parson’s is super easy on the eyes….
    I’m a General Hospital watcher, so I’ve seen Nathan in action
    He played Anthony Geary(Luke Spencer) son….
    Going to be interesting as to how he and Deborah Anne will work together?

    And I agree with Nymarias about how Nelsan Ellis has been under used in
    the last 3 Seasons of the show…

  9. Hippychickfanfiction:
    Alexander Skarsgard has always said that he’ll stick with a role as long as he’s
    having fun…I take it that it means that Alexander’s still having fun with the role?
    And for all we know he knows something that we don’t know???
    Like who Sookie will really end up with???
    I’m still hoping that she won’t end up with William Thomas Compton III
    And Sam’s GF Nicole’s about to pop….so he’s out of the Question

    • Buckner can just kill off Nicole. That would clear the deck for Sam and Sookie.

      • Forgot to add: Jurnee Smollett-Bell, the actress who plays Nicole, has yet to be announced as a “series regular” for TB s7 by HBO. Just sayin’…

      • Sookie&Ericwb&scg, unless Sam will turn to be the mayor character gets kill off, and Andy will take his place for running the town and hire a gang of vampire hunters. I known some people like Andy here,but I have a funny feeling people will ends up to starting to don`t-liking Andy, because he`ll might become a prick (like sheriff from “Under the Dome”) in the final season. Sorry, I don’t want to mean here,but it looks like it ‘s getting that point.

        As for Nicole (I wrote this before), I believe she`s going to die later on season 7, because the writers are going to make her death would to be similar to Crystal`s from the book.

        • I meant “it`s getting that point with Andy” in the 1st comment I wrote.

          • Hello again, Shelli. 🙂 Right now I still go with Sam is the “endgame” for Sookie, but you could be right too. Or we could both be wrong. 🙂 I personally would have NO problem with Sam getting killed off at any point. I have been “over” the character since the start of s3, and I have been fast-forwarding through him since s5. However, and I could be wrong here, but I think that Sam Trammell (actor) might be under contract till the end of s7, so unless they plan on killing off and bringing back Ghost Merlotte through Lala or something like that, I think Merlotte might still be around till at least the end of s7/end of series.

            I like Andy well enough. I love the actor Chris Bauer. I wouldn’t mind Andy taking a turn into not-so-nice, as long as it doesn’t involve Andy (or Adilyn or anyone else) harming Eric because Eric drank Adilyn to get to Warlow (another kind of OOC moment for Eric for me personally, but that’s another story). I feel that Andy is supposed to be more of a peripheral/supporting character. He is another example to me of giving the ENTIRE cast too much airtime/individual acting showcases. Andy is not as important to the story as Eric, or Andy shouldn’t be IMO.

            We both agree that Nicole will be killed off at some point. It seems so painfully obvious, right? 😉 Book Crystal was pregnant when she was killed off, right? Maybe TB Nicole COULD be similar to Book Crystal. But as for the timing, I think Nicole might “buy the farm” as early as the s7 premiere in the battle of the Hep-V infected “zombie” vampires vs. the “healthy” vampires/”healthy” humans that Paquin said (I believe) will be resolved quickly. I looked up Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Nicole) on IMDb the other day. I think it said she is currently working on another project (not TB). So that might be our answer. Besides, it’s a predictable pattern with whoever the TB writers happen to be at the moment: all of Sam’s “girlfriends” conveniently get killed off to keep Sam on the line for Sookie. Even Tara technically “died” at the end of s4.

            Till next time… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Marlene Emmett, You are quite a poet (in the good.) 🙂

      I think the writers putting Eric`s storyline under wrap like they did with Tara in season 5 before it started ( we all known Tara becomes a vampire, but I thought she becomes a ghost at 1st). Maybe Eric will turn out to be true savior than Billy, and Probably he gets resurrects as human/vamp hybrid like Blade.

      I wonders Eric will develop prophetic dreams (like Billy had with the lame sun room),but his dreams will be more apocalyptic like the end of the world. I think Eric ends up having dreams of the world blowing up,but it will turn out to be Sookie will lose control of her power and he`s only 1 who can stop her. I would dream of that would happen.

  10. I hope this show is not a train wreck before it start . Kill Beehl please . Alex deserve the lead role on True Blood not him .

