Season 7 “Sylvie” finally cast


It’s the casting that many of us were dreading, but it looks like True Blood Season 7 finally has its “Sylvie”.

According to IMDb actress Gabriella Wright has been cast to play the character who will be at some point Eric Northman’s “love interest”.

She is currently showing as making her first appearance in episode 3.

She is of course a very beautiful lady!


Don’t worry we will keep an eye out for how many episodes it looks like Sylvie will be appearing in over the course of the season, and fingers crossed it is not too many.

If I can try to take a positive from this at least it means that Eric looks to be in both episodes 2 and 3. Let’s hope she is an Yvetta type of “love interest” rather than a Sookie type of one.


I checked out Gabriella’s Twitter account and it looks like she could have already filmed her scene(s) back in February.

We hope you enjoyed your time working with Mr Skarsgard Gabriella!




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  1. I’d rather it be a Sookie type of love interest. I want him to get over stupid Sookie Stackhouse! I mean come on what person names their kid Sookie anyway? Plus she’s spent far to many season mooning over every man possible BUT Eric. Eric deserves a womans full attention not some half assed half hearted job.

  2. She looks like f’ing Kim Kardashian #notimpressed

  3. I want Sookie and Eric to be together.

  4. I for one want a love interest for Eric who is not Sookie. Eric is a smart, strong, gorgeous vampire who needs to be with someone who is his equal. The writers and Executive Producer of True Blood completely ruined the Sookie character by turning her into boring, “soul mate”, narcissistic, Bill’s doormat.

    • I totally agree, after the way Sookie Stackhouse treated him by rescinding the invitation to the house he gave her back he deserves someone that fully loves him for what he is.

  5. I still think that Sookie was very stupid for dumping Eric. I wouldn’t of dumped him because he is so much better than Bill because when everyone else gave up on Sookie when she was in fairyland Eric was the only one who didn’t and he also bought and fixed up her house.

    • I think Eric made the mistake of telling Sookie that he bought the house so he could own her. If he just said he bought it because he knew how much her home meant to her and he didn’t want to see her lose it, there could have been different results, but she was still an idiot for rejecting him. It helps to know that she rejected Bill, too, but I sense her being even more stupid in this last season where Bill is concerned. She probably won’t have one scene with Eric.

  6. I’d rather him just be with Pam instead of them bringing someone new into the picture, he’s not going to fall for someone in one season, so I think she will just be another Yvetta type. A love interest doesn’t always mean that love will be involved, I’m not that impressed with her.

  7. Love inerest again .No Eric loved only Sookie We deserve to see him with Sookie .True Blood & the books cheated us out .

  8. “When you let a human in, you get hurt, this is the reason why Eric has the wall around his hearts” Alex has said that in S5’s interview, so I truly believe that Eric is not the type who is easily to fall in love.

  9. This is at least a good sign that Eric will be around…happy days

  10. I think Eric needs a strong woman by his side one that loves him and accepts him for what he is ,a one thousand vampire… infortunately for most of the sooric shippers that woman will not be Sookie the writers have made her a fickle character that in every new season has “feelings” for somebody new I think that CH made HBO promise her that Eric/Sookie will never be together as she never intended that in the books and in the end Sookie will settle for “seal sex “Sam like sookieandericaretheonetruelove said many times in this site I hope I’m wrong take care everybody

  11. I think it will be a flashback where Eric had been during six months and will play out in two eps like Pam’s flashback. I still believe Sarah’s storyline is actually part of Eric’s background story,because they’re still casting Sarah Newlin’s parents and her sis Amber. I think they will shoot those scenes when Alex gets back from trip. I saw the pics of Alex in London, I heard he’s there for the Tarzan meeting.

  12. I just updated the post with a tweet Gabriella tweeted back in February. I think she has already been and done her scene(s) 🙂

  13. I’ll be a Sookie and Eric shipper even after my ships sinks and settles on the ocean floor, so naturally I don’t like the new girl! LOL
    I’ll always have fanfiction, some of it so much better than True Blood or CH, it’s hard to fathom that professional writers can be so bad while there’s some fanfic out that that’s FANtastic!

    • Agree!! I’m a Eric and Sookie shipper for life!! I’m just mad that the writers of the show have made Sookie into someone most of the fans hate now!!

