Ryan Kwanten warns not everyone will make it!


Ryan Kwanten was briefly interviewed by Access Hollywood on Oscar Night. He mentions how nostalgic they are  feeling on the show and how they want to leave the audience wanting more but also give them what they want. And he confirms that people are going to be dying!

Ok so it is quite possibly the shortest interview I have ever posted but I’m desperate for anything True Blood today!

My little list of those who have to “make it” are Eric, Sookie, Jason, Lala, Pam, Willa, Andy and Holly. Anyone else I am willing to sacrifice along the way.


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21 comments on “Ryan Kwanten warns not everyone will make it!

  1. So don’t care if William Thomas Compton III meets his Final Death…have been
    waiting for this since Season 2.

  2. What about Sam,Arlene,Jessica,Alcide & Sam’s wife/baby???

    • I don’t want any of them to die. I like happy endings and I would be very happy if they all survive, the ones I have named are just my favorites. There is only one character I would really, really like to die and that is Bill, but I’m sure I won’t be that lucky 🙂

  3. Bill and A lcide needs to die……but Bill for sure needs to get the true death…long overdue….but I dont believe he will…unfortunately.

  4. kill Bill… kill Bill… kill Bill 🙂

    throw Herveaux… throw Herveaux… throw Herveaux 🙂

  5. Thank you for the head up, Evie. 🙂

    I knew this will happen that there’ll be a lot of deaths (I hope they are less important characters I didn’t worry about) . I don’t even care about town anymore. I really hope Sookie finally changes her mind and leave town for good with her viking Eric. 😉

  6. Evie-thank you as always for your post. 🙂 Sooo…Ryan…people are going to die on TB s7? You don’t say! 😉 The cynic in me wants to say that Buckner will just kill off guest stars/recurring players like Sarah Newlin and Lettie Mae and Placeholder Pregnant Nicole and Violet and James and call it a night. Or maybe they’ll REALLY kill off Eric at the end of the season/series this time for reals for the attention-grabbing controversy? If I were writing TB, I’d write emotional/satisfying endings for Eric, Sookie, Pam, Tara, Lafayette, and Jason. I’d kill off-or SEND AWAY ALREADY!-Bill, Alcide, Sam, and Jessica. The rest of the characters are kind of secondary to me. This audience member does not expect to get what I want from the ending of TB, let alone being left somehow “wanting more,” but that’s kind of par for the course for me. I’ve kind of been scratching my head about the direction of this show since the final third of season four anyway. 🙂 Yet I’m still here…Take care everyone!

    • Sookieandericare1trueluv,
      I didn’t meant to offense you. I just ticked off about that “bit player” rumor that going on around Facebook. People are still bragging on about it,but it’s getting on my nerve.

      I tried to say people could wait for newest info to leak out from well-known sites (like Eric and Sookie lovers or EW) or actor who working on the like Alex or Ryan.

      But I can`t believe people keeps on believing that rumor from “scriblibe” guy’s blog on their tumblr account (I haven’t use the tumblr for year) and making a big deal out of it and refuse to read any spoilers or watch it (I don’t blame some of you guys don’t want to watch it) after they read that “bit player” spoiler. It looks more like they’re the 1s who already given up all hope than us. 😦

      I don’t believe in rumors are all true and I always believe they turns people against 1 another (I have to say sorry to Evie) or make people upset. But I don’t known about this rumors, because I thought all rumors are false but mostly became true. But we have to wait until True Blood air to find out.

      • Shelli-I would have gotten back to you sooner had I been able. First of all, I’m really sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle. 😦 My condolences to you and your loved ones.

        On a completely different topic-Nothing you wrote here offended me personally, so please don’t worry about it. I understand it can be frustrating not knowing what Alex’s/Eric’s screentime on TB s7 is going to be. As you know, I’ve done my fair share of speculating about this topic here at ESL. Right now, as I’ve also said here before, I have no plans to watch s7, but it’s not exactly because of whatever Alex’s amount of screentime is or is not going to be. It’s because I don’t like the story. 🙂 It’s not “clever” misdirection. I feel baited and switched. For me, there is an intense disconnect between the first four seasons of True Blood and seasons five and especially six. And I REALLY don’t like the setup for season seven.

        I like Anna Camp as an actress, but for some reason, the recent spoilers about Sarah Newlin and her family backstory in season seven served as another, major wake-up call for me that True Blood probably is no longer “my” show. (I can’t make myself care about the backstory of a recurring character.) I’ve resigned myself to that, and I’m at peace with it. If I’m honest with myself, I don’t like the show. 🙂 But I love/enjoy ESL, and I love “talking” with good people like you, and I’m curious to know how (badly) True Blood ends, so I’ll stay here and find out. (LOL)

        I do not want to offend anyone myself, but I believe the True Blood people may want to “divide and conquer.” They may want us to argue about the show. “Controversy” sells, right, Time Warner/HBO? Well, I refuse! 🙂 It’s just a show. We either like the show, or we don’t. The end.

        We always have seasons one-six of True Blood to enjoy Alex’s performances as Eric, and whatever Alex will do in season seven. And we have his whole, hopefully lengthy, career to look forward to. The Giver will be released in August, Hidden and the Walking with the Wounded documentary are supposed to come out this year as well, then there will be Diary of Teenage Girl and eventually Tarzan. The world is open to Alex. Who knows what else Alex can accomplish? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Prediction: Nicole, Alcide, and Tara die.

