Video of the Week (3/10/14)


It’s just another music Monday… though I wish it were Sunday…cause that’s my fun day.


Admit it. I made you dance 🙂

Let’s see if you will be dancing along with our video of the week selection as well.

I admit, I enjoyed the maker of our last Video of the Week video so much that we are going back for seconds… with her second video.

Check it out below!


So… were you bopping? 🙂

Let us know and remember to share some love to Simone on youtube as well!


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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

3 comments on “Video of the Week (3/10/14)

  1. Wow B, you were right!! I was boppin’ around to that song, it’s a really catchy tune for sure!! I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing those two together lately until this super great video. Thanks for posting this for all of us. I know who I’ll be dreaming about tonite for sure.

  2. B-thank you for sharing another Eric/Sookie video by Simone with us. I like the song; that’s (some of) the kind of music I work out to. 🙂 This video is fun and energetic and lively and lovely and heartfelt. It has a good energy to it. Anna and Alex are great actors and I understood the story at this point in the series, or thought I did. 🙂 I loved Eric and Sookie’s time together. I guess I’m a romantic; I love a healthy, loving romance like Sookie and Eric seemed like they had until they didn’t know each other anymore and the story and the characterizations subtly got tweaked in another direction. Every time I see a full moon in the sky, I think of Eric and Sookie. I think I need some help. 🙂 Anyway-beautiful video.

  3. Thanks B tor the great video. Just another example of what could have and what should have been! They are so good together. But it’s just going to be another tragic love story that will not be. I’m trying to brace myself for the inevitable let down of the show ending finale. Just like the final book by the author who shall not be named, Who let down and pissed off millions of fans, so will Bucky and HBO piss off millions of fans too. Sorry for the rant, i just pisses me off when I see them as a couple that will not be.

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