  14. At this point kids, I am going on record as saying, “no comment” on this Sylvie thing. As I saw all the thumbs up/downs above and do not want any of the downs……LOL. I do agree with Trubie35 tho and say that I hope that the E&S fanfiction stories continue for a long time to come as they are mostly written much better than the pros on the show could ever write a story!! I still say, what ever comes, comes as we don’t have anyway of changing it so I am just preparing myself the best I can for whatever outcome there is.

    • I am a Eric and Sookie shipper for always too…still the best chemistry on this show as a couple is these 2….no matter what Buckner and his dummies write won’t ever change that fact.

  15. Wow. I miss a few hours, I miss a lot apparently. 🙂

    Evie-thank you as always for keeping us informed. Thank you for all your work (and, of course, Erika, Nymerias, and B, too). I wonder if Sylvie ties in with that whole Moroccan/Russian Roulette storyline we were hearing about a while back. Forgive me, my memory is fuzzy about the details we the general public have gotten for s7 so far; for those who are interested in my comments here at ESL, it’s no secret that I am not overly excited about Bucky’s “showrunning” so far, to put it nicely. 😉 We all know the M.O. in this franchise is “ANYTHING to keep Eric and Sookie apart, and let’s keep acting like the first four-five YEARS of the show pretty much never happened.” LOL! I agree that Gabriella could have already finished her scene(s) with Alex. I remember hearing a while back that Sylvie debuts in ep. 7×02, I believe. So Sylvie is in episode 3, too; that’s news to me.

    I just thought of that pic of Alex shooting with Delores Deluce. That looked like a vaguely Moroccan set to me. Delores said that Ryan Kwanten was also on set that time. Perhaps Jason dreaming (more than one dream?) about Eric after having Eric’s blood is how Buckner keeps the audience informed about Eric in the early eps? Eric is physically away from Bon Temps, but he and Jason are now psychically connected. So maybe Sylvie is modern times in the story and not a flashback? My lazy attempts at connecting the dots. 🙂

    What does the Eric/Sylvie story have to do with the overall story for s7?

    I am no longer emotionally invested in the story, but I am curious as always.

    Nothing I can do about it, but if I were runnin’ thangs, I would focus on Eric’s emotional journey and his “family” for s7, including Pam obviously (but not as a “romantic” interest). He didn’t need yet another “love interest.” Dare I say it? And this doesn’t just apply to Eric for me: I am officially bored by the True Blood sex scenes. It feels like Buckner and the writers just randomly pick two (or more) pretty people and throw them into a sex scene and that is supposed to be enough for the audience. I mean, I’m sure it is for some viewers, but it isn’t for me. If I wanted mindless sex scenes with pretty people, I’d just watch late-night “Skinemax.” I fell in love with True Blood in their early years because of the solid storytelling. Sex was always there, but it was a part of telling the story. It wasn’t just sex for sex’s sake. I had high expectations for this show. I trusted these writers thanks to the first three years of this show. Oh well. 🙂

    Melissa-in season six, Sookie threw herself at everyone BUT Eric, the only “suitor” she rejected, for lame/hypocritical reasons. Even her PARENTS’ MURDERER got his “ride” on the Sookie Express.

    JoyB-I respectfully disagree that Sookie is a narcissist. I think Sookie hates herself and that’s why she treats good people like Eric like crap and caters to people who treat HER like crap like Bill. I wholeheartedly agree with you that the writers have turned Sookie into Bill’s doormat. I feel Sookie is in a never-ending PTSD loop with boring abusers, and Bill is the most boring abuser of all. Sookie will never evolve as a character. I don’t hate Sookie; I just don’t care about her anymore. Shame for Anna Paquin, a fine actress who deserves better.

    Jackie69-thanks for the shout out. 🙂 I still haven’t changed my mind; I’m still convinced that Stepford Sookie will settle for Seal Sex Sam at the last second. Yep, HBO/BB are CH cronies.

    Trubie35-I’ve been reading Eric/Sookie fanfiction lately. I have never in my life felt the need to pursue reading fanfic…until TB/SVM. I usually accept canon as the “real” story; even if I don’t personally like it, the “official” story usually makes sense to me. I know this might be arrogant of me to say, but CH/BB got it wrong. I am emotionally moved by some of the fanfic I read. I think the last time TB emotionally moved me was when Eric “released” Pam. Or when Sookie rejected Eric to keep whining about Beel right after Eric got his memory back in ep.4×10. (So much for THAT story.)

    redthang914-I’ll probably get downvoted for this myself. 🙂 I’m not trying to offend anybody, but I need to be true to myself. I’m prepared for anything with TB too.