    Who I wish to be killed off: Bill Compton, Alcide and Jason’s rapist/vampire.

  8. Please someone give Bill true death this season . He is so boring .

  9. Unfortunately, I interpreted by hearing this little interview that Nicole and the baby will probably get killed and that will give them the Sookie/Sam connection to be made just like the books……………….YIKES I totally hope not!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also want all of the main cast to make it to the end, but I’m sure they will start killing them off one by one (at least the non-important cast members) by mid-season. I just don’t want to see Eric, Pam, Willa not die. Of course, they won’t kill off either Sookie or Bill either. Maybe they will, like Ball wanted to, have Sookie and Bill back together at the end………Bleck!!!!!

    I hope that they can satisfy the majority of the fans, which are Erics’, with a decent ending and not with that darn French tartlet either (I already don’t like her, but I’ll try and give her a chance). Of course I want Eric and Sookie together as they seem to be the true soulmates of the show, but as that ol’ Rolling Stones song says, “you don’t always get what you want”. So I will have to continue to wait and see. I just get sooooo sad when I think that this is the last year for TB. But all good things must come to an end, especially when the actors all start to look older and need to move on to other projects.

  10. I’m completely over The Boring Bill Show. In the end I know that Sookie and Bill will be together. Not that I really care since the way the writers have portrayed Sookie as such a Bill (soul mate nonsense) doormat the two actually deserve each other. My only concern is for the Northman clan, but seeing how badly the writers and executive producer have treated these characters in the past I’m sure they will again take a backseat throughout the last season, and all four: Eric, Pam, Tara, and Willa will probably be killed off in the end. Alcide is such a nonentity I don’t care what happens to him, I usually take a potty break when he’s on. Hoping Jason comes out on top as well as Lafayette, Sam and Andy.

  11. Bill totally needs to go but I’m sure he will be the last man standing. I too am sad that this is the last season. Just wish just once they would give us what we all want!

  12. I guess sookieandericaretheonetruelove was right all along…They will probably kill off Tara on the Premiere and maybe even Nicole so at the end we have Sam/Sookie pairing Gross! I wish that not to happen but I don’t write this show( my husband lost hope in Tb back in S5) but being so stubborn I thought Eric and Sookie could be the endgame because of all the similarities they had but I was wrong…Anyway I wish nothing to happen to the Northman clan,Lala,Jason,Andy/Holly

  13. I don’t like to brought this up, 1 of my friend keeps bringing up that stupid “bit player” rumor on Facebook and still believing that stupid rumor. I don’t want to argue with her that Eric is still alive and sunbathing scene is Jason, but she will fire back at me by saying “Eric’s dead and only be in flashbacks”. We talked each others as normal friends (how families doing and talks about other shows). But if it comes to True Blood, oh man -_-.

    I am very sick and tired of these idiots spreading these lies about “Alex isn’t in True Blood that much in the final season” around facebook or tumblr and making people tick off over little things. These rumors are nothing but all bunch of lies, and they’re feed off people’s fears and anger like parasites….People should come here E&SL or SkarsgardFans instead than some idiot’s making up stuff that he/she got it from “unknown source”.

    I always comes here to get updates on the newest season or how Alex doing. You guys’ site are very reliable source. I do believe what Ryan saying, it’s True Blood and everyone dies on that show. I have to agree that Tara is 1 of people who die, I think this will trigger Pam/Eric’s comeback to Bon Temps. At least Alex taking a break from True Blood awhile, but I don’t believe Alex left True Blood to find more movie projects and he is doing Tarzan later on this summer. 😉


    • I am sorry about my attitude, Evie.

      No worry, I wasn’t referring you guys. I am referring people who started the rumors. It’s that “bit player” rumor getting my nerve and everybody keeps on talking about it. I want people to stop bragging about it. I guess you guys are getting annoy about this rumor,too.

      You could be right this Scrible person couldn’t telling truth,because some stuff from previous interviews. We never known what will happen with our beloved viking.

      I’m glad you guys tried to do you guys by digging up enough info if you guys can on season 7 and you guys have good friends with Skarsgardfan and ASN who met the cast (I think that’s really cool). 🙂 I I wasn’t referring you guys as the Id***s. I am referring people who started the rumors want to ask you guys something 2morrow, it’s charity and Alex related(if you don’t mind.).

      • Evie, I really sorry about repeating a stupid sentence.

        I was going to ask you guys something, but I will tell you guys 2morrow. I want to known you guys can ask ASN or Skarsgardfans to let Alex do a charity for fallen soldiers dealing with cancer and their families who need,because my favorite uncle passed away last Tuesday from bone cancer and he was a soldier by serving in marine 😦 like Alex. I wonder Alex can do it. That’s all I’m asking.

        • Shelli – I am sorry to hear about your uncle, it must be a difficult time for your family. I believe that Alex works with one chosen charity each year, and ASN organise how fans can get involved with fundraising etc.

          With regard to your worries about Eric’s role in the final season, no one in the fandom knows for sure. People can obviously guess and speculate, but only those working on the show know 100%. You will drive yourself crazy if you try to take in everything that everyone in the fandom says. Just try to relax, we can’t do anything about what happens with Eric in Season 7, we have no power to influence. We just have to try to make the most of his time left on the show as it will soon all be over 🙂

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