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latest pollHey fellow Eric & Sookie lovin’ Truebies! We need your help!

There are a number of categories that need your votes over at the Best Things on Earth website!

First things first… You will need to log in using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts, or you can set up an account with the Best Things on Earth website to cast your votes. After that, you can vote as many times as you want!

Please click on the links below to cast your votes for each category listed…

true blood cast

Best HBO TV Series On Earth

The Sopranos is currently leading this one (no surprise there) – while True Blood is coming in at #7… well behind Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire. Even though they both have better writing…can we please try to make it come in at #6?

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Battleship" - Arrivals

Best Fandom On Earth

True Blood is waaaaaaaay down there…towards the bottom, coming in at #24. This is YOU, people! Team Eric alone should make this higher than it is! WTF? Vote, vote, vote!

The Hollywood Reporter TIFF Video Lounge Presented By Canon - Day 2 - 2012 Toronto International Film Festival

Best Alexander Skarsgård Film On Earth

This one is a tough one…I couldn’t decide which film I wanted to choose, so I picked three of them! LOL Good thing we can vote more than once, right? I AM surprised that The East and Disconnect haven’t made it to this list yet and I can’t believe Zoolander comes in at #2 – right behind True Blood. There are many other films on that list which should rank higher, IMO.

We can set up our own list or ranking if we want, but we need some ideas…what would YOU like us to create? Please share your ideas on what we can rank or list in the comment section below! Thanks!


6 comments on “Vote for the Best on Earth

  1. How about Alex’s best onscreen kiss, best body part or best drunken show? The Hammerby game and his molestation video of his Beyond The Pole director come to mind.

  2. OK, I signed up for the site but I’ve spent some time trying to find anything “True Blood” Eric Northman, or related on that site and I can’t find a thing. Am I just being a confused tech less person or is my age showing???? LOL Somebody please give me a clue how to find what I need to vote on and then consider it done. You also said that we could vote multiple times and the site said that only one vote per person?? Or are we fudging the truth to raise our catagories up in the ranks…….

    Thanks for your help. I remain, forever faithful to Alex…

    • The categories you need to click on are in our post above, the large red lettering underneath the pictures? Click on those. To vote, just click on the star next to the picture on their site. You might have to refresh the page to vote for the same thing. And if that doesn’t work, try using your Facebook or Twitter or Google accounts. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thanks Erika!! I’m off to try it now. Let you know if I figure it out!! OK, I just voted. However I’ve noticed that I couldn’t just refresh to vote again. I guess I’ll have to pull all out and try again. Thanks again for the help!! 🙂

  3. PS after I logged out and logged back in, it still won’t let me vote again!! So it looks like if it doesn’t work for me later, everyone else in the fandom better vote too in order to pull up the numbers. I agree on the Alex movies, I think all the latest ones should be included too, WMK, Disconnect, The East and what hippiechikfanfiction said above.

  4. Thanks, Erika. Nice to “see” you. I love ESL. 🙂

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