    I’ll watch the s7 Eric scenes out of respect for Alex. After that, I think I might be done with the show.

    If you could get through my latest “short story” ,,, thank you! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Eric/Sookie fanfiction and older True Blood seasons make me happy, so I’m moving more in that direction. For me. I hope everyone finds their peace in this fandom sooner or later. Take care. 🙂

    • One more thing: Alex’s other projects, and the future of his hopefully lengthy career, make me very happy too. 🙂

      • Maybe TB Sylvie is SVM Freyda. (And here I was thinking that TB Violet is SVM Freyda.)

        • No, let’s not go there, I have blocked that character from my brain and I refuse to let her ruin my gorgeous TB Viking! Freyda would never happen on TB, Godric would not “sell” Eric, Eric would not succumb to her and Pam would hopefully rip her head off LOL.

          Picking up on some of your previous points. I think as Eric’s story-line at this point is separate they may not have finally decided which episode Sylvie will fit into. It seems to me when he was on set recently he probably shot his scenes for ep.1 to ep.3, and they will decide during the editing process where his arc can best fit in these episodes. I do feel now that Sylvie will only appear in 1 (or max 2) episode.

          Is she connected to the scenes at the Moroccan hotel? Delores did her filming on 8th Feb and Gabriella tweeted on 11th Feb so they are pretty close together.

          • Thanks for responding to me, Evie. 🙂 First off, did ESL remove the thumbs up/thumbs down/like this options?

            Second, LOL myself re: my Freyda speculations. I too do NOT want to relive a fictional tragedy, believe me. I just need to be prepared for ANYTHING with TB. I agree with you completely that (in-character) Godric would NEVER do something so evil to his “son,” (in-character) Eric would NEVER roll over and take it, and (in-character) Pam WOULD get to some head-ripping if the situation came up. 🙂

            HOWEVER…please bear with me while I play devil’s advocate…what if Buckner decides that Nora was a “political genius” again in s7, and what if SHE did something like this to Eric? Maybe out of jealousy because she figured out that Eric is in love with Sookie? Or, if Buckner continues to pretend that 4-5 seasons of Sookie/Eric never happened, maybe while Nora was under the Lilith spell at the Vampire Authority, “someone” convinced her to do this to Eric because he couldn’t “get with the program” over there? And, maybe, for some reason, Eric can’t, or…dun dun DUN…WON’T get out of it? I could see Buckner maybe doing something like that. Gotta permanently knock Eric out of the Sookie Sweepstakes. (Not that Eric was ever really in to begin with, I now feel.)

            I missed that Gabriella’s tweet was on February 11 (whoops), and I didn’t remember when Delores tweeted, so maybe there IS a connection…

            Your Sylvie speculations make a lot of sense to me. A lot. I too have a hunch that Sylvie might not have a lot of screentime. Again, more like Yvetta.

            Take care. 🙂

          • I guess a jealous Nora could be a possibility but I’m still reluctant to even entertain a Freyda theory, it was so unpopular in the books I am 99% sure that TB will want to give Eric a more suitable end to his story, a strong ending where he is in a good place, whether that be with his family or with a lover. I don’t think Sylvie is a vampire, they usually state if characters are vampires on the casting calls (of course they could deliberately have not included that to throw people off).

            Yes, we have taken off the thumbs up/down. We have noticed recently a lot more thumbs down on comments and we don’t want to put people off saying what they feel. We also think that in the run up to, and during the final season, things may get very heated in the fandom, everyone is going to react differently to what happens this year and we all need to live and let live!

          • Just wanted to say Thank you Evie for getting rid of those like/dislike thumbs, they were very uncomfortable at times. So now we can state what we feel without the thought of getting a “thumbs down”. If someone wants to debate what is said, then at least it is in writing and better understood. So once again, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for that!!

          • Hello again, Evie. I’m not sure where this comment is going to land.

            I agree with redthang914 about the thumbs up/thumbs down. I also agree with you about people needing to live and let live. I know you and I “talked” about the thumbs up/down recently. Ending it is a good call. I have zero problem with people disagreeing with my opinions and even wanting to engage in a healthy debate. I learn new things all the time that way. It also helps me clarify why I feel the way I do. It’s very easy for anyone to hide behind something like thumbs up/down and not give a reason why. We’re brave enough to share our opinions. 🙂

            Yes, I think it’s very safe to say that the Freyda forced marriage didn’t play too well with the overall book audience. 🙂 If The Author Who Shall Not Be Named was that hellbent on splitting up Sookie/Eric and sticking to her originally scheduled ending of Sookie/Sam, BT, sunlight, babies, and Sookie never becoming a vampire, there had to be better ways to “eliminate” Eric from the Sookie Sweepstakes than that. Especially her dragging it out over several books (YEARS in audience time). Not to mention her blatant attempts at character-assassinating the fan favorite Eric, which actually made him a more sympathetic character IMO and succeeded in character-assassinating the “heroine” Sookie.

