More from fans at Season 7 location filming


Over the last 2 nights more lucky fans have been down to the True Blood Season 7 location filming at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach.

WARNING: There are spoilers below, along with my own possibly completely off the mark speculation!

Day 2:

It looks like Mr Skarsgard is covering something up with his giant hand, according to one fan who was there it was “make up effects”.

It was a big night for the Bon Temps vamps with Eric, Bill, Jessica, Pam, Willa, Violet, Keith, and James all on set, plus humans Kenya and Ginger. If all those vamps were filming together I suspect they had a very important Vampire Meeting at Fangtasia, maybe deciding how to deal with a common enemy? (infected zombie-vamps/vampire haters/Sarah Newlin – take your pick). The gun fire also took place, so some bad people probably crashed the party.

Day 3:

Hold on to your big Viking helmets!

And yes, that is Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard filming on the same set!


I have been informed by one of the fans who was there last night that they were filming a scene of Eric & Sookie going into Fangtasia.


I am now beginning to suspect that a variety of different scenes may have been filmed over the last 3 nights. Basically they could have probably done all the external Fangtasia scenes they need for the final season. Or perhaps episode 4 is just going to be heavily Fangtasia centered.

And here are 3 great things I’m taking from this shoot:

1. Eric comes back to Fangtasia where he belongs at some point in the season, and the surviving members of his family are there.

2. Eric has a fancy new leather jacket, which is good because zombie-vamps, ghost-vamps , and flashback-vamps don’t bother to buy expensive new leather jackets.

3. Sookie is going to visit Fangtasia (with Eric).

A few ninja fans also managed to get the odd photo from the set itself. There is going to be blood, and there is going to be at least one dead vampire (if it’s not a zombie-vamp, then please can it be Violet).

Lots of credits: fallen_star1, dz25, eeyvace, the_demon, brasilkiss, that_shit_craig, kyu-kyu-kachu, marikapatterson, either on twitter or instagram)



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39 comments on “More from fans at Season 7 location filming

    Thank the Lord for YouTube video’s of TrueBlood and of
    Eric Northman/Alexander Skarsgard….

  2. Thanks for the news Evie!! I must say for me the stand out information here is that Sookie was there in at least one scene with Eric. I also noticed that in the list of Vamps above, Taras’ name was missing, does that mean she is now really dead?? If so, it’ll be too bad cause I hated her as a human but as a Vamp she was great! But then, you also mentioned that Pam was MIA also so maybe the girls were off doing what bi-girls do…LOL

    This is just such a mixed bag of feelings here. Excited to see all this info leaking out to us and also I am very conflicted as this is the last season…….I hope I can get over these feelings before the end of the show and just be happy we had Eric for 7 seasons (for good or for bad).

    • Pam was definitely there on the 2nd night, but no sightings of Tara at all 😦 I liked her as a vampire too (which is strange as she doesn’t like Eric, but I still liked her LOL).

      Yes, at least we know we have one Sookie/Eric scene to look forward to. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end with Eric’s heartbroken face!

      • I just updated the post as I’ve been told the scene being filmed last night was of Eric & Sookie going into Fangtasia together.

        • Thats great news because I figured if we ever seen them together in a scene would been at the end of the season. They didnt have any other than first episode last season so maybe more this season….those writers are terrible so any kinda crap they could be throwing in there they will. Eric at Fangtasia with Pam and Will a and Sookie being there too is all good news.

        • ProbablyShe will become part of Eric’s family and take Tara’s place as Pam’s progeny in ep 5,but she have to learn to coup with being a faery/vamp hybrid and control hunger. Maybe Eric’s going to help her to deal with it. I think she will give up her power for being with him in the darkness at end of the series. I would luv to see that happen. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Be Still my beating Heart!! Thanks for the update Evie, I hope its’ a good sign that they are together. But I am not getting my hopes up too high, as I know it probably has something to do with stupid Bill or something like that…….. I was so excited I just had to say Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for letting us know!!!

  4. Evie-Again, thank you for the updates. 🙂

    You and me both on Violet hopefully being the dead-dead vampire. You and me both. I hope Bucky doesn’t drag out Violet. all. season. long.

    No offense, but I refuse to feel anything positive about Anna and Alex sharing at least one scene together this final season. I feel too burned by the show (and the books). But I can’t shut off my curiosity about this show as always. 🙂

    I really liked Tara as a vampire too. And Tara was put in the correct vampire “family,” to boot. Tara and Eric barely had any interaction in s5, but they didn’t seem to mind each other at the very least. Tara seemed respectful of Eric when she got out of his chair and left the FT office so Eric and Beel could talk alone. Tara told Eric “they got Pam.” Eric defended Tara to Nora as Tara was now also “family,” “so be nice to her.” Eric and Tara were working together with the light-tight coffins and Eric and Nora collecting his cash to bust into AHQ to collect Pam and try to stop Beel from merging with Godric’s murderer Lilith. And then Hudis/Buckner take over and…pretty much nothing real on the Eric/Tara front. 😦 Tara still hates Eric, insinuating that Pam is in an “abusive relationship ” with him. Eric is a “hothead” telling Tara and Pam what to do. They don’t have real conversations about anything real. Vamp Camp and that’s that. More wasted potential. (My takeaway, and sorry for the mini-rant.)

