Caption This!


Like a friend who went on an extended trip…. We’re baaaaaaaack with a new Caption This!

I know it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these, and for that my apologies. It was getting crowded on caption front, cause it was starting to feeling like “Caption This” was popping up everywhere.

So in honor of our friend… and a slight twist on St Paddy’s day… let’s raise a glass…


And Caption This!


About B

Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

6 comments on “Caption This!

  1. Here’s blood in your eye.

  2. Seriously Charlaine…Sam??????

    • I’ll have whatever Eric-and valady1-are having.

      (Thank you, B, for the picture of Eric from season 3, which will always be my favorite year of TB, and thank you, valady1, for the inspiration I was sorely lacking earlier. 🙂 )

  3. Yes I agree I think valady1 has the best. I can’t think of anything to top that!

  4. Ya’ll are too lovely..I couldn’t quite capture ASkar’s actual reaction when he was told, but this picture just seemed perfect…

  5. Valady1, you talk like you are from, Texas, cause we say, ya’ll, all the time. Love it.

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