            My guess for now still is that after the Hep-V “zompires” are defeated, TB Eric leaves BT in the series finale with Pam and Willa in tow to head out for parts unknown like Nora suggested on her True Death bed (foreshadowing?). Although…with Ginger upgraded to series regular, if that’s story-related and not just a title for Tara Buck…maybe Eric ends up back at Fangtasia in the end. I had a thought yesterday after I last posted that it could be a “back to the start” ending, where all the characters just end up right back where they were at the beginning of the series, with little change/evolution to show for it, as if the series (or at least seasons two-six) pretty much never happened. I personally would find an ending like that lame, but not necessarily offensive. Why drag it out for seven years if everyone is just going to end up more or less where they were before the series began? What was the point of the journey? Oh, well. I’ll still watch Alex’s scenes. 🙂

            And you make a very good point that Sylvie might not be a vampire. Maybe she’s a human in flashback mode. Or a human in modern times. Or a fairy. 🙂

            Take care. 🙂

  16. Well it seems like she doesn’t last to long. That still gives us hope. Ya I know I hate that word.

  17. 😦 noooo. him and sookie belong together 😥

  18. Hi Evie and SookieandEricare1trueluv,
    I noticed it, too. I don’t blame, you guys. People have their different opioins. There’s some Eric fans are dropping off by refuse to watch the final season, there’s other fans are willing to watch it until the end, and the other people are between. I am 1 of those people are hanging on hope like you guys, Evie. 😉

    I think somehow Willa will play a part to bring Eric and Sookie together. (Like I mentioned before). I think the writers will pull same thing on Willa like they did with annoying Jessica bugged her douchbag maker in the dreadful finale (That’s idiotic mistakes Brian Buckner and the writers did). But I don’t think Willa’ll bug Eric, probably she will repeat what Sookie said the nice things about him to Eric as the maker’s command. I also think it have something to do with Tara that’ll Bon Temps brings them back.

    SookieandEricare1trueluv, I believe Willa and Sookie will becomes friends and bond her more than Jessica,because they related 1 to another and Tara are their friend (more like a sister to them). By meant to related,they have “daddy issues”,because their both dads were afraid of their daughters being turn and tried to kill them ( Sookie’s dad tried to drown her to prevent her from turning into a vamp and Willa’s dad letted his crazy mistress Sarah knocked her up in the cell at vamp.).

    I wouldn’t mind that having Nora back,but I’ld rather to see her to take Godric’s place as Eric`s spiritual guide (I can’t believe the writers killed him off by that bloody witch “goddess” 😦 ).

    I believe his storyline will play out like Batman in the beginning of the season,but he do have similarlies to Batman and his clan also have to the batclan. Because Pam’s storyline does sounds like Catwoman in comic books, Willa is pretty much like Batgirl and I think Tara is might be his Robin (because there’s some Robins are girls). I think that’s makes Godric and Nora as Nightwing and Huntress. I always thought Russell as the vampire verison of Joker and douchbag as 2-Faces. I known it sounds weird, I believe Alan Ball and the writers makes him more like Batman. Anyway I think Alex should play way better,more bada** Batman than Ben Affleck. 🙂

    I heard Alex is back in LA from the Tarzan meeting in London. I could be right that they are saving Sarah Newlin’s parts for his Eric’s storyline. This could means the viking’ll finally get his sweet revenge after all. Maybe he let Sarah gets eaten by her zombie vamp. 🙂

    • I meant Eric let Sarah’s sis eat her.

      • Hello, Shelli. First of all, and I hope I’m not being too personal, but I know you mentioned here that unfortunately you and your loved ones recently lost your uncle. I’m sorry for your loss.

        As for TB…I am feeling emotionally detached from the show right now. “Prepare for the worst” again. I can’t shut off my curiosity, though, and I love ESL and feel welcome here, so I keep coming back to comment and speculate and everything else. 🙂 I have been reading quite a bit of Eric/Sookie fanfiction these past few weeks, and reminding myself of when I used to love TB, so that is helping me keep it moving quite a bit. Plus, I am very much looking forward to Alex’s non-TB projects like The Giver, Hidden, the WWTW documentary, The Diary of a Teenage Girl, and Tarzan.