  11. He left to join 50 shades of grey. It may have been “creative differences” but he’s now slotted for Elliot grey.

  12. James is the new series regular that we probably know the least about. We know his dad is still alive and we know he had sex with Jess, and it was Jess who initiated it as she thought she was going to die soon afterwards, and we presume that he and Jess have been together for the last 6 months. He could easily be bisexual. We don’t know anything about his life before Vamp Camp, or what his sexual preference was when he was a human. If his maker was male, and the was a lot of mutual affection, then they could easily have been lovers. I always think that Eric and Godric were possibly lovers a long time ago.

    James is actually probably the character they can most easily go in a different direction with because we know so little about him. On saying all that though, we don’t really have any clue yet on who else is in this love triangle. It looks like season 7 will have love triangles all over the place. He could be involved with Arlene and Ginger for all we know.

    I still don’t know why they even bothered replacing a character that we hardly knew when they could just as easily have brought in a new one!

  13. He is apparently playing a werewolf in The Originals too. He is a busy guy!

    “Zap2it has exclusively learned that actor Nathan Parsons has signed on for a juicy recurring role on The CW’s “The Originals.”
    Parsons (“Bunheads,” “General Hospital”) will debut in episode 13 (Feb. 4) as Jackson, one of Haley’s werewolf acquaintances. He has the underlying ruggedness of a werewolf raised in the Bayou, but he’s magnetic, smart and strong-willed — the natural trusted leader of his pack.”

  14. Generally love triangles keep a story interesting and keep the viewers hooked…

    However, for the SVM series and TB, triangles/ quadrangles/ pentagons/ hexagons are just muddling away the story and the characters.Everything is becoming more confusing and tedious. The lines from one character to other are blurring. We don’t know who can be a trusted, non-cheating lover and who is the wild cat in the mix. In fact, towards the middle of S6, every fucking supe looked OOC and interchangeable to me. All except Eric who was the only one doing something about the terrible plot from Sarah Newlin and Burrel. Well there was Bill as well, but when do his actions, actually, solve anyone’s problems?

    So while this unknown/surprise element may work sometimes, TB has used this concept to death. Wake up Buckner/writers…Give us something else to hold our interest. Love triangles are not surprising any more!

  15. sakshichopra-Agreed on how SVM/TB writers “handle” “love” triangles/quadrangles/pentagons/hexagons, etc. 🙂 Show has gotten convoluted.

    • Sookie&Ericwb&scg, What you means “Nicole brought the farm”? When you heard about that? I think she wouldn’t do that, but I think she will be in 2 or 3 eps. I saw the pic of house of horror on the season 7, I would see it`s Billy`s sicko idea,not Nicole `s.

      Anyway,I brought Sam up,because I heard Sam Trammel got signed up for upcoming new TV series. I don’t think Sam will come back as a ghost, but I would see that happening with the idiotic writers do that with douchbag billy by making him as Casper the annoying ghost instead (along with his phony “redemption”) 😦 , but I would rather see him as a zombie vamp.

      I would imagine Nicole`s going leave town after Sam`s death and go to live with her parents in LA. I believe she stays with Sam,because Sam thought it`s his kid that she carries but Sam becomes different after he became a mayor. I think Sookie got pi** at Nicole, because she want to help Sam`s grieving widow,but probably she starts feel guilty when Nicole gets kill next day. I don’t blame Nicole don’t want to rise her children in town that fills will agorrant people.

      I meant I have a funny feeling that People will start to don’t like Andy when Andy takes over the town after Sam`s death and becomes more like a tyrant type. It looks like the town is taken over by Belfufur, because Arlene already took over Merrott`s (and freaking ruins it). I also saw a lot pics of their mansion, it looks this season focus them. (*eye roll*)… I also got bad feeling that Andy will stick the vampire hunters on Eric and blaming Eric for leasing zombie vamps on the town (I am really sick of everybody is blaming on Eric) or Arlene and idiotic townspeople would make a deal with faeries by handing over Eric to them(their town gets floods anyway). I really hope Sookie comes to senses that realizes Eric her need more that need her most than stupid townspeople who don’t care about her that she thought her “friends” and gets Eric out of this situation.

      Well, Crystal gets killed by faeries in the book. Sookie suspects Arlene did it, because Arlene was FoS member when she were with Eric at the time,but it turns out to be Jason’s werepanther roommate (who having feeling for him) attempted to kill Crystal and faeries finished her to stop reproducing hybrids (I read it on Wikipedia). I wonders how it will fit with pregnant Nicole and her unborn child. Maybe she is actually faery and unborn child is hybrid. I don’t known. 1 thing for I sure, I belive her death will be similar to book Crystal.

      • I am sorry that I accidentally put a sad face there.

