Vote for Sooric in TV Couples March Madness Challenge


Zimbio are currently running their 3rd TV Couples March Madness Challenge and Bon Temps hottest due are in the running for round 1. Unfortunately they are up against a pairing (Sherlock and Joan from Elementary) who actually share an enormous amount of screen time together. Still that’s no excuse for us to give in before we’ve started, and remember Vikings always go down fighting, so please cast a vote for Sooric for clicking on the gorgeous picture below.


You have until Sunday March 9th to vote.

Let’s see if we can get them into the next round just one more time in this final year.



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7 comments on “Vote for Sooric in TV Couples March Madness Challenge

  1. Thanks Evie, do I just go to and vote for it since you don’t have a link listed here? If so, I will do that (as much as I can) and vote, vote, vote for our favorite couple as they are still the best couple above all (even Buffy and Spike and/or Angel).

    Let me know, ‘K? Thanks,

  2. Sooric is still on the menu? And here I thought endgame would be Samkie. Or Bilkie. Or Sooicide. (Well, not that last one.) Aren’t we supposed to be getting excited about the “lurve triangle” with Alcide/Sookie/Beel? Isn’t Eric a big bad evil vampire who’s only in it for himself (oh yeah, and the only person he ever loved, Nora)? LOL. I couldn’t resist. I’m feeling “saucy” right now. I hope Eric Northman would be proud of me.

    Thanks Evie. 🙂

  3. Just voted… thanks for this post Evie fingers crossed…

  4. I just voted as well. Sure hope, Eric and Sookie, get back together, for the last season, but not much hope.

  5. Still 44% for E&S and 56% for the other couple…….Better keep voting every one!!!!
    Hasn’t changed since yesterday we gotta raise the points a little bit, come on!!!!! I’m voting my butt off here, I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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