        I admit to being kind of annoyed but also resigned when we found out that Sarah Newlin is getting a back story, but you make a very good point that Sarah could tie in to Eric’s story line. Plus, Ginger is a series regular now. The Sylvie actress of course was revealed this week. (Still not sure what Sylvie’s purpose is other than getting Alex naked and in a sex scene AGAIN.) Alex is indeed back in L.A.; I saw pics of him coming out of a gym apparently. Eric is getting a storyline, I guess; hopefully Eric gets a good, in-character storyline. I just don’t trust Buckner, though. Not at all.

        Of course I would be very cool with Willa somehow bringing Eric and Sookie back together. I too could see Willa and Sookie bonding over their common denominator “family” member Tara. You also make a very good point that Sookie and Willa have another common denominator; their human fathers each tried to kill them. I just hope they don’t use Willa (and/or Pam) to turn Sookie even more against Eric like The Book Author used Book Pam and Karin (Book Eric’s other child-at that time) to turn Book Sookie even more against Book Eric.

        I too would be fine with Nora coming back as a ghost or in flashbacks or dreams or whatever, as long as there is an actual story purpose for them to do that. I STILL want to know why the writers had Lilith kill poor Godric and if anything will ever come of that, or will that be ignored too?

        I don’t know the Batman story as well as you do, but your analysis sounds thoughtful and smart to me, so I’ll take your word for it. 🙂

        • It’s ok, SookieandEricare1trueluv. 🙂 My dad’s dealing with the loss of his bro,but my dad is a tough guy and make it through it.

          I am sorry about bugging you about like that. I feels that same way that I gets annoyed by my 1 friend when she keeps bringing up that “bit player” rumor, but I don’t even buy that silly rumor,and so I ends up keep my opinion to myself (Because I known in my heart that my beloved viking’s might be alive 🙂 ). I don’t want to agrue with her,but she got surprised when she saw the pic of his chair and he’s doing a scene with Steven (probably they are doing a scene from Little a Heat when Eric confronts zombified douchbag in his cell at Douchbag’s house of horrors. I would luv to see that scene 🙂 ).

          My eldest bro is a hugh comic book geek,but he wasn’t much into DC and he is marvel kind of guy. But he grew up on Batman and Superman since we were little and he luv Batman and Superman. 🙂

          I have a feeling when Eric will shown with Jason at Sookie’s house, I think they will end up fighting front of Willa and they starts acting like her real parents were fought,but she don’t go through it again. I would luv to see her shut those two up (I don’t blame her at all)….Probably Tara’s mom and her husband feed Sookie to Tara (I known,it sounds familiar to my zombie vamp billy’s theory) when she checks to see what’s going on,but Pam’ll shown up and revenge on Tara. And then, Eric shown up to stop Pam,but he got shot in the head by Tara’s step-dad. Sookie attempts to escape,but she saw Eric’s lying on the floor and she gives Eric to heal him. I think that’ll be why they will wind up being buddies.

          Probably the writers did changes the boring redemption,because a lot of people are making complaints about it like they did with the were/shifter storyline (but they made things even way worse by making Alcide as Sookie’s sex toy.). I think Douchbag’s flashbacks will be 1 of symptoms of Hep V and it’s a hint of his sentoff instead (hopefully).

          I have a feeling Ginger will be Pam`s blood buddy. I guess he and Willa will talk her into it,because he’s buddied up with Sookie and they want her to eat healthy. She refused to buddy up with townspeople,but buddies up with Ginger instead. Poor Ginger. 🙂

          I heard Steve’s going to be in the soccer with Matt Smith (11th Dr. Who),but Anna’s missing in action. I’m wondering Anna’s schedule to do scenes with Alex,that’s which hopefully we would might see Eric and Sookie scenes. 🙂

          • Hi, Shelli. 🙂 Again, I’m sorry for the loss of your uncle. I’m relieved to hear that your dad is staying strong. I’m sure this has to be a difficult time for him and for you and all of your loved ones.