        • Hello again, Shelli. 🙂 In my previous post, when I wrote “buy the farm,” I did not mean Nicole buying an actual farm. Not to be a know-it-all, but I was using that phrase that some people use to describe a person dying. I was trying to be clever/funny. I used the phrase to describe your and my speculation that Buckner and company might/probably will kill off Nicole next season.

          I hear things about Sam Trammell’s career here and there as well. I, too, heard something about Trammell doing a new TV show, but I didn’t know any details about it. Again, I would have NO problem with Sam Merlotte dying, leaving town, what have you.

          I’d rather see douchebag Billy as a zombie vamp than a ghost too. I, too, do not look forward to his “redemption.” I hope this is clever misdirection on the writers’ part.

          I don’t know why anybody stays in Bon Temps (other than to keep the show going 🙂 ). I hope they all leave at the end of the series, or at least Eric, Pam, Tara, Willa, Lafayette, Jason, and Sookie. BT is NOT a good place.

          You make a good point about the Bellefleurs taking over Bon Temps. And Bill is related to the Bellefleurs (uh-oh). Or so we have been told…

          I am SO sick of Eric getting the short end of the stick on TB. Give this guy some legitimate happiness, please. And an enjoyable, in-character storyline. Thank you. 🙂

          I sort of knew about Crystal’s death in the books, but since I didn’t fully read the books and now that I know how they end, I never will, I wasn’t sure of all the details. Thank you for the information. I would like it if Nicole is a fairy. I want to know more about the fairies. I DON’T want to know more about the tedious phoniness in Bon Temps. I could definitely see Buckner/TB writers giving Nicole a similar death to Book Crystal.

          Off topic, but if you and everyone at ESL are interested, there is a one page “first look” article about the making of the film The Giver in this week’s Entertainment Weekly. There are pictures of Jeff Bridges and Brenton Thwaites in character, but no Alex. 😦 . There is also a mention in Us Weekly of Alex on the WWTW trip with the infamous pic on the crapper. Good times. 😉 I love it.

          Till we “meet” again… 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Thanks “saewabascg”, I did see both those articles, and I would have posted “The Giver” one if Alex had been in the picture. I have this book on my list to read, and hopefully I will read it really soon.

            As you may have expected I don’t completely agree 100% that Eric always gets the short end of the stick on TB, but I do agree that he has gone through a lot of pain recently. Where we stand right now, Eric has surely hit rock bottom, and I want him to claw his way back up to the top. If he does that by the end of the season, and somehow comes out of it all even stronger than before, then I’m good with it. I think the fact that Eric has been through so much does show 2 positive things, firstly that the writers have been really interested in developing him as a character. It would have been easy to just keep him on the side-lines as the sexy, cocky, vampire alternative to Bill, which is basically all he ended up being in the books. But they have taken him and given him his own story-lines, and quite often the best stories in the show too – the Godric story-line from season 2, the Russell story-line from season 3, and the Willa/Nora/Vamp Camp story-line from season 6 (although I know a lot of fans aren’t so keen on season 6, I thought he was magnificent). And secondly the writers know how good Alex is at pulling the emotional stuff right out of the bag as an actor. They know when Eric feels pain that Alex will make the audience feel it too, he must actually be a joy to write for as he can play so many sides to the same character so well and make it all seem believable.

            I wouldn’t swap Eric’s arc on TB with any of the other male characters. Not Sam, not Alcide, not Jason, definitely not Bill (I’m not sure I could have carried on watching if they had done some of things with Eric they have done with Bill). I just hope now that Alex has enough time in his schedule to give Eric a great send-off and keep him as a central character for one final season.

            My only grumble with Eric on TB, is his lack of interactions with Sookie since season 4, especially when the writers must be aware of how popular a pairing they are. It could be a case of the writers making people wait and giving them the best at the end, or they may have just decided to drop the relationship completely as it makes it too difficult to fit everyone else round a S/E ending. This time next year we will know if it has been addressed and resolved or if the show will end with a wasted opportunity for greatness.

            Sorry if I am repeating myself from comments I’ve made before. I’ll try to remember what I’ve said today and not say the same things in the future 🙂

          • I agree Evie, they may have totally screwed Eric over in the end, but he still owns every scene and I wouldn’t trade his story arc for anyone else’s. I like to look at his no interaction with Sookie as him respecting her wishes and giving her the space she asked for, unlike Bill who never really gave a damn about what she wanted. If she can’t see that Eric’s clearly the best choice for her, it’s her loss and he deserves better. I may not be involved with watching next season, but I do hope he at least comes out on top like we’ve always known him to, otherwise they better be prepared for lots of hate mail, last season or not.