    I also get the sense that Alex may have been hiding something on his (Eric’s) chest.

    I wonder why Kenya is there. Did someone break the law? 🙂 Maybe Kenya might have something to do with the gunfire?

    Love the Drew Barrymore gif. 🙂

    That’s a great point that they may have filmed all the s7 FT scenes “all at once.”

    I also think Eric is still un-alive.

    Thank you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hey :)…Maybe Eric was shot saving Sookie or something and Alex is hiding the bullet hole makeup there…

      • Hi, Sakshi. 🙂 Yes, Eric could have been shot and Alex could be hiding the bullet hole makeup. I’m thinking back to when Eric was shot in s3. I don’t remember them showing us the bullet coming out of his vampire body; I think it was alluded to in the dialogue. And his shirt was blood-stained. I’ve also heard a rumor that Alex could have been hiding Eric’s Hep-V black veins, but I stress that is JUST a rumor. I’ve also ALSO heard speculation that Alex could have been hiding some makeup “mark” that would indicate that Eric could be part-fae (it has been speculated for years, LONG before Ben/Warlow, that Eric and Godric-and possibly even Pam and Nora-could be/could have been vampire-fairy hybrids.)

        I still say Sookie gets rid of her fairy powers and ends up with Sam at the last second. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂 Eric is not dead-dead; I personally never thought he was. If I can be brutally honest (again), I just thought it was a cheap cliffhanger. Being brutally honest again-again, I think BB is just tossing crumbs at the Eric/Sookie fans to give us fake “hope” and to try to string us along until the series finale. I don’t think there’s anything “there.” The writers surround Sookie with either boring abusers or boring misogynists or both, and that’s where she’ll end up. “Spirit of the books” indeed. It’s the way it is, and I have no choice but to accept it. 🙂 Take care,

        • hmmm you are right 😦 … Why do the writers think that pairing Sookie, the big protagonist, with abusers or chauvinists is the thrilling thing to do?

          • I know. 😦 I don’t like it, obviously, and I never will. It makes me sad too.

            At this point, I’m just hoping for decent endings for Eric and Pam. Jason might also end up okay. Lala is a question mark. Sadly, I think that both Sookie and Tara might have really bad endings, and that the writers might try to convince us that they ended up “well,” or at least Sookie did. 😦

  5. I saw pics last night on Facebook. I luv the 1 that Alex made an adorable face. 🙂

    I thought about my theory,too,but I known we have different theories. 😉 Maybe werewolves took over Eric’s bar and Jason was there for looking for Sookie,because probably she gets captured by Alcide’s crazy ex Rikki and gets thrown into a dungeon with zombified douchbag. And Violet will turn out to be the werewolves’ V provider and wants to rule the state of Louisiana (probably she’s 1 who ordered the werewolves leases the zombie vamps on the town), but Eric shown up and stakes Violet for sitting in his chair (because nobody sits his chair, except him). The werewolves gets pi** and starts the riot,but Jason and Eric’ll team up and keeps on fire at the werewolves 1 by 1. Rikki runs off,but she gets into a dogfight with Alcide and Alcide ends up strangles her( probably he would eat her, Eww) after Rikki tells him that Sookie’s dead along with her “beloved”….Jason and Eric hears Sookie’s scream, they rushes the dungeon and Sookie starts glowing. Eric steps in and going to stop her before she becoming atomic bomb,but they survives from the blast (that’s why Eric’s shirt was like that.)

    But That’s very interesting theory that you came up, Evie. 🙂 we will see. 😉

    I think Sarah could be working with the faeries, because she keeps bringing the ” angels” send her to do their work. I think these “angels” might be evil faeries are the ones are behind genociding vampires.

  6. Well that keeps me cautiously optimistic that Eric won’t be away from Bon Temp all season. And I hope this new so called love interest for Eric is nothing more than a snack for him. Was Alzzzide filming that night as well? Hope not and I hope that means him and Sookie will be kaput sooner rather than later.

    • The fans I have spoken to are sure that on the final night there was just Sookie and Eric in the scene.

      No one saw Alcide at all during the Fangtasia filming – stinking dogs are probably not welcome at Eric’s Bar!

      • Maybe he’s out chasing his crazy ex Rikki (or making out with her behind Sookie’s head) in the wildness.

        But I have a feeling that Fangstasa got taken werewolves and made a pig style out of it when Eric and Pam gone,but Eric wouldn’t like that his bar got run by werewolves and he would rip them in tears.

        These werewolves mess with the wrong vamp. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        I really hope Eric stakes Violet. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Team Eric forever !! I can’t wait to see the last & final season of True Blood .I think it will be a treat to enjoy . Sad to see them go though . I will miss them . The end of what could have been something so much more .