            Nothing you wrote in your previous comments bugged me, so please don’t worry about it. I don’t know if Buckner will follow Just a Little Heat or not, but I certainly would have no problem if he did. 🙂

            Right now, I’m in kind of a “dark” place with the show where I just don’t like where it seems to be going. But that’s just me, I need to “work” through it and I don’t want my comments to always be a never-ending depressing cycle of “I don’t like the show right now, and here’s why.” I mean, I do that enough. I got it out of my system (mostly) and I feel better. I really appreciate the ladies here at ESL and also good people like you for “putting up with” my negative comments about the show. The show is going to be what it’s going to be, and we all just have to accept it. 🙂

            I had a “vision” earlier today for where I think Buckner might end the show. Like you said, Bill gets Hep-V. “Zombie” Bill goes after Eric. Sookie kills Bill with her fairy ball of light. She saves Eric, but she’s no longer part-fairy. Eric then glamours now-full-human Sookie to forget he, Bill, Pam, Jessica, Tara, Willa, Nora, Godric, the fairies, any of them ever existed. Full-Human-Sookie goes back to Merlotte’s/Bellefleur’s to live the “normal” (human) life she always said she wanted. Eric/Pam/Willa (who Sookie no longer remembers) keep an eye on Sookie from afar. Nicole is out of the picture, either by death or maybe her baby all of a sudden was not fathered by Sam but by her old boyfriend who I think was killed by the werewolves and Sam rejects Nicole because of that. Sookie marries Sam, has his puppies, runs Merlotte’s with him if Arlene sells it back to Sam or whatever, and Sookie and Sam grow old and die. Not my choice for ending, even if it’s done well, but I could see that being the big game plan all along. This way the Bill fans can say the Hep-V “made” him act badly (again) and Eric “rejected” Sookie because he only wanted Fairy Sookie, while the Eric fans can say that Sookie killed Bill to save Eric and Eric glamoured Sookie to unselfishly give her the “normal” (human) life she kept saying the wanted. The usual never-ending loop of debate instead of answering questions. That ending makes me sad. I still wouldn’t buy a DVD of that. 🙂 I could “handle” it better as a one-off movie or a miniseries, NOT as a planned conclusion for a SEVEN YEAR series. I’ll get over it. Believe it or not, I’m basically there.

            I know we “talked” about this a while back. I don’t like the way Alcide treated Sookie when she was drunk. I also don’t like the way he kept coming to her house unannounced. He’s an annoying creepy out-of-place stalker who’s only there because he’s not a vampire. I don’t like the way he treated Debbie Pelt (regardless of her issues). I fast-forwarded through the Rikki stuff because I stopped caring at that point. Alcide is just more good-looking supernatural filler till they get to the end. Alcide is Alex’s “replacement” in the “love” triangle same as Warlow till Sookie lands at Sam. Calculated. I just feel “dark” right now. 🙂

            I too heard about Stephen playing that charity soccer match. I would hope this means more Eric/Sookie stuff on the show, but even if it did, I don’t trust the show anymore. 🙂

            Take care always. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • I believe that they are hoping to have True Blood wrapped by the beginning of June, so if they do manage to stick to their schedule, filming will be finished when Stephen plays at Soccer Aid.

          • Evie-I don’t know where my comment is going to land. Thank you for the heads’ up re: the TB s7 shooting schedule. 🙂

          • I saw the information on the charity giveaway they were doing for a set visit, in the small print it said the prize must be taken by the beginning of June when TB filming finishes. In the past they have sometimes still been filming when the LA Premiere event takes place later in the month, so maybe that is just a rough guideline. (The earlier finish the better for Eric/Alex involvement of course).

  19. Hi there sookieandericaretheonetruelove I was reading your comment about how the Writers could use Willa to turn Sookie against Eric like in the books and I think it could be a possibility Remember this final season of TB is about the redemption of Bill Compton and what happens to doormat Sookie isn’t important like you I’ve been reading different fanfiction stories and they’re wonderful where Sookie and Eric not only have sex but They talk and plan a future together things that never happen in the books or on the show take care

    • Hi, Jackie69. 🙂 Yes, I believe Buckner did say publicly that s7 will include Bill’s “redemption.” Maybe that was the writers’ plan all along and I really did just watch the show wrong. We’ll see what Buckner does. Of course, Sookie might (will?) be sacrificed as a character to prop up Bill. Maybe Eric too, to at least some extent. I didn’t need to see Bill destroyed in order to be satisfied with the story; but I needed to see Sookie grow a spine and I needed Bill away from Sookie and Eric. But you can’t always get what you want…

      Fanfiction is very comforting for me. This is the first time I’ve needed it to wash out the “taste” of canon. LOL.

      Take care yourself. 🙂

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