TV Line reveals cryptic Casting Call


TV Line have just announced a rather strange casting call for True Blood Season 7.

Question: Will we meet any new villains during True Blood‘s final season? —Tom
Funny you should ask. Last week, the show put out a casting call for the cryptic-sounding menace, “The Figure.” He’s described as “scary, hulking, ugly, mean and crafty… like Leatherface or Jason Voorhees, but this guy talks.” Curiously, this Figure dude will appear in the season premiere — an episode that (presumably) finished shooting more than two months ago.

Ok, so we have “The Figure”, who is required to play a role in the season premiere. Are they playing catch-up for actors that were late back on set? Is this another Warlow who will arrive in bon Temps in mysterious circumstances? Will we just see him in a smokey haze to build up the anticipation before he becomes a completely lame bad guy? Is he just a one episode wonder? Or are they just trying to make my head explode?

I have no freaking clue what is happening this season. A few days ago on True Blood’s Wikipedia page, Season 7 was showing as having a powerful new vampire called Matticus who tries to take over and Sookie and the gang have to stop him. Now that information has disappeared! It was quite possibly horsesh*t! Someone somewhere is trying to drive me completely insane!


Before I go and lie down in a darkened room to mull over the new casting call, I can also report that actress Christian Pitre joined the cast last week as “Victoria” (most probably in episode 4), which she describes as a “small role”, so no need to worry that she may be some form of vampire queen!






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  1. Well Evie that is certainly some news. I’m kinda like you are right now, which is confused. Although since they are keeping everything about season 7 is big secret, who knows, it all could be a big fat Red Herring to throw us all off track. As far as this Victoria thing goes, that its’ a tiny role could all be BS too. Who knows?? I think it all sounds kinda hokey tho’, “the Figure” indeed…LOL. I will take this all with a grain of salt and stay tuned…………………

  2. Oh Joy! Another bad guy for Eric and Sookie to fight off!

    Like you Evie, I too hope that this one is not as lame as the Lilith and Benlow dud.

    And, if not anything else, then I hope this figure guy kills off Bill Compton. Yesterday, just as a treat, I was watching TB episode 9 from season 6 and I swear every time I saw Bill’s overkill smirk, I wanted to stake him. And then when all the inebriated vamps were clapping away to Bill’s glory, I wanted to stake them too (leaving Pam of course). I would love for some new bad guy to take up the house cleaning right about now.

    The figure however, described as mean, crafty, ugly, could very well be someone like Appius. He would not be Eric’s sire, but he could stir shit up.

  3. Ho hum. We don’t want to know about some stupid made up villain that will mess with Sookie so Beehl can save her. Come on TB writers, give us something we can sink our teeth into! Please!

  4. Thanks for the share, Evie. I love the Shirley Community gif. Now THAT is a show that doesn’t let me down! (usually)

    When I read the cc, I also immediately thought of Warlow. I’ve kind of given up on my hope for the show at the moment 🙂 if all of you can tell from my previous comments, so it just sounds like more of the same to me. I swear, when AB set up Warlow throughout s5, I thought FOR SURE that Warlow was a cover for Bill (Warlow even looked like Bill in s5) but that Eric would initially be falsely accused (Claude told Sookie she psychically connected to the vampire who murdered her/Jason’s parents, and she’d had Bill’s and Eric’s blood, and she’s had A LOT more of Bill’s blood than Eric’s, so…). I didn’t think Warlow would be an entirely different/new character. I’ve had enough. LOL.

    FWIW, I think we all know from fan experience that Ausiello is a designated pot-stirrer for the TB PTB.

    I still say someone will play Freyda by a different name. I can’t and won’t shake that feeling. 🙂 It still could be Violet.

    Of course Bill will save Sookie and Eric won’t care about Sookie and Sookie won’t care about Eric. I know that’s how the show works now. Unfortunately. I’m cynical about it. And resigned. And I accept whatever BB is going to do.

    Take care. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I agree that Ausiello can stir the pot, but he does seem to get casting information from inside the show. It’s the spin he and other journalists take on what they are given that we have to be careful about.

      As I said in the post I have no idea what is happening this season, some of everyone’s theories may come to fruition but one thing I really can’t see happening is Eric and Sookie not caring about each other. I was re-watching episode 6.01 yesterday, and you can see the mutual admiration and affection they have for each other. It will take something really drastic for that to change. In fact it’s been a very long time on the show since I could say Eric didn’t care, he cares very deeply, and that’s probably been his major downfall since Sookie came into his life.

      • I think Eric will always care, she’s the one who doesn’t seem to give him much of a thought. She’ll probably be too busy dealing with Alcide and Bill because they’re obviously more important, even though they’ve done shit for her.

        • Evie-thank you for responding back to me. 🙂 Hello, too, tammydevil83.

          Oh, yes, we all know Ausiello stirs the pot. 🙂 ITA that the TB team gives Ausiello stuff to stir into the pot. And I’m VERY careful, to the point of cynicism sometimes, which sadly is where I’m at right now. Once bitten, twice shy. 😉

          To be fair, I still can’t bring myself to watch s6 yet. Maybe someday, but not now. I agree with both of you that Eric will always care about Sookie. IN-CHARACTER Eric. In my previous post, when I wrote that Eric won’t care about Sookie and Sookie won’t care about Eric, I was thinking that the writers have a tendency to ignore or change their own established canon in order to force the story where they “scheduled” it to go. Same exact thing that the book writer did.

          To give just one example, in s6, when Lala-as-Corbett was drowning Sookie, from what I’ve heard, the writers showed Billith “feeling” Sookie’s drowning and sent Ben/Warlow to save her. Sookie had Eric’s blood too. That used to be an important plot point. Why didn’t the writers show Eric feeling Sookie’s distress too? Yes, I understand it was daytime so even under the best of circumstances he couldn’t safely physically get to her, yes I understand that Eric was really busy at the moment dealing with his “family” and the Vamp Camp situation (I think it was at that point that the Vamp Camp people tried to force Eric and Pam to fight to the death), but the writers STILL could have acknowledged to the audience for a few seconds in the narrative that Eric felt Sookie’s distress but couldn’t do anything about it, but they did not. So I think that I as a viewer am supposed to believe all of a sudden that Bill “cares” about Sookie (as a person and not a daywalking fairy blood bag possession) but Eric does not care about Sookie. It’s constant jabs like this that make me not trust the writers.

          Also, I had another thought after I last posted. What if “The Figure” turns out to be yet another nonsensical pointless sexual partner for Sookie? 🙂 After she inevitably gets tired of Alcide abusing her. After Bill and Warlow abused her and she threw herself at Sam. I mean, anything to keep her away from Eric, right? 🙂

          I could see them ending Eric tragically. Maybe. Or not. I don’t know anymore. 🙂

  5. Hey guys, 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I wrote down early on that I figured out that mark on Eric’s chest and I face booked that girl’s pic. I don’t think he’s effected with Hep V, I looked up closely the pic. It looks like he got burn by something’s silver or it could be a scar from his sunbathing.

    I think this person stole this Matticus idea from a True Blood. I remembered there’s a comic book that Skokie and Eric teamed up to take down a powerful vampire taken over the town with his werewolf minions. Probably they will change him to a faery and lead an army.

    I have another theory, I don’t known you guys will like it. Maybe I will share with you guys next time if you guys like.

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