  8. Isn’t it amazing how we think Alex and Anna have a scene together and we all go “ape shit ” over it ? To bad the writers have screwed us for so long that we can’t even imagine them doing this. Lol!

  9. Be still my broken shipper heart!
    If they were coming into Fangtasia together, then didn’t they at least have to have a previous scene together? I can’t see them just arriving at Fangtasia at the same time by coincidence. (Oh, that’s right, this is a True Blood, it doesn’t have to make sense)
    Sorry, I couldn’t help it!
    But I still think this can’t be the only scene together, there had to be something leading up to this. I’m already getting my hopes up too high:(

    • I don’t wish to get people’s hopes up, who knows what is going on and how much they will see each other, but they are together in at least a scene at some point. That’s a fact now.

      I’ve spent the last 6 months being told by various people that I’m an idiot as Eric is either dead and will only appear as a ghost/flashback, or that he will not see Sookie all season as he and Pam will have a completely separate storyline to everyone else. I never bought either of those theories as neither have come from official sources. I am not surprised they are interacting again as we were told by BB last year that Eric would be a “series regular”, he was away from Bon Temps in “the short term”, and he and Sookie were “unresolved”. So I’m happy this week that my beliefs have been vindicated.

      We don’t have anything else to go on, and the chances of a happy ending are probably very slim, as Sookie already has at least 2 other men in her life, with Alcide and Bill. But you are right, at some point there is going to be a scene when Eric comes back into Sookie’s life. Then at some point they go to Fangtasia and presumably there is a scene inside regarding the purpose of their visit. With spoilers thin on the ground this year, I’ll take what I can get!

  10. This post made my day. I am happy to here of one scene with Eric & Sookie because that means there is a chance for more scenes. I wish the TB writer’s would listen to the fans and have Eric & Sookie end up together in the end. Slim chance of that happening but my fingers are crossed just in case.

  11. Thank you so much for the info 🙂
    Do we know what episode this belongs to??

    • It’s hard to say with location filming. On the internal sets I think they are on episode 4, but with location shoots, it’s more down to when the venue is available to book for filming, so sometimes the location work is completely out of sequence.

      • Thank you 🙂
        I was hoping b/c there are only 10 episodes they wouldnt wait too long to bring Eric back to the main story.. Cross fingers 😀

  12. I was the last fan to see him the 2nd night of the shooting and I can tell you it was NOT a bullet wound. There was a shoot out outside of fangtasia but no one was able to see exactly who was involved since there was a large backdrop blocking out view.

    • Jolie-Thanks for the update (and love your name).

    • Thank you Jolie and thanks for stopping by!
      We have already tweeted! (I also admin for Eric Northman Lovers United on twitter and you kindly let me know you had seen him).
      Don’t suppose you are able to confirm or deny that he had black veins on his chest – him being infected with Hep V is the latest theory doing the rounds. I’ll understand if you can’t say but it’s worth a try asking 🙂

      • OMG – that never crossed my mind…no,…our poor baby if that’s the case 😦 he’ll be all heroic and all at the end…hope that certain fairy will do something to help him 🙂

      • Evie, I at first thought of the Black Veins too, but then I thought, when Nora had them they were showing up and down her arms too. So maybe not Hep V signs. Not unless the makeup dept. started his makeup and then they called a break or something, which to me doesn’t sound plausible. Well, since they are so tight lipped about this last season, it means two things, speculations abound and the ol’ we’ll have to wait and see theory goes into affect.

        • Yeah, I didn’t come up with that theory, I just know some people are suggesting it. People always seem to fear the worst! No one who was on set seems particularly upset by what they saw so hopefully it’s a panic over nothing!

        • Guys,
          I saw another fan pic of Alex (Eric looks like creepy cool with glowing eyes),but I noticed there’s a spot on his chest and I thought it is a bullet wound at 1st….But When you guys gets concern that he is effected by Hep V, so I did some investigating on my own. I checked the pic out with my Picart app, I zoomed in the spot and cropped the pic out. I took a close look at it. I think Jolie is right and I don’t think it’s Hep V, but it looks more like a burn or scar than the bullet wound. Probably he got burn from something’s silver. Or it possible could be a big scar that left on his body after he was recovering from his burns from his sunbathing.

  13. Is anyone else a little worried that Alex has only been on set for what appears to be two episodes? Biting nails

    • Well, we knew he likely wouldn’t be involved much this season, guess you’ll have to take what you can get.

    • He’s been on set since they were finishing up episode 2 (which was also filmed alongside episode 1, so they could still include him in that as well). They are now up to episode 4. Filming doesn’t end until June. He will be a “series regular” I am hopeful he will feature in most episodes, if not all of them (depending on when they have to release him for Tarzan).

      • I heard he’s going to do Tarzan later on this summer, but l also heard they still doing Batman Vs. Superman until October. Probably he will do Tarzan around the fall. Let hope Eric makes it out of alive at the end of the series. 😉

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