Alexander Skarsgard with fans on the Season 7 Set


Alexander Skarsgard was finally out on location last night for True Blood Season 7.

Ever since I heard earlier in the week that True Blood was going to be filming out at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, the bar that doubles for Fangtasia in the show, I have been waiting impatiently to see if a certain Viking Vampire was back in town. And I am deliriously happy to report that he most certainly is. Alexander Skarsgard was photographed greeting lucky fans on the set.

Great big thanks to fallen_star1 (instagram) for sharing her photographs with her fellow trubies today!


*****Possible spoilers ahead*****

Fans also saw Tara Buck  and Tanya Wright on set.

True Blood is back at Alex’s Bar filming tonight and tomorrow, and the sequence includes “gun fire”, as per the notification below:


Maybe later I can begin a joyous speculation about what is happening at Eric’s beloved bar, and who’s ass he is going to kick, but for now I’m just going to drown in my euphoria that he is back home where he belongs!


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25 comments on “Alexander Skarsgard with fans on the Season 7 Set

  1. sounds like a plan, watch and wait and know that he will be with us on some of the episodes

  2. ((sigh)) It’s times like these I wish I lived in/around LA.

  3. Amazeball news 🙂

    I’d love to see Eric on his throne again, staring imperiously :)….Fangtasia sequences are always good. And we have gunshots to boot….

    Thanks for sharing …

    • Agreed – Fangtasia, gun shots, Ginger screaming, Eric being Eric – I’m already sold!
      I think this is possibly episode 4, but you never know as sometimes they shoot out of sequence!

      I’m pretty confident now the first half of the season at least is going to have more Eric than a lot of fans have feared. I still think he will feature in ep.1 (he’s the big cliffhanger that has to be resolved), in ep.2 there is possibly the innkeeper scene and possibly a Jason/Eric scene, in ep.3 there is Sylvie, and hopefully in ep.4 we have him at Fangtasia.

  4. Well at least it seems Eric will be in the first episodes ..I wonder what the shooting is about…?
    Thanks for posting this Evie

  5. OMG!!! This is the best news I’ve had in over a week….To just see Eric back in Fangtasia and (I hope) sitting on his throne would be totally awesome!!!!
    Can’t wait for more news when it comes available.

    Thanks for giving me a bit of hope for season 7 Evie!!! Whata way to celebrate Intl Happiness day!!

  6. Thank you for sharing all of this with us, Evie. 🙂 I think they are currently shooting ep. 7×04, but you’re right, Evie, they have been known to shoot out-of-sequence before. I think Audrey Fisher recently tweeted a poster board of Fangtasia pics or something, which may have been a clue that FT was “coming back.”

  7. I am gonna mikss this show when it is all over .I am happy Alex is still on the show . He is my favorite .

  8. It’s about time we got some Alex sightings from the set. Maybe all is not lost!

  9. There’s a pic of Alex’s chair next to Steven’s from last week ( possibly it could be a scene from Little a Heat).

    It looks they’re hinting Alex is on the set as Eric’s coming back with Pam’s coffin I think Willa and Steve’s hinting it.

    I have two theories: a.) Fangstisa becomes the hideout for that vampire hunters ( might who hired by Sarah Newlin), b.) their bars got taken over by werewolves or c.) It could be Andy sent his men to hunt down Eric, because Adylinn saw him at Balfour’s when he was there to check on Willa and Sookie and Adylinn told her dad that Eric is in town.

    I am a little bit confuse. What do it means by Strike?

  10. There are two more photos of Eric in another oufit and he seems to be hiding something on his chest –
    Could it be that he is going to be infected with HEP V?

    • It could be a bullet hole he’s hiding as there was shooting last night, or it could just be that his top is ripped?

      Looks like a big scene – last night there was Eric, Bill, Jessica, James, Kenya, Ginger, Pam, Willa and Jason all seen by various fans.

      • I’m replying to myself LOL but just wanted to add it makes me very, very happy that Eric is at Fangtasia with Willa and Pam. It means he is with his family, let’s hope it stays that way!

        • Hello, Evie. 🙂 I did not hear anything about Tara or Sookie or Lafayette in this scene. (Or Violet.) Since I think I know where Buckner will stop the ride, I can “understand” (from Bucky’s perspective) no Sookie and Lafayette, but where is Tara? Where is Jason’s master Violet? We’ll know soon enough… 🙂

          • Someone who was there on the 2nd night has now confirmed that Violet was there, and also Keith (the new vampire who takes a liking to Arlene). However this person didn’t see Jason and she was the last fan to leave. (so it may have been a mistaken Jason sighting). I did ask her if Sookie was there (just in case) but she definitely wasn’t. All these vamps in one place looks like maybe a vampire meeting at Fangtasia?

            No Tara again – it really doesn’t look good for her 😦

          • Ok stop the clocks!!!!! Anna was there last night – Eric and Sookie may be in a scene together!!!!

          • Evie-Thank you for your response, and for always keeping me/us updated. No, it doesn’t look good for Tara right now. 😦 I’ve always liked Tara, even when it seemed as if most of the fandom did not. It wasn’t Tara’s/Rutina’s fault(s) that the writers kept putting Tara in one hostage situation after another. I’m reminded that there is supposed to be a Child Sookie/Child Tara flashback in the s7 premiere. Could it be Sookie reminiscing about her fallen friend? I hope not, but I’m prepared for anything.

            OF COURSE Violet would be there. But where is her fairy-ish blood bag Jason? (Can you tell I still don’t like this s/l? Or the Violet character? 🙂 ) I’m sorry, but I just had another nightmare flash of Violet possibly = Freyda. (Until or unless it’s proven false, I can’t let that one go too.)

            Yes, it sounds like it could be a vampire meeting at FT to me too. The cynic in me wants to say that Bill is portrayed as the “genius” and Eric is portrayed as the “1000-year-old one-track mind hothead who only cares about sex and vengeance and himself Oh, yeah, and Nora. And no one else. Ever.”

            Wow. Bucky might actually allow Alex and Anna to have another whole scene together before the show ends? 🙂 I’m surprised Bucky possibly had Alcide ALLOW Stepford Sookie to leave the house at night and talk to vampires. I’m sure she has to ask Daddy Alcide’s permission to do anything, just like Bill and Sam. Or is Daddy Alcide tagging along as well? (Yes, I’m still not in a good frame of mind with this show.)

            Thank you and the other ladies for everything with ESL. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Well happy friday everybody…good to hear some news! Lets wait few more weeks before speculating…if skars hangs around a lot on the set then his role is much bigger than we thought…fingers x

  12. I’m getting excited…can’t wait to see how these scenes look ???
    Thank’s for posting these interesting tidbits…..

  13. Also I’m wondering something….will they still be shooting Season 7 around April
    14-16th??? I’m going to be in town then and I’d so love to just happen to meet
    up with Alexander????? That would make my 60th birthday which is exactly
    one month from today…..

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