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The Giver

The Weinstein Company have today released the official trailer for their upcoming movie “The Giver”.

The movie opens in the US on August 15th, and stars Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Brenton Thwaites, Katie Holmes and Alexander Skarsgard.

Let us know what you think – will this be on your summer cinema Must See list?





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15 comments on ““The Giver” Movie Trailer

  1. Thanks Evie for posting this for us. Will I be seeing this film at the theater? It remains to be seen. Since I’ve never read or heard of the book before this movie being made, (yes, I am an old person, lol). I don’t know if I will see it right away since it looks like another film that Alex won’t be in much, so I probably will wait the couple of months for it to come out on DVD and see it then.

    It looks like an OK movie with a solid cast, but if Alexs role isn’t that large in it, I just don’t know. Thanks for posting this trailer tho.

    • I read the book because I wanted to see what it was all about since he was going to be in the movie. He plays Jonah’s dad and IMO, was a significant part of the story. He is only known as the father and he is what they call a Nurturer. I think no matter how big the role, it will have a big impact on the story and that is all I can say without spoiling it.

    • I’ve loved the book since I first read it in middle school, and the trailer actually reminded me of how significant Alex’s role in the movie will be, at least based on the books.

  2. Thanks Evie for posting this This movie will be on my must see list since I won’t be watching the final season of TB …so anywhere I can appreciate Alexander’s acting is very welcome

  3. Ohh…I can’t wait! I do want to read the book before the movie comes out, though.

  4. okay, i am old person too lol (51yrs young), and i have read the book…. I dont think the movie will be anything like the book (it is a good book by the way, easy read), for one the main character is suppose to be 12yrs old and thay cast 20 something’s to play teenagers for the main characters …. and yes Father(Alex) is a BIG part of the book so I am curious how this is gonna play out…looking forward to the movie …. Kristie

  5. Alex is looking cute in those short hair, turquoise blue suit (that happens to bring out the color in his eyes in a lovely way) and whatnot…
    Katie Holmes? not so much! Is it just me or does anyone else think she was looking older than him? But then maybe my eyes are biased 🙂

    I haven’t read the book. But I will watch the movie because I love Alex’s work and Meryl is one of my favorite actresses…

    Thanks for sharing Evie …You are the best 🙂

  6. Hello again. 🙂 Thank you for posting this trailer, Evie! Will I see The Giver film? Is the sky blue? OF COURSE I will! I still haven’t finished reading the book the film is based on (I’m slow). Hopefully I will have my copy read by the time the film comes out in August. That should give me plenty of time. 🙂 I’m sure the book is available in local libraries (and book stores) all over the world for those who are also interested in reading it (or reading it again).

    I remember seeing the picture a few months ago of Lois Lowry (the author of the book) on set with Alex dressed as his character from the film. This is the film Alex shot right before he took off with the Walking with the Wounded people to trek to the South Pole. I know Jeff Bridges (who is also a producer) took 20 or so years to get this film made, and originally wanted his father, the late Lloyd Bridges, to play the character that Jeff eventually played in this film. Jeff’s daughter turned him on to this book. Meryl Streep is…Meryl Streep. Living legend. I respect Katie Holmes for getting herself and her child out of what seemed to be a difficult situation (I’ll leave it at that). Taylor Swift is very popular. Harvey Weinstein is kinda sorta a big deal in Hollywood. 😉 Yes, I read (EW?) that they took a lot of “liberties” with the book in their film and that Lowry is on board with it.

    For me personally, while I would prefer to see Alex in leading roles because he is a phenomenal actor and a natural leading man, I don’t care if it’s a supporting role or an extended cameo like the Eastbound & Down series finale, if Alex is involved in a project in any way, as an audience member, I will be there. 🙂 I trust him completely as an actor. I want him to be happy as an artist. As has been “said” before me by Nymerias and others, I think Alex’s role in The Giver film will probably be a significant supporting one. Brenton Thwaites I believe is the unequivocal lead actor.

    My only “complaint” about this trailer is that Alex’s name is not listed in it. The only listed actor names are Meryl, Jeff, and Brenton. They should have also listed some of the other actors’ names, like Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift. At least we get to see Alex as his Giver character. 🙂

    Now…where the heck is Hidden? 🙂 Take care!

    • ‘Hidden’ is hidden as of now :)…I’d like to find it though 🙂

    • I was surprised that they didn’t list more of the actors in the trailer as well – Alex and Katie especially.

      I find the trailer a bit confusing – in regard to what type of movie it actually is – if you didn’t know anything about “The Giver” I don’t think this helps, but maybe there will be more promos to come.

      • Evie-I think I heard that this is the first trailer for The Giver, which indicates to me that there will probably be more to come. Maybe future trailers might make the story more clear to audiences that don’t know about the book and/or the film. Maybe this trailer was intentionally vague. Of course, the film comes out five months from now. I think the Giver PTB knew/know that some book purists possibly weren’t/aren’t going to be happy about the changes that were made in the book-to-film adaptation. I think maybe this first trailer might be intended to be a clear message, five months in advance, to book fans to be prepared for and accept (or not accept) those changes. I also think they might be trying to court Hunger Games/Divergent-type audiences. I think this may be them starting the “campaign” for the film very early. Get people talking. See what works and what doesn’t work in the marketing and adjust accordingly.

  7. It’s a great book, one I recommend to anyone who likes the dystopia genre (think The Hunger Games, but with better literary chops). Alex’s role is a good one – the father plays a very interesting part in the main storyline, and there’s a lot of depth to his character. Still iffy about Katie Holmes, but I’ve been iffy about her since her Dawson’s Creek days, so that’s nothing new for me. And as long as Taylor Swift is playing a character and not playing Taylor Swift, I’ll give her a pass. This is a real passion project for Jeff Bridges, and based on a book I read both as a seventh grader and then as a college senior, and it just gets better on your second or third reading. I’ll definitely be seeing it in theaters!

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I have the book sitting on my book shelves waiting to be read, it’s moving up to next on my list!

  8. It is most certainly on my must see list for this summer! Just hope it will be at more than one theater in my state. With the big names in this it sure should be.

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