          • I’m replying to Tammy so hopefully this comment will sit in the correct place 🙂

            ” I like to look at his no interaction with Sookie as him respecting her wishes and giving her the space she asked for, unlike Bill who never really gave a damn about what she wanted. If she can’t see that Eric’s clearly the best choice for her, it’s her loss and he deserves better”

            Absolutely 100%. I do sometimes get over-sentimental about Eric & Sookie, but I know once the season starts, if Sookie starts acting like any idiot again, I won’t want him anywhere near her. It’s Sookie that needs to change, not the Viking!

          • Hello, Evie. 🙂 Thank you for responding to my previous comment. It was disappointing that EW didn’t show (or mention) Alex in the Giver mini-article, but hopefully this “situation” will be “recified” in the future. 😉 I’m currently reading The Giver, the 1993 book, along with two other books simultaneously. I really like it so far. I think Lois Lowry came up with an interesting concept, and I’m curious as to how it plays out. I think I read the ending of the book somewhere online (don’t worry; I will NOT spoil it). If that ending is correct, I think I’m going to like it. As you know, EW said that the filmmakers are taking some liberties in the book-to-film adaptation but that they will stay true to the “spirit” of the book. Very common in show business as we know all too well. In this case, I do trust the filmmakers. I will see this film as soon as I’m able, when it is released in August.

            Don’t worry about repeating yourself. I do it all the time and sometimes I’m not even aware I’m doing it. Then I’ll read back what I wrote and I’ll go, wow, I already covered that, and several times no less! 🙂 It’s all good.

            I’m aware that I can go “dark” in my comments sometimes. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer type. I know that can be exhausting after a while. I really do want to love True Blood again, especially Eric’s story. I cannot stress enough that he is my favorite character in the franchise. Pam is my second-favorite. None of us know for sure right now which direction the writers will go. I and the people who feel the way I do about the show at the moment could be very pleasantly surprised.

            Alex is one of the best actors I have seen so far in my life. There is something very special about him as an actor that you don’t see in too many others. I know that I am preaching to the choir here.

            Jason has really grown on me over the seasons. Ryan is a great actor too. If I hadn’t seen Ryan in interviews, based on his portrayal of Jason, I would never have guessed that Ryan is Australian. I would love to see Ryan and Alex have more, and more meaningful, interaction on the show. Not just a sex dream in s7.

            IMO s7 will really suffer if Alex is not a lead in it.

            It is baffling to me how they just dropped Sookie/Eric. I feel the show has really suffered because of that, too, among other things (JMO, and I’ve “said” it already). S/E would definitely be a crowd-pleasing, lucrative ending.

            I hope the writers really do love Eric and give him a nice sendoff. I’m prepared for an ending I won’t like across the board, but I do hope for the best.

            With no disrespect to the rest of the cast, Alex-as-Eric’s stories are always my favorite on the show. Even when I don’t love Eric’s story (like right now, again, JMO), it’s still the one in which I am emotionally invested the most.

            S3 is my favorite season so far, and I am in love with the s2 Eric/Godric/Sookie/Dallas arc (I hope the writers don’t retroactively change that).

            Again, thank you for taking the time to respond back to me, and thanks to you, Erika, nymerias, and B for all the work you put into making ESL such a great site. Take care. 🙂

          • Evie-I forgot to add: I am in full agreement with you. Sookie needs to change, not Eric. 100% with you on that. Sookie’s arc makes me sad. I don’t like where she’s currently at.

  16. I really don’t care. I don’t trust the writers after last seasons’ finale and the supposed large amount of cast members that were going to die to make numbers of characters in show more manageable. They killed 2 and introduced 5 new characters for final season (Willa, James, Violet, Sam’s’ g/f and the faery girl).
    Lazy love triangles just to give a character some use *coughs* Alcide *coughs* is utter tripe and has been overdone already.
    I just want an ASkars spotted on set post and then I can no longer pretend to give a feic about the final season.

  17. As far as this new fella, Nathan taking on the James role. I really don’t care as I know nothing about him I haven’t heard about him until I read that he is taking over as the new James 2.0. Therefore, I really don’t have any speculations at this point about his role. I just know that Luke Grimes is/was making a gamble by taking on 50 shades and I hope for his sake his gamble pays off. I truthfully think if I was put in the same position, I’d take on the movie role vs acting as a second season second banana in TB anyday of the week.

    Once again, my ol’ wait and see rule is